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The Australian state dinner in 2 minutes
Ditonton 30 rb2 hari yang lalu
Trudeau speaks on racist makeup images
Ditonton 1,4 rb3 hari yang lalu
Sept. 16: Trump’s comments on Iran
Ditonton 25 rb6 hari yang lalu
What to watch from Tropical Storm Humberto
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House committee inches toward impeachment
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Schumer on McConnell: ‘Shame on him’
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  • desi guy
    desi guy 3 jam yang lalu

    Great work WP Thanks

  • Pakistanis are Bastards
    Pakistanis are Bastards 3 jam yang lalu

    Trump is insulting the beggar imrand by ignoring him and talking about other things.

  • D.A. Hill
    D.A. Hill 3 jam yang lalu

    A Lawyer and Fredo walked into a bar

  • brokencowboy
    brokencowboy 3 jam yang lalu

    I don't understand why in the comments section people are bashing Presidents

  • Joe
    Joe 3 jam yang lalu

    Remember when the Democrats cancelled any debates held by GOP news stations because they were too afraid the questions asked might wake some of their audience up? I do.

  • Ming
    Ming 3 jam yang lalu

    These two need a show together. Hilarious

  • ][000l][ll0l000] [lll-lll]

    oh for fucks sake just give him the nomination so he can lose to trump already

  • jessebarbaryrouge
    jessebarbaryrouge 3 jam yang lalu

    Rudy...rudy... find a hole somewhere.

  • Cedar Poplar
    Cedar Poplar 3 jam yang lalu

    As much as one wants to disagree with Tucker, we can't this time. Ben Carson is quoting scripture, but he's doing it to his own demise. The Bible is broad. And there's wisdom in it.

  • Jasmine S
    Jasmine S 3 jam yang lalu

    0:23 why is he pulling that guy so hard 😂😳

  • carlohemi
    carlohemi 3 jam yang lalu

    Trump 2020 in a Landslide!!! Probably get amendment going in the Constitution for a third term...2024 in a Landslide again!!!

  • Hot Dogs
    Hot Dogs 3 jam yang lalu

    As a MA resident. This state full of of a lot of educated dumb people who will blinding vote for him because of his name. Don't be fooled. This state is full of liberal idiots. He will win and be the Mass senator for the next 40 years like uncle Ted unless he somehow becomes president.

  • Friend of Tellus
    Friend of Tellus 3 jam yang lalu

    Hear, hear !!!

  • Citizen 1
    Citizen 1 3 jam yang lalu

    You can believe you're a bird ...just don't expect met to hold you on my finger.

  • Victor Worrell
    Victor Worrell 3 jam yang lalu

    Steely-eyed, razor-sharp Barry Berke owned Lewandowski, taking complete control of the narrative. He calmly ignored Lewandowski's manic attempts at distraction, stayed focused, and forced the little weasel to admit his lies by CONFRONTING HIM WITH HIS OWN WRITTEN WORDS! Absolutely priceless watching Corey wilt under cross-examination by such a skilled attorney. I almost felt sorry for little Corey--but he deserved to be exposed for his slimy participation in Trump's corruption.

  • joseph bendzinski
    joseph bendzinski 3 jam yang lalu

    Can you find me a person in the world who hasent

  • Vanessa Galdamez
    Vanessa Galdamez 3 jam yang lalu

    At 2:02 I was literally watching it before this

  • D. Steven
    D. Steven 3 jam yang lalu

    Hm ... The "context" provided was a unrelated point about Muslim rights; it didn't validate the snipped quote itself. I don't think WaPo knows what "context" is designed to do.

  • David Peckham
    David Peckham 3 jam yang lalu

    Gay people get out over your outrage! No one is singling you out as a sinner. We all sin. You are not that different than everyone else. Love your neighbor. Testify Ben!! I love that guy in government. More like him!

  • Rjames Elliott
    Rjames Elliott 3 jam yang lalu

    Ben is so right he’s on his game 100% right

  • Hi
    Hi 3 jam yang lalu

    Nothing Ben Carson said here was wrong

  • We Are Not Amused
    We Are Not Amused 3 jam yang lalu

    Ben is sooo out of touch and just spewing false equivalents... Sex and race are two totally different things. If Carson had balls that doesn't mean that he feels Chinese... See what I did there?

  • shivam Baishya
    shivam Baishya 3 jam yang lalu

    Yeah mean yessssssssssssss

  • Robert Tellstrom
    Robert Tellstrom 3 jam yang lalu

    How much integrity does Fredo Cuomo have ? Does Rudy Giuliani have dementia ? Is he feeble-minded ?

