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  • chiranjib gogoi
    chiranjib gogoi Jam Yang lalu

    AGT should rename it to AGE...America's got emotions 💩💩

  • Prasoon Prabhakar
    Prasoon Prabhakar Jam Yang lalu

    I was following AGT for almost three years...Stopped watching AGT for ever... simply used those guys to gain viewership...they rejected only cause they are not guys not supposed to be include them if you people have this sort of speculation about winners...good bye

  • jessica love
    jessica love Jam Yang lalu

    he really got the talent. thanks to her loving MOM.

  • EsotericOccultist
    EsotericOccultist Jam Yang lalu

    They sound average at best. Very mediocre. They'll get tons of support from the black community though because black people are tribal like that.

  • Roselle Claudio
    Roselle Claudio Jam Yang lalu

    His Audition still makes me cry 😭😭

  • Aya L
    Aya L Jam Yang lalu

    Who else is here because they heard he won and wanted to hear his voice for the first time 🙋‍♀️

  • Tyler Winningham
    Tyler Winningham Jam Yang lalu

    Next yeah the winner is going to have to be deaf and blind... Their final act will be to have one of the judges run the deaf/blind persons hand under a sink. The person will then say WAhhhhTA. Omg they said water omg OMG we have a winner.

  • Chad the Chud
    Chad the Chud Jam Yang lalu

    Thumbnail faces will haunt me throughout the night.

  • Shanpokh Pokhshan
    Shanpokh Pokhshan Jam Yang lalu

    AGT is the worst platform! Vunbeatable the fourth place. Are you kidding with the world?????

  • Lee Knox
    Lee Knox Jam Yang lalu

    Billy sounded drunk I’m sorry the song sucked . You all sounded way better on your own and you should have got top 3!! Love from us

  • Stronger Aesthetics World

    V Unbeatable is Really Superb Awesome Champion 🏆 💯 V Unbeatable is Best 💖 No. 1 👌👌👌

  • jason labudde
    jason labudde Jam Yang lalu

    I knew he would win the secound he steeped in the stage, they gave him special treatment because he’s disabled, bobsleigh aft continues to dissapoint me, v unbeatables getting fourth they did the most and had the most impact, and light balance get this far was just Paine ignorance just because of there legacy

  • Sathish Kumar
    Sathish Kumar Jam Yang lalu

    AGT you are not insult my brothers and sisters(v.unbeateable )instead of you insult the whole Indians emotions and kick our stomach😣💔 ....karma will act soon...

  • It'sConnor
    It'sConnor Jam Yang lalu

    Anyone from north port (I am)

  • Iris Angelynn J. Serrano

    I love you too much handsome

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk Jam Yang lalu

    Bet he didn’t see that coming!!!!

  • Dave Beverley
    Dave Beverley Jam Yang lalu

    The majority of dislikes are because 2nd shouldn't have been the choir. Kodi deserved that 1st

  • EsotericOccultist
    EsotericOccultist Jam Yang lalu

    Wakanda got skills

    HORN BILL Jam Yang lalu

    Worst and unfair decision... v unbeatable atleast deserved w place if not first.

  • prakhar raturi
    prakhar raturi Jam Yang lalu

    Emotions wins over talent

  • I’m A Legend
    I’m A Legend Jam Yang lalu


  • Flareon Plays
    Flareon Plays Jam Yang lalu

    Hmm... how did they get 2ns with the same song a lot of times

  • Maimouna Toure
    Maimouna Toure Jam Yang lalu

    Iam so happy for him Iam crying of happiness.kodi mom u r the best

  • Francis W
    Francis W Jam Yang lalu

    this is not okay.

  • Santos kumar
    Santos kumar Jam Yang lalu

    It's totally insult v unbeatable 4th place seriously they risk our life for what 4th place unbeatable join wrong show v unbeatable should join WOD, AGT only for amarican talent

  • Luke sky Walker
    Luke sky Walker Jam Yang lalu

    I am Glad Kodi won, he sings from the heart with emotion, something a lot of people in the world know nothing about....

