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Hey, Who’s in Control Here?! ⚽️🕹 (S1E3) | Extra Time with Tekkerz Kid | Nike Football
Footballer Tekkerz Kid calls up one of Nike’s resident Tiempo boot experts, Odi, to talk about the role of touch and control in the future of football. Hear a few tips for working on your own control, and watch Tekkerz react to a big-time boot reveal of the Nike Tiempo Legend 9, designed for confident soccer players like Virgil van Dijk who stay calm and focused under pressure. Shop Tiempo here:
Brought to you by Nike FC. We’re not a club. We’re a community.
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Wanna Level Up Your Skills?! ⚽️💥 (S1E2) | Extra Time with Tekkerz Kid | Nike Football
Ditonton 6 rbHari Yang lalu
Footballer Tekkerz Kid dials up one of Nike’s resident Phantom boot experts, Emily, to talk favorite football skills. The Cruyff? Penalty Kicks? Headers? Around the Worlds? And even Knee Slides! Find out which ones they have down, and which ones still need some work-then check out the new Nike Phantom GT2, designed for imaginative soccer players known for agility on the ball and innovative pass...
What’s the Future of Speed?! ⚽️💨 (S1E1) | Extra Time with Jazzy Guerra | Nike Football
Ditonton 4,6 rbHari Yang lalu
Kid reporter Jazzy Guerra speed dials one of Nike’s resident Mercurial boot experts, Ben, for a quick chat on the role of speed in the future of football. Check out a soccer boot reveal for both the adult-size and kid-size Nike Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9, designed to pull defenders out of position and keep opponents guessing. It’s made for the world’s fastest athletes-like Kylian Mbappé, roadrun...
Compete in the New Nike Cup Clash | NIKELAND on Roblox | Nike Football
Ditonton 28 rb14 hari yang lalu
Head over to NIKELAND on Roblox and check out the Nike Cup Clash. 🏆⚽ Our newest football experience lets you compete with friends, earn brand new items, interact with Virgil van Dijk and even watch as a fan! Plus, see if you can find the whole new cast of characters in NIKELAND. 👀🐙 Learn more and jump into the action in NIKELAND on Roblox:
Nike FC Presents the Footballverse
Ditonton 7 jt14 hari yang lalu
An international team of scientists at a secret lab in Switzerland finally cracked the code. They’ve written the formula that will put an end to any discussion-the ultimate battle of all football generations... With the push of a button, they bring us legendary players from the past and present. A crazy experiment unfolds. Watch now to find out if the world of science can find a way to settle t...
Nike FC Presents Sneak into the Footballverse
Ditonton 47 rb14 hari yang lalu
Wouldn’t you want to sneak inside a secret lab hidden in Switzerland and witness scientists experimenting with a football multiverse? Maybe you’ll run into one of your heroes. Or two. Or twelve.
Nike FC presents the Footballverse trailer
Ditonton 296 rb21 hari yang lalu
At a secret lab hidden in the Switzerland, a lively debate between a French scientist and a Brazilian scientist erupts…bias comes into play when passionately discussing Mbappé and 2006 Ronaldinho. A multiverse gets devised to settle the score, but the discussion isn’t complete until Cristiano Ronaldo is finally pulled in. Watch the full film and find out what other legends join in the action. #...
Cristiano Ronaldo | Behind the Mercurial Dream Speed 3 | Nike Football
Ditonton 762 rb2 tahun yang lalu
Portugal, England, Spain, Italy-Cristiano Ronaldo has always had big dreams. And sprint by sprint, goal by goal, he accomplishes them. Go behind the Mercurial Dream Speed 3 to see what makes CR7 achieve at dream speed. Learn more:
Street Football | Barcelona | Nike Football
Ditonton 96 rb2 tahun yang lalu
This movement began when project creator Gabriel landed in Barcelona and started organizing weekly small sided games, open and accessible to anyone wanting to play football. Since then, ballers from all over town have joined in and the family has kept growing. The community connects people through the ball and has served as a social integration platform for many. It is football in its simplest ...
#PlayWithSkill | Phantom GT | Nike Football
Ditonton 105 rb2 tahun yang lalu
From the pitch to the streets and everywhere in-between, play-on with the all-new Nike Football Phantom GT. Now it’s your turn to show us how you Play With Skill - use the hashtag #playwithskill and tag us when you share your videos on social media! Shop Phantom GT:
Phantom GT | Behind the Design | Nike Football
Ditonton 147 rb2 tahun yang lalu
Introducing the Nike Football Phantom GT. Countless lab hours, athlete insights, and prototypes all add up to our most data-driven boot ever. “We really wanted to capture the perfect balance of innovation and soul.”-Jeongwoo Lee, Nike Football Senior Creative Director Between it's Generative Texture and Hyperquick System, watch to learn about the science behind the all-new Nike Football Phantom...
Hackney Wick FC, London, UK | From the Grounds Up | Nike Football
Ditonton 59 rb2 tahun yang lalu
After being released from prison in 2015, Bobby Kasanga decided to change his life and his community through football. “I wanted to keep the kids off the streets, keep them occupied, and give them a path,” Bobby says. So he gave his community something it never had before: its own football club. Bobby founded Hackney Wick FC with the help and support of Hackney’s residents. The club has grown f...
Ripple Effect | Nike Football
Ditonton 38 rb2 tahun yang lalu
Ripple Effect | Nike Football
USWNT’s Mal Pugh and Her Dad | Call Me Back | Nike Football
Ditonton 43 rb3 tahun yang lalu
USWNT’s Mal Pugh and Her Dad | Call Me Back | Nike Football
Tiempo Legend 8 | Behind the Design | Nike Football
Ditonton 99 rb3 tahun yang lalu
Tiempo Legend 8 | Behind the Design | Nike Football
Alex Morgan | Training Unlocked | Nike Football
Ditonton 215 rb3 tahun yang lalu
Alex Morgan | Training Unlocked | Nike Football
Cristiano Ronaldo | Training Unlocked | Nike Football
Ditonton 433 rb3 tahun yang lalu
Cristiano Ronaldo | Training Unlocked | Nike Football
PhantomVNM | Behind the Design | Nike Football
Ditonton 386 rb3 tahun yang lalu
PhantomVNM | Behind the Design | Nike Football


