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Why we say “OK”Why we say “OK”
Why we say “OK”
2 bulan yang lalu

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  • Tyler Hollinger
    Tyler Hollinger 6 bulan yang lalu

    where are you based?

  • Angel Caban
    Angel Caban 9 bulan yang lalu

    cant wait to see more

  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal 9 bulan yang lalu

    Greetings from Republic of Singapore =) Wish you a nice day!

  • eXplorer
    eXplorer 10 bulan yang lalu

    Amazing videos! I love looking earth, discover and decompress...

  • Mark Raub
    Mark Raub 11 bulan yang lalu


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  • Rob Madden
    Rob Madden Tahun Yang lalu

    Hey I love you please make a Vox Canada

  • Vince Lamb
    Vince Lamb Tahun Yang lalu

    Congratulations on your four News and Documentary Emmy nominations. That places this channel 13th out of 34 organizations nominated, right behind MSNBC and ahead of such mainstream sources as BBC World News, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera International USA, and Bloomberg Television.

  • Fleetleader101
    Fleetleader101 Tahun Yang lalu

    Unsubbed after loving this channel. Way too much stuff on politics and I'm just sick of it. The channel used to focus on cool content and interesting ideas now they just try to tell the facts on things currently happening without 20/20 historical vision. Not a fan of that.

  • alvloong
    alvloong Tahun Yang lalu

    Places to send Jonny: - Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), regarding increasing Russian influences on these fringe NATO countries - Moldova and the Autonomous region of Transnistria, a semi-breakaway region that still adheres to Soviet traditions and governance - Macedonia and Greece (esp on Macedonia's name, and how its candidacy as an EU member is vetoed by Greece because of it) - Cyprus (and Northern Cyprus), and how the country remains divided since 1974 between Greek and Turkish regions - Armenia and Azerbaijan (esp the Nagorno Karabakh region of Armenia, an exclave completely surrounded by Azerbaijan), and how conflict still is sporadic since fighting in 1994 - Kazakhstan, how the host of the 2017 World Expo, and nearly the host of the 2022 Olympics, rapidly develops as the strongest Central Asian economy with a leader in power since 1989 -- (also a good segway to Central Asia; despotic Turkmenistan, autocratic Uzbekistan, ethnic-tension mired Kyrgyzstan, and underdeveloped Tajikistan) - Morocco (again), expanding from the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, to tensions with reclusive Algiera, its control over Western Sahara, the cultural differences with the Bedouins - Ethiopia, and how internal regions like Oromia stand divided against the majority in Addis Ababa; or the Jewish emigrants from Ethiopia who are treated as migrants than religious pilgrims in Israel; or the dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea -- all while Ethiopia is considered a stronger economy in Africa and the home of the African Union - Angola, and how it's status as an oil producer attracted significant Chinese investment in building entire cities - Mauritius, and how this island offshore banking haven has a higher GDP per capita than the BRICS; how almost 70% of the population is ethnic Indian; and how the country is in disputes with the UK over displaced people from the British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago), converted to a US naval base - Myanmar, on the recent democratization efforts, and its regional ethnic groups (Rohingya, Karen, Chin, Shan, etc) - The Philippines, under Duterte, and how ISIL was able to hijack a city of 200,000 in its Islamic Mindanao region - Timor-Leste, and perhaps other potential regions of Indonesia, on how this tiny country is often forgotten in Asia and Asian development - Nauru, and its use as a Guantanamo Bay-style extrajudicial immigrant holding area for Australia - Tuvalu, Kiribati, and the Marshall Islands, some of the extreme low-lying islands that have/will produce climate refugees

  • Damien INSANE-O
    Damien INSANE-O Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox hates America and white people. You seem to always be arguing on the side of everyone EXCEPT those two parties. Liberal hate factory and propaganda. George Soros funded brainwashing. We see right through your lies Vox.

  • CV
    CV Tahun Yang lalu

    Your channel opinions on politics must die.

  • Joonas Pesonen
    Joonas Pesonen Tahun Yang lalu

    I do agree with vox on most cases but I don't like the fact that vox tells you what is right and wrong. (It's the same thing that fox news does.) If you like to make world more liberal just educate people.

  • Fredrik Storehaug
    Fredrik Storehaug Tahun Yang lalu

    Hey vox, is the "this week" thing broken? i keep getting videos from last year and stuff. Is that intended? could you include a category/playlist without this feature? am i the only one annoyed by this? Thanks for the great content, keep it up!

  • Aaron Castro
    Aaron Castro Tahun Yang lalu

    this channel is biased and even if I am very liberal I can still recognize that it's biased

  • Practice Balance
    Practice Balance Tahun Yang lalu

    "How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump " I really like the way Vox begins this topic by going back in history which explains the details of how the dynamics and of economic power effects the people whose vote is about how the government will do the job of keeping it in balance. History is all we have to study weight and balance of the cycle of mankind. Here is an oldish classroom video on wimp.com that explained to me the difference between a Democratic and a Republic government and why our Constitution was written for a Republic. www.wimp.com/the-american-form-of-government/

  • Osman Oglu
    Osman Oglu Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox, the Breitbard for the left wing. All these videos and not one of them is unbiased and not misinforming with one sided arguments.

  • Michelle Simmons
    Michelle Simmons Tahun Yang lalu

    Dear Vox, can you please send all the music that you use for your videos please. They are really catchy and fun to listen to and I want to hear them in my spear time. Thank you

  • D238034
    D238034 Tahun Yang lalu

    Just another degenerate libtard bullshit channel.

  • eonxl
    eonxl Tahun Yang lalu

    Could do show on all the politics that have been going on in Poland? I have a feeling it's about to become really important!

  • Catalin Marius
    Catalin Marius Tahun Yang lalu

    When they talk about science it's great, everything else isn't news, they cherry pick the information they have.

  • Abhijeet Singh
    Abhijeet Singh Tahun Yang lalu

    Suicide is the most sincere form of self-criticism.

  • jennifer b.
    jennifer b. Tahun Yang lalu

    can you guys make a video on flume?

  • jhgjhgj hgjhgdj
    jhgjhgj hgjhgdj Tahun Yang lalu

    this is a regressive-leftist "politically correct" Propaganda-Channel

  • The End
    The End Tahun Yang lalu

    Bernie and Jane Sanders are under FBI investigation, what a surprise!

  • Unwise Poppy
    Unwise Poppy Tahun Yang lalu

    who makes the music you guys use for your videos?

