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  • n13ssn delboy
    n13ssn delboy Jam Yang lalu

    young foden was pushed around throughout the game

  • Michelle Webb
    Michelle Webb Jam Yang lalu

    Phil foden didnt deserve that red card but sterling was incredible love that guy

  • Mohammed Moussa
    Mohammed Moussa 2 jam yang lalu

    Mahrez the best

  • DanCav
    DanCav 2 jam yang lalu

    @dev-mcf jackson what did I say two days ago?

  • Yassin MY
    Yassin MY 2 jam yang lalu

    Fernandinho looks like Dave Chapelle

  • Harold Writes
    Harold Writes 2 jam yang lalu

    Mahrez is a very limited attacker.

    • mouss abdou
      mouss abdou Jam Yang lalu

      The spaces were closed and he was besieged, but he gave the a pre assist and the assist of fifth goal (better than kdb)😐

  • Sam Gee
    Sam Gee 3 jam yang lalu

    ‘Liverpool FC viewers also watch this channel’ IDclips, 2019 to Man City

  • Ali Al Khamiri
    Ali Al Khamiri 3 jam yang lalu

    Make foden a regular starter

  • Diky NF
    Diky NF 4 jam yang lalu

    wkwk dibantai, kasihan atalanta

  • Robert Gibson
    Robert Gibson 4 jam yang lalu

    Good game Mcfc well done happy Foden got a start an played well just got to continue to be clinical and defend well

  • Sungkar Cityzens
    Sungkar Cityzens 4 jam yang lalu

    Pep always respect to the opponent !

  • Liya Chen
    Liya Chen 5 jam yang lalu

    You never know how much Pep loves Phil until he says that he might have to pay him for how well he played!

  • Jason Mason
    Jason Mason 5 jam yang lalu

    Lucas has a nephew? Mia had a kid? He has a step-brother?? Wtf

  • Dragon genesis
    Dragon genesis 5 jam yang lalu

    Thanks you so much for all you done for us ❤️

  • Alpha Romeo
    Alpha Romeo 5 jam yang lalu

    I can actually speak 7 languages, should I say I have talent?

  • Jefry Duran
    Jefry Duran 5 jam yang lalu

    Wherers tfue ? 🤔🙄

  • Carlo M12
    Carlo M12 5 jam yang lalu

    That's why this is our year, both premier league and champions league

  • Ahmed Telli
    Ahmed Telli 6 jam yang lalu

    Riyad Mahrez the best 2019

  • Ramon Garcia
    Ramon Garcia 6 jam yang lalu

    I have te same mentality than pep

  • Grdj Grdj
    Grdj Grdj 6 jam yang lalu

    Riyad Mahrez

  • Nursalam Adlan
    Nursalam Adlan 6 jam yang lalu

    5-1 ,5 referring to pep can speak 5 different languages ffs on the other side only know one

  • Morgan
    Morgan 6 jam yang lalu

    Liverpool should now work with the Sidemen 😂

  • Benfeghlou Djelloul
    Benfeghlou Djelloul 6 jam yang lalu

    Vive Mahrez

  • Vida Yudi Yerikho
    Vida Yudi Yerikho 6 jam yang lalu

    salut buat david silva

  • thecliqueshallsetyoufree
    thecliqueshallsetyoufree 7 jam yang lalu

    Great game Foden...

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 7 jam yang lalu

    Putting adam Johnson to shame

  • Abraham Dabo
    Abraham Dabo 7 jam yang lalu

    English media is sh.t. They ask the questions then answer it for you😱

  • phrf
    phrf 7 jam yang lalu

    Italian, german, english, spanish and catalan. Jesus christ pep calm down

  • Uli Quiroz
    Uli Quiroz 7 jam yang lalu

    Lucas, first time, was the only one with a good touch

  • Hendra Hndr
    Hendra Hndr 7 jam yang lalu

    Mantapp... Ewako man. City. Salam dari indonesia

  • Daz
    Daz 7 jam yang lalu

    why they saying mendy name like that very rude and annoying

  • Essay uzapena
    Essay uzapena 7 jam yang lalu

    the first yellow for phil was cearly a foul,but the second should have been a freekick not a second yellow.

  • ProblemsolveD
    ProblemsolveD 7 jam yang lalu

    lol, All these mahrez fans keep talking all sort of nonsense about him being the best. ... First off, mahrez can only play on the wing, hes not better than sterling period!!! on the next side we have bernardo who can also play in the middle and out wide. Bernado, is more intelligent than mahrez and more skillful. I can predict every movement mahrez will make on a ball. However, not to discredit him, hes good; great deliveries, quick feet and shooting. so it will always be a battle between him and bernardo depending on the opponent city face.

