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Matchday Live: Bradford City v LFC
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  • farderin iskandar
    farderin iskandar Jam Yang lalu

    I strange if Alonso play with bayern and liverpool

  • Ismael Rady
    Ismael Rady 3 jam yang lalu

    لو ماني يبطل عنصرية ؛ كان صلاح بقي حاجة تانية...

  • YaBoiEtan _
    YaBoiEtan _ 4 jam yang lalu


  • Ash mok
    Ash mok 4 jam yang lalu

    Liverpool will destroy chelsea

  • Maulana Ramadhan
    Maulana Ramadhan 4 jam yang lalu


  • Leo Atherton
    Leo Atherton 4 jam yang lalu

    Marvelous mo scoreing sensation

  • Dtji Psimfans
    Dtji Psimfans 4 jam yang lalu

    Losing a match makes us humble. Napoli 2-0 Liverpool and Salzburg 6-2 Genk at matchday 1 of UCL group E. Salzburg just won with a player scoring a hat trick but next match, Liverpool will host Salzburg.

  • Kyle Selby
    Kyle Selby 4 jam yang lalu

    Dude at 8:07 looks like a Livercock Drug addict.

  • Kyle Selby
    Kyle Selby 5 jam yang lalu

    Thank Ernesto Valverde. Livercock FC will NEVER win the league.

  • Yousef omg 003
    Yousef omg 003 5 jam yang lalu

    Stadio mane

  • Mootez Elhosni
    Mootez Elhosni 5 jam yang lalu

    Man, firmino is a monster in desguise

  • Francisco Chagas
    Francisco Chagas 5 jam yang lalu

    Van dijk,Arnold,Henderson,winaldum

  • Francisco Chagas
    Francisco Chagas 5 jam yang lalu

    E a e seus americano vai se fude

  • Fraser Hutchin
    Fraser Hutchin 5 jam yang lalu

    I mean I’m a Leicester fan and I can’t stop but listen to the great atmosphere Liverpool have like ur unreal can’t wait to play you guys gd luck in the champions league and the premier league hope you win it this season

  • joe kariba
    joe kariba 5 jam yang lalu

    3:53 I like to think that people were getting louder because Klopp was finally going to hug Son

  • Nando Pestana
    Nando Pestana 6 jam yang lalu

    12:47 name this music

  • مونكي دي لوفي
    مونكي دي لوفي 6 jam yang lalu

    الله على اخلاقك يابو مكه

  • Riley Griffin
    Riley Griffin 6 jam yang lalu


  • Pedro futebol
    Pedro futebol 7 jam yang lalu

    Algum brasileiro ?

  • Southampton Fc Fan
    Southampton Fc Fan 7 jam yang lalu

    1:54 Danny Ings!!!!!

  • Lingzz
    Lingzz 7 jam yang lalu

    I like Liverpool FC even though I'm a spurs fan I watch Liverpool tv all the time Please don't send hate comments please

  • karzan jalal
    karzan jalal 7 jam yang lalu

    legend mohamad salah

  • Florence Chang
    Florence Chang 7 jam yang lalu

    1:44 Robbo wanna get out but stuck XDD

  • LFC Spectre
    LFC Spectre 8 jam yang lalu

    Klopp running down those stairs like The Flash ⚡

  • Rude Dog
    Rude Dog 8 jam yang lalu

    Can you come to East Kilbride

  • Yulia M.
    Yulia M. 8 jam yang lalu

    5:39 😏

  • Julian
    Julian 9 jam yang lalu

    Real cool footage ! I enjoyed the video even if we lost ! YNWA

    • Francesco Aiello
      Francesco Aiello 9 jam yang lalu

      Julian how anyone couldn’t enjoy this beauty?

  • MagirusDeutz Jupiter
    MagirusDeutz Jupiter 10 jam yang lalu

    Forza Napoli

  • Jaime
    Jaime 10 jam yang lalu

    That distribution from Reina for Crouch was beautiful

  • Henrique Perreira
    Henrique Perreira 10 jam yang lalu

    Flamengo campeão do mundo

  • Coffin Fan
    Coffin Fan 11 jam yang lalu

    The homecoming!Wow !Goosebumps! We back to where we belong!

  • Tansingh divan
    Tansingh divan 11 jam yang lalu

    Good lak

  • Sofe R
    Sofe R 11 jam yang lalu

    Wow Napoli have soo many fans! Lol. Must be a Light blue thing 🤪

    • Antonio Romano
      Antonio Romano 3 jam yang lalu

      There were 40k people at the stadium for this match. The stadium has 55k seats but the lower ring has a very poor view due to the athletics track while tickets cost the same as in the upper ring, so many people give up if they don't find a ticket for the upper ring. Plus the city is very poor, wages are below survival levels, many people are unemployed. No money for the stadium, which has become a luxury considering the prices. And most people who have a job mostly work in restaurants, hotels and bars so can't take the night off to go to the stadium. This is why the stadium rarely gets full despite the team actually having millions of fans. But 40k people at the San Paolo are more noisy and passionate than 400k in an English stadium and that's enough to intimidate even the CL Champions :)

  • Sofe R
    Sofe R 11 jam yang lalu

    I hate the fact that we played so well but we still lost! Disregarding the error, Adrian was immense with the double save and that one hand save 🤩🤩 Salah was irresistible 🔥 Fabinho was something else ❄️

  • Sofe R
    Sofe R 11 jam yang lalu

    The Thumbnail 🤪🤪

  • Sofe R
    Sofe R 11 jam yang lalu

    FML. I don’t want to face Napoli in CL in the next 5 years 😩😩😩

  • Atte La
    Atte La 11 jam yang lalu

    Noo footeage of Liverpool fans being battered in cafes and streets?

