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Jimmy Eat World - All The Way (Stay)
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Jimmy Eat World - Love Never
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This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
Ditonton 53 rb4 hari yang lalu
The Guillermo Show with Zombieland Cast
Ditonton 392 rb4 hari yang lalu
Trump is Handling Crisis Very Badly
Ditonton 1,2 jt5 hari yang lalu
Jimmy Kimmel Guesses 'Who's High?'
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Stand Up Comedy from Gina Brillon
Ditonton 35 rb6 hari yang lalu
As Impeachment Ramps Up, Trump Melts Down
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New Cannabis Cafe in LA Sparks Copycats
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Black Pumas - Colors
Ditonton 20 rb7 hari yang lalu
Second Whistle Blown on Donald Trump
Ditonton 1,4 jt7 hari yang lalu
This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
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Is Donald Trump Trying to Impeach Himself?
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Lunay - Fin de Semana
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Yehya Reviews Joker
Ditonton 138 rb12 hari yang lalu
Trump Going Crazy Over Gatorgate
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Newscasters Shocked it's October
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Commercial for SAP with Guillermo
Ditonton 44 rb13 hari yang lalu
For Trump, Things That Are True Are False
Ditonton 908 rb13 hari yang lalu
Team Trump Implodes as Scandals Multiply
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Gary Clark Jr. - Pearl Cadillac
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Do You Look Like Guillermo?
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Trump Lashes Out at Whistleblower
Ditonton 1,9 jt18 hari yang lalu
This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
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Gary Clark Jr. - When I'm Gone
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When It Ukraines It Pours
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James Blake - Are You In Love?
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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #12
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Commercial for Visible with Guillermo
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Morgan Wallen - Whiskey Glasses
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Trump Faces Impeachment Proceedings
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Cage The Elephant - Ready to Let Go
Ditonton 44 rb20 hari yang lalu
Cage The Elephant - Social Cues
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Trump Talks to Ukraine About Biden
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Jimmy Kimmel on Emmys In Memoriam Mistake
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Guillermo Back-to-Back at the 2019 Emmys
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Maren Morris - GIRL
Ditonton 35 rb25 hari yang lalu
Maren Morris - The Bones
Ditonton 39 rb25 hari yang lalu
Trump's Promise to Foreign Leader Exposed
Ditonton 647 rb25 hari yang lalu
Newscasters Love Talk Like a Pirate Day
Ditonton 27 rb25 hari yang lalu
Tinder for Kids!
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Fitz and The Tantrums - I Just Wanna Shine
Ditonton 15 rb26 hari yang lalu
Fitz and The Tantrums - All The Feels
Ditonton 8 rb26 hari yang lalu
The Worst Mascots in Olympic History
Ditonton 36 rb26 hari yang lalu
Impeachment Will Distract Trump!
Ditonton 611 rb27 hari yang lalu
Melanie Martinez - Strawberry Shortcake
Ditonton 2,6 jt28 hari yang lalu
A No-Trigger Comedy Central Roast
Ditonton 96 rb28 hari yang lalu
Green Day - Father of All...
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  • Miro B.
    Miro B. 2 detik yang lalu

    So no one is going to talk about that thumbnail... Ok.

  • neek n
    neek n Menit Yang lalu


  • olivia
    olivia Menit Yang lalu

    Her hair can't stop watching it, looks so funny.

  • 666LaVey666
    666LaVey666 Menit Yang lalu

    My ex girl wouldn't let me fulfill my duty

  • Carolina Araya
    Carolina Araya 2 menit yang lalu

    I still don’t know why this idiot has a talk show....

  • Kyle McDade
    Kyle McDade 2 menit yang lalu

    For anyone wondering U of T is a real school in Toronto

  • The YouTuber without videos
    The YouTuber without videos 2 menit yang lalu

    Zendaya is a legend

  • Anyonomus a
    Anyonomus a 3 menit yang lalu

    Happy Columbus Day

  • vero_7712
    vero_7712 3 menit yang lalu

    Am i the only one, who though that 70% of the questions were lame? you can see it on Joaquin's face.

  • brent robinson
    brent robinson 4 menit yang lalu

    Can’t wait until he retires. He’s completely irrelevant. And if you actually think he’s “evolved” you’re a sucker. Oh, and Beth will leave him the minute he calls it quits.

