America's Got Talent
America's Got Talent
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  • Rumpcher Valkirie
    Rumpcher Valkirie 20 menit yang lalu

    I totally would buy her albums!

  • 123 321
    123 321 23 menit yang lalu

    Wtf are these cuts amidst her perfomance ? Show the damn table...

  • กร กฤศกร
    กร กฤศกร 26 menit yang lalu

    Sorry i'm from thailand and i cant understand what he say. Have anybody explain to me simple. I want to know what​ he​ talk about. Thanks for answer me❤️❤️

  • محمد علي
    محمد علي 31 menit yang lalu


  • titouan da costa
    titouan da costa 34 menit yang lalu

    Tros fort

  • Ryland Neeley
    Ryland Neeley 36 menit yang lalu

    I am like Simon Right now I did not like the final and I did not like this

  • Kevin Teran
    Kevin Teran 37 menit yang lalu

    I was on the floor when simon pushed the buzzer XD

  • Richie Parker
    Richie Parker 37 menit yang lalu

    Cast The Bullies In Hell how can you treat a child like this there is a can in cancer and awesome performance what is this song can anyone tell me buddies 😊

  • jooseeaangeel17
    jooseeaangeel17 39 menit yang lalu

    Music min 5:30?

  • Arek Kowalski
    Arek Kowalski 39 menit yang lalu

    Brawo super!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Marc Marcopolo 06
    Marc Marcopolo 06 39 menit yang lalu

    super joli

  • united hawk
    united hawk 40 menit yang lalu

    I watched this clip like 10 times ( love his melodious voice )

  • Michael Limchantong
    Michael Limchantong 40 menit yang lalu

    He isn’t very good... sorry

  • Captain Marvel
    Captain Marvel 44 menit yang lalu

    3:07 man at first chair is looking like "select me if u have guts"😂😂

  • Rakib Islam
    Rakib Islam 46 menit yang lalu


  • Kingjosuedias
    Kingjosuedias 47 menit yang lalu

    That was amazing

  • paige minkin
    paige minkin 49 menit yang lalu


  • Joann Wamar
    Joann Wamar 51 menit yang lalu

    Yey! Jack Vidgen 😊

  • N'gbin Thierry Kouakou
    N'gbin Thierry Kouakou 52 menit yang lalu


  • Aleicia Padilla
    Aleicia Padilla 52 menit yang lalu

    For real who thumbs down this like just who it’s honestly gross that you could do that

  • jake wailmer
    jake wailmer 52 menit yang lalu

    I still watch it even though it makes me sad they didn't get the position they deserve 🤕

  • Shang Tsung
    Shang Tsung 53 menit yang lalu

    Mandys not very good at math lol

  • Jones Tate
    Jones Tate 57 menit yang lalu

    That holy GHOST scared them that's what happen the devil knew she would help save souls 😔😔😔

  • Gabriela Love
    Gabriela Love 58 menit yang lalu


  • Alicia Beatriz
    Alicia Beatriz 58 menit yang lalu

    Name song?

  • Sylvia Román B.
    Sylvia Román B. Jam Yang lalu

    v.unbeatable !! BEST OF LUCKS!

  • Hernesto Soriano
    Hernesto Soriano Jam Yang lalu

    Q lindo canta💖👍

  • fakta fakta
    fakta fakta Jam Yang lalu

  • clinton Moses
    clinton Moses Jam Yang lalu

    Since I started watching agt he is the most surprising winner

  • nick ho
    nick ho Jam Yang lalu

    The people were clapping too loud I couldn’t hear anything

  • Hardcore Mask
    Hardcore Mask Jam Yang lalu

    And me from India - thank you all for appreciating Indians 🙏🤝

  • Lucy ismyname
    Lucy ismyname Jam Yang lalu

    She is so damn good!

  • Juel Gêmeas
    Juel Gêmeas Jam Yang lalu

    ÁFRICA United 🔥👏👏👏 agreed performance beautiful 🔥🔥🥰 From Angola🇦🇴like

  • Christopher Orick
    Christopher Orick Jam Yang lalu

    They just drag him off the stage🤣🤣🤣

  • Brittany Ward
    Brittany Ward Jam Yang lalu

    Music is what makes the world go around! Beautiful rendition of a legends song!

