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  • Shikaleke Emuesiri
    Shikaleke Emuesiri 58 detik yang lalu

    I love it so much that i even tried the shuttles recipe 👍👌😀😊☺❤💜

  • Darija Miolin
    Darija Miolin 2 menit yang lalu

    Owervach is batter

  • Kate bugs
    Kate bugs 4 menit yang lalu

    So cool

  • Mary Abbinante
    Mary Abbinante 4 menit yang lalu

    She really just ate those worms ??????!!!!?!?!?!?!???

  • Shikaleke Emuesiri
    Shikaleke Emuesiri 4 menit yang lalu

    I love troom troom

  • Roy Little
    Roy Little 6 menit yang lalu


  • MirrMarr
    MirrMarr 8 menit yang lalu


  • Kate bugs
    Kate bugs 8 menit yang lalu

    GAT A AROW AND CUT IikE THE nif Am 7

  • Elysia Harricharan
    Elysia Harricharan 8 menit yang lalu

    Y a cockroach

  • Bella Davies
    Bella Davies 10 menit yang lalu

    I have short hair 👧👧👧👧👍👍👍👍👍 Leave a like everybody and subscribe if you haven’t already I have.👍👍👍👍I love this channel it’s made my life funnier

  • Bo K
    Bo K 13 menit yang lalu


  • Yashashree Hajare
    Yashashree Hajare 14 menit yang lalu

    Who watches but never tries

  • Mareena Perez
    Mareena Perez 15 menit yang lalu

    I don’t know probably the pencil case one

  • Lal Yuksel
    Lal Yuksel 16 menit yang lalu

    Long and wavy

  • Kayce L Aultman Rourke
    Kayce L Aultman Rourke 16 menit yang lalu

    I have long hair like prply 9 feet

  • Patricia Potter
    Patricia Potter 20 menit yang lalu

    But Zubat does it have any eyes

  • Callie Mcanaspie
    Callie Mcanaspie 22 menit yang lalu


  • Lilly& Rose
    Lilly& Rose 23 menit yang lalu

    Short hair

  • Isabelle Pallister
    Isabelle Pallister 25 menit yang lalu

    #savetheturtles plastic straws!

  • Anaya Singh
    Anaya Singh 25 menit yang lalu


  • Nancy Medina
    Nancy Medina 29 menit yang lalu

    The nice mermaid

  • Maha _Plays_Roblox
    Maha _Plays_Roblox 30 menit yang lalu

    you are bad

  • Aayanna Wilson
    Aayanna Wilson 30 menit yang lalu

    Stylish and kind Miss Elizabeth

  • Kiara Duah
    Kiara Duah 30 menit yang lalu

    i have shot hair not fair f********you

  • EponimosParonomastis
    EponimosParonomastis 32 menit yang lalu


  • #bacon’ S
    #bacon’ S 37 menit yang lalu

    Fortnite is R.I.P

  • LittleOofster
    LittleOofster 37 menit yang lalu

    Yasss the struggles with long hairs when brushinggggg

  • IL0vePizza L0ve4life
    IL0vePizza L0ve4life 39 menit yang lalu

    I love this video but the voice got really annoying really fast 😂😂😂 still though I can’t definitely relate to the long thick hair 😂😫💇‍♀️

  • Boatmaster J
    Boatmaster J 39 menit yang lalu

    His guts

  • LPS Daisy
    LPS Daisy 40 menit yang lalu

    Harlequin is my favourite super hero

  • Moonlight deerfox
    Moonlight deerfox 40 menit yang lalu

    So many lies and if you have long hair then just make a braid or something else

  • Janie Castaneda
    Janie Castaneda 42 menit yang lalu

    Y’all are so funny 😂

  • Josna Sakki
    Josna Sakki 43 menit yang lalu

    Hey I have short hair but they are very thick that I have to wash my hair with a gallon of shampoo 😫 like all the long haired girls

  • Ashly Tepox
    Ashly Tepox 44 menit yang lalu

    I don’t like lol dolls boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Unicorn 777777
    Unicorn 777777 45 menit yang lalu


  • Abigail Igwe
    Abigail Igwe 45 menit yang lalu


  • Cecil Albert
    Cecil Albert 47 menit yang lalu

    I don’t like the one with the grasses he looks ugly and I’m being mean

  • КраснаяПантера
    КраснаяПантера 47 menit yang lalu

    ooooo very funny video LIKEEEEEE

  • Sarah Samora
    Sarah Samora 48 menit yang lalu

    You realize we can’t have fish and glass at school DUH

  • Roy Little
    Roy Little 48 menit yang lalu

    Do you LOVE CHOCOLATE 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫 Hit that like button 👇

  • Margaret Boadu
    Margaret Boadu 49 menit yang lalu

    I had so fun today😉😉😉😉😊

  • Nessa Kitty
    Nessa Kitty 50 menit yang lalu

    You guys just keep getting weirder and weirder😂😂❤❤

  • Jennifer Langdon
    Jennifer Langdon 51 menit yang lalu

    Ya yet

  • Kevin Kreitzer
    Kevin Kreitzer 52 menit yang lalu


  • Jennifer Langdon
    Jennifer Langdon 52 menit yang lalu

    Ya yet

  • Tommy Nguyen
    Tommy Nguyen 57 menit yang lalu


  • Serina Sun
    Serina Sun 57 menit yang lalu

    Please make another one I love mermaid and bad mermaid working together! It's so cute!