  • Doughboy
    Doughboy Tahun Yang lalu

    Leftist propaganda

  • Paul Bethard
    Paul Bethard Tahun Yang lalu

    WOW and THAT'S

  • poo head
    poo head Tahun Yang lalu

    the liberal bias is sooooo overwhelming on this channel. i did like some of your content, but you are now as credible as CNN. unsubscribed.

  • Thom K
    Thom K Tahun Yang lalu

    Subscribed because of Joss and her Vox Observatory! Great stuff

  • Otromas Deporahi
    Otromas Deporahi Tahun Yang lalu

    Since Trump won this channel has become uninteresting and unbearable. I have enough high horse crusader posing in my life for me to come to the Internet looking for more.

  • Josh Brough
    Josh Brough Tahun Yang lalu

    this channel used to be watchable, now it's buzzfeed tier garbage. unsubbed.

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox news.

  • Hacks Hacks
    Hacks Hacks Tahun Yang lalu

    Unsubbed. Bad channel, I haven't watched any content from this channel in like 2 years.

  • Robin Anna'Niaz
    Robin Anna'Niaz Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox > Vice

  • Gail Gayw
    Gail Gayw Tahun Yang lalu

    thanks for captioning your videos. Tv and auto captions are usually unreliable and just cause I am hard of hearing doesn't mean I don't like to watch the news. Thanks for being accessible i wish more channels did this

  • JavidSilver
    JavidSilver Tahun Yang lalu


  • Kelly Bults
    Kelly Bults Tahun Yang lalu

    lying scumbag channel.

  • E U
    E U Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox make a video about bees.

  • Carlos Aponte
    Carlos Aponte Tahun Yang lalu

    Explain UK Election. That ish is confusing....

  • Glen Collins
    Glen Collins Tahun Yang lalu

    I am a true moderate and I find the politics here to be fair and balanced more importantly very truthful. But that being said by being in the middle I am able to figure that out for myself.

  • Caleb Lundy
    Caleb Lundy Tahun Yang lalu

    Yes, can you do a video on what's going on in Qatar?

  • Kk
    Kk Tahun Yang lalu

    Why ties with Qatar and the GCC were cut.

  • christopher rojo
    christopher rojo Tahun Yang lalu

    Topic Idea!---- Have we discovered every food on Earth? I know recipes can be created, changed, altered etc..But, has every food that man will eat already known about? Hundreds of years ago the world wasn't so connected like today. We weren't aware of all ethnic food varieties.. People like Christopher Columbus went out in search of exotic spices, not just for trade but to discover... That was then, and this is now. What do you think Vox? Is there more to discover or is it a matter of deciding what we're willing to eat or not eat from what we're presented with?

  • Isaac Calvo
    Isaac Calvo Tahun Yang lalu

    joe is a biased liberal jouralist from nyt. shame on youtube for recommending this propaganda garbage.

  • Calixto Morales
    Calixto Morales Tahun Yang lalu

    Has Vox done anything on the Rwandan Genocide?

  • Clark
    Clark Tahun Yang lalu

    can you do a educational video about cost of preventing climate change vs the cost of climate change impact we have alternative sources of energy already that is getting as cheap as fossil fuels as coal so it will not cost a lot of money to simply reduce/remove fossil fuel use meanwhile the impact of climate change are more powerful natural disasters like storms, heavy rain, sea level rising, droughts that can cause food shortages, worldwide migrant crisis, diseases/epidemic from pollution of burning more fossil fuels, social conflicts/wars, etc and when you total the cost of them all it will be much higher i hope you can expand on those things i said

  • xXspectre170Xx
    xXspectre170Xx Tahun Yang lalu

    Of all days you people decide to slander our military, you do it on memorial day. The day that America honors the fallen; the men and woman that made the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect our great nation and our freedom. The same freedom you use to spew garbage and misinformation out on the internet and claim it as "news." You people are a disgrace to America and are undeserving of every opportunity this country has given or otherwise made possible for you people.

  • Josefine Andersson
    Josefine Andersson Tahun Yang lalu

    Just started watching this channel, and I like it, Good job keep it up :) Greetings from Sweden

  • Hazel Faras Alhafiz
    Hazel Faras Alhafiz Tahun Yang lalu

    "a comment about why Vox is liberal"

  • Martin Chilon
    Martin Chilon Tahun Yang lalu

    VOX are dirty Shiters!!!!!

  • wendy tirbani
    wendy tirbani Tahun Yang lalu

    I feel very offended that u are saying to eat beef instead of chicken because I am a Hindu and we don't eat cow because it is a very special and sacred animal to the religion

  • Amey Kanade
    Amey Kanade Tahun Yang lalu

    Hey Guys at Vox, as you did Japan can you do a video for rise in Nationalism and Right Wing in India? And its comparison to liberalism? Thanks.

  • Rishit Ratan
    Rishit Ratan Tahun Yang lalu

    Make a video about the silk road 3.0

  • Rakib Islam
    Rakib Islam Tahun Yang lalu

    What could happen if the United States and the former USSR went to war after the "Cuban Missile Crisis" in 1962? Don't forget about the timeline?

  • Harvey Murray
    Harvey Murray Tahun Yang lalu

    Do a video about the General election in the UK thanks!

  • Karanvir Grewal
    Karanvir Grewal Tahun Yang lalu


  • MechaEpic
    MechaEpic Tahun Yang lalu

    FAKE LIBERAL NEWS. All lies and no truth. Shame on you.

  • HollowSoulReaper
    HollowSoulReaper Tahun Yang lalu

    Thank you for making quality videos, no matter what political stance they take. I appreciate the content you make for being so well made as compared to other mainstream video channels.

  • UdeeshaDilan
    UdeeshaDilan Tahun Yang lalu

    Dear Vox, I always wondered how and why Greek letters are chosen in the sorority and fraternity system in the US. It would be awesome if you could do a piece on that.

  • Dharm Pravartak
    Dharm Pravartak Tahun Yang lalu

    +vox it would be really great if you could do a video on Kulbhushan Jadhav, an alleged indian spy, sentenced to death by Pakistan and now the matter is pending in ICJ (International COurt of Justice)

  • Antonio Pallares
    Antonio Pallares Tahun Yang lalu


  • fantasypills
    fantasypills Tahun Yang lalu

    I'm sick of this channel being so left wing. At least try to show both opinions.

  • Blueberry101
    Blueberry101 Tahun Yang lalu

    Comment sections: good Discussion: bad

  • Jezza
    Jezza Tahun Yang lalu

    This channel is actually pretty good... when it isn't talking about politics...

  • House of Commons Extra Time

    Is there such a thing as a non-biased politics in the World?