  • oMcjames
    oMcjames Jam Yang lalu

    Congratulations Kodi!

  • m i c a
    m i c a Jam Yang lalu

    extremely disappointed. v. unbeatable you deserved 1st !

  • Emma Hope May Hodson
    Emma Hope May Hodson Jam Yang lalu

    She was lip singing.....

  • Lilia Sardar Sardar
    Lilia Sardar Sardar Jam Yang lalu

    Actually being in America is NOT so awesome.

  • Pleasure House
    Pleasure House Jam Yang lalu

    Shock Of The Year : V Unbeatables Elimination

  • Luke sky Walker
    Luke sky Walker 2 jam yang lalu

    i think the show needs to change its name, its NOT America's Got talent BUT Anybody's Got talent, most of those on the show are not even from America, plus some of the groups preforming are a little one sided on their selection of people.....I call it like i see it

  • EsotericOccultist
    EsotericOccultist 2 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful! I love this!

  • Jame Andy
    Jame Andy 2 jam yang lalu

    I solely watch highlights of this show, however now Im simply by no means going to even seem to be into it. Sure, the handicapped man can sing, however no longer a 1 mil talent. Sorry.

    MC MAYONNAISE 2 jam yang lalu

    This has become “America’s Got Sob Stories”

  • Jason Barnes
    Jason Barnes 2 jam yang lalu

    God sometimes stores the most precious of gifts in some of the most unassuming places. In doing so He makes us venture into the uncommon and realise the power and magic of humanity. Kodi Lee is the absolute epitome of this.

  • tati robinson
    tati robinson 2 jam yang lalu

    He is very gifted and bless what amazing job! Love it

  • Marz Trini
    Marz Trini 2 jam yang lalu

    I wish I was there.... soak it all in.... live must have been PHENOMENAL 💯

  • The mask Kid
    The mask Kid 2 jam yang lalu

    She should have won!!!

  • Anthony Freaxx
    Anthony Freaxx 2 jam yang lalu

    I knew from the first time I heard him sing his voice would change the world , so happy he won.

  • Raj Rk
    Raj Rk 2 jam yang lalu

    No doubt Americans can't do the right thing .. All least v unbetables deserves 2 place .. If they allow the voting to whole world we all know what was going to happen .. Nevertheless .. Its their people their show .. But plzz don't call other countries participants if you only want to use them for views !!!!!!

  • Hilary Garstang
    Hilary Garstang 2 jam yang lalu

    Too much painters tape, too much squatting.

  • chiranjib gogoi
    chiranjib gogoi 2 jam yang lalu

    Reporting the video as misleading

  • GO Leafs
    GO Leafs 2 jam yang lalu

    No biggie v unbeatable never came 2nd. Someone will sign them with the talent they have.

  • Dalix Mathurin
    Dalix Mathurin 2 jam yang lalu

    This is incredible !

  • Key tabu
    Key tabu 2 jam yang lalu

    Arribaaaaaaaaaaaaaa latinossssssssss ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • isaac clinton
    isaac clinton 2 jam yang lalu

    Calm down pheasants calm down.

  • K Dog
    K Dog 2 jam yang lalu

    This was a very genuine reaction of disappointment. You can see it clearly unlike most people who try to fake their emotion. Let's let America have their silly talent show all to themselves next year. We dont need our acts to come here and get humiliated like this. Agt wouldnt be half the show it is if it wasn't for foreign acts. Keep that in mind Americans and give them the respect they deserve. To be honest I don't think you'll deserve to be entertained. You Americans never appreciate real talent. First the US election and now this. Soon your country and its people will suffer the consequences of your Incompitant decision making.