    SING TORRES Jam Yang lalu

    It's funny how the majority of us are waiting for the Champions in Janaury while the audiences during the recording already know the winner. I wonder which act won.

    IM YOUR DAD Jam Yang lalu

    And woman wonder why they arnt funny

  • Irene Hog
    Irene Hog Jam Yang lalu

    Like a Pokémon trainer

  • Prakhar Education
    Prakhar Education Jam Yang lalu

    I am indian plz watch acter prakhar Gupta on IDclips i only want your feedback plz audience

  • andre astawa
    andre astawa Jam Yang lalu

    That guy with high note is insine 👍😃

  • Sandra Kiwayi
    Sandra Kiwayi Jam Yang lalu


  • Norm D
    Norm D Jam Yang lalu

    She is the true ARTIST.

    MALLA GOPAIAH Jam Yang lalu

    Super bharath

  • Heverton Fonseca
    Heverton Fonseca 2 jam yang lalu

    If V unbeatable don't win this... CHOICES... PS: is this cast a joke?

  • Brody Cassanova
    Brody Cassanova 2 jam yang lalu

    Talent shows are pure cancer to real music. Talent shows are made for those who don't understand real music nor if they heard would even get it. Talent shows is like a puppet show for the mentally deranged, they exploit and use vulnerable people for profit and a toxic humorous gag for the vultures at home to have a quick giggle all the while the joke is on them because there minds are clueless in matrix that walk like blindfolded sheep into the ever decaying melting pot of life.


    is it wired that i listen to this one rather than the original ?

  • Biel Do fort
    Biel Do fort 2 jam yang lalu


  • Gacha tv life
    Gacha tv life 2 jam yang lalu

    Wow I love this and if people were wondering the Spanish song is shake senora pitbull t pain and more

  • exTichi
    exTichi 2 jam yang lalu

    3:36 thats awesome

    ĐËVÎŁ ĐËVÎŁ 2 jam yang lalu

    Any one in Nov 2019✋

  • Hasan İNCEKARA
    Hasan İNCEKARA 2 jam yang lalu

    I saw special head's head at teleportation time on the pyramid a little, little little :D

  • Mehdi Mafkour
    Mehdi Mafkour 2 jam yang lalu

    Who has the names of the backgrounds music ?

  • The soul saver
    The soul saver 2 jam yang lalu


  • Semed Agayev
    Semed Agayev 2 jam yang lalu


  • Andrew Smyth
    Andrew Smyth 2 jam yang lalu

    Make it stop, please make it stop. Such an annoying and terrible voice.

  • CJGamers10
    CJGamers10 2 jam yang lalu

    as soon as I saw v.unbeatable; I'm sold on watching

  • CGD TV
    CGD TV 2 jam yang lalu

    Я тупо русс

  • latest hollywood movies dubbed in hindi

    Are to india ke sher hain

  • andre sapiter
    andre sapiter 2 jam yang lalu

    Watch out for MARCELITO POMOY!. Pinoy Mag Ingaaaay!

  • Pratyush Singh
    Pratyush Singh 2 jam yang lalu

    This is what I call proud moment... As an Indian in foreign land owning a show that's the absolute best

  • Wild Indoraptor Henry
    Wild Indoraptor Henry 2 jam yang lalu

    the orange magian remains me from a character of yu gi oh arc V looks more like Dennis macfield with that curly hair

  • Syunta Minami
    Syunta Minami 2 jam yang lalu


  • Sanjar Atajanow
    Sanjar Atajanow 2 jam yang lalu

    I love berywam

  • Franz Joseph Schulz LOL
    Franz Joseph Schulz LOL 2 jam yang lalu


  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 3 jam yang lalu

    Every december-november this always shows up

  • Itz lovely rainbow
    Itz lovely rainbow 3 jam yang lalu

    Love it

  • smile Smile
    smile Smile 3 jam yang lalu

    Love from sabah Malaysia

  • Ellie Bond
    Ellie Bond 3 jam yang lalu

    If this is what they are calling talent then they need to rename the show America Hasn't Got Talent. I turned this noise pollution off about 3 seconds after she opened her mouth and started to make noise.