  • Walwyn Tribe
    Walwyn Tribe 57 menit yang lalu

    Omggggggg. When I saw the cat food I thought what if I ate that

  • Shibsaron Haldar
    Shibsaron Haldar 58 menit yang lalu

    I like and apply this

  • Kimberly Blanco
    Kimberly Blanco 59 menit yang lalu

    I like McDonald cuz it has Barbie

  • DaBhee Syamsul
    DaBhee Syamsul Jam Yang lalu

    Subcribe ana gaes

  • Gracie Purvis
    Gracie Purvis Jam Yang lalu


  • Ku Thay
    Ku Thay Jam Yang lalu

    I have short hair

  • Ramesh Rajput
    Ramesh Rajput Jam Yang lalu

    I have short hair

  • Chris Mungai
    Chris Mungai Jam Yang lalu

    I love teacher Elizabeth

  • Juanita Gamez
    Juanita Gamez Jam Yang lalu

    Do short hair vs medium hair vs long hair

  • Epiphany Wardlow
    Epiphany Wardlow Jam Yang lalu

    I like snells

  • Roblox Queen
    Roblox Queen Jam Yang lalu

    Make this video again

  • Heidi Brammer
    Heidi Brammer Jam Yang lalu

    Why would you eat a lemon peal

  • Junior Tejeda
    Junior Tejeda Jam Yang lalu

    Fortnite fortnite Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite

  • its Panda-_-
    its Panda-_- Jam Yang lalu

    Short squad were are you? -------

  • joe mizzi
    joe mizzi Jam Yang lalu


  • Andreja Sasnauskaite
    Andreja Sasnauskaite Jam Yang lalu

    1:21 if that is a cactus, wouldn't that hurt her hand?

  • Harper's Edits :3
    Harper's Edits :3 Jam Yang lalu

    6:27 I'll just tie my hear up easy peasy 10:05 ARGHHHH THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE

  • Heidi Brammer
    Heidi Brammer Jam Yang lalu

    I thought they were out of the game

    DANEEN MIA Jam Yang lalu

    i love trips i'dd never sleep

  • Sonja Rani Mehta
    Sonja Rani Mehta Jam Yang lalu


  • _Eris_Eternal_
    _Eris_Eternal_ Jam Yang lalu

    My pet is a 🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍🤪🤪🤪🤪🤩🤩🤩🤣🦜

  • Serina Sun
    Serina Sun Jam Yang lalu

    This is how many people want another mermaid video 👇🏻

  • Serina Sun
    Serina Sun Jam Yang lalu

    I want a part 2

  • PlebSki
    PlebSki Jam Yang lalu

    You get harassed by getting touch on your “satisfying curly hair”

  • Kyara Dom
    Kyara Dom Jam Yang lalu


  • Khadija rahaman srabonty

    I have medium size hair but my hair is natural curly just a little bit not too much curly but whatever i love my hair 😘❤️💇

  • girlgaming 2009
    girlgaming 2009 Jam Yang lalu


  • Aaban Ali
    Aaban Ali Jam Yang lalu

    Have same hairbrush pink one

  • Eshal Khan
    Eshal Khan Jam Yang lalu

    I love dolly and red head

  • Tahia Tahia
    Tahia Tahia Jam Yang lalu

    Okay I have a Q is redhead in AQUA MEN? I want my answer! someone give me my answer! Cause I saw a girl same as redhead in AquaMan

  • M B
    M B Jam Yang lalu

    I don't know I love them all

  • Angelina rose
    Angelina rose Jam Yang lalu

    I have curly hair and my hair is long my hair is long and curly

  • Bubble Pop
    Bubble Pop Jam Yang lalu

    I have really long hair even if im 10 my dad doesnt let me cut it

  • Ammon Hoover
    Ammon Hoover Jam Yang lalu

    She's the Unicorn not the devil

  • netalilourie UwU
    netalilourie UwU Jam Yang lalu

    1:26 rainbow unicorn 5:09 drawing in real life 6:37 witch 8:25 ice cream unicorn 9:56 cute rainbow pennywise 11:56 freezed angel 13:57 pumpkin queen YOU'RE WELCOME 😊

  • Hanh Luc
    Hanh Luc Jam Yang lalu


  • daisy gacha
    daisy gacha Jam Yang lalu


  • Lucyna Sadowa
    Lucyna Sadowa Jam Yang lalu

    Long Hair

  • Araceli Figueroa
    Araceli Figueroa Jam Yang lalu

    No entiendo nada porque no se inglés

  • Sly Ashton
    Sly Ashton Jam Yang lalu

    i like diy

  • Paul Woods
    Paul Woods Jam Yang lalu

    Little girls are so cute!!!!

  • Clint Chapman
    Clint Chapman Jam Yang lalu

    When you had a shower did the dye come out

  • Isla Diskin Games
    Isla Diskin Games Jam Yang lalu

    Warning Don’t read more

  • Investigator Aligator
    Investigator Aligator Jam Yang lalu

    Why this video is trending in the philippines?

  • kiki hawi
    kiki hawi Jam Yang lalu

    Is it just me or would i get in serious trouble for folloeing some of these

  • regla pulido
    regla pulido Jam Yang lalu

    Uhh 🙄

  • Steven Thomason
    Steven Thomason Jam Yang lalu

    Really TroomTroom? 😣

  • kawaii lily
    kawaii lily Jam Yang lalu

    And sosage seriously......

  • kawaii lily
    kawaii lily Jam Yang lalu

    ...REAL TEACHERS CAN OBVIOUSLY TELL WHEN YOUR EATING AND not....and if they can't tell the difference from real burgers....and fake burgers...they shouldn't be teachers......😑

  • tara zona
    tara zona Jam Yang lalu

    Putting a hair extension on a little girl 😁😳😁😳😁

  • Komang Arumi
    Komang Arumi Jam Yang lalu

    Unicorn team like

  • Praveena Vakati
    Praveena Vakati Jam Yang lalu

    It was supppppper

  • madevi v
    madevi v Jam Yang lalu

    I have shot hair