    • omer hadzic
      omer hadzic 4 jam yang lalu

      It there a footage abaut bahavior of Liverpool fans in wild animales

  • Wan Caol
    Wan Caol 11 jam yang lalu

    The Jenius

  • Suls Oner
    Suls Oner 11 jam yang lalu

    5:27 lozano 🇲🇽❤️

  • Sahabiya Mohamed
    Sahabiya Mohamed 11 jam yang lalu

    I usually enjoy watching anfield ONLY when we win :(

  • yowi
    yowi 11 jam yang lalu

    Magic Anfild

  • 零友
    零友 12 jam yang lalu

    Forza Napoli!

  • haziq sam
    haziq sam 13 jam yang lalu

    Tb when salah know how to pass

  • Door Alan walker
    Door Alan walker 13 jam yang lalu

    Train mane more and salah kllop

  • Mr Frankie Homer J.
    Mr Frankie Homer J. 13 jam yang lalu

    hihi manolas is fantastic

  • Rocky Stokkie
    Rocky Stokkie 13 jam yang lalu

    Why do they have to prick in the ears?

  • Patrick Beintema
    Patrick Beintema 13 jam yang lalu

    The secret to succes is his beautiful character!

  • Alfred Malam
    Alfred Malam 13 jam yang lalu


  • Rocky Stokkie
    Rocky Stokkie 13 jam yang lalu

    Make more of this this is very Nice to watch

  • ปริญญา ศิริบูรณ์

    Next match 3point go go go LFC💕💕

  • The Dragons & Phoenixes
    The Dragons & Phoenixes 13 jam yang lalu

    Wait a minute, he's not only a Liverpool fan but a Liverpudlian in soul. His parents are from Liverpool and when he voiced Shrek, he has spoken too similarly to a Scouser.

  • to ri
    to ri 14 jam yang lalu

    Its not good feeling to lost.

  • William Warren
    William Warren 14 jam yang lalu

    Great club! - from villa fan

  • Jimmy Going
    Jimmy Going 14 jam yang lalu

    Aston villa.

  • JKN zz
    JKN zz 14 jam yang lalu


  • Ari Mariwan
    Ari Mariwan 14 jam yang lalu

    yeeeesssssssssssss✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻❤️❤️🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 YNWA

  • Alduin
    Alduin 14 jam yang lalu

    Liverpool fans singing like porto fans did even when porto they took a beating from them! They must have learned a bit from that.

  • Alex Hamley
    Alex Hamley 14 jam yang lalu

    King of tap ins

  • Shanti Shanti
    Shanti Shanti 15 jam yang lalu

    imo where Liverpools strange is is in the agressive attack style.. with Fabino and Hendersson in midfield it get to defensive and we loose that advantage in attacking all the time.. just my opinion.. YNWA get the fudge in there.. Tomorrow Chelsea will feel our revenge

  • Xxx Toasted
    Xxx Toasted 15 jam yang lalu

    pls don't play henderson and milner together in the midfield

  • Nicholas Villavicencio
    Nicholas Villavicencio 15 jam yang lalu


  • Heritagefurnitures Decos
    Heritagefurnitures Decos 15 jam yang lalu

    liverpool must win i love liverpool good luck

  • Heritagefurnitures Decos
    Heritagefurnitures Decos 15 jam yang lalu

    come on liverpool you have to win ask mane and salah to train more van dake to do more training and defend who cares about tammy and giroud liverpool i trust you to win plese

  • ih8mcfly
    ih8mcfly 15 jam yang lalu

    Aldridge’s commentary is amazing. I love it when he was saying “Yeaaaaaaah!” Also , “oh yeaaaaaaaahhh!” Was great too.

  • Giang Nguyễn
    Giang Nguyễn 16 jam yang lalu

    Van dijk played bad because he want liverpool bring back our lord Klavan and let lovren play more

    • Vaipz Querie
      Vaipz Querie 15 jam yang lalu

      Yeah Loveren was missing dats y

  • magrpe
    magrpe 16 jam yang lalu

    Were the watchable camera angles not available?

  • FootyFruity
    FootyFruity 16 jam yang lalu

    Adrian saves several times, Salah does not pass, Mane does not pass, Virgil passes wrongly, Referee makes mistake and the result is obvious.

