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  • daydream GS
    daydream GS 3 menit yang lalu

    Usen traductor no se puede terminar con carta especial Cambio de color cambio de ronda bloqueo +2 ni +4 asi es mas justo a parte fernando tenia que agarrar y hay decir uno cambio color ejemplo verde y listo Thanks

  • Jon Moshy
    Jon Moshy 4 menit yang lalu

    I think lamela’s A button is broken on his Xbox controller caz he is unable To pass😂

  • JustAdreamer Forgood
    JustAdreamer Forgood 7 menit yang lalu

    Complete the sentence Daniel Levy is a _______

  • Peter Park
    Peter Park 10 menit yang lalu

    I have been a Liverpool fan for 36 years, and I also love Sonny. How could you hate this wonderful player?

  • Interc
    Interc 12 menit yang lalu

    do this again plsss ! so fun to watch

  • _izz Harith_
    _izz Harith_ 24 menit yang lalu

    Tbh Watford is getting better with Pearson 🔥 -Liverpool fan

  • The Spark
    The Spark 33 menit yang lalu

    What happened to Spurs since the CL final? It´s like some players forgot how to play football, did they all of a sudden get a feeling of being worldbeaters and just slacked their mental aptitude? It was like this under Poche and Mou isn´t doing a lot better in getting players to fucking get a grip. I wonder if most Tottenham players just feel so assured of their position that they simply aren´t working hard enough for it.

  • June S
    June S 36 menit yang lalu

    Sell Lamela and sign a striker

  • kiran Poojary
    kiran Poojary 46 menit yang lalu

    We are CLEAR THE BALL FC and we got Jogging JAN in our defense

  • JustAdreamer Forgood
    JustAdreamer Forgood 48 menit yang lalu

    Lamela is such a good player but he's selfish as hell and loves to dribble when he shouldn't

  • Tiwari Ankit
    Tiwari Ankit 50 menit yang lalu

    That briliant save was practically scoring against watford

  • 햇살이jina
    햇살이jina 54 menit yang lalu

    God-zaniga amazing !!! Also hansome. Yesterday was tough game. Tension 100%! They fought well. except Lamela. Football is teamplay. He is selfish. Ericsen, don't go~!

  • Charles Martell
    Charles Martell 56 menit yang lalu

    Please sign piatek!

  • Gaming With Tomlet
    Gaming With Tomlet 58 menit yang lalu

    Who just heard panini start playing in the background

  • Ricardo Hong
    Ricardo Hong 59 menit yang lalu

    Now eriksen is leaving for inter... i miss these old days

  • JustAdreamer Forgood
    JustAdreamer Forgood Jam Yang lalu

    Spurs are the 10th richest club in the world and they won't buy a striker If it was City, Liverpool,P$G or Madrid they would have bought 3 strikers !!

  • bluebirds
    bluebirds Jam Yang lalu

    Chesea lost. Don't give up top 4. Hope Alli plays more time. He is the player who can make goal chances with creative pass near box line.

  • Dara Maillen
    Dara Maillen Jam Yang lalu


  • 天天天真
    天天天真 Jam Yang lalu

    That was a GOAL!

  • 잠깐만들어와바
    잠깐만들어와바 Jam Yang lalu

    The best way is for Kane to make a quick comeback.

  • Jela Boothe
    Jela Boothe Jam Yang lalu

    Arsenal, City, Chelsea, UTD&even Us. Wats going on. We're making(bad sides) SheffU, Wolves, Norwich, Watford, Palace,"all look like.. BARCA

  • S S
    S S Jam Yang lalu

    이런 영상만 보면 소름이 돋는건 뭘까

  • 제로니모
    제로니모 Jam Yang lalu


  • Jela Boothe
    Jela Boothe Jam Yang lalu

    When we're arguing ova Goaline technology, shows how far we've fallen. Unda POCH, we'da cleaned up.. at least 5-0, it's Watford f goodness sake

  • Jela Boothe
    Jela Boothe Jam Yang lalu

    Hurry up and get better, Hazza.. We'll b fighting RELEGATION at this rate. We're already struggling GAINST Relli-threatened WATFORD

  • LDD VN
    LDD VN Jam Yang lalu

    Good save Gazzanigga

  • Gabriella S
    Gabriella S 2 jam yang lalu


  • 손흥민넘버원
    손흥민넘버원 2 jam yang lalu

    As a Korean, I think Son deserves ballon d'or this season because Son>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Messi>Ronaldo>Neymar>Mbappe>Hazard and rest of them are trash

    • May Kwon
      May Kwon 51 menit yang lalu

      Definitely not a Son’s fan. Poor man....