  • readysetgowait
    readysetgowait Tahun Yang lalu

    Heya. Do one on Trump and Andrew Jackson please! Would appreciate the context, especially for those living outside of US.

  • Breadley Wheatler
    Breadley Wheatler Tahun Yang lalu

    Wait this isn't Buzzfeed?

  • Fernando Alvarez
    Fernando Alvarez Tahun Yang lalu

    What happened to the Vox video on housing in Tokyo vs California

  • danielpinedo123
    danielpinedo123 Tahun Yang lalu

    Hi there! Does anyone know which program do they use for the presentations? Thanks.

  • Dan R.R.
    Dan R.R. Tahun Yang lalu

    @vox Please do an article/video on the politics of Singapore, on it being a tax haven and how it transletes into Singapore being one of the most expensive cities to live in. Keep up the good work...

  • Fat and Hungover
    Fat and Hungover Tahun Yang lalu

    I dont feel im left or right at the moment but i used to be left. Everytime you guys put out a political video or news article it makes me lose hope that the left will ever be reasonable position again. I feel you and other media sources like you are responsible for the slow collapse of race relations in the past few years. In the future i dont think you will be remembered as a "pillar of free speech" or any type of glorification. I think you will be remembered for what you are, Insincere and dishonest if your remembered at all.

  • LordPinochetUTTP
    LordPinochetUTTP Tahun Yang lalu

    People such as the ones running this abysmal propaganda channel are the ones that give science a Liberal name.

  • Noah Edlen
    Noah Edlen Tahun Yang lalu

    Welcome to Vox a liberal-atheist hotbed and I'm your host Joseph Stalin with co-host Robert Shelton. Today we will explain why children should have drugs like LSD, why ethnic cleansing is a useful and helpful tool, and all the good reason the government should force you to be dirt poor and farm potatoes for the rest of your life.

    • Jezza
      Jezza Tahun Yang lalu

      >Implying atheists are also liberals Really? Oh yeah because I don't believe in God that also means I must want to force my opinions on everyone else (sarcasm)

  • Justin Pfeifer
    Justin Pfeifer Tahun Yang lalu

    Question, what program do you use to edit and make your videos? I'm thinking about making videos similar to yours and I love your style. Thanks in advance.

  • Sourav Mukim
    Sourav Mukim Tahun Yang lalu

    Looks like this discussion forum is filled with over paid trump supporters who are unskilled, mostly illiterate and incompetent in the this globalized era. These ppl are so insecure of the success of immigrants in their society that they want to boast american nationalism in order to protect them selves and feed on the economy which is basically built on the wealth of immigrants.

  • Mike
    Mike Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox: can you do a video on due process, constitutional rights regarding illegal immigrants, as well as states rights? With the threats of federal and state funding being witheld from sanctuary cities, I feel a lot of people I know don't understand how it works.

    AGRETZOR Tahun Yang lalu

    How about an unbiased video about the clash between liberty and political correctness? I really think a lot of people on all sides of the political spectrum should be made aware of the issue.

  • Huidong Kim
    Huidong Kim Tahun Yang lalu

    what kind of tools or apps do you use to produce podcasts?

  • dʒeɪms
    dʒeɪms Tahun Yang lalu

    vox = vegan fox news

  • Peter Amoo
    Peter Amoo Tahun Yang lalu

    @Vox Do you guys actually read any of these? Personally i just wanna find some good news sources

  • KSJDbv
    KSJDbv Tahun Yang lalu

    I love coming to this shitty channel because its a good place to find LIBERAL TEARS

  • Owen
    Owen Tahun Yang lalu

    No thanks Vox. You're just another Buzzfeed, but knowing your collective IQs. You guys probably take that as a compliment.

  • Lance Salmingo
    Lance Salmingo Tahun Yang lalu

    what happened to the drake video?

  • LurkInTheDark
    LurkInTheDark Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox to me seems like the news network of the future. Not because they're infallible when it comes to facts, but because of how you present your contents. Cheers

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss Tahun Yang lalu

    .........I have Cancer from three seconds of your videos....I'm suing

  • Chase Olson
    Chase Olson Tahun Yang lalu

    can all the butt hurt people in the comments leave if you dont like the channel dont watch it

    • Jezza
      Jezza Tahun Yang lalu

      Its pretty biased though, when reporting you shouldn't take a side.

  • edwoodsr
    edwoodsr Tahun Yang lalu

    Can you put together a history of usury law & practice?

  • Vern Eggerud
    Vern Eggerud Tahun Yang lalu

    Please check out my facebook timeline. It's extremely important. Thank you, Vern Eggerud

  • john-paul garrett
    john-paul garrett Tahun Yang lalu

    omg why is this all so negative???

    • Jezza
      Jezza Tahun Yang lalu

      Because they are biased when it comes to politics.

  • Nathan Barnard
    Nathan Barnard Tahun Yang lalu

    I find Vox to be an interesting and informative channel, in particular their 'conversation' videos. I hope everyone has a nice day :)

  • RastorgueVV
    RastorgueVV Tahun Yang lalu

    Hi! I'm a blogger from Russia. Can you help me?Если что, я реально блоггер из России) азаз

  • Justin Greenough
    Justin Greenough Tahun Yang lalu

    Please consider doing a video on the 266th pope, Pope Francis, explaining why he's apparently so liberal in comparison with recent prior papal appointments. That'd be great! Love your channel.

  • Brandon Christensen
    Brandon Christensen Tahun Yang lalu

    You guys should make a channel for music! I love watching the videos about rappers!

  • Mert Su
    Mert Su Tahun Yang lalu

    Judenpresse Tide is turning This is your last chance for a peaceful resolution This is your last chance to be a hard working, honest American citizen, instead of the tribal mentality you keep serving

  • Jones Paul
    Jones Paul Tahun Yang lalu

    How much are the sand-people paying you?

  • Earle Ali
    Earle Ali Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox, that was a great video on the GOP Healthcare plan. Did you do similar videos on the other policies that are being enacted, such as the ones affecting the environment, education, and travel (I'm not even going to say immigration)?

  • Mr.buster35
    Mr.buster35 Tahun Yang lalu

    Hi Vox, could you do a video about planet 9 ?

  • - -
    - - Tahun Yang lalu

    Does "Vox" stand for anything? (v.o.x)

    • - -
      - - Tahun Yang lalu

      thank you!

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      "Vox" is the Latin word for "voice."

  • Vanessa M
    Vanessa M Tahun Yang lalu

    You have a great channel. Please keep sharing your knowledge, exposing the problems and combating ignorance.