  • gacha girl
    gacha girl 4 menit yang lalu

    *OH* *MY* *LANTAAA* why is Alan such a pervert?!😷😷😷

  • popo kaito
    popo kaito 5 menit yang lalu

    Not cool...lame...

  • A.J. Torzyk
    A.J. Torzyk 5 menit yang lalu

    This is not entertainment, it is sickening.

  • J Norway
    J Norway 5 menit yang lalu

    Trump, our Fake President, is the single greatest SCAM in the history of the U.S. He is demonic & ruining our nation.

  • Mike Long
    Mike Long 5 menit yang lalu

    The old questions are from my parents generation, and Katy is from my grandparents generation:

  • spitfire spitfire
    spitfire spitfire 6 menit yang lalu

    “Knock knock”

  • Frank Gutierrez
    Frank Gutierrez 7 menit yang lalu

    You shouldn’t even have shown that clip. Wasn’t significant to the interview or the movie. Smh

  • PresidentEricSwalwell2020
    PresidentEricSwalwell2020 7 menit yang lalu

    Wish he would have gone full Joker and pulled out the pistol.

    SUPEROGRE5000 8 menit yang lalu

    Very good

  • Troy Kruse
    Troy Kruse 8 menit yang lalu

    Just saw this. Need more cool teachers like this guy. Kids nowadays need more intriguing things to keep them interested

  • ASMR weather Music
    ASMR weather Music 9 menit yang lalu

    If they watched my videos they could name them all so easy.

  • Jessica Delaney
    Jessica Delaney 10 menit yang lalu

    absolutely awful interview

  • scott alwood
    scott alwood 10 menit yang lalu

    The song is great but I wish the lyrics weren't so repetitive

  • dreamervanroom
    dreamervanroom 11 menit yang lalu

    Pee jokes and underarm hair. LOL. We have a good time in America. Meanwhile they missed the truejoke "deodorant is my conditioner". T. said don't shave he didnt say go bare.

  • Alannah Gilliam
    Alannah Gilliam 11 menit yang lalu

    knock knock...

  • Harlo Racist Bear
    Harlo Racist Bear 12 menit yang lalu

    Jimble kimble

  • A.J. Anderson
    A.J. Anderson 12 menit yang lalu

    Damn there are a LOT of stupid people in America !

  • Ash Vanhelsing
    Ash Vanhelsing 12 menit yang lalu

    I just noticed the cereal he’s eating at 0:49 is “Gustav-O’s”

  • jacob chen
    jacob chen 13 menit yang lalu

    I saw JOKER at 7:34 !!!

  • Nikola Slavov
    Nikola Slavov 13 menit yang lalu

    You wanna hear a joke, Jimmy?

    ATHUL RAJ R 15 menit yang lalu

    7:51 Thug life !!!

  • i cant splel
    i cant splel 17 menit yang lalu

    he didnt try to trick the blonde with you wanna play?

  • tsilikasp
    tsilikasp 17 menit yang lalu

    My favorite movie scene!

  • Fienn C
    Fienn C 18 menit yang lalu

    Phoenix: Knock knock! Me: oohhh boyyy😱,

  • 8bp Pro
    8bp Pro 18 menit yang lalu

    Ellen is gayee

  • Vik Singh
    Vik Singh 20 menit yang lalu

    Someone cancel the show.

  • i cant splel
    i cant splel 20 menit yang lalu

    more like NOT friendly neighborhood spidey

    I PEE IN POOLS 21 menit yang lalu

    I ran in my dads room yelling I love you dad. Turns out the neighbor down the street loves him to? Thanks Jimmy!

  • Joy Dellvon
    Joy Dellvon 21 menit yang lalu

    This scene should have totally been in the movie.

  • Tom Shore
    Tom Shore 22 menit yang lalu

    If Joaquin doesn’t win an Oscar for joker I will actually lose my mind

  • Olivia Hart
    Olivia Hart 23 menit yang lalu

    That AWFULLY fake laugh at 4:04

  • Chris Osle
    Chris Osle 23 menit yang lalu

    De Niro and Pachino should dress up and go to the oval Office and "Mob" Trump. It would be hilarious. I bet Trump thinks those 2 actors are actually the people they play in movies. They could scare the crap outta Trump.