    • 돋다 DOTDA
      돋다 DOTDA Jam Yang lalu

      지능형 안티.............

  • jnkm0409
    jnkm0409 2 jam yang lalu

    Lamela….the chicken with its head cut off....Pinche boludo doesn't know how to pass the ball.

  • LU LU
    LU LU 2 jam yang lalu

    We have to sign with good midfielder who can connect middle and forward aera like Ericksen when he was good. We got pretty good forward plyers even without Kane but a ball is barely go to our forward zone. We had see Gazzaniga's handsome face all the time but barely see opponent team's goalkeeper's face. Our main problem isn't striker. It's middle!

  • Gabriel Hubbard
    Gabriel Hubbard 2 jam yang lalu

    Vhat is tis 😅ahhhh

  • sang ho lee
    sang ho lee 2 jam yang lalu

    Son is best player!

  • Raquel Navotas
    Raquel Navotas 2 jam yang lalu

    Paulo is such a comfort to tired eyes. 😻😻😻

  • Weirdo Willa 102
    Weirdo Willa 102 2 jam yang lalu

    Tottenham fan: we’re shit, but at least we aren’t any of those other Jack Asses COYS

  • Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía

    Who-go Lloris?

  • Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía

    Paulugo Llorisniga

  • Samuel Herman
    Samuel Herman 2 jam yang lalu

    Son is useless.. sell him.. sell sonny .. to us (Real madrid :))

  • 피파잼
    피파잼 2 jam yang lalu

    가자니가 존나 잘막고 오우오우

    • 피파잼
      피파잼 Jam Yang lalu

      @United. Based 포스터도 존나 잘막고 오우오우

    • United. Based
      United. Based 2 jam yang lalu

      피파잼 토트넘 존나 못하고 오우오우

  • Harvey Specter
    Harvey Specter 2 jam yang lalu

    why are we still so shit right now:? can't bare this last calendar year!

  • Akmal Husein Adiatma
    Akmal Husein Adiatma 2 jam yang lalu

    Fk var

  • Rahul Rebello
    Rahul Rebello 2 jam yang lalu

    This is what you get for appointing a manager that parks the bus. This is why we didn’t want him to replace emery. Now that your stuck with that Portuguese fraud, deal with it

  • Sports Super Stats
    Sports Super Stats 2 jam yang lalu

    World class

  • John Wick
    John Wick 3 jam yang lalu

    This are not the original uno's rules... 🤔

  • Quake: Destroyer of worlds

    Isn't it ironic that ever since this channel started uploading "highlights" we have been mostly terrible and not had too many highlights.

  • Save Earth
    Save Earth 3 jam yang lalu

    Paulo is so hot ♥♥

  • Ghorib Syeiba
    Ghorib Syeiba 3 jam yang lalu

    VAR is so confusing and stange and full mystery 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • MantoZ' 59
    MantoZ' 59 3 jam yang lalu

    VAR fuck

  • J
    J 3 jam yang lalu

    what is wrong with lamela ? he is not a teamplayer

  • Sandhy Sampari
    Sandhy Sampari 3 jam yang lalu

    great job to our Keeper

  • X
    X 3 jam yang lalu

    Damnnnn extreme close-ups on Gazzaniga... does admin have a crush?

  • 182boomer
    182boomer 3 jam yang lalu

    Someone needs to start scoring referee decisions per game and place them into a league table. Then we can relegate the worst ones to the championship.

  • דורון כהן
    דורון כהן 3 jam yang lalu

    Sign some striker allready...

  • Mr Ulises
    Mr Ulises 3 jam yang lalu


  • omar el azhari
    omar el azhari 3 jam yang lalu


  • Gunnar Kimball
    Gunnar Kimball 3 jam yang lalu

    That was a goal var is a joke I watched the goal line tech the full ball crossd

  • syauqi ilaik official
    syauqi ilaik official 3 jam yang lalu


  • Conor
    Conor 3 jam yang lalu

    Sign a striker

  • HVX Dejavu
    HVX Dejavu 4 jam yang lalu

    Var ruining our lifes

  • gmmm L
    gmmm L 4 jam yang lalu

    i say simply lamella? larlana? onana? If you always have a ball, you lower the tempo. That's why the attack can't be fucking launched. and do not pass lol

  • Gitface
    Gitface 4 jam yang lalu


  • Me,Myself and Aspergers
    Me,Myself and Aspergers 4 jam yang lalu

    If it was before VAR. That would had been a goal.