  • Aisance
    Aisance Tahun Yang lalu

    This show reminds me of Kurzesagt.

  • Happy ClamGuy
    Happy ClamGuy Tahun Yang lalu


  • snorman1911
    snorman1911 Tahun Yang lalu

    I had enough of Vox trying to "Voxsplain" some liberal BS with smoke and mirrors, not gonna even give this channel a chance.

  • JackATac Gaming
    JackATac Gaming Tahun Yang lalu

    Get some unbiased non-leftist writers and ill continue to watch your videos. Logic and facts go with this channel, not emotions and feelings.

  • Birdd2Cool 947
    Birdd2Cool 947 Tahun Yang lalu

    Better than buzzfeed. -Everyone

  • J Thomas
    J Thomas Tahun Yang lalu

    Alot of butthurt in the comments here.

  • Bill Gorman
    Bill Gorman Tahun Yang lalu

    The FeΩΩatic found Forrest Fenn's monument drawn on page 95, the Army Pilot flew him to his special place, buried in snow and will be recovered before June. The real excitement is coming soon just waiting for warm enough to RV and the road to open. I do like your distraction up north. Forrest sculpted the canyon wall with his Totem holding the Frenchman's Tombstone. You're gonna miss the drama following people who can't get past the poem. The poem says the end is in my drawings, I am beyond the poem.

  • John Lee
    John Lee Tahun Yang lalu

    Wasn't there a video on salmon from Sweden or Norway having a hard time to sell to Japan for sushi?

  • Psykik Terrorist
    Psykik Terrorist Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox: All the interesting news that survives the Memory Hole.

  • Keksy
    Keksy Tahun Yang lalu

    Whenever Trump talks about fake media, he forgets to mention VOX on his list of biased and alternative facts providing sources.

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      Becuase its not (except maybe the HRC stuff)

  • Dai Qibao
    Dai Qibao Tahun Yang lalu

    "Islam says that you cannot force someone, into the faith, if you cannot bring her closer to Allah, than leave them." Th pretend of raping a non-muslim woman that became islamic wasn't force of rape, but to be closer to a rapists pretending to speak and be allah. What can't be done by pretending to speak and be allah? Qur'an 48:29 those that are with muhammad messenger of allah are severe against unbelievers, and merciful among themselves Qur'an 4:24 sex partners of married women is forbidden adultry, except rape of married captives and slaves is acceptable.

    • Dai Qibao
      Dai Qibao Tahun Yang lalu

      My post to "A beginner’s guide to hijabs" result in "comment failed to post". Banned by vox? The mediocrity of Leftism and it's censored bubble of pretending.

  • Mohamad Saad
    Mohamad Saad Tahun Yang lalu

    Hello Vox, Could you please make a video about Alex jones? I'm really concerned about him. Also I find it weird that he is popular and it would be interesting to know why. Thank you

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      He says what people like to here; e.g. after 9/11, he was a major proponent of the Bush did 9/11

    • Dai Qibao
      Dai Qibao Tahun Yang lalu

      "a video about Alex jones? Also I find it weird that he is popular and it would be interesting to know why." Aesthetics are subjective and of no consequence to others or reality. Explain why Leftism is "popular" with you, objectively that EVERYONE would agree on. If you don't like to eat jelly fish and someone says they like to eat jelly fish, what is interesting each person pretending something different?

  • Dai Qibao
    Dai Qibao Tahun Yang lalu

    Comments in Vox are censored. Objective proof: post criticism of Leftism, then logout of youtube and refresh. The comment never appears, even 20 hours later. Tell the people what you won't allow here Vox. Better yet, don't post videos anymore as that is what you advocate for. Then you can have the silence of subjective pretending anything you want Vox.

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      you are so dumb; IDclips is automatically set to top comments, not most recent. Also, I feel as if you are intentionally trying to troll because what purpose does logging out have other than to make your comment harder to find?

  • Girrawaa
    Girrawaa Tahun Yang lalu

    What are the sources of your information?

  • stephen stewart
    stephen stewart Tahun Yang lalu

    I m a liberal but the coverage is going too far en to heavy

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      The American left is more conservative than other developed countries' right

    • stephen stewart
      stephen stewart Tahun Yang lalu

      to the left

  • Michael O'Rourke
    Michael O'Rourke Tahun Yang lalu

    FLYNN HAPPENED 30 years ago with OLIVER NORTH in the IRAN-Contra Affair. Can you educate the public about this. I was in RANGER School when it happened and couldn't beliveve the Public believed a Little Col could do this without authorizaiton. This is my opinion of a Fellow Ranger: You covered your ass Little General FLYNN-fflam. Falling on your sword with the same honor as Oliver North did for the President in 1987. You got caught. Hopefully you won't bring down Bannon, Stevens, Prebius and the PRES. son in law with you. I'm sure they knew nothing about you being a BACKASS channel to TRUMP's Friend in the KREMLIN. Sua Sponte VET, USA RANGER SGT 11B2V

  • András Fogarasi
    András Fogarasi Tahun Yang lalu

    I liked this channel before it was feminism.

    • Dai Qibao
      Dai Qibao Tahun Yang lalu

      Before it was "pretend" based. Third wave feminism is based on pretending things like equal outcomes. eg A feminist Olympics would be everyone finishing in LAST PLACE!

  • Riffelj
    Riffelj Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox is "scary". How does it feel being labelled with the same word you have used in your crap over and over and over?

  • Happy ClamGuy
    Happy ClamGuy Tahun Yang lalu


  • dirtynate42
    dirtynate42 Tahun Yang lalu

    You guys have the worst likes/dislikes ratio I have seen on youtube

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      Huh, you've clearly never seen any trailer of any reboot

  • nonten4
    nonten4 Tahun Yang lalu

    Liberal propaganda!

  • Simón Castro
    Simón Castro Tahun Yang lalu

    You guys should make a video on Radiohead- there's so much to talk about lol

  • Yama ha
    Yama ha Tahun Yang lalu


  • July Delarue
    July Delarue Tahun Yang lalu

    Can I just say that I think you all at Vox do a wonderful job with your videos and your research. Sorry for all the butt hurt right wingers constantly complaining about the "biased bullshit" you guys are built on. Keep keeping on!

  • Peter Suranyi
    Peter Suranyi Tahun Yang lalu

    Whether you like Trump or not, it is really bad to see Vox doing this. This great educational channel has been replaced by anti-Trump propaganda, disguised as educational videos. It undermines the whole credibility of the channel, and it is sickening!

    • Electro Ninja
      Electro Ninja Tahun Yang lalu

      actually propaganda is not necessarily false, it is just information that when revealed is meant to have a desired effect.