  • Mat Payne
    Mat Payne 16 jam yang lalu

    The ugliest stadium belongs to napoli

  • Jørn Solberg
    Jørn Solberg 16 jam yang lalu

    It was a Good game YNWA

  • Zinhle Gungqwa
    Zinhle Gungqwa 16 jam yang lalu

    Mo salah and van djik are my two role models in soccer I want to play for Liverpool when I am older

  • Bo Terham
    Bo Terham 16 jam yang lalu


  • sadiiq abtidon
    sadiiq abtidon 16 jam yang lalu

    Who's watching 3 months letter ?

  • Slim Gump
    Slim Gump 16 jam yang lalu


  • Κυριάκος 21
    Κυριάκος 21 17 jam yang lalu

    Other manchester fans: Me as manchester fan:lets suggest Liverpool in the homepage

  • shuhrat mamirov
    shuhrat mamirov 17 jam yang lalu

    Chelsea- Liverpool 1-3 YNWA!!!

  • Adam's The greatest
    Adam's The greatest 17 jam yang lalu

    Love you guys keep working together , I'm from Senegal Mane love u so much.

  • Aaron Stanier
    Aaron Stanier 17 jam yang lalu

    Liverpool lost 1-0 to Napoli last season, won 1 trophy. Lost 2-0 this year, will we win 2 trophies 👀

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 17 jam yang lalu

    our priority is the premier league, not the champions league

  • Jsjsjdj Snsjusis
    Jsjsjdj Snsjusis 17 jam yang lalu

    الله يوفقك ابو مكه

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 17 jam yang lalu

    let's make it 6 out of 6 tomorrow

  • Ljau Waye
    Ljau Waye 17 jam yang lalu


  • Ali Ameen
    Ali Ameen 17 jam yang lalu

    best goal keeper in the world

    ASTRO WORLD 18 jam yang lalu

    That thumbnail tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mugodemus
    Mugodemus 18 jam yang lalu


  • Leelow Has 9000 IQ
    Leelow Has 9000 IQ 18 jam yang lalu

    4:25 omg he did it 💯😂🔥

  • ierbutza21
    ierbutza21 19 jam yang lalu

    He did sod all but hey lets put him in the thumbnail because he's the face of the club for God knows whatever reason. Makes perfect sense in the modern world of football followers (not fans cause most are glory hunters or only following players)

  • H S
    H S 19 jam yang lalu

    Love this coach!! YNWA for Life!

  • Galip Selvi
    Galip Selvi 19 jam yang lalu

    Mane was very bad in this game!

  • วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็

    ไม่ได้จะกดดันนะ ถ้าชุดนี้ไม่ดีขึ้น ให้โล๊ะทิ้งทั้งหมด ดันเด็กๆขึ้นมาแทน แบบอาแจกซ์..555+++ล้อเล่นมืออาชีพ ต้องไม่ให้ใครมากดดันได้..รับแรงกดันและความคาดหวังของแฟนบอลให้ได้ แค่คุยกันให้มากขึ้นเข้าใจกันมากขึ้น...

  • Jessica Xo
    Jessica Xo 20 jam yang lalu

    Are you trying to make me cry

  • Iulian #
    Iulian # 20 jam yang lalu

    We'll smash them at Anfield! 🔥🔥🔥

  • วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็

    แยกส่วนปฏิบัตการเลย กัปตันแฮนเดอร์สันใช้ระบบ4-3-3 ให้กองหน้าใช้ความสามารถเฉพาะตัว กัปตันมิลเนอร์ใช้ระบบ4-2-3-1กัปตันฟานได ใช้ระบบ4-4-2ใช้ทั้วบอลริมเส้น กลางอากาศ และยิงไกลมากขึ้น กัปตันฟีมิโนใช้ระบบ4-4-2แบบไดมอนด์

  • วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็

    ทางบอลแย่มาก เชื่อมเกมไม่ได้ นาโปลีแพ้บอลกลางอากาศชัดเจน แต่เล่นลูกเลียดตลอดเกมเลย ไม่มีบอลครอสเลย เล่นแบบกลัวนาโปลีมาก

  • Khupron Alyidrus
    Khupron Alyidrus 20 jam yang lalu

    Iam from indonesia My wife always watcing liverpool.. Liverpool is the best And good luck liverpool Liverpool nomber one in my heart my wife

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 20 jam yang lalu

    Liverpool "slipping" up again!!!

  • Мурат Куптилеуов


  • Khupron Alyidrus
    Khupron Alyidrus 20 jam yang lalu

    Iam from indonesia My wife always watching liverpool is the best And good luck liverpool

  • Doctor Midooo
    Doctor Midooo 20 jam yang lalu

    Sorry liverpool you hero the world 🏆🎻🇪🇬

  • P.E.M. Run Balance Wheel - RBW

    🧐 - Liverpool losing to Napoli, is no shame. A positive from that game ; It will enhance our / Liverpool’s focus, for the next game(s) ie Chelsea, etc, etc, etc.. Jürgen Klopp sir, 👍. YNWA !

  • Majid Ch.
    Majid Ch. 20 jam yang lalu

    Losing to Napoli in group stage means we will again win UCL this season too. And I'm sure we will revenge them at Anfield like last season... Edited--- No hard feelings all our fans, it's just starting we have a lot of games more to play 😊

    • Lupus1444
      Lupus1444 16 jam yang lalu

      It's not always Chrstmas ...