  • Everblue Freediving
    Everblue Freediving 3 jam yang lalu

    Carson is an incompetent fool working for a criminal fraud...

  • Wulframm Rolf
    Wulframm Rolf 3 jam yang lalu

    this really should never happen. on either side.

  • Geria Wright
    Geria Wright 3 jam yang lalu

    Why wasn't this replayed on CSPAN1, 2, and 3???

  • DRChupacabrah
    DRChupacabrah 3 jam yang lalu

    The bible has nothing to do with government- and it certainly doesn't excuse bigotry. Carson and Carlson are idiots.

  • UpAndOut
    UpAndOut 4 jam yang lalu

    Oh, yes. We've seen the love you exhibit. We know you by your works, not your words.

  • Kristy Pandora Greczowski - #Trans4Trump

    I’m trans and I support this 💯%. Ben Carson you rock! ❤️. God Bless America

  • Patrick Swezey
    Patrick Swezey 4 jam yang lalu

    Rudy. Bad lawyer. Bad person. Bad joke. May be as insane as Trump..but its close

  • KC Gro
    KC Gro 4 jam yang lalu

    why does he already have to try and defend bills he supported that proved to do exactly what he claims it didn't. Maybe he should just look into it more. Instead of saying "no it didn't" maybe say something like, I will have to look into that more. Try to apologize for bills that he maybe shouldn't have supported rather than keep defending it. I really think the US will be in trouble if biden is the one against donny. Considering biden gets twisted/lost/confused when debating against his own party - donny will eat him for lunch. The US has to get little donny out and biden might not be the person for the job, sadly. He may have been good with Obama but doesn't seem special on his own.

  • willieboy3011 Jonas
    willieboy3011 Jonas 4 jam yang lalu

    What nutcase. Blaming the president for a killer's actions. So was Obama responsible for the black racist killers in Fresno, Dallas and Baton Rogue? Again idiocy. If beto had been in the military instead of illegaly hacking, he might know this. No country gives their soldiers semiautomatic rifles, so quit calling them weapons of war. The real issue should be why were these people prevented from defending themselves at Aurora with a firearm against the killer instead of being forced to wait until the killer murdered them. The 2nd Amendment is not open to elimination by dictator, Beto.

  • Tori Smith
    Tori Smith 4 jam yang lalu

    Someone asked how people could not identify with their assigned gender and I'm glad you did! Really, even my well intentioned friends have to get some explanation at times ) So when your born a Doctor assigns you a gender based on your genitals. What's being found more and more in science is that biological expression can vastly differ from that of physicality. Therefore if I am assigned one gender at birth but come to recognize that my quality of life is hindered because I don't easily conform to that of society i am then in a position to decide whether to continue to live a falsehood just because some people think that my claims of being assigned the wrong gender at birth isn't possible solely because they, themselves, have always felt comfortable with their perceived label; or I can decide to foster the courage to live my truth despite the negative societal effects this could bring. Now there is also the question of Intersex people ( those born w/ both female and male genitalia ). In this scenario the parents are able to decide what gender they want assigned to the child. Generally, the majority of parents in this position decide to assign the child the gender of male most likely due to the premium society in most western cultures put on boy children. However, that child could - and in many cases has- deviate from that label due to the body chosen for them not matching with who they see themselves as. In some cases people don't feel particularly comfortable with either gender markers because you have to remember that these labels are man made ( of course in christianity the belief is based on scripture identifying a "god" but we have to look at this objectively knowing not all people follow that sole religion) so therefore perhaps they could actually be presenting as neither gender - or third gender, if you will - some religions such as ancient Hinduism acknowledge a third gender referred to as Hidjra that present more feminine but aren't necessarily "girl or boy" therefore had this religious sect been made the dominant spirituality in western culture we might more easily recognize that persons who identify outside those to poles deserve to be treated equally and respected as much as those who feel comfortable in their body and identify with their assigned gender. Thanks for reading. God bless! 🙏🏾

  • Liberals spread AIDS
    Liberals spread AIDS 4 jam yang lalu

    2 genders. Man Woman That's all. No more. No less. Anyone who thinks they are some mysterious 3rd gender, is mentally unstable and should be euthanized immediately.

  • Y3arZer0
    Y3arZer0 4 jam yang lalu

    IDclips is ridiculous. They are pushing an agenda with the trending videos with absolutely zero views, and they all seem to be insanely leftist.

  • Tim B
    Tim B 4 jam yang lalu

    I'm curious what the majority of women who use these shelters feel, are they comfortable with men who call themselves women in areas specifically designated as safe.