    • Peter Suranyi
      Peter Suranyi Tahun Yang lalu

      Now, at least that was a civilized comment. Yes, it's their decision what to create, but for God's sake: out of the last 12 videos, 9 deals with the Trump administration/presidency. I think even a hard-core Democrat would go nuts about this. People (almost 2 million of them) have subscribed to this channel for a reason, and that reason was probably their quality education videos. If I want to see top ten videos, I'll go and see Watchmojo, now that is a 'top ten' video channel. I am subscribed to Vox to see educational videos, but their obsession with Trump (9 out of 12 videos) is just not what they have used to be. Matter of fact, such obsession with virtually any topic would make people unsubscribe, politics or not. And yes, I can also also just go and unsubscribe. But I can still be pissed of about how this channel have changed so much.

    • Freddie Jackson
      Freddie Jackson Tahun Yang lalu

      +Peter Suranyi they don't have to stay off politics to satisfy the idiocy of internet nerds that only want top ten videos. stop telling creators what to do, when creating noting yourself. they do want they want and don't care what you think. You call what they do anti trump propaganda, meaning that they are deliberately misleading there, which is not true. You just an unintellectual fool that thinks talking politics means propaganda

    • Freddie Jackson
      Freddie Jackson Tahun Yang lalu

      ahh prefer alt facts do you hows sweet. Like a Dog licking up his own congealed vomit and enjoying it. thats you

  • BlooJay
    BlooJay Tahun Yang lalu

    You guys are comically racists.

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      Racism is a belief where one race believes they are more superior to other races.

  • Crochet Fangirl
    Crochet Fangirl Tahun Yang lalu

    I despise Trump and lean left on most issues, and even I find your political videos biased to the nth degree. Love your science vids though.

  • Frédéric Azar
    Frédéric Azar Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox, please do one about the French elections, as they are happening soon and it would be great to have a video on it. :) Merci beaucoup, d'un francais au Canada.

  • James Standlee
    James Standlee Tahun Yang lalu

    VOX i think that you guys are doing the best that you can . I believe in this. But it is my Belief . Last thing I have to say today. If you look at people in love kindness and in peace. But yet they do not respond in peace. We are to not judge but at the same time we have to make a good choices for not ourselves but for the future of all involved. And I mean all. But it all does not work all the time. So what side shows you that they aspire to inspire and to grow in these things. Only in love only and peace and only in caring shall we find a true path to where we need to go. The world is not as it seems. And in my clarity I realize that we live in the Land of Oz more than the land of Truth. We live in the world of grandeur of controlling and amassing of wealth. I know one thing for sure in the end. I shall find peace for myself and the ones closest to me. I love all but not all desire to be loved. I have great peace for all but not all desire peace. I have wealth of the mind and heart and not of the physical world. I have amassed a Great multitude of experiences and I have been humbled and lifted at the same time. To the highest he says behold I am . And i say i seek no further than this. What has been or will be given unto me has been given by the grace of my God and the love of my master. I Proclaim only the Lord Jesus Christ as my master and God as the only God and none other. Peace be unto your choices I prey love to in your home and you and your family.

  • BVargas78
    BVargas78 Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox is a lot more agreeable than buzzfeed.

  • Central Intelligence Agency

    There are currently more than 1 million Swiss-Americans in the US, who rule the US; watch video "Templar Itinerary" or "Octogon The Empire of Darkness".

  • Obi-wan Kenobi
    Obi-wan Kenobi Tahun Yang lalu

    Liberal snowflakes

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      Funny how your profile pic is from the prequels; says a lot about your immaturity and inability to empathize with other people

  • The Secret Apprentice
    The Secret Apprentice Tahun Yang lalu

    You don't research, and I'm sorry, but any "journalists" who aren't doing journalism won't get my views.

  • WhatsApp Hack
    WhatsApp Hack Tahun Yang lalu

    I think everyone has conflicts of interest, it isn't only one person.

  • lowenbroke
    lowenbroke Tahun Yang lalu

    Could you guys do a video on the UK healthcare system explained and how it could be used in the U.S.?

  • Clark
    Clark Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox please do a video about race and genetic differences and if racism as well as master race have strong points or not, for knowledge sake!

    • Void of Space and Time
      Void of Space and Time Tahun Yang lalu

      +iceflower vox always finds a way to bring in their terrible policies. No worry.

    • Clark
      Clark Tahun Yang lalu

      but race is genetics and its science!

    • Iceflower 700
      Iceflower 700 Tahun Yang lalu

      that would be biased as hell vox should just stick to science and cool interesting facts that have nothing to do with politics IN ANY WAY aka if 2 parties have differing opinions about race, don't talk about race. Its that simple

  • Cinqmil
    Cinqmil Tahun Yang lalu

    The White House website's page on climate change just disappeared. 20/01/2016 Trump's first action. It is clear now why he puts Rex Tillerson (exxonmobil) as secretary of State and likes Vlad Putin. They just want an oil deal in the artic to go through, with Obama sanctions this was not possible. Investigate this.

  • Snapchat Hack
    Snapchat Hack Tahun Yang lalu

    Totally biased but still click bait enough to watch. Pretty good mix.

  • metabee
    metabee Tahun Yang lalu

    What's the VOX soundtrack? Last video I saw it was just "(APM)" and no luck to find the name of the tracks on Google.

    VIDEEJIMOGAYMES Tahun Yang lalu

    ((( VOX ))) Media. I can smell the shlomo from here.

  • 오래가장
    오래가장 Tahun Yang lalu

    Hey, Vox. I have a quick question. I want to add foreign caption to your video so that I can share with Korean fella. How does it work? Do you allow people like me to contribute? Or do you give me a permission to use it? Just curious.

  • InverseAgonist
    InverseAgonist Tahun Yang lalu

    There's many insightful and interesting videos on this channel; but unfortunately there's also a large number of highly polarizing, wantonly biased videos on this channel as well. Even though my political views are liberal, I take great umbrage with this trend. I fear that the lack of journalistic discipline and the perpetuation of specific cultural narratives without counterbalance only serve to undermine your message. Consider the "Secret Life of Muslims"; while I understand and appreciate the desire to normalize Muslims in American society, this video series keeps trying to skirt its way around the elephant in the room. Sure, Islamophobia is more dangerous then terrorism to your average American citizen, by the numbers. That doesn't mean that you should play up the victim card, though; acknowledge both sides, and put it into perspective in a level-headed manner. Don't just put people on pedestals for being member of x identity group and championing the rights of x identity.