  • Golekh Behera
    Golekh Behera 3 jam yang lalu

    You just reminded me of 'el' in stranger things

  • Rolando Lopez
    Rolando Lopez 3 jam yang lalu

    True smack on the judges face..she kept her style her own way and sucede simple love Lindsey stirling she’s just amazing

  • iruka
    iruka 3 jam yang lalu


  • Hung Diep
    Hung Diep 3 jam yang lalu

    2 like👍👍👍👍👍

  • Suchismita Sengupta
    Suchismita Sengupta 3 jam yang lalu

    Is it wierd that my best friend is also 14 and a dude

  • Nbaplinter
    Nbaplinter 3 jam yang lalu

    OFC he was bullied. Who wasn't. Its AGT 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Wild Indoraptor Henry
    Wild Indoraptor Henry 3 jam yang lalu

    13:31 he got snake movements , looks very flexible

  • Captain Harl0ck
    Captain Harl0ck 3 jam yang lalu

    Elle a la voix, elle a l'humilité et la présence sur scène... J'espère qu'elle continuera dans sur sa lancé

  • Shivani Tyagi
    Shivani Tyagi 3 jam yang lalu


  • Mohammad Maraqa
    Mohammad Maraqa 3 jam yang lalu

    He is a beast

  • Boris Palenovski
    Boris Palenovski 3 jam yang lalu

    Angelina is my favorite! Yet she's absolutely different from the other participants, and from the most performers in total: while they are to entertain, Angelina heals souls with her singing and gives people hope and happiness even when it seems to them that everything is lost. And no difference would she win the contest or not what she definitely will win are the hearts of the audience who will hear and see her, even not being aware of her before.

  • Papa Joe
    Papa Joe 3 jam yang lalu

    So talented, all he has is talent. Breathtaking voice ❤️

    MG.TWINSER GAMER 3 jam yang lalu

    Hello how are you how are you how are you this is very laggy yes indeed I prefer Pizza over the ice cream yes that's it EDIT: I was traying voice thingi

  • Russell Pinto
    Russell Pinto 3 jam yang lalu

    Preacher probably buffed up to show Darci Lynn that ;BEWARE,IM BLACK AND DANGEROUS...SO LOT ME WIN!!!!

  • Gosh Yanna
    Gosh Yanna 3 jam yang lalu

    I think this was mentioned before but I just wanted to share it *When your friends tell you to sing a song in karaoke* Me:

  • alexa piers
    alexa piers 3 jam yang lalu

    4:39 he knows already brilliant.. 😂

  • Jofanny Ahmadarianto
    Jofanny Ahmadarianto 3 jam yang lalu


  • Kekane Jan Malesela
    Kekane Jan Malesela 3 jam yang lalu

    Everytime I watch this video, I get emotional

  • jinie lee
    jinie lee 3 jam yang lalu


  • TingTong Edi
    TingTong Edi 3 jam yang lalu

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  • TingTong Edi
    TingTong Edi 3 jam yang lalu


  • TingTong Edi
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  • TingTong Edi
    TingTong Edi 3 jam yang lalu

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  • Mega Gabriola
    Mega Gabriola 3 jam yang lalu

    Minsan di nakakatuwa joke na english e

  • jp's world
    jp's world 3 jam yang lalu

    Proud to be an Indian. ❤❤❤. With the best wishes from my Heart guys ❤❤

  • Just A Kate
    Just A Kate 3 jam yang lalu

    Wow they had/have a show

  • james dreath
    james dreath 3 jam yang lalu

    Shin lim prediction was right😆

  • Wanna Eat
    Wanna Eat 3 jam yang lalu

    Name of the first song If It even exists

  • so zo
    so zo 3 jam yang lalu


  • Sonia Soriano
    Sonia Soriano 3 jam yang lalu

    What is the song

  • Audrey cornejo
    Audrey cornejo 3 jam yang lalu

    Uncultured swines dislike this

  • ryan zapata
    ryan zapata 3 jam yang lalu

    India people Phillipines