    • Citizen 1
      Citizen 1 3 jam yang lalu

      It would be terrifying for those escaping abuse

  • hazmat
    hazmat 4 jam yang lalu

    The look on kim's face looks like he wanna get the nuke button

  • Ray Milligan
    Ray Milligan 4 jam yang lalu

    the Washington Post has made over Billion !

  • Rhetoric Concept
    Rhetoric Concept 4 jam yang lalu

    Please take time to read. Before the ice age, during the days of the dinosaurs, earth was hot, it was lush with greenery and foliage. After the sun was blocked out, the earth froze. Now, imagine taking out some chicken from the freezer to thaw so you can cook it. It takes a good 7 hours to fully thaw and return its original state...now imagine how long a frozen earth would take to thaw and return to its rightful state. This is why we are seeing changes in climate. It’s a natural occurrence, we are actually just speeding the process up a little. What’s really sad about all of this is that the youth (top two so far being Greta and David Hogg) of the world are being used to push a political agenda and people are blindly falling for it. Stop relying on confirmation bias, research both sides, and think for yourselves. You’re oppressing yourselves by allowing worldly powers to enslave your thoughts. Thanks for taking the time.

  • terrie long
    terrie long 4 jam yang lalu

    My heart is breaking so bad for my people! Psalm chapter 83

  • loganlocke1
    loganlocke1 4 jam yang lalu

    Hey Tucker Carlson, you don't have to ask him what it's like to be a bigot... Just State your own opinion on your own bigotry... You clown

  • Marc Shultz
    Marc Shultz 4 jam yang lalu

    Charge Hillary with crimes against this country. Give her a job on the View. This way it Al about Hillary's G Spot. And UFO'S at area 51. Have 30 shots Hillary.

  • John Edwards
    John Edwards 4 jam yang lalu

    "This is America" - Joe Biden

  • dee jay
    dee jay 4 jam yang lalu

    Are press is laughable. Hud is for Americans not illegals lol

    • QUINTIX256
      QUINTIX256 3 jam yang lalu

      Not having your documents in order is not a capital crime. Shelter is necessary for survival.

  • Your Father
    Your Father 4 jam yang lalu

    Lol. European Jew don’t look Semitic. Look like Gog (Goth) Magog (Mongol) Central Asia Caucasian. Every Semitic traits is human DNA dominant. Mrs. Omar look Semitic.

  • Truth not opinion
    Truth not opinion 4 jam yang lalu

    Listen to me people, I want you all to live in countries like mine, Sweden the rape capitol of the world!

  • David T
    David T 4 jam yang lalu

    Women persons of color not got for tv

  • Filming life to Remember it.

    So says a liberal newspaper, undoubtedly controlled by Dumbocrats and Google.The plethora of citizens gullible to read, view, believe fake news, deserves a Capitol Hill investigation. Hell, they've wasted millions investigating Trump. Might as well investigate everybody.

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 4 jam yang lalu

    There is no such thing as a transgender. Just like there is no such thing as a transspecies.

  • M bryant
    M bryant 4 jam yang lalu

    Brown & the NFL are made for each other. Brown beats the hell out of women & the NFL lets him continue to play. The NFL is an organization that enables and makes excuses for subhuman players and their abusive behavior. To hell with the NFL!!!!!!!!!

  • David T
    David T 4 jam yang lalu


  • Sexy face
    Sexy face 4 jam yang lalu

    God that is terrifying

  • Mark Yarton
    Mark Yarton 4 jam yang lalu

    yea stupid some one did something they murdered 3000 people crawl back to your bear cave

  • Toro 2017
    Toro 2017 4 jam yang lalu

    There's no need to investigate Trump. All the dirty, immoral, illegal stuff about him is out there for all to see. Bone-spurs, fake "university", pu**y groping tape, Stormy and Karen infidelity and payoffs, soliciting Hillary emails from Russia, using his near bankrupt properties for personal profit to host bribers, a revolving Cabinet, fake weather warnings, hidden financial records. It never ends. Meanwhile, no promises kept.

  • Kiana Kahele
    Kiana Kahele 4 jam yang lalu

    Keeping all in my prayers. ✝️🙏

  • Semper Fortis
    Semper Fortis 4 jam yang lalu

    There are only 2 genders... Unless your genetics are jacked up and are a hermaphrodite. If people are confused about their sexuality... it has nothing to do with gender. But no one's gonna piss on Ben Carson's leg and say it's raining.