    • JustAdreamer Forgood
      JustAdreamer Forgood Jam Yang lalu

      Babe, VAR and goal line technology are different things

    • Brian
      Brian 3 jam yang lalu

      It depends on referee.. But in this referee, you're definitely right.

  • Robin Park
    Robin Park 4 jam yang lalu

    I didn't skip the ad so we can have a little more transfer budget.

  • Bryan Ouellet
    Bryan Ouellet 4 jam yang lalu

    Hotspur need to get their shit together.

  • YVN 3630
    YVN 3630 4 jam yang lalu

    A reserve striker, defender and atleast one winger are needed!!! asap

  • Canaria Bier
    Canaria Bier 4 jam yang lalu


  • indra permana
    indra permana 4 jam yang lalu


  • indra permana
    indra permana 4 jam yang lalu


  • Fadel Adam
    Fadel Adam 4 jam yang lalu

    I don't care. Just sign a fuc*ing striker. Damn, we are top 10 richest club in the world atm

  • ßetter than u
    ßetter than u 4 jam yang lalu

    Vous êtes trop horribles

  • Vittorio De gasperi
    Vittorio De gasperi 4 jam yang lalu

    Welcome to inter Christian eriksennnnn

  • Joseph Ujiadughele
    Joseph Ujiadughele 4 jam yang lalu

    I don't understand how someone will be paid a heavy wage par week and yet refuse to give back to the fans who spent their hard earned money on gate ticket for the millionaire stars wages and the club who made it possible for them to be millionaire . If this players go to some countries like in Africa , south america and Asia and see how poorly players are paid by clubs, they will realize why its important to play at the highest level as appreciations for all the luxury life's the clubs and fans gate tickets offered them in wages. If you check out dele alli fleets of cars, mansions, bank account , that many people dreamt for, there should be reason to give your best back to the club's and the fans. If personal talent earned all this and not the club, then these players need come to places like many African clubs so we can see how many bentlays, Ferrari , Lamborghini they will possess for services rendered as a result of personal talent. Dele et al, please come and refund my gate ticket - Watford vs Tottenham. This result ain't what I paid it for and I know you gonna make 250000£ per week on mine and others ticket.

  • Jamie
    Jamie 4 jam yang lalu

    Clearly a hand ball but clearly over the line... Smh

  • 오정웅
    오정웅 4 jam yang lalu

    Who is Spours ST scout player?

  • M H
    M H 4 jam yang lalu

    *Gazzaniga, Thank You For Saving Us*

  • Justice Ojule
    Justice Ojule 4 jam yang lalu

    Lucky spurs that penalty save was the head line.

  • Blackjack650 jones
    Blackjack650 jones 4 jam yang lalu

    Mourinho will kill THFC

  • Nahue
    Nahue 4 jam yang lalu

    *G A Z Z A N I G A*

  • s man
    s man 4 jam yang lalu

    Fact is Watford have had a resurgence of late and full credit to them. We didn't concede today and that was a major positive....thanks of course to Paolo. This season is possibly a write off Champions League notwithstanding. Let Mourinho get a couple players in the summer and let's see what happens. COYS!

  • werty _
    werty _ 4 jam yang lalu

    Gazaniga saved us , but our game is terrible

  • Jimmy Page
    Jimmy Page 4 jam yang lalu

    Watford are a pack of diving pussies.

  • Dave Davidson
    Dave Davidson 4 jam yang lalu

    Thanks, I needed something to help me sleep.

  • Goku *7LIK*
    Goku *7LIK* 4 jam yang lalu

    Muy bien Gazzaniga 💪 Vamos Spurs con energía translation Very good Gazzaniga 💪 Come on Spurs with energy

  • #YNWA till i die
    #YNWA till i die 4 jam yang lalu

    Kenapa moukidi ngelawak lagi sih... #ynwa

    • alvin fadlur
      alvin fadlur 3 jam yang lalu

      Yailah gaya bet mentang2 timnya lagi jaya2 nya

    • 다피
      다피 4 jam yang lalu

      Actually, not mou It's our players

  • jakomonster
    jakomonster 5 jam yang lalu

    Is nobody gonna mention the fact that VAR didn't even check the clear handball when Moura was about to shot in the area, I mean not even in the highlights??

    • NBX Gaming
      NBX Gaming Jam Yang lalu

      @182boomer yeah man fck said

    • jakomonster
      jakomonster 2 jam yang lalu

      @Chrisman Haekal everybody is talking about that, and I'm not denying it. Spurs are awful right now, but also unlucky.

