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Ditonton 39 rb16 hari yang lalu
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NIKI - Indigo (Official Video)
Ditonton 4,5 jtBulan Yang lalu
Rich Brian - The Sailor (Official Audio)
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Rich Brian - Drive Safe (Lyric Video)
Ditonton 211 rbBulan Yang lalu
Rich Brian Is The Sailor (A Short Film)
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Rich Brian - Confetti (Lyric Video)
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Rich Brian - Kids (Official Video)
Ditonton 8 jt2 bulan yang lalu
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Joji - Sanctuary (Official Video)
Ditonton 28 jt3 bulan yang lalu
Barney Bones - Should've Stayed Down
Ditonton 78 rb3 bulan yang lalu
Deb Never - Ugly (Official Music Video)
Ditonton 950 rb4 bulan yang lalu
NIKI - urs (Official Visualizer)
Ditonton 1 jt4 bulan yang lalu
NIKI - lowkey (Official Visualizer)
Ditonton 8 jt5 bulan yang lalu
Ditonton 692 rb5 bulan yang lalu
Ditonton 2,2 jt6 bulan yang lalu
the microwave challenge has gone crazy
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Higher Brothers - Top feat. Soulja Boy
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Higher Brothers - Do It Like Me feat. J.I.D
Ditonton 449 rb7 bulan yang lalu
Higher Brothers - No More feat. NIKI
Ditonton 479 rb7 bulan yang lalu
Higher Brothers - Sunshine
Ditonton 113 rb7 bulan yang lalu
Higher Brothers - Diamond (prod. HARIKIRI)
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Higher Brothers - Flexing So Hard
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Lexie Liu - Mulan (Official Audio)
Ditonton 177 rb7 bulan yang lalu
Lexie Liu - Strange Things (Official Audio)
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Lexie Liu - Love and Run (Official Audio)
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Lexie Liu - Bygone (Official Audio)
Ditonton 135 rb7 bulan yang lalu
Lexie Liu - Outta Time (feat. KILLY)
Ditonton 206 rb7 bulan yang lalu
Lexie Liu - Hat Trick (Official Video)
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Ditonton 163 rb8 bulan yang lalu
LOVER BOY 88 (Behind the Scenes)
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Lexie Liu - Nada (Official Video)
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Higher Brothers - 16 Hours (Official Video)
Ditonton 1,3 jt9 bulan yang lalu


  • Muhd Khir
    Muhd Khir 2 menit yang lalu

    This is criminally underrated...

  • Annie Kwek
    Annie Kwek 5 menit yang lalu

    why does this underrated

  • Sedrick Eborde
    Sedrick Eborde 6 menit yang lalu

    "Joji Hit By An Arrow." Skeletons In Minecraft That Loves Joji: *Hold My Bow..*

    MK_ULTRA 7 menit yang lalu

    That's really my favorite song like, when I'm sad it cheer me up, when I'm happy I just dance and sing the lyrics as if I was going to die, I love the clip, the voice and the butts

  • Gloomy Day
    Gloomy Day 9 menit yang lalu


  • kawii gurl
    kawii gurl 12 menit yang lalu

    A message from someone diagnosed with bart Simpson depression ha ha poo poo pp pp funeh ca ca

  • Jyusjyii
    Jyusjyii 15 menit yang lalu

    2:08 telfon me katanyaaa😂 Pada sadar ga sih?

  • Abdul Hafidz Ahmad
    Abdul Hafidz Ahmad 22 menit yang lalu

    Pak tauu uu uuu uuu pak tauu tauuu

  • Fransiskajuju
    Fransiskajuju 27 menit yang lalu

    White, Black, and Yellow

  • ネション5xklyr
    ネション5xklyr 27 menit yang lalu

    2:57 HELP THAT DUDE!!!!!!

  • Fransiskajuju
    Fransiskajuju 30 menit yang lalu

    HE IS BACK !

  • Tâm Bùi
    Tâm Bùi 31 menit yang lalu

    This song is fucking amazing so why the views are not reach highly

  • Bebelac ara
    Bebelac ara 32 menit yang lalu

    Gini kok gak trending

  • disasterology !
    disasterology ! 33 menit yang lalu

    i literally got goosebumps at the "dark" jesus 2:01 another one 3:07

  • Jayke Mcgill
    Jayke Mcgill 34 menit yang lalu


  • NidYa Lia
    NidYa Lia 36 menit yang lalu

    Best aesthetic music

  • Gadis Dellilah
    Gadis Dellilah 38 menit yang lalu

    Disponsori oleh.... Traveloka.

  • Sahil Kini
    Sahil Kini 38 menit yang lalu

    who's here after watching Gavin Belson get fucked?

  • theFareulookinat
    theFareulookinat 42 menit yang lalu

    Lol a real good question that ive been wondering about is how many joji fans never seen any of filthy franks shit???

    VWICH GT 48 menit yang lalu

    Last night i lost ,all my money

  • X'Orαიge River
    X'Orαიge River 50 menit yang lalu

    This skinny Thai guy's voice so godamm good and HB gimme the vibe. We're all on da house Yo....