  • Devonte Hill
    Devonte Hill 4 jam yang lalu

    Mr. President, plzz don't categorize the Strength I bring to this meeting. Period

  • crystalmtn01
    crystalmtn01 4 jam yang lalu

    A Wall with motion sensors, cameras, lighting, and access roads preventing illegals from climbing, cutting, or digging. They could always try catapulting themselves over if it wasn't for the very hard landing.

  • The Homelander
    The Homelander 4 jam yang lalu

    LOL Biden too stupid to know he was bragging about corruption

  • cookieG
    cookieG 4 jam yang lalu

    No dates till your 30. Creepy joe Biden. Let me at teenage girls hair and touching the other areas. I'm creepy joe Biden and I will keep smelling, touching, and rubbing these young kids

  • Inakunaru
    Inakunaru 4 jam yang lalu

    Can’t even get angry watching this just numb

  • B D
    B D 4 jam yang lalu

    What was he talking about with the New York Times messing up.

  • Ethan
    Ethan 4 jam yang lalu

    No one going to question the robbery crime he has surrounding him?

  • Kay DeBerg
    Kay DeBerg 4 jam yang lalu

    I'm for mr Trump 100%. For one thing.... I'm a woman and and a proud American. Americans need to feel safe in our own country. But there's no safety with,the dems swinging the doors open to where it's not safe for Americans. The dems have everything sloppy and dirty and there are women getting raped and murdered. Enough. We want our families to be safe. We want America to be strong again. We can't help our own if all the money is going to those coming in and our own countrymen are homeless. I seen a woman that served twice and she is now in the streets homeless. The dems give the resources to others when,our own vets are homeless. That's obserd.

  • Frankie Lee
    Frankie Lee 4 jam yang lalu

    National TV and Dems Have been teaching everyone to lie.Corey was honored by both parties,to tell the truth before Congress.

  • Noah Loving Life
    Noah Loving Life 4 jam yang lalu

    Very sad🙏God be mercy on them

  • NvrMindWhtEvr!?
    NvrMindWhtEvr!? 4 jam yang lalu

    I wonder who might be telling him what to do or say wouldn't have him operate on my pet cat why would he give up neurological pediatric surgery to become a Trump sycophant whatever?

  • Yasir Arfat
    Yasir Arfat 4 jam yang lalu

    Bcoz india is rapes countrie ...

  • E. C
    E. C 4 jam yang lalu

    It's as if all of these republicans are auditioning for and performing for an audience of ONE! Task: who's the creepiest and cheesiest of us all? Ugly, peanut-head Lewandowski is an "enforcer" ...Gotti-like thug who in different law-abiding times would have been in jail for his repulsive antis long ago. Impeach Pelosi! She's the one tacitly approving of all this circus ...to protect her own chairwomanship!

  • sandra slaton
    sandra slaton 4 jam yang lalu

    Carson looks like Richard Pryor is trying to jump out of his face.

  • Legal Man
    Legal Man 4 jam yang lalu

    An another Christian speech brought to you by USA government. Pure BS USA Needs urgently a president with an other religious affiliation or with non religious affiliation.

    AZI THE MLG PRO 4 jam yang lalu

    Pure cringe

  • Greg Van Gaasbeek
    Greg Van Gaasbeek 4 jam yang lalu

    When are the people in the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile ring going to get arrested?

  • sandra slaton
    sandra slaton 4 jam yang lalu

    Conservatives are not overwhelmed,they're still sleeping 🙈🙉🙊

  • lilbeserk
    lilbeserk 4 jam yang lalu

    Chicks with Dicks? Dicks with surgical orifices awaiting? What a wonderful country to grow up in. No wonder young people are depressed/suicidal/shooting up communities!!! Welcome to Liberalism.

  • Cha Cha Girl
    Cha Cha Girl 4 jam yang lalu

    Please let me know when it’s over 🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s like I’m watching a horror movie and peeking out between my fingers 😳

  • DoctorMeh
    DoctorMeh 4 jam yang lalu

    "Extra rights" is what people have said to people with less rights for generations. He just happens to be on the winning side keeping someone else down now.

  • Tan Brix In Boston
    Tan Brix In Boston 4 jam yang lalu

    Build that wall already we aint buying this load of nonsense

  • Frank Lyons
    Frank Lyons 4 jam yang lalu

    Almost 50 years in office.....and ZERO accomplishments.

  • sickle slash
    sickle slash 4 jam yang lalu

    Better far right than far wrong

  • Frank Lyons
    Frank Lyons 4 jam yang lalu

    Biden is starting to look like Donatella Versace. Go away, you creepy pedophile.

