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    Rug and Caitlyn are dating, I oath 😂😂

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    Don’t be sexist you little jerk lelelele lelelel lelelele JK

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    Have the best day😀

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    Why didn't you drink that drink. You knew what they didn't like and used it to your advantage. Your a little bitch Faze Rug

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    Happy BIRTHDAY faze rug 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂

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    happy birthday! its the 19th here in australia lmap - atonya

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    Do vlogs again

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    Happy birthday FAZE ®UG Enjoy it we love Your videos but most importantly YOU

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    My brothers b day is the 19th

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    Hey rug November 19 also my happy birthday rug and for me♥♥♥♥♥

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    Happy birthday rug hope you have the bast bday ever

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    Only OGs who remember Clint could like this

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    18 november is my countrys birht day latvia got 101 years old

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    I been to Disney World not Disneyland

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    I went to disney world not disny land, it was AMAZING

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    My hamsters name is also hame

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    Food is food

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    Rug: Were at the happiest place on earth Me: Im watching the happiest video on earth

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    Bryan I’m Cali: where’s a sweater and sweating Me in New York: freezing my but off but getting lit on snowday

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    iphone 11 pro max pls🥺💜

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    On This Day My Favorite IDclipsr Was Born You Were Made for Greatness Happy Birthdayyyyy Faze Rug U Deserve It I Want You To Live It Up And Enjoy🥳‼️

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    Bro if we knew everything fast food places do to food around the USA we’d be fucked 😂

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    Hey guys today is my birthday I'm finnaly 11 and can i get 3 likes? It's okay you don't have to💖

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    noah vs rug armwresaling

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    Happy birthday and it was my birthday the 15 of Nov. And I live in florida so i have been to Disney world

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    Y’all held hands 👀 2:03

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    Keep doing them but not with her

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    the hottest piper in the role is the Carolina Reeper

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    Now that he showed me the first part I am willing to watch the first part cuz I haven't watch the first part.

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    yo rug I’m 19th November and mine is today happy birthday

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    Only half of this year since I started vlogging and I find it already hard to think of content. Wow 3 years of daily vlogging!

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    That’s from the conjuring

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    November 19th is my dogs birthday

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    I never been to disney land but i think i would like it

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    You hyped it too much lol

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    Ghost pepper is not the most hottest pepper in the world... Its carolina reaper next time search it up.

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    Rip the camera dude he didnt taste the burger

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    You are mean give it to the camera man

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    NOW WHO THE FUCK Buys his EX a ticket TO FUCKING DISNEY LAND She has to be putting a gun in your head

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