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Best Ever Food Review Show
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Extreme Indonesian Food Tour!!!
Ditonton 1,9 jt3 bulan yang lalu
1 Goose/25 People!!! Food of Madagascar!!!
Ditonton 1,3 jt8 bulan yang lalu


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    30 min . Matt stonie will devour this thali😎😎

  • Arnav Roy
    Arnav Roy 4 menit yang lalu

    I think she needed your cock dish she felt too hungry u could give her some curry to calm her down.

  • Arnav Roy
    Arnav Roy 11 menit yang lalu

    "What happens in Goa stays in Goa" 🤣🤣 that was completely dumb. Until your party gets busted by cops and then it won't stay in Goa your family members will surely gonna get the messege and also you'll feel a big bamboo on your ass giving you all sort of mental and physical torture so now I think u get me and that amateur lady was no way correct on her dumbest comment exaggerating Goa with Vegas which is like comparing Norway and New york😆😆

  • Sina Yekkalar
    Sina Yekkalar 11 menit yang lalu

    love from Iran. viva India

  • DjFrass Mad
    DjFrass Mad 13 menit yang lalu


    SHIKHI ROY 17 menit yang lalu

    Mordern people don't do live jumping food

  • Monu Mehta
    Monu Mehta 20 menit yang lalu

    Baby shark dododo Mommy shark dodododdo Daddy shark dodododo Baby shark.......

  • Maya S
    Maya S 26 menit yang lalu

    What's for dinner? .."Oh, how about some june bugs :)"

  • Leo Doyle
    Leo Doyle 26 menit yang lalu

    the clumsiness of that beginning is exactly why you are better than a lot of other food channels. On my travel mount rushmore for sure

  • Mommy Jhovee
    Mommy Jhovee 27 menit yang lalu

    Oh I'm hungry watching it... I miss 🇵🇭 foods..😋👍

  • Johnny
    Johnny 28 menit yang lalu

    From seeing the minimirized thumbnail I thought he was William Zabka

  • Manoel Auves dos Santos Manoel Auves dos Santos

    How to make islime kkkk

  • Notorious Dabber710
    Notorious Dabber710 38 menit yang lalu

    Lobster Sperm Sonny.......Lobster sperm becomes solid like that......bon appetite! lol

  • jason lu
    jason lu 41 menit yang lalu

    beautiful country and friendly people. too bad the west shut themselves out from this beautiful culture.

  • Armgears
    Armgears 46 menit yang lalu

    Alligator taste like pork to me

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 47 menit yang lalu

    Ever since the United Nations invasion / occupation of West Papua in September 1962, the local politicians, builders, mechanics, radio & phone trademen, doctors, nurses, Papuan militia and their children & grand-children have been denied access to their own jobs, homes and resources that the United Nations asked Indonesia to administrate allegedly for 'benefit' of the Papuan people - - - Please refer to our paper "West Papua Exposed: An Abandoned Non-Self-Governing and Trust Territory" published by Griffith University journal but also available from andrew767-wordpress-com

  • Sean Diaz
    Sean Diaz 48 menit yang lalu

    Sonny: *makes this video* BuzzFeed: Wait, that's illegal

  • Waseem Abbas
    Waseem Abbas 50 menit yang lalu

    Come to Pakistan bro plz!❤️

  • Mommy Jhovee
    Mommy Jhovee 50 menit yang lalu

    Can't believe that there are still tribes like this.. Were in 2019 now😁

  • Dp Profil
    Dp Profil 50 menit yang lalu

    Why them cows look sad, in this awkward situation makes me wanna laugh nut i shouldn't

  • Maya S
    Maya S 50 menit yang lalu

    Is he single?!

  • D Green
    D Green 53 menit yang lalu

    How does he always get the cutest female tour guides?

  • Ramyanath Das
    Ramyanath Das 56 menit yang lalu

    And her boyfriend's name is Nobita

  • Louis Babycos
    Louis Babycos 56 menit yang lalu

    There so adorable but I don't want them to get hooked on American fast food like I am .

  • Enayat Ehsani
    Enayat Ehsani Jam Yang lalu

    Iranian culture is like Afghan kulture, nice Vidio like from Kabul Afghanistan

  • Sreekumar R
    Sreekumar R Jam Yang lalu

    Disgusting.. Yukk.. how someone can eat this shit 😵😵

  • Manju Prem
    Manju Prem Jam Yang lalu

    People dont have ladoos to eat like you....from Banglore..

  • Mommy Jhovee
    Mommy Jhovee Jam Yang lalu

    RATS.??? OH MEN... NOWAY... 🤮 Anyway new subie here🇪🇬

  • J.L Roelevink
    J.L Roelevink Jam Yang lalu

    He mets his Wife

  • Bakongsan Khongyiang
    Bakongsan Khongyiang Jam Yang lalu


  • person noname
    person noname Jam Yang lalu

    Raw horse. I'm done.