  • modeste nomad
    modeste nomad 7 jam yang lalu

    beauty cream and scratching around his head all the time... a real british gentleman, vanity and skinsick

  • Kamel 158 Predatour
    Kamel 158 Predatour 7 jam yang lalu


  • Juan se Coronado
    Juan se Coronado 7 jam yang lalu

    I wanna see you ready😂😂😂😂

  • Andrew Claasen
    Andrew Claasen 7 jam yang lalu

    I Phil for Foden 😏

  • Aldrey Noviello06
    Aldrey Noviello06 8 jam yang lalu

    Buy need Ruben Dias or De Vrij, Isco Alarcon, Erling Haaland

  • jamal rez
    jamal rez 8 jam yang lalu

    Mahrez didn't play good today, his moral is very down , he did everything and still get benched , unlike Mahrez , Sterling did very well today but even when he doesn't play good he get selected, so it s clear Guardiola prefere Bernardo than Mahrez , next game we are going to see Bernardo/Cancelo and Mahrez benched if Bernardo doesn't get suspended. Mahrez now should ask for transfer. well i hope.

    • jamal rez
      jamal rez 7 jam yang lalu

      @Ley Lã unlike you i was a footballer and studied about coaching, i can have a little ideas in a footballer body languages. plus that was only an opinion, remember that

    • jamal rez
      jamal rez 7 jam yang lalu

      @ProblemsolveD i'm not disputing why Sterling is selected even when he is tired, all i'm saying Mahrez is feeling down , he was the same in training . Against Wolves all the team didn't play well , and gundogun or silva should of been replaced by Bernardo , instead it was Mahrez at 55mn of the game , the score 0-0, then dropped against Crystal palace. i think some players when they keep being dropped, they loose their confidence and he is one of them , that is all. We haven't seen the Mahrez that started in good form that is all i said , i hope i'm wrong, but if you don't like my opinion , that is your problem. Even Guardiola few weeks ago sent him a message not to get upset when you are dropped , it wasn't me who said it . IT WAS HIS COACH. if you still don't understand then tough .

    • Ley Lã
      Ley Lã 7 jam yang lalu

      I mean you Mr Jamel

    • Ley Lã
      Ley Lã 7 jam yang lalu

      Sorry but you know any thing about foot ball ,I advice you to see the match one more time , so Mahrez will play next time . remember that

    • ProblemsolveD
      ProblemsolveD 7 jam yang lalu

      such silly analysis... pep rotates mahrz and bernardo every game!!! if you were watching all the match you would see. in fact mahrez gets more game time than bernardo since the start of the season! I have no idea what you are talking about. it's just hard to displace sterling on the next side given his quality.

  • Goitsemodimo Seleke
    Goitsemodimo Seleke 8 jam yang lalu

    The Champions💙

  • oli sykes
    oli sykes 8 jam yang lalu

    man city 10 years ago ? and all the fans of all sudden ? paid actors LUL

  • Jon Black
    Jon Black 8 jam yang lalu

    Pep Guadiola is the best in the world

  • Jon Black
    Jon Black 8 jam yang lalu

    I was like how possible will Rodriguez,fernadinho play the defensive role forgetting that pep Guadiola is the 🐐 . Am sure Sergio Aguero will be used as a left back one-day. In pep Guadiola we trust

  • Willy C.
    Willy C. 8 jam yang lalu

    I prefer Bernardo to Mahrez honestly. He is more concrete than Riyad, that's my opinion.

    • SaMyVI
      SaMyVI 5 jam yang lalu

      Team wining 5-1 and this lad saying i prefer bernardo bc its more clinical, lol its like today gale is not clinical , i'm happy Ure not city coatch

  • Muhamad Alatas
    Muhamad Alatas 8 jam yang lalu

    I miss leroy sane 😢😢 why don't play in game? But the team is very good. Man. City must be fokus

    • Muhamad Alatas
      Muhamad Alatas 2 jam yang lalu

      @RandomBRwhat.. huhuhu 😭 next match will be fine Aamiin

    • RandomBR
      RandomBR 8 jam yang lalu

      hes injured

  • housine Andy
    housine Andy 8 jam yang lalu

    What a asist for The magic mahrez 😘😍🇩🇿🇩🇿🙏👏👏

  • Khan Bhai
    Khan Bhai 8 jam yang lalu

    I would never take a player with this much of sense of humour ! Spoilt his career on lame stuff 😲😲😲😨😵😷