    L ANGEL LOVE 2 jam yang lalu


  • Nacop1
    Nacop1 2 jam yang lalu

    Six months ago we sat four rows from this amazing young man in a small event room that holds 300 people in our little gated community of Canyon Lake, CA, while he sang back up and played keyboard for another local singer who was the warm up act for the 70's band "Missing Persons" at a private concert we attended. As soon as he first started singing that night I said to my wife, "this young man could be the main act and some day will be a super star if he keeps at it".. I never expected he would be one six months later but he truly deserves it along with his mother who has supported him all his life and literally stands by him all the way! Seeing and hearing him overcome his challenges makes me feel bad complaining about a few aches I have when I get up in the morning knowing that this incredible blind and autistic determined young man has done. Congratulations Kodi Lee, so honored to have met you earlier this year and to his mother as well who has been by his side all his life supporting and encouraging him. The two of you are such a great inspiration for America and for that matter all human life. Wishing you the very best going forward and hope to see you live in Las Vegas soon! Go Kodi !!

  • Rafoee King Campos
    Rafoee King Campos 2 jam yang lalu

    Kodi Lee blind and autistic just Won AGT I don't wanna hear that Something's impossible Cuz Kodi just Proved anything is possible

  • Leonardo Chamorro
    Leonardo Chamorro 2 jam yang lalu

    Wtf 😨😨

  • Jun Del Rosario, Jr.
    Jun Del Rosario, Jr. 2 jam yang lalu


  • EC _9700
    EC _9700 2 jam yang lalu


    L ANGEL LOVE 2 jam yang lalu


  • Giltoks
    Giltoks 2 jam yang lalu

    this is awesome!!!

  • LB Creation
    LB Creation 2 jam yang lalu

    Proud to be a indian

  • Noah Rudolph
    Noah Rudolph 2 jam yang lalu

    No one can beat Kodi Lee!

  • GB Games
    GB Games 2 jam yang lalu

    No disrespect to Kodi, he is an amazing singer but I understand the hate on his win. If I'm being completely honest I don't think he would have won if he was clear of disabilities, I've been following this season really closely and there are better singers with better singing capabilities, runs, range, vibrato, and even emotion and they were completely out shadowed by the idea of Kodi and his power over his disability, this show isn't only about talent. The joke of how this talent shows base wins off of a difficult life isn't 100% false. Even some of the dance groups were disgustingly amazing, I literally was blown away, but good luck to Kodi and I wish him the best.

  • Sophia
    Sophia 2 jam yang lalu

    Grace kinda reminds me of Peridot from Steven universe.

  • david chaves
    david chaves 2 jam yang lalu

    Hey I agree V was incredible and would have loved to see them win because they were spectacular to watch but people didn't vote thinking they were going to win......I've never voted till this season because of that same reason. V will be performing for sure in Vegas this time next year because they won't go unnoticed and would be a phenomenal addition to the entertainment strip. I'll go see them and Kodi when in Vegas next summer with David Lee Roth

  • Mayine D
    Mayine D 2 jam yang lalu

    AGT 🐖💨

  • Samuel Montaño
    Samuel Montaño 2 jam yang lalu

    y los latinos donde estan?

  • Игнат Сафронов


  • Anseba b
    Anseba b 2 jam yang lalu

    Ohhh my soul

  • Michael- Bedolla
    Michael- Bedolla 2 jam yang lalu

    AGT was very unpredictable this season I wanted to see Luke Islam make it further and Benicio to win

    L ANGEL LOVE 2 jam yang lalu


  • Fluffy PUPPY
    Fluffy PUPPY 2 jam yang lalu

    He was my top fave second Voices of service and then Emane

  • EsotericOccultist
    EsotericOccultist 2 jam yang lalu

    They suck 👎

  • Piyush Joshi
    Piyush Joshi 2 jam yang lalu

    Can somebody tell name of all background songs ??

  • OrphTheHunter
    OrphTheHunter 2 jam yang lalu

    Wonderful rendition. Not crying, but that doesn't take anything away from this man.

  • rldubya82
    rldubya82 2 jam yang lalu

    My man was not playing when he says he was ready.

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 2 jam yang lalu

    HECK, YEAH!!! Kodi...Kodi...Kodi...Kodi...Kodi... Thank you America, for voting Kodi Lee as the much deserved and indisputable winner of AGT 2019! What a worthy winner of a fantastic season of the world's greatest talent show. Kodi is the indisputable King of AGT 2019. God bless you and your lovely family who stood by you all along, Kodi. You are an inspiration, an unmatched talent. Kodi...Kodi...Kodi...Kodi...Kodi...