  • Joseph DuPont
    Joseph DuPont 4 jam yang lalu

    Young people may have had trouble dealing with such new situations, not to mention missed school days and dealing with their roller-coaster emotions, Van Susteren and other psychologists note. But climate change can pose a risk to mental health even without a direct physical threat. Children and teens are generally more likely to accept the scientific consensus - widespread agreement - about humanity’s role in climate change, Van Susteren notes. Many kids also worry about how the impacts of climate change are expected to only worsen. “They look at the generation ahead of them that could have taken action and didn’t,” she says. This can trigger feelings of anger, grief, resentment, fear, frustration and being

  • Tim Norton
    Tim Norton 4 jam yang lalu

    You’re a lovely person ... do you mind if I smell your hair?🤗🤮

  • D W
    D W 4 jam yang lalu

    "Everybody gets equal rights. Nobody gets extra rights." - Dr. Ben Carson I'm getting that made into a shirt.

  • George Kosich
    George Kosich 5 jam yang lalu

    She has made it clear that she is NOT a feminist.

  • lilbeserk
    lilbeserk 5 jam yang lalu

    LGBTQ community would be eliminated in any 3rd world country. Good luck on pressing your choices outside of the USA.

  • Sislertx
    Sislertx 5 jam yang lalu

    Wa po employee? ..he is by DEFINITION a clown a liar and a pervert trying to accuse others of what he is.

  • Bob Singh
    Bob Singh 5 jam yang lalu

    Did Trump put on weight?

  • sunnydays DDT
    sunnydays DDT 5 jam yang lalu

    Very entertaining

  • Reach41
    Reach41 5 jam yang lalu

    Boy, that Fox News is at it again. It's a good thing that MSNBC, San Francisco, and other entities are around to help protect the .06% of the populaton that identifies as transgendered.

  • Henry Carmichael
    Henry Carmichael 5 jam yang lalu

    Mike Pence is a decent fellow! This is just a hit job made by Khmer Rouge.

  • Dorothy Gears
    Dorothy Gears 5 jam yang lalu

    The fat old toad of corruption lumbers in, limping. Eeuuww, he's repulsive.His automaton at his side smiles fixedly, looking more and more like a horror struck captive.

  • 1OOsmiles
    1OOsmiles 5 jam yang lalu

    Some people sort of snicker about the sexual harassment that was the norm at FOX for women who wanted to have careers with the network. What is the taboo that is never mentioned is that CNN has the same type of unhealthy competitive environment, except it is gay men servicing the power brokers at the network. The title of Don Lemon's own biographical book, "Men do it better", is a direct reference to the superior skills he believes gay men have when it comes to giving head. (he believes they do it better than women) . lol . Cuomo does it . too. CNN is like the beard club for gay men. Give head to get ahead. How it is that a newsman (lemon) put his own hands in his nether regions and forced another guy to smell his fingers while being very crude and gross... why is he still on tv? His 100% racebaiting show must be profitable and he must give good head to his producers and regular guests.

  • Juan Coronado
    Juan Coronado 5 jam yang lalu

    C'mon all of you know that Obama's administration was so Freaking corrupted happy hands Biden and crooked Hillary and Eric Holder are some of the hundreds " SWAMP CREATURES " everyone knows what butter hands Biden Did with the Ukrainian PM Don't play stupid.

  • Ryan Ehrhart7
    Ryan Ehrhart7 5 jam yang lalu

    If Biden is elected, he will cure AIDS! But if not, sorry.

  • Russ K
    Russ K 5 jam yang lalu

    Trump is abusing his role as president to go after his political enemies. Trump supporters will once again support this POS no matter how corrupt he is. No surprise. They care more about Trump, who couldn't care less about the constitution or the rule of law, than they do about America. Have you seen Trump's taxes? Why do you suppose he is so desperately hiding them? Why is he telling everyone who got subpoenas from the house, a coequal part of our government, to ignore those subpoenas, thereby telling them to break the law? Now Trump is doing what he can to prevent the whistleblower from coming forward. Trump is afraid of US citizens of finding out who he really is. You Trump supporters know that's true but don't care. Says a lot about you. So much for patriotism.

  • Citizen 1
    Citizen 1 5 jam yang lalu

    If those guys spent their $ on *RENT* instead of makeup they wouldn't need a shelter.

  • Zachary Mullins
    Zachary Mullins 5 jam yang lalu

    Because men dont belong in women shelters stupid dems. they dont belong in women's rest room. or locker room. or women sports. they are not and never will be every real women. make believe doesn't count.

  • 1OOsmiles
    1OOsmiles 5 jam yang lalu

    How many sexual predators were well known "journalists" on TV who were trusted names / faces for many years.