  • Joshua Paley
    Joshua Paley Tahun Yang lalu

    Can you make a video about Chance the Rapper? About the uniqueness of his style and flow and how his approach has affected hip-hop, Thanks.

  • Zaubertomate
    Zaubertomate Tahun Yang lalu

    This moment when a IDclips channel reports news better than TV

    BILL PAXTON Tahun Yang lalu


  • temoc reteria
    temoc reteria Tahun Yang lalu

    I'm not a racist, I don't have a problem with muslims, but I don't understand why vox spends so much time talking about them. It's really getting old

  • John Hawley
    John Hawley Tahun Yang lalu

    Bummer this platform started pushing what the world SHOULD be like (political), instead of what the world IS like (science).

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      If you don't like them, why are you constantly commenting in their discussion sections. It only boosts their ad revenue.

  • Stormbash
    Stormbash Tahun Yang lalu

    I watch many of your videos. I was wondering if you could do a video explaining - First, second and third world countries. The reason for this is to clear up confusion I now have. I thought it was a measurement of poverty and development, but now google tells me it has something to do with soviets describing countries that are either aligned with NATO or communist countries. Please clear up this confusion. Thank you

  • Nasaq Licos
    Nasaq Licos Tahun Yang lalu


  • 1SuperTempest
    1SuperTempest Tahun Yang lalu

    Can we get less anti american spin please? I counted 11 videos with one sided anti-american fuel and 3 to 4 more are debatable. Channels like these are literally destroying our reputation on the world stage. You could always relocate?

  • ccityplanner12 :
    ccityplanner12 : Tahun Yang lalu

    Vox is an online newspaper with the purpose of espousing these political views: 1: anti-Donald Trump 2: anti-Zionist 3: pro-EU 4: practices which it is debatable whether or not they are racist, sexist or otherwise prejudiced should be banned. 5: anti-Mike Pence, Sarah Palin, etc. (Republican vice-presidential nominees) 6: pro-FSA 7: anti-Russia 8: anti-Russia Today politics

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      kim A I don't think they would be considered as "pro radical Islam." They are more pro anti-fundamentalist Muslims. Most of their Islam videos are about people, not ideology.

  • BlackSearedHeart
    BlackSearedHeart Tahun Yang lalu

    Was thinking of subscribing until i watched the video "The Fall of Aleppo, explained"...This video wasnt an explanation, it was more of a U.S propaganda with misleading information. Keep your shitty analysis to yourself and try living with jihadi-terrorists in Idlib, they will stick your hipster-glasses up to your ass.

  • Andy Croucheaux
    Andy Croucheaux Tahun Yang lalu

    More and more people are waking up to your bullshit !!!

  • Charles Jerome
    Charles Jerome Tahun Yang lalu

    This channel is leftist bias, they didnt even interview trump, and they interviewed with obama and others besides trump

    • Bjarke Rugsted
      Bjarke Rugsted Tahun Yang lalu

      stop talking sense you liberal pig

    • Dai Qibao
      Dai Qibao Tahun Yang lalu

      This channel is bias to the Left. Anyone can see that. Did your comment imply you don't see the Leftism being advocated for by Vox or did you want to talk about something other than the topic?

    • Nathan Roth
      Nathan Roth Tahun Yang lalu

      He has been president for 2 weeks, they interviewed Obama within the last year of his second term.

  • Bhargav Tata
    Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

    A lot of people don't like Vox because they are "biased." However, these are the same people who think Fox News is a reliable news source. Vox is one of the best media sources out there because unlike its conservative counterparts like Prager University, Vox isn't trying to utilize certain information for their advantage. Instead, they are providing a clear and broad picture of a phenomenon. They, also, are not Hillary sellouts. They made one video about her in which they detail all of the positive and negative aspects of a Hillary Clinton presidency. I'm sorry, but something people don't realize is that a media outlet shouldn't give equal footing to two sides of a topic which are not equal. Equivocation, in my opinion, is worse than bias. Take for example, climate change, which is definitely happening. Saying that you have an opinion that it isn't happening when it is is just intellectual laziness. I subscribe to both liberal and conservative news sources, and Vox is easily one of the best.

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      +kim A The only thing it was trying to say was that hatred against Muslims is unwarranted. After terrorist attacks by radical Islamists, hate crimes against Muslims rise. IDclips comments attack Muslims, rather than the ideology of the terrorists' that caused them to commit those acts. That video was a direct response to all of those people who responded in inappropriate ways. What I like about Vox is that almost every video operates on multiple levels, but it's not likely everyone will pick up on them. In this way, Vox is a flawed channel, but I don't think they are intentionally trying to misdirect people.

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      +kim A They were talking statistically. More people have died from furniture related accidents, like a couch falling on them, then people in a terrorist attack.

    • Bhargav Tata
      Bhargav Tata Tahun Yang lalu

      What videos will you highlight to prove your point that Vox is "incredibly dishonest." A simple label will not suffice. Even in their controversial Hillary Clinton video, they did dedicate time to critique her. The only poor videos that I have watched are the Russian-Ukraine conflict one and the Mars one.

  • faisal alam
    faisal alam Tahun Yang lalu

    Hey Vox, I got a question. In the "2016, In 5 minutes" video, what's the piano music at the end? Please help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

  • Manu singh
    Manu singh Tahun Yang lalu

    Please do a video on explaining the Sikh genocide in 1984. A lot of truth is missing, and those who died will not be forgotten. its time for Vox to show it to the world.

  • Nicholas Currault
    Nicholas Currault Tahun Yang lalu

    Looks like this channel is copying a bunch of Vox's videos: idclips.com/channel/UCIYaTESVlH-doAlMgyh-3Ng

  • Diji DEL DAYZ
    Diji DEL DAYZ Tahun Yang lalu


  • John Doe
    John Doe Tahun Yang lalu

    I like some of your content, but you have an obnoxious bias in a lot of your videos. It's your choice not to make neutral or fair videos. It's my choice to weigh things and decide not to watch your videos anymore.

  • Nick Hoffmaster
    Nick Hoffmaster Tahun Yang lalu

    What happened to your Cold War video explaining Vietnam, Afghanistan, and North Korea?

  • Eight Bit
    Eight Bit Tahun Yang lalu

    cucks, cya

  • Michał Ty
    Michał Ty Tahun Yang lalu

    I haven't gotten the "being a Muslim" video in my subscriptions. I've tried unsubing and subscribing again, but it didn't help.

  • MoozH
    MoozH Tahun Yang lalu

    I'm glad that most of the people here are level-headed conservatives. #MAGA

  • Angelo Busato
    Angelo Busato Tahun Yang lalu

    Please do a video on the very confusing nature of the Export-Import bank.