  • Nova Tapuyao
    Nova Tapuyao 2 jam yang lalu

    I'm sorry they are way better than the Detroit Youth Choir. VIVA AFRICA

  • Bik-E J
    Bik-E J 2 jam yang lalu

    You guys robbed these guys. Unsub.

  • Barbara May
    Barbara May 2 jam yang lalu

    Emanna, doesn't need to win Amg, but it's good she was there, just like Susan Boyle she didn't win Bgt but she still went on to better things. Emanne is abaolutely fantastic, truly talented. Wish her all the luck in the world. I adore her, not only is she extremely talented but a lovely personality too. Totally love her.

  • OJD Creative
    OJD Creative 2 jam yang lalu

    Still best audition i have ever seen

  • sree ram
    sree ram 2 jam yang lalu

    Thanks mate. Unsubscribed. Americas has never got talent. Don't even know the talent.

  • I Am Orange Juice
    I Am Orange Juice 2 jam yang lalu

    I don’t think he was good enough to win the whole thing.

  • ChelseaFC_RK
    ChelseaFC_RK 2 jam yang lalu

    America is Land of opportunity and AGT is place of DISGRACE!!

  • Julien Melendez
    Julien Melendez 2 jam yang lalu

    I only watch highlights of this show, but now I'm just never going to even look into it. Sure, the handicapped man can sing, but not a $1 mil talent. Sorry.

  • Jenly Stiven
    Jenly Stiven 2 jam yang lalu

    AMAZING! Ozuna Rep. Dom 🇩🇴 Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  • Saundra Kielborn
    Saundra Kielborn 2 jam yang lalu

    He’s absolutely beautiful, and his voice carries a beautiful soulful vibrato.❤️

  • Ibrahim Saleh
    Ibrahim Saleh 2 jam yang lalu

    Bro I understand that kodi blind, but how does he see the piano keys?

  • barbara gajardo
    barbara gajardo 2 jam yang lalu

    V unbeatable Won in my heart! It’s so unfair!!! I’m so angry 😡

  • Liam Solomon
    Liam Solomon 2 jam yang lalu

    This show should be called America's got sad back stories and slight talent

  • Sousa
    Sousa 2 jam yang lalu

    Proof that angels do exist

  • Jade Moreno
    Jade Moreno 2 jam yang lalu

    Who here cannot believe that Detroit Youth Choir came in second when most of the acts were better than them?

  • GhostPlaysYT Gamer
    GhostPlaysYT Gamer 2 jam yang lalu


  • Keaton Runco
    Keaton Runco 2 jam yang lalu

    Music is in his soul. It’s beautiful

  • alex steve
    alex steve 2 jam yang lalu

    Raise voice #fakeagt

  • kuno icho
    kuno icho 2 jam yang lalu


  • Premansh chanderiya
    Premansh chanderiya 2 jam yang lalu

    Really I started watching agt because of them and now I'm leaving this show is only work on emotions

  • Elizabeth Nerdin
    Elizabeth Nerdin 2 jam yang lalu

    Why is he rvoice so amazing. I wish I had a voice like that

    • james thomas
      james thomas 2 jam yang lalu

      Have you listened to her last album just the beginning and her new songs stray and ur so beautiful and waste my time from her upcoming album

  • Alfred Dean
    Alfred Dean 2 jam yang lalu

    I’ll swim every ocean just to be with you!

  • kennapop3
    kennapop3 2 jam yang lalu

    I weep tears of joy every time I watch his first tryout. I'm sure most of us felt Kodi became BGT's Season 14 a winner after our first viewing.

  • pravin chaudhary
    pravin chaudhary 2 jam yang lalu

    This is sick

  • Belinda Kaysac
    Belinda Kaysac 2 jam yang lalu

    Ugly outfit and lip sinking...nah!!!

  • Matheus Ramos
    Matheus Ramos 2 jam yang lalu

    She's amazing, it's always good to see her.

    BIPASHA DEB 2 jam yang lalu

    V unbeatable you can participate in world of dance