  • Ade Alfiah
    Ade Alfiah 52 menit yang lalu

    Musiknya enak nih buat ajojing :)

  • Sudanna Hewll
    Sudanna Hewll 53 menit yang lalu

    Who the fuck is Lisa!?

  • Jam Mascoo
    Jam Mascoo 54 menit yang lalu


  • jasmyn Morales
    jasmyn Morales 58 menit yang lalu

    Nostalgia to the first Head in the clouds festival , I love you brian

  • ToxicGaming
    ToxicGaming 59 menit yang lalu

    How did I just find this now

  • Firly Zilba
    Firly Zilba Jam Yang lalu

    excuse me but this track was amazing, i found this late? am i? playlisted please.

  • Shlongkie
    Shlongkie Jam Yang lalu

    Denzel easily had the best part

  • Drone Shots
    Drone Shots Jam Yang lalu

    Go ahead and bark after dark Fallen star, I'm your one call away Motel halls, neon walls When night falls, I am your escape When you lay alone, I ache Something I wanted to feel If you've been waiting for fallin' in love Babe, you don't have to wait on me 'Cause I've been aiming for heaven above But an angel ain't what I need Not anyone, you're the one More than fun, you're the sanctuary 'Cause what you want is what I want Sincerity Souls that dream alone lie awake I'll give you something so real If you've been waiting for fallin' in love Babe, you don't have to wait on me 'Cause I've been aiming for Heaven above But an angel ain't what I need Pull me oh so close 'Cause you never know Just how long our lives will be If you've been waiting for fallin' in love Babe, you don't have to wait on me 'Cause I've been aiming for Heaven above But an angel ain't what I need

  • Wenni Cai
    Wenni Cai Jam Yang lalu

    I miss Chengdu so much

  • It'sAspectBro
    It'sAspectBro Jam Yang lalu

    No one will comment about his fucked up legs? But the song is amazing

  • Anathan Pham
    Anathan Pham Jam Yang lalu

    2:28 name of music please

  • White Sheep
    White Sheep Jam Yang lalu

    Wtf is this that pink guy in the meme???

  • Anathan Pham
    Anathan Pham Jam Yang lalu

    2:28 name of music please

  • Account
    Account Jam Yang lalu

    Hard to believe he’s 19

  • TsPitfire
    TsPitfire Jam Yang lalu

    James Bond, Depression and Failure

  • Noodlz_r_dope
    Noodlz_r_dope Jam Yang lalu

    Is it just me or is this short af

  • Ganang Sukma
    Ganang Sukma Jam Yang lalu

    overproud indon

  • dominicryzs too
    dominicryzs too Jam Yang lalu

    wtf George and Brian get below 100M views for actual talent but a girl jumping and singing gets 500M+ views wtf this is not okay

  • Rapid Gen
    Rapid Gen Jam Yang lalu

    I love this shit. U need to made it loongg

  • Czrrah Maryie
    Czrrah Maryie Jam Yang lalu

    I am a year late frick.

  • I drink bleach
    I drink bleach Jam Yang lalu

    Frank you became the swole thing you was ment to destroy

  • Michael No Name
    Michael No Name Jam Yang lalu

    This shot makes me cry

  • Okta Purnama
    Okta Purnama Jam Yang lalu

    Rich Brian love from 🇮🇩😘

  • Valentina Ria
    Valentina Ria Jam Yang lalu

    When the toilet can’t flushing....

  • Mcsang2a A
    Mcsang2a A Jam Yang lalu

    Why r u becoming so thin wtf is that brian

  • Jane Chea
    Jane Chea Jam Yang lalu

    The one thing joji and clams casino has in common is that they make songs both happy and depressing at the time

  • Carlo
    Carlo Jam Yang lalu


  • Young Felix
    Young Felix Jam Yang lalu

    Wifis funeral gets all respect

  • Revlet Xannic
    Revlet Xannic Jam Yang lalu

    literally kept thinking about the OH MY GAWDDDDDDDDDDDD for weeks but couldn't remember the name of this song i feel shame

  • Universitas Peternakan Ikan Lele - UPIL

    Feels like seeing the summary of the real daily life of Jakarta and Indonesia in this video! A great video, made by great artist!

  • justjuice
    justjuice Jam Yang lalu

    Truly the epitome of the phrase "dont judge a book by its cover". A proud non chinese indonesian of his fellow chinese indonesian who is making a killing in the US:)

  • Thatoneguy
    Thatoneguy Jam Yang lalu

    Me and my girlfriend got together the day this omg came out and it’s been a year since I got lucky with my beautiful baby, I know it’s weird to call this our song but it’s the first thing we bonded over, every time I hear it I can imagine our first kiss. Idk something nice to think about

  • ZyklonBeep
    ZyklonBeep Jam Yang lalu

    im depressed

  • Brother John
    Brother John Jam Yang lalu

    3D sound? awesome!

