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  • The best
    The best 7 hari yang lalu

    Shredding some big dolls will be good

  • Mr.Snooker
    Mr.Snooker 16 hari yang lalu

    Hi, I want to buy your channel,

  • Antonino Dilahoy
    Antonino Dilahoy Bulan Yang lalu

    I like your content. You’ve got a new subscriber! Why don’t you use SMZeus”dot”com??! You should use it to help get your videos seen.

  • Carlos Fonseca
    Carlos Fonseca Bulan Yang lalu

    Tirate vos de cabeza.

  • Yeqin Zhu
    Yeqin Zhu Bulan Yang lalu

    Perché hai tolto tutti i video???

  • MomChie’s Diary
    MomChie’s Diary Bulan Yang lalu

    Grabe sayang mga toys prasaan yan pero bgo lahat paakap nman bhay ko boss dine mko sayo

  • Mitch Skillz
    Mitch Skillz Bulan Yang lalu

    stick your hand in it lol

  • Be A Boss
    Be A Boss Bulan Yang lalu

    Comment here which one is your favorite... Also suggest us what you will love to watch shredding in our upcoming video. Thanks

  • DerChopper
    DerChopper Bulan Yang lalu

    Krass, was sich die Leute alles ansehen. Einfach nur idiotisch!

  • Drone master 360
    Drone master 360 Bulan Yang lalu

    Please shout me out on your next video because i subscribed to you by 4 phones please please please

  • Nathan Loud
    Nathan Loud Bulan Yang lalu

    Lunch And Snack

  • Lincoln Loud
    Lincoln Loud Bulan Yang lalu


  • Be A Boss
    Be A Boss Bulan Yang lalu

    Hello Friends, Comment which thing you loved to watch shredding. Also tell us which stuff you want to see shred in our upcoming videos. Thanks

    • Shamayne
      Shamayne Bulan Yang lalu

      @Drone master 360 I watched the videos before they swapped to this shredding content and I simply let them know that I am not interested in this stuff. Triggered much?

    • Drone master 360
      Drone master 360 Bulan Yang lalu

      Shayman than why do you see these videos than mind your own business and watch what you lile

    • Drone master 360
      Drone master 360 Bulan Yang lalu

      I subscribed can you shout me out

    • Shamayne
      Shamayne Bulan Yang lalu

      Actually, I am not interested in anything shredded. Good luck and unsub.

  • Alforsolid
    Alforsolid Bulan Yang lalu


  • Be A Boss
    Be A Boss Bulan Yang lalu

    Hello guys, Comment us which thing you want to see in shredding in our next video?😍😍 Thanks for loving us 😍😘😍

  • Fernandinha 1105
    Fernandinha 1105 Bulan Yang lalu

    I really want to see a piece of meat with bones getting shredded in there

  • Rummy sharma
    Rummy sharma Bulan Yang lalu


  • quienloescribe
    quienloescribe Bulan Yang lalu

    Hasta hoy, el único video que no me ha gustado porque son juguetes

  • Raymond Dubois
    Raymond Dubois Bulan Yang lalu

    Two things. Wow, a coconut and stuffed toys make a real good demonstration of a shredder? Oh, who's the IDIOT placing his hands so close to the unit that can take his arm off. I'll bet they are both the same IDIOT.

  • Barbara Lopez
    Barbara Lopez Bulan Yang lalu

    Me gusta ver videos así jaja

  • samuel oliveira
    samuel oliveira Bulan Yang lalu

    Perigosíssima, deveria trabalhar com sensor, devido ao grau de fatalidade.

    KILLER MASTER YT Bulan Yang lalu


  • R.K Gaming
    R.K Gaming Bulan Yang lalu

    Awesome 😘😘😘