  • Markus Virma
    Markus Virma Tahun Yang lalu

    Wtf I've been unsubscribed from your channel Just noticed it. Looking from the history, I haven't seen your videos pop up on my subscription videos list for 3 weeks or so

  • Rhodry
    Rhodry Tahun Yang lalu

    Fake news..... Tuck destroyed tim

  • HiddenSquid
    HiddenSquid Tahun Yang lalu

    How did I get subscribed to this channel? Screuw you IDclips!

  • Natasha Dawson
    Natasha Dawson Tahun Yang lalu

    Can you do an episode on lethal injection

  • MC O
    MC O Tahun Yang lalu

    Sorry vox your latest misleading DAPL video had me unsubscribe i thought your other content has been good but this. well i live in ND i have worked in the Bakken for the state DOT. I go to School at NDSU for Civil Engineering and Pre-law and well you done did a terrible thing in that you completely ignored that Indian health services is rebuilding their water system far from the pipeline infact they will be fulling onto the new system before shale crude goes through the pipeline. the protestors are not on DAPL property in that they are on Army Corps land. the police have stood between pipeline workers and protestors to keep the peace in that the pipeline well they are just doing their job. the protestors have been agitators etc. i am far from pro big oil as my passion is to take down big construction companies that have had defects see mortenson and the vikes stadium for an example. not only that but to aid in litigation regarding failing waste dams related to coal mining. now i may be wrong here but is it not the sioux (not Standing rock but Fort Berthold) that are fracking beneath lake Sakakawea where on reservation land it is fine while the EPA states this is the greatest risk to freshwater. not to mention that this Fracking is occurring up stream of this new pipeline anyways. I have reported and documented the false information to several news media sources. it might help to talk to both sides especially the side that has a thorough college education. *Disclaimer i aid in natural gas line design and have a 401k which may have investments in the DAPL however which is a mute point in which i have no clue what my 401K investments are since i was told to just keep putting money in and forget i have it. My family has had 14 pump jacks near Dickinson ND, however we would stand to lose money if the DAPL were constructed since it would decrease barrel costs. The shady part i have had seen happen was the Railroad BNSF was rumored to have placed paid protestors to start with. this is just a rumor keep in mind. however i do know that in 2005 i wanted to invest in BNSF since my grandfather had told me to invest in transportation. BNSF was large and publicly trade at the time. Warren Buffet not sooner than i had invested bought out BNSF for over 3 times face value. right now the only person i see benefiting the line not being constructed will be him. as the generally public in my region will have greater risk of rail explosions see Casselton ND 2013(?). i also do know that sure rail does leak less often however it leaks more per volume by almost 8x see a canadian news source article about this in 2014. You cannot even argue my sources are skewed they have happened prior to DAPL time frame. YOUR DAPL VIDEO IS 80% OR MORE INACCURATE.

  • TheDutchyNL
    TheDutchyNL Tahun Yang lalu

    So when are you going to make a video about thanksgiving being a holiday that basically celebrates the genocide of most of the Native Americans?

  • Zachary T.
    Zachary T. Tahun Yang lalu

    Venezuela. What is going on there? I've quickly scanned your website for articles relating to Venezuela, but here on IDclips I see you don't have any videos relating to the collapsing country. I really want to understand what and why the should-be-successful country is practically on the verge of civil war. Maybe you could put a quick video together of the history of "How Venezuela Became a Failing State" (How about that for a title, eh?).

  • Mats Deurell
    Mats Deurell Tahun Yang lalu

    Relating to Vox's scientific perspective: There is something about science society’s current reasoning about the so called "simulation theory" I don’t understand, and that is the confusion of simulation scopes, which makes it possible for scientists to at the same time have two logically totally incompatible views on our reality: First: We have our current world which is just full of paradoxes in the fields of physics and biologics. Paradoxes which I have spent a lot of time in my life trying to get rid of, not by solving them theoretically, but instead by getting around them. Using a unified simulation theory it has for me gradually become possible to understand that not a single one of these paradoxes are needed to approximately understand our universe and thus our reality. Second: What I don´t understand is that scientists who - based on all new physical paradoxes humanity all the time discovers - still believes in that the materiality, and thus physicality, which the simulation logic is built on, in any way need to have the same properties as our current reality. For instance: With the Unified Simulation Theory the entire Grand Unified Theory about Everything immediately becomes totally useless for finding the reason behind gravitation, because gravitation is suddenly reduced to a mathematically phenomena in the simulation of our reality, not more real than any computer simulation of physics. The matter which the possible intelligence behind the simulation uses for the construction of the current run of our reality does of course not even need to be dimensional, because our reality is built by pixels, which constructs a world which looks to us to be three dimensional, which we today finally easily do ourselves with standard virtual reality technology. This for instance imply that all humanities combined experience of our lives actually could be just a timeshared consciousness which one after another connects different memory banks to different simulated human existences, running in any speed, while actually being sleeping (unconsciously) almost all the time (while consciousness calculates all simulation updates), and then pixel by pixel update our reality without any experienced time delay for any human. If the Unified Simulation Theory is found to be the best explanation for human reality experience, then natural science will suddenly become much more boring, and we will “again” be forced to understand “the atomic model”, quantum mechanical phenomena, “the big bang”, the gravity phenomena, stars and planets, black holes, “electromagnetic waves, photon reflection in mirrors, evolution of life forms, evolution of full virtual reality dreaming in humans, ability to remember full HD video in humans, DNA-formation, and so on, as something which has been evolutionary created outside of our “image world” using cybermathematics (code using math which creates the illusion of physics), without that any of these phenomena need to ever have been evoluted in the unknown world which has accomplished the simulation of our world. Thus our world simply can consist only of evolutionary, and with great fantasy, accomplished phenomena which a “Consciousness” - outside of our image world - with or without god-like capabilities, have been playing with for billions of billions of years, in millions of evolutionary runs, to arrive at the current version of Virtual Dimensional Physics Reality. Maybe Vox can make a video which examines and logically compares the possible different "reality simulation theories" : 1) This is not a simulation, it only seems to be. 2) This is an evoluting iterative optimizing simulation: A) It is accomplished by the same physics which we experience in our world. B) It is accomplished by evolutionary development of a "Conscioiusness-computer" based on dimensionless or dimension-reduced materiality. 3) This is a non evoluting simulation developed by an intelligence moving around in a dimensional universe: A) It uses a computer which renders our reality or a hierarchy of virtual realities. B) It uses a virtual computer run inside the intelligence itself which creates our reality. I have found only the 2B-theory usable for explaining all properties of our current reality, given that our reality is a simulation.