    • Chrisman Haekal
      Chrisman Haekal 2 jam yang lalu

      Is nobody gonna mention the fact tottenham is a boring team this season

    • 182boomer
      182boomer 4 jam yang lalu

      It seems to me that the referees really don't want Spurs to get absolutely anything when it comes to VAR decisions. And I've noticed most football pundits are biased, and really like to drive it home that spurs should come up short on the unfair decisions.

  • Teressa Mcilroy
    Teressa Mcilroy 5 jam yang lalu

    Tottenham was robbed.

  • hellonoitisnt
    hellonoitisnt 5 jam yang lalu

    Soooooo close

  • Su Lisa
    Su Lisa 5 jam yang lalu

    Goodbye Champions league.

    • From To
      From To 2 jam yang lalu

      Erik100 Fodão i agree with u but it is sad to see ur name and changing time at same time i think ericksen have to leave club (i love him and i think he is good player but he lost passion for spurs)

    • Erik100 Fodão
      Erik100 Fodão 4 jam yang lalu

      Su Lisa this is a changing season for us, we aren’t looking for trophies yet,because the team is still a mess,but,after we give mou some time,he will organize the team with new tactics and players and next season will be different

  • Worldwide Football
    Worldwide Football 5 jam yang lalu

    More 1~2cm needed...⚽️ So.... sorry... Paulo Gazzaniag saves Spurs..🇦🇷

  • John Bowe
    John Bowe 5 jam yang lalu

    They both look like they got a bollocking from Jose.

  • syaddham husain
    syaddham husain 5 jam yang lalu

    but i need to see the goal, Mou

  • Dee Jarrett
    Dee Jarrett 5 jam yang lalu

    We have to understand that we are in a transition. Mourinho is dealing with our problems at the back.

  • Pu NArak
    Pu NArak 5 jam yang lalu

    sign edinson cavani ! we need striker.

    • Paul Is
      Paul Is 3 jam yang lalu

      At least on loan tell end of the season

    • XTRON6391 loves himself
      XTRON6391 loves himself 3 jam yang lalu

      @J040PL7 will he get a starting place in squad when kane returns?

    • J040PL7
      J040PL7 3 jam yang lalu

      @XTRON6391 loves himself cavani cant get a game in psg anymore, im sure he would take a pay cut to play.

    • DESK forever a
      DESK forever a 4 jam yang lalu

      @El Pachi Isn't he going to Athlentico Madrid?

    • XTRON6391 loves himself
      XTRON6391 loves himself 4 jam yang lalu

      We can't afford his wages. He'll ask like 300k a week.

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone 5 jam yang lalu

    tottenham need piatek !

    • JustAdreamer Forgood
      JustAdreamer Forgood 8 menit yang lalu

      @Ken Kk That's why the Bundesliga is best for developing young players which are always bought by Bayern or foreign teams

    • Ken Kk
      Ken Kk 13 menit yang lalu

      JustAdreamer Forgood A weaker german league that has some of the best teams in the world right now along with phenomenal players

    • JustAdreamer Forgood
      JustAdreamer Forgood Jam Yang lalu

      @babosing Haaland was guaranteed UCL football in a weaker German league

    • babosing
      babosing 2 jam yang lalu

      should have gone for Haaland

  • Rapion Blue
    Rapion Blue 5 jam yang lalu

    Gazzaniga 💪🔥

  • GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more!

    Horrendous referee

  • thefivepoints
    thefivepoints 5 jam yang lalu

    Highlights lol

    FRDBTN 5 jam yang lalu


  • liyionel C.A.R.P
    liyionel C.A.R.P 5 jam yang lalu

    Gazaniga debería estar mínimo 3 arquero de argentina viejo, scaloni convocalo de una vez

  • T J
    T J 5 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me or do we play better without Kane?

    • JustAdreamer Forgood
      JustAdreamer Forgood Jam Yang lalu

      Yes, without Kane Spurs play way better. But they need a good striker to replace him Last year Llorente did very very well after Kane got injured. Kane is overrated but he does score and contribute. However Llorente is better

    • Wilson Mpesha
      Wilson Mpesha 2 jam yang lalu

      It's true. We do play better. I noticed last year.

    • Lobster Snack
      Lobster Snack 4 jam yang lalu

      T J no just you

    • Domestic pigeon
      Domestic pigeon 4 jam yang lalu

      The thing is. With Kane we actually score.

    • Thedominationer
      Thedominationer 4 jam yang lalu

      @T J it's seriously just you.