  • Lovepreet Singh
    Lovepreet Singh Jam Yang lalu

    Pack your machete and hug your Turkey your jokes always make me laugh my brother. Wish you all the luck in the world for your future adventure.

  • Nikki Boo
    Nikki Boo Jam Yang lalu

    LORD THE KIDS WENT GOT THE 🦀😹😹😹😹😹😹😹🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • BrawlStars Xtreme
    BrawlStars Xtreme Jam Yang lalu

    Hhheeeeash Hhheeeash

  • Ligesh Vava
    Ligesh Vava Jam Yang lalu

    Your welcome also kerala 🥰

  • Prabhu Ragothaman
    Prabhu Ragothaman Jam Yang lalu

    Dude Kitchen also does yummy fish fries , Whole chicken ,etc watch and enjoy

  • Saadhak David
    Saadhak David Jam Yang lalu

    When I was in India, I met so many Parsis (Old Persians who fled to India in 12 hundreds).. No wonder there is a love fest going on here ... Also their ancestors are the same - and both inherit same self seeking culture (avesta or veda) .. Sure India also includes many many other groups and subgroups - The Persians in India are so integral and part of the sub continent. I have taken part in 3 fire ceremonies till date. Its feeling you get is so errily similar to the homa/hawan of the Vedic priests. Its amazing, even after so much Muslim invasion trying to erase what was there - even to date- Iran has kept its older traditions (as is India) - Congrats to you both countries .. who have survived the test of time (even with all the hurdles and looting, poverty and disgust ) - you have not lost everything to islamization & capitalism.

    NICK THORP Jam Yang lalu

    Thanks Sunny for showing the joy and science of these foods. Been a fan for a while now. (Frikkin made you man! Jk) thanks for showing respect and peace in your comportment. Its a credit to you man. Best wishes from England.

  • Rilum Osmanaj
    Rilum Osmanaj Jam Yang lalu

    Welcome! Peace

  • Phuong Truong
    Phuong Truong Jam Yang lalu

    Dude the last restaurant definitely not worth it. When i was in Canada. My wife and I went to lobster fisherman restaurant for lobster mountain. It came with 4 side dishes. Black chicken with Chinese herb soup. Lobster custard fried rice. 10lbs lobster mountain hongkong style. Stir fried vegetables and dessert plus 750ml red wine. Only $150 Canada dollar. Plus tip. You have to try that place if you ever travel to Canada

    EZZY GREZZY Jam Yang lalu

    Je brought them cancer what a way to kill off more of my ppl

  • Mor Her
    Mor Her Jam Yang lalu

    You know he hittin that

    GRANDROLLAZ TV Jam Yang lalu

    She is so beautiful love my melaninated queens!!!!

  • Rambo Hosseini
    Rambo Hosseini Jam Yang lalu

    Thanks for showing the real Iran

  • Mike K
    Mike K Jam Yang lalu

    this guy show us - doesnt matter - oman , uk, usa, we can be friend - we are the people, !!!

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    neighborhood Jam Yang lalu

    I'll hit her❤️

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    californyeah Jam Yang lalu

    Ooohh Parnian....

  • Mohamed Nismy
    Mohamed Nismy Jam Yang lalu

    WF is this 😷

  • Nikki Chavez
    Nikki Chavez Jam Yang lalu

    People : aghhhh sharks Sharks : aghhh people 😭 Sad reality 😔

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    ToshPointFro Eats Jam Yang lalu

    This was a lot of fun to watch. I would try camel.

  • jaycw669
    jaycw669 Jam Yang lalu

    the girls on here are always so sweet and pretty that I have a hard time focusing lmao ;)

  • Gregory King
    Gregory King 2 jam yang lalu

    Oh those first two seconds were so precious

  • Gregory King
    Gregory King 2 jam yang lalu

    They are literally eating aliens

  • Parisa
    Parisa 2 jam yang lalu

    Ewwwww I just can't stand indian food it looks so disgusting and they never wear hand gloves look at the black nails of the people who make it 😭😭😭

  • Donovan
    Donovan 2 jam yang lalu

    I don't get it. Why would you dislike this video? 😕 Did your Mamma not love you...? 😟

  • Imani Fay
    Imani Fay 2 jam yang lalu

    People in comments section just going hard on sonny for saying the most isolated tribe.clearly in the beginning he said some of the tribal members moved from the rain forest and live outside.Why tf does it excite most of you that they would be wearing clothes???

  • Andrew Martinez
    Andrew Martinez 2 jam yang lalu

    5:02 is my favorite kind of burger. Fur burger👅 🍔

  • Colleen Acosta
    Colleen Acosta 2 jam yang lalu

    2:23 Can anyone tell me where could I get that kind of rice?