  • ...a
    ...a Tahun Yang lalu

    Hi Vox. I've always enjoyed your videos and used them - also - as a window to get a glimpse on American Politics as a foreigner. However, your recent video "Why blackface is still part of Dutch Christmas" is sooo poorly researched and totally biased, I'm really reconsidering you as a valid source for unbiased information. I feel so offended by the one-sided PC quest by the self-proclaimed expert on the matter in this video, I'm now actually wondering if your SJW-attitude has not contributed to pushing Americans to elect a demagogue in office. I honestly hope you'll manage to get a better grip on the two sides of things in the future. Wishing you well!

  • Andrew Schwartz
    Andrew Schwartz Tahun Yang lalu

    Came here because I saw some really cool informative videos. Leaving because you can't seem to keep politics out of any videos nowadays.

  • thomas fegan
    thomas fegan 2 tahun yang lalu

    Dear Vox. Could you possibly do a unbiased video on Fidel Castro, given his recent death? I've found that he has been labeled a hero by some and a murderer and thug by others. I would love to see your take on the matter!!

  • RSci
    RSci 2 tahun yang lalu

    "Vox helps you cut through the noise and understand what's driving events" Should be "Vox helps your ears get raped by more noise to contort your opinion and prevent you from seeing reality."

  • Catharsis
    Catharsis 2 tahun yang lalu

    jewish-zionist propaganda channel

  • Charles Jensen
    Charles Jensen 2 tahun yang lalu

    Your channel has a major liberal bias... You should be fair and honest in your videos. I am so disappointed in the content I saw.

    KUMAR 2 tahun yang lalu

    Hi people at Vox, I love your all your videos. Will it be possible for you to do a video on "Smart Drugs"' Modalert 200 ??

  • Darkless4X
    Darkless4X 2 tahun yang lalu

    This channel is so flooded with Left-Wing Political Correctness. Just like BuzzFeed, The Young Turks, FCKH8, MTV, AJ+, & etc.

  • Mert Su
    Mert Su 2 tahun yang lalu

    Vox is jew. Enough said.

    • Robert Bryant Lock
      Robert Bryant Lock Tahun Yang lalu

      +Guy Tesler I understand the situation perfectly fine, and I don't need some supremacist kike telling me otherwise.

    • Robert Bryant Lock
      Robert Bryant Lock Tahun Yang lalu

      +Guy Tesler No thanks... and I'll be visiting Palestine, when and if I ever go to that little corner of the Mediterranean. Now run along Hasbara Rat

    • Robert Bryant Lock
      Robert Bryant Lock Tahun Yang lalu

      +Guy Tesler Yep, no one goes on more about Muslims than Joos, because their unlawful pariah state is surrounded by them. If they were surrounded by Hindus, you'd be hearing a bunch of bullshit about them suicide bombing kikes.

    • IcyDragon68
      IcyDragon68 Tahun Yang lalu

      religion is stupid. It always brings war with it.

  • loszhor
    loszhor 2 tahun yang lalu

    I'm still going to stay subscribed because it's important to know both side's point of view but clean your act up.

  • Daniel Reus
    Daniel Reus 2 tahun yang lalu

    Go back to your normal vids!!!!

  • Lalo Amigo
    Lalo Amigo 2 tahun yang lalu

    OH! Your off your political trip and back to educational essay videos? Thank the maker!..... STOP PUSHING YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS!!!

    • Lalo Amigo
      Lalo Amigo 2 tahun yang lalu

      (11-21-2016) STILL on your political rant. Why not start a VOX politics and vent there. Theres lots of educational channels that keep it neutral. Too bad you cant keep your personal views to yourself. UNSUBSCRIBE.

  • aph614
    aph614 2 tahun yang lalu

    At least vox is politically neutral

    • Catharsis
      Catharsis 2 tahun yang lalu

      A bit pro-zionist though

  • kuenka91
    kuenka91 2 tahun yang lalu

    hey buzzfeed just stop plz you were the pinnacle of my day at one point vox how did we grew appart so quick i will run out of good old videos from you soon and that day ill go git gud vox you were the king once where is your crown now

  • damngooddawg25
    damngooddawg25 2 tahun yang lalu

    the amount of biased news on this channel is sickening. Im out. #MAGA

    • John Doe
      John Doe Tahun Yang lalu

      +Resistance You're just spitting garbage people have for thousands of years. You have an irrational hatred of Jews and God's not ok wih it.

  • Chrisjan Wust
    Chrisjan Wust 2 tahun yang lalu

    Your repetitively biased political videos makes me question the information I so easily accepted in your science / historical videos.

  • Deathfire Grasp
    Deathfire Grasp 2 tahun yang lalu

    "Hillary left Donald Trump's campaign in ruins" LMAO

  • Accoloot
    Accoloot 2 tahun yang lalu

    Vox you lost.

  • Dustin Agee
    Dustin Agee 2 tahun yang lalu

    Remember... It's nearly impossible to rig an election. Here's to wishing for the best out of president Trump.

    • Daniel Reus
      Daniel Reus 2 tahun yang lalu

      ahh revenge is sweet my friend.

  • Blackolot
    Blackolot 2 tahun yang lalu


  • free
    free 2 tahun yang lalu

    Propaganda that hitler would of loved 10/10

  • Robert Ross
    Robert Ross 2 tahun yang lalu

    You ran a good campaign Vox, but it wasn't enough.

    • Sentoki Fuma
      Sentoki Fuma 2 tahun yang lalu

      +Robert Ross omfg are you retarded

    • Robert Ross
      Robert Ross 2 tahun yang lalu

      Who did I vote for?

    • Sentoki Fuma
      Sentoki Fuma 2 tahun yang lalu

      it wasn't good at all the more fitting word would be terrible you are a terrible person because you voted for a murderer

  • Ο έντιμος άνθρωπος

    Guys, I hope you enjoy your 'Clinton Cash.'

  • dtk 311
    dtk 311 2 tahun yang lalu

    I have unsubscribed also. I like news and information, but the stench of propaganda revolts me.

  • NorthernWindNut
    NorthernWindNut 2 tahun yang lalu

    How does it feel knowing that your golden girl is having trouble beating TRUMP? Even if she wins polls indicate it's not going to be a landslide and some polls even have her losing now. A narrow Clinton victory will still be a huge defeat for the left overall. You were expecting her to easily decimate Trump and you're finding out that you don't have the safe majority you thought you did. If you thought Obama's wave elections were bad...