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    Pelé? Zico? ;-;

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    Goenji 👺🍷

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    "como que cê sabe?" "IDclips"

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    3:07 o Goenji ia explodir todos! 🤣🔥

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    This is better than No way home

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    Gouenji Shuuya is HACK

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    Porque não trouxeram o Pelé seria mais foda

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    Gugassauro Hari Yang lalu

    Então... o Mbappé mete a mão na bola no começo. Pode isso?

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    IDclips, o maior inimigo de Ronaldinho

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    Why are girls in here

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    Woooooo 🎉 el final épico 😮 motivante “ME TOCA”

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    Y messi?

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      Messi es de adidas, auque en psg y barca es nike

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    Acá falto un Messi 😢

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      Adidas bro

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    Who have seen Cristiano Ronaldo jr in starting 👇

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    My eyes were literally finding MESSI 😶

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    GOENJI 😍😍😍😍😍

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    4:03 there was a rocket league car on the right😭😭

  • Redwood
    Redwood Hari Yang lalu

    Çà m'a fait sourire de voir Axel Blaze utiliser la tempête de feu face à Mbapé xD

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    4:02 Octane car from Rocket League :D

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    "What the heck?"

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    But where is messiiiiiii????

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    middle silhouette like haland

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    there’s a rocket league car bro at 4:04

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    Y el rey Pelé?😥

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    What enezuma 11 is here

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    CGI da Nike >>>>>>>>>>>> CGI da marvel

  • メンヘラじゃないもん💜


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    Samuel M Hari Yang lalu

    Enquanto isso, na mente do Ronaldinho 2006: Quem é IDclips, e por que ele mostrou meus movimentos pra todo mundo?

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    Inazuma Eleven🔥🔥🔥⚡️

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    Who was at the end ??

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    Who tf aré the those girls? And Maradona? Messi? Peter schmeichel, zizu ? Ibra.. long etc

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    Ya estaba metiendo negros en comerciales

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    4:03 when the kids were playing there was a Rocket League car

  • Riger Shaman
    Riger Shaman 2 hari yang lalu

    Si hubiese salido Oliver Atom (Captain Tsubasa) el footballverso estaba completo / If Oliver Atom (Captain Tsubasa) had come out, the footballverse would be complete

  • Joshe Castro
    Joshe Castro 2 hari yang lalu

    ¡Qué gran nostalgia con este comercial!; gracias Nike, me hiciste regresar a la 2000's cuando sacabas joyas imborrables de comerciales. Nada como las *TOTAL 90* .

    • american crafts
      american crafts Hari Yang lalu

      Aqui está o clipe recomendado que diz isso:

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    Mass Tamizhan FF 2 hari yang lalu

    Here also no one can beat the 🐐🐐🐐

  • Nathaniel Gasper
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    Absolute masterstroke by Nike using Gouenji Shuuya in this.

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  • Fandom Gurl
    Fandom Gurl 2 hari yang lalu

    I'm pretty shocked that Gouenji Shuuya/ Axel Blaze is in this commercial; Seriously, There are many popular soccer anime that they can choose from, yet Nike chooses an Inazuma Eleven character to feature! I'm so happy they did a great strategy to bring recognization to Inazuma Eleven itself!!

  • FBI🗿
    FBI🗿 2 hari yang lalu

    Mbappe try to be like Messi only watch IDclips💀

  • Christopher Penaldius
    Christopher Penaldius 2 hari yang lalu

    Why would you make ronaldinho and ronaldo phenomeno so weak against litteral women lol

    • R9 GoatWaith
      R9 GoatWaith Hari Yang lalu

      Women empowerment ,Nike sucks( i was thinking why was women even there )

  • Alex MM Muttathukari
    Alex MM Muttathukari 2 hari yang lalu

    3:05 thanks for adding Axel in this ad, this anime is very underated and no one knows about this anime and this ad made it famous ❤️