Alex Ross
Alex Ross
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SUPERMAN Over the YearsSUPERMAN Over the Years
SUPERMAN Over the Years
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Astro City RevisitedAstro City Revisited
Astro City Revisited
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Revisiting Iron ManRevisiting Iron Man
Revisiting Iron Man
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Glass Poster UnveilingGlass Poster Unveiling
Glass Poster Unveiling
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The Immortal Hulk
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Green GoblinGreen Goblin
Green Goblin
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Captain America #1Captain America #1
Captain America #1
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5 bulan yang lalu
Superman: Peace on EarthSuperman: Peace on Earth
Superman: Peace on Earth
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Marvel GenerationsMarvel Generations
Marvel Generations
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Spider-Man on PS4Spider-Man on PS4
Spider-Man on PS4
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Photorealism in ComicsPhotorealism in Comics
Photorealism in Comics
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Staying InspiredStaying Inspired
Staying Inspired
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Batman '66Batman '66
Batman '66
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Live-Action HeroesLive-Action Heroes
Live-Action Heroes
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Alex Ross NYCC 2017Alex Ross NYCC 2017
Alex Ross NYCC 2017
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Ross on KirbyRoss on Kirby
Ross on Kirby
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SDCC 2017 Booth RecapSDCC 2017 Booth Recap
SDCC 2017 Booth Recap
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Tahun Yang lalu
Batman ScarsBatman Scars
Batman Scars
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Komentar • 13

  • juan paulo cesar nevado nuñez

    My Favorit job is Kindon Comes. This Amzing.

  • Benn W.
    Benn W. 7 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you Alex for sharing your Art with us .God bless you and Stay Bless....

  • Frederick Yamstam
    Frederick Yamstam 7 bulan yang lalu

    You are a genius, Alex Ross

  • Roberto Melo
    Roberto Melo Tahun Yang lalu

    Dear Alex Ross, I contacted you for many years. That seems impossible. I sent lots of messages on your old WebSite, with no response. I tried several times through Facebook, nothing successful. The response I received was something like that, sort of being prevented from writing to you. On Facebook, I do not have the right to send a message today. Here on your IDclips channel, I'll try it one last time. No memory of you not responding, and you have a way to block me, I will not resent it. I was an illustrator of books for 35 years in Brazil and my influence was always Comics. When I saw Marvels - Epispodio 1 for sale in São Paulo, I was delighted and you became my inspiration. With you I met Andrew Loomis, but how to get it, has never been published in Brazil. 2 years later, I saw on the Internet, and I was able to do Loomis and have his books on the internet. So I already had the Kingdom Come, special, in leather cover, luxury, imported from USA and bought, a very expensive thing for me. I learned a lot, I try that my luxury copy, now used so much, is a destroyed book ... :). I'll have to replace him. Then I saw the tabloid collection, working with Paul Dini, I surrendered to his talent. I accomplished with step-by-step information from his art in magazines like Wizard, in small format. After some studies I painted several publications, based on his art, more than 10 books, in his style of painting, without the airbrush, could never have one. Here you will not find Bristol Strathmore, use Cason Frânces, Gouache Talen's. Normal and cheaper in my country synthetic bristle brush. I am a fan, his follower, and using my art and your, to proliferate traditional art, on paper and gouache. I ask you a video, free, for everyone, to talk about the paper, the drawing, the photo, the pre painting (Under Painting, just gouache or use something, to avoid that it desolves with watery gouache?). Finally, make a 30 minute video for those who love you and follow you to teach your technique step by step. Most make and charge very expensive !! Is there still an artist like me who gives everything he has learned for free ??? Hope so!! Alex, hugs, health, love, prosperity, success, wish you! A friend, brother of Brazil!

  • nichols4520
    nichols4520 Tahun Yang lalu

    Is Wisard going to make an updated version of your artbook? And I hope they design it like Dynamite Art of ALex Ross book. The tiny images in the HC Wizard of Alex Ross were hard to see. lol

  • Jeff Hendricks
    Jeff Hendricks Tahun Yang lalu

    The man is simply a god among artistic mortals

  • 356designer
    356designer Tahun Yang lalu

    greatest artist.

  • coŋejo pestileƞte
    coŋejo pestileƞte Tahun Yang lalu

    Please come to Mexico! I BEG YOU!

  • JoyDC4Life
    JoyDC4Life Tahun Yang lalu

    So excited to see what content you add! You are one of my all time favorite painters, amazing.

  • dany villano
    dany villano Tahun Yang lalu

    you are my favorite comics artist, and I really love the kingdome come´s saga and the earth/universe/paradise X´s saga, you are the best!!!!!

  • Roy Wickiser
    Roy Wickiser Tahun Yang lalu

    Of the many artists out there I've only dreamed in the style of a few; Alex Grey, Salvador Dali, and Alex Ross.

  • Aubim de Souza
    Aubim de Souza Tahun Yang lalu

    Brasil!!! 😃

  • Thomas Dickensheets
    Thomas Dickensheets Tahun Yang lalu

    I wish I draw like you.