  • Dink Martini
    Dink Martini 25 menit yang lalu

    Kimmel, I'll watch your "show" when you bring back Girls On Trampolines. You know, the way you ended every ManShow with nearly naked girls jumping on trampolines? Yeah, bring that back, will ya?

  • Luis Rico
    Luis Rico 26 menit yang lalu

    That was supposed to be personal, should've kept it like that

  • Garry TM
    Garry TM 26 menit yang lalu


  • Pracas
    Pracas 26 menit yang lalu

    A goddamn milk? Really Jimmy? And that also half a gallon? I am so disappointed 😣 I thought it was gonna be like an ounce or at least like an eighth of weed bruh

  • Altabtabai TV
    Altabtabai TV 27 menit yang lalu

    What a fake, annoying laugh.

  • Austin
    Austin 28 menit yang lalu

    Joaquin should have been on Conan or Colbert

  • Cesar Huerta The Vegan Skater
    Cesar Huerta The Vegan Skater 30 menit yang lalu

    Yoooo now that's a quote, Jimmy: You must be very proud. Dad: "I'm very Proud! That's my Rocky Mexicano!!!😂👊🙌👍✌

  • RiseOFloganX Logan
    RiseOFloganX Logan 30 menit yang lalu

    All hail the king! He's still the king of all media!!!!

  • Not Tfue
    Not Tfue 31 menit yang lalu

    6:03 to 6:07 man waving in the background

  • thirdeye verve
    thirdeye verve 33 menit yang lalu

    So everyone finna ignore the Goth gurl in the back showin' her middle finger? Or am i trippin'? Is it only me?

  • Amithosh Reddy Gunna
    Amithosh Reddy Gunna 35 menit yang lalu

    The only fake fued that's funny and.

  • TJ_ the_Insane
    TJ_ the_Insane 36 menit yang lalu

    Haha big cat piss blonde man child president with a substance abuse problem

  • Nina G
    Nina G 37 menit yang lalu

    Sooo clearly actors but still funny

    I GOT TWO FREE TACOS! 37 menit yang lalu

    Ngl the movie was powerful. I litiraly was sobbing and people where staring at me, and my sister waked me in the arm and told me to shut up, and I cried more. Lol I'm a pussy 😂

  • Tony Yang
    Tony Yang 38 menit yang lalu

    I can fall asleep to this.

  • Amy Elliott
    Amy Elliott 38 menit yang lalu

    Joquain was in a mood for a serious interview ,clearly he came to the wrong show.

  • Uxas - Darkseid
    Uxas - Darkseid 38 menit yang lalu

    I watched last episode today. Great TV show.

  • Cody gaming and vlogs
    Cody gaming and vlogs 39 menit yang lalu

    It would be funny if he said “ you get what you fuckin deserve” and shot jimmy 😂 Jimmy’s a nice guy but it would still be funny

  • sabaton attero
    sabaton attero 39 menit yang lalu

    And the shot?

  • hellshade2
    hellshade2 39 menit yang lalu

    that slide was nothing. i am a roller coaster fan and i would do this slide in a second. nothing to it....

  • Loaf Michaels
    Loaf Michaels 43 menit yang lalu

    He became Don Imus

    ANTHONY MUZOORA 43 menit yang lalu

    People who dislike please... learn to show appreciation.... may God bless the people especially the guy who teaches us while he holds them thank you!!

  • Vito Šijaković 47
    Vito Šijaković 47 44 menit yang lalu

    where can i buy knife guys t-shirt?

  • Kiahna
    Kiahna 45 menit yang lalu

    "Would you recommend that children watch this show?" *gleefully* yES I dO

  • hellshade2
    hellshade2 46 menit yang lalu

    all i can say is i would not have wanted to live near themba's family when he was a child. could you imagine his mom standing at the door calling him in for dinner? people'd be thinking the whole forest be coming down... 😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph Valles
    Joseph Valles 47 menit yang lalu


  • factenter
    factenter 48 menit yang lalu

    Kevin Pollak impression of LN: "BunNAWnurzh."😂

  • Modern Music
    Modern Music 48 menit yang lalu

    7:34 “you’re making fun of it but it’s pretty serious to me” Joaquin really seems the exact same way he was in Joker 😳

  • Dones Fitness Motivation
    Dones Fitness Motivation 49 menit yang lalu

    Kanye should debate T.I

  • Chaz titan
    Chaz titan 49 menit yang lalu

    dont tell me the young generation is the dumbest.