  • Nacho Nuñez
    Nacho Nuñez 8 jam yang lalu

    I love this guy❤️⚽

  • Jorge Fernandez
    Jorge Fernandez 8 jam yang lalu

    What an exciting match and a perfect match of rash he is in the form of his life and it seems he could even more stunning. Great match of foden too what a pity the unfair yellow cards

  • emin eroglu
    emin eroglu 8 jam yang lalu

    His Italien is mad

  • Jimmy Y Daniel Rivas
    Jimmy Y Daniel Rivas 9 jam yang lalu

    Okay im a good player but I can guarantee I can not match that touch 2:42

  • Ayoub Ayoubi
    Ayoub Ayoubi 9 jam yang lalu

    Those who say that Riad did not play well I would like to correct them, although the selfishness of some non-players in passing the ball to Riyadh, but it is better for me because he did not reach many balls, he plays for the benefit of the team and everyone and made two passes and contributed to the defense and cut a lot of balls Who understand in football game and play center on the right always !! Why ???

  • Djamel Laouari
    Djamel Laouari 9 jam yang lalu

    French accent :homosexual 😀

  • Nazih Cherouati
    Nazih Cherouati 9 jam yang lalu

    No mahrez no win

    • leonard london
      leonard london 8 jam yang lalu

      City beat CP last weekend without Mahrez.

    • Willy C.
      Willy C. 8 jam yang lalu

      I prefer Bernardo to him honestly

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 9 jam yang lalu

    Come to Real Madrid Gabriel Jesus

  • Squeaky Chicken HD
    Squeaky Chicken HD 9 jam yang lalu

    I was at the match Phil somehow got a red I had to go at the 85th minuets because I needed to go and because he had it in the bag

  • Eurn Sarak
    Eurn Sarak 9 jam yang lalu

    Today We're very good.

  • To oo
    To oo 9 jam yang lalu

    Raheem Sterling ballon d'or

    • Kamel 158 Predatour
      Kamel 158 Predatour 7 jam yang lalu

      housine Andy ڨاوري وقيلا هاذا

    • Kamel 158 Predatour
      Kamel 158 Predatour 7 jam yang lalu

      housine Andy عندك الحق خويا 😂😂😂

    • housine Andy
      housine Andy 8 jam yang lalu

      الترمة تاعك يديها ستيرلينغ البالون دور ،كاين محرز خويا غادي يديها هو أنت ڨاع ماتتقلقش😀😁

  • Jamie Eden
    Jamie Eden 9 jam yang lalu

    No Laporte No title

  • Skull Brain
    Skull Brain 9 jam yang lalu

    That is incredible for a keeper like Joe Hart!!

  • Ashdon Luke
    Ashdon Luke 9 jam yang lalu

    I packed de bruyne today

  • Human Beings R Infinite Beings

    If only Man City Board had just ******* listened to Pep and brought him the CB he wanted,not ran their own mind.

  • Faisal
    Faisal 9 jam yang lalu

    Sterling is the best english players in the world and he’s way better the Harry Kane and Sancho.

  • Jack Leese
    Jack Leese 9 jam yang lalu

    Deluded Arab fans need to get a grip. Mahrez is our worst attacker. He’s had about 5 good games for city and is consistently the worst attacker for us on the pitch. He only stands out in poor sides when it’s built around him

    • SaMyVI
      SaMyVI 4 jam yang lalu

      When i see the team wining 5-1 and this comment i understand that ure not really a city fan but ure here just to spread hate , There's no shame that a fan of a player support him , its his opinion and u gotta respect it , for the playing part , his stats talks unstead of him, and if you were really a city fan u would know it , mentioning arab fans getting a grip huh , what about the owner of city getting a grip aswell ? He is an arab and thanks to him city got all this money that allow you to have such players, so yeah before spreading your retarded comments there's 2 rules 1-be smart and not retarded 2-inform yourself and don't be retarded

    • ElFenomeno
      ElFenomeno 5 jam yang lalu

      Siti Zanariya Ahmad Yes me i know, you know the really problem come to the defense ! Fernandinho give the goal to Atalanta, he do a big mistake ...

    • Siti Zanariya Ahmad
      Siti Zanariya Ahmad 5 jam yang lalu

      Mahrez is a good player, no doubt. He awarded The best EPL player when Leicester won EPL, won African Cup recently, player of the month etc, he did so many good placing and beautiful assist toward goal in many games before. Others player also the best