  • Souhir Chouikha
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  • Shubham Lasure
    Shubham Lasure 2 jam yang lalu

    Mini laddooo.. lmafo

  • Fortnite gamer and Roblox
    Fortnite gamer and Roblox 2 jam yang lalu

    No one Literally no one There but and penis show how shameful

  • Dat Retarded artist
    Dat Retarded artist 2 jam yang lalu

    7:05 i thought the Dothraki just arrived

  • Daily PUBG Dose
    Daily PUBG Dose 2 jam yang lalu

    7:32 Best Ever

  • Lavin Rashid Ismail
    Lavin Rashid Ismail 2 jam yang lalu

    You got Rejected to 1 min straight-

  • C Puiyi
    C Puiyi 2 jam yang lalu

    im asian in malaysia i ate everything in asian

  • 10klegit
    10klegit 2 jam yang lalu

    That’s wild asfffffffff 🙅🏽‍♂️

  • NiGhT mOnKeY
    NiGhT mOnKeY 2 jam yang lalu

    Just some helpful advice watch out for the recoil

  • michdad1
    michdad1 2 jam yang lalu

    Makes me want to throw a few slabs of ribs in the smoker today. Yum! It all look terrific.

  • Kerryann Stanley
    Kerryann Stanley 2 jam yang lalu

    Nasty...I could never eat that

  • Ankit Bista
    Ankit Bista 2 jam yang lalu

    Well, lets inhale some donkey dung!!! -Sonny

  • Deepak Kundu
    Deepak Kundu 2 jam yang lalu

    Well, I am fortunate enough to know the crab curry

  • Imani Fay
    Imani Fay 2 jam yang lalu

    wah wah wah wah.That chief is in love with Sonny...hahaha

  • Prince Asare
    Prince Asare 2 jam yang lalu

    Who just clicked on this video because of the title

  • KarmaGunz
    KarmaGunz 2 jam yang lalu

    Truly the best food review show !! Iran edition is the best none the less.

  • Ivan Hoye
    Ivan Hoye 2 jam yang lalu

    Can you visit 🇧🇫 Burkina Faso

  • Adriana
    Adriana 2 jam yang lalu

    i wonder how many times this man has be food poisoned 😕

  • manish bikram
    manish bikram 2 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for such a amazing videos

  • vimal u
    vimal u 2 jam yang lalu

    We call it IDIYAPPAM in India(kerala) for Bun noodles

  • Ardhian Pahlawan
    Ardhian Pahlawan 2 jam yang lalu

    Wkwk so funny

  • Mr. H
    Mr. H 2 jam yang lalu

    The cut above your eye goes from being on the right side @ 1:55 to being on the left side @2:55 or most of the video. The question is, which side is it actually on?

  • Aprians Hendry
    Aprians Hendry 2 jam yang lalu

    I can't even eat without sambal 😂😂😂😂😂

  • PK Khetarpal
    PK Khetarpal 2 jam yang lalu

    Going to sit this one out. Love seafood, but this is gross !!

  • John John
    John John 2 jam yang lalu

    Ohhh this makes me miss india. ❤️❤️❤️ love from the Philippines 🇵🇭

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  • Itsladybugstory
    Itsladybugstory 2 jam yang lalu

    Really want to visit Iran, I’m so close already in UAE 😍

  • Phúc Hiếu
    Phúc Hiếu 2 jam yang lalu

    Poor guy :(

  • Nguyet Ngo
    Nguyet Ngo 2 jam yang lalu

    Hey Sonny, you need some lipstick, you look pretty with flowers shirt.

  • Nicole Nugent
    Nicole Nugent 2 jam yang lalu

    little piggy went to the market little piggy didn't come.....

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    Treat Shop 2 jam yang lalu

    Im hungry watching u eat that soup...but i cant eat now..maybe till tmorow morning.

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    Zodiaxe Legend 3 jam yang lalu

    Lol cheese raining down from the heaven.

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    Sophia Mickael Pacpaco 3 jam yang lalu

    The girl looks like jhiyo(twice), a little bit?

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    Susasing1 3 jam yang lalu

    mannn. she's gorgeous and she's distracting the male viewers.

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    Ucnle Dolan 3 jam yang lalu

    Sad dat no dogs were eaten

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    Ashrita Debbarma 3 jam yang lalu

    I love u Sonny side...

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    Ali Xon 3 jam yang lalu

    Узбеклар борми куряпган.

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    NiGhT mOnKeY 3 jam yang lalu

    Haha at the beginning that crawfish taking a brother to paradise = the purple net 😂😂😂

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    TetraPlacidity 3 jam yang lalu

    every time sonny is trying not to say ""worth it for its price'' cracks me up 😂

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    Denzel Persad 3 jam yang lalu

    Felt sick watching this

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    Huynh Luna 3 jam yang lalu

    Wonderful video !!!