  • Chaz titan
    Chaz titan 50 menit yang lalu

    We should have a constitutional republic. therefor if you are a democrat, you need to leave this country cause you are to dumb for your own good

  • Shahbaz M S
    Shahbaz M S 51 menit yang lalu

    How is it possible to go through school in America and not know where America is on a map? You must have seen the map hundreds of time.

  • Laura
    Laura 53 menit yang lalu

    It’s weird seeing him acting normal haha

  • xxHaydenZz
    xxHaydenZz 53 menit yang lalu

    4:04 The teacher when they laugh at their own joke

  • Tipu Sensei
    Tipu Sensei 54 menit yang lalu

    If we can not have faith in you and Vince Gill lan, in whom can we?? Me: probably not in D&D...

  • Cho Tube
    Cho Tube 54 menit yang lalu

    I love that clip! Cant imagine what it has to take for someone to get into the right state of mind for a such a movie.

  • Justin Wiseman
    Justin Wiseman 57 menit yang lalu

    Take jimmy off the show! Jimmy sucks as a talk show host.

  • Marcos Recio
    Marcos Recio 59 menit yang lalu

    He's so hurt by these lol

  • andrea denora
    andrea denora Jam Yang lalu

    americans with italian cuisine... so gullible!!!

  • Fernando
    Fernando Jam Yang lalu

    WOW, the biggest ass kissing guy in FOX talks about ass clown..what happened with Sean, suddenly he is ok with having an Immigrant in the White House. Double standard??


    2:12 And the race for the new MOTO GP championship is on!!

  • Adub Htown
    Adub Htown Jam Yang lalu

    The brilliance of I Think You Should Leave aside. this was an interesting interview.

  • Sultan Art
    Sultan Art Jam Yang lalu

    Jimmy made their rap silly

  • Milk Boi
    Milk Boi Jam Yang lalu

    Hey jimmayyyyy

  • Benny
    Benny Jam Yang lalu

    Jimmy’s so annoying lol

  • 90g fratè
    90g fratè Jam Yang lalu

    He got a very good voice btw

  • Rosé's ViSuAls Are UndErRatTed

    The whole video : dOnT TaLk To ThiS MiC ANd WiN tEn DollArS~

  • Julian blueyes
    Julian blueyes Jam Yang lalu

    All these comments down below should be ashamed of themselves to call themselves Americans..Jimmy Kimmel is nothing but a kiss ass that belongs in North Korea with the rest of his looney friends..Get used to this president his going to be your present for the next four years if you like it or not.

  • linn lala
    linn lala Jam Yang lalu

    Make fun of my man once more jimmy and I’ll show you the mf knock knock joke

  • nickability
    nickability Jam Yang lalu

    I think Jimmy is used to someone with higher energy and takes jokes easily, so I think their energies didnt match up but Jimmy tried his best. Leave him be

  • Jamwash Joni
    Jamwash Joni Jam Yang lalu

    I am not from the U.S., never been there before but from a distance Mr. Obama looks like a hell of a good President. Proud he comes from my Country thou .Kenya kenya

  • idoj654123
    idoj654123 Jam Yang lalu

    I keep thinking of a David Bowie song this reminds me of... Major Tom's a Junkie?

  • Optimistic Outreach
    Optimistic Outreach Jam Yang lalu

    Peyton Manning assaulted a woman in a locker room years back...anyone know about this? Just heard about it...

  • Leroy O Neill
    Leroy O Neill Jam Yang lalu

    Aaron Paul has a pure soul.

  • F. G.
    F. G. Jam Yang lalu

    Where is his gun?

  • Abby Wonder
    Abby Wonder Jam Yang lalu

    I don’t know who he is but I need to find out. But I love how he remembers the names from when he was 13. Lol

  • marques Wofford
    marques Wofford Jam Yang lalu

    Gotta love TP MAN

  • Jamwash Joni
    Jamwash Joni Jam Yang lalu

    In Kenya we drive on the other side of the Road