  • Kiki the Dork
    Kiki the Dork Jam Yang lalu

    I swear, this song is just so perfect. It reminds me of my past memories and how fast they go by as I listen to this. One moment i'm collecting small animal toys, and the other i'm picking the ones I wanna keep before I give them all away. Just remember guys, even if time flys too fast, enjoy the good, forget the bad, and never forget the great memories. ♡

  • Junior Carlos
    Junior Carlos Jam Yang lalu


  • Franco Gimenez
    Franco Gimenez Jam Yang lalu


  • jesse williams
    jesse williams 2 jam yang lalu

    This shit gay bring Franklin of filth back

  • Mario Luffy
    Mario Luffy 2 jam yang lalu

    Why are there Billie comments here? Billie Eyelids only wishes

  • The Legion
    The Legion 2 jam yang lalu

    This is one of the best music videos with an actually good message

  • cherry mellon
    cherry mellon 2 jam yang lalu

    I gotta remind myself that this is the man that ate a hair cake

  • Alessandro Da Costa
    Alessandro Da Costa 2 jam yang lalu

    🔥 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Vicente 49
    Vicente 49 2 jam yang lalu

    guy: eats meat instagram vegan:

  • Dickygate Tv
    Dickygate Tv 2 jam yang lalu

    its so cool men... i love indonesian

  • Sigurðr lepistö
    Sigurðr lepistö 2 jam yang lalu

    Wth are those sound effects

  • Nofal
    Nofal 2 jam yang lalu

    1:58 when tomato makes balerina slip, im glad shes okay

  • captain marvel
    captain marvel 2 jam yang lalu

    24 Millions streams on Spotify and still counting. Without any Collaborator. Keep it up NIKI. real go internasional no hoax.

  • Canal Müller vlogs
    Canal Müller vlogs 2 jam yang lalu


  • KFCool
    KFCool 2 jam yang lalu

    Im here cause of my Ex and im glad she recommended it now :-)

  • PANDA vaa
    PANDA vaa 2 jam yang lalu

    Slow dancing in the dark with dog

  • Rey crapser
    Rey crapser 2 jam yang lalu

    Who has been hearing this song 15 time's

  • Sir Real
    Sir Real 2 jam yang lalu

    14 yr old girl: Holy shit, this is deep Me: Filthy Frank

  • vitanopnop
    vitanopnop 2 jam yang lalu


  • Admin•Culun _
    Admin•Culun _ 2 jam yang lalu

    Tu wa ga pat🇲🇨

  • sayoru
    sayoru 2 jam yang lalu

    :: wait so was this actually filthy frank what the fucku

  • 1998pandaman
    1998pandaman 2 jam yang lalu

    I love this song

  • Fredly
    Fredly 2 jam yang lalu


  • Eko Budi
    Eko Budi 2 jam yang lalu

    august 08 deserve more credits ;)

  • Daisy Ballard
    Daisy Ballard 2 jam yang lalu

    I showed this to fortnite........! It is now minecraft

  • Gina Coni
    Gina Coni 2 jam yang lalu

    a satyr dying from cupid’s bow, i love it!

  • 520KTae
    520KTae 2 jam yang lalu

    i miss the festival sm 🥺🥺

  • Янина Кричевцова

    this beat very good,great

  • hayin samuri1
    hayin samuri1 3 jam yang lalu

    Man life is fucking hard atm. I feel like killing myself sometimes but then I look at my brother and wonder what would happen to him. My mom recently passed and when he cried it broke my fucking heart man . I’m lost

  • Dian Eka Susanti
    Dian Eka Susanti 3 jam yang lalu

    Relate huh

  • ay caramba!
    ay caramba! 3 jam yang lalu


  • zoeng christo
    zoeng christo 3 jam yang lalu

    I wonder how he clean his suit

  • rudi 90
    rudi 90 3 jam yang lalu

    Brian vs young lex

  • Lalalala Kaiser
    Lalalala Kaiser 3 jam yang lalu

    Why his leg like tht

  • abdul rahman
    abdul rahman 3 jam yang lalu

    I love you Niki huh

  • Rey crapser
    Rey crapser 3 jam yang lalu

    Dude try put the speed to 1.25x

  • Morgan Buttram
    Morgan Buttram 3 jam yang lalu

    Lol isn’t that summer Mckenns ex

  • Kona
    Kona 3 jam yang lalu


  • mooki
    mooki 3 jam yang lalu

    every time i listen to this song i jam out and then remember that this is about crippling heartbreak

  • Hues !
    Hues ! 3 jam yang lalu

    Have any one notice that what Keith ape is wearing is rare asf. *its a DC x BAPE hoodie* Wonder Woman *++!!^^

  • Ryan Watchman
    Ryan Watchman 3 jam yang lalu

    Obsessed with this song glad filthy frank evolved into joji happy for him! Keep it going man 🙏

  • ogga bogga
    ogga bogga 3 jam yang lalu

    Wen she gies EU pop dik

  • Gilang Mactiawan
    Gilang Mactiawan 3 jam yang lalu


    LUCIDJAY 3 jam yang lalu

    Me beating my meat in the heat:.....

  • ika the weeb
    ika the weeb 3 jam yang lalu

    1:22 im going to fuck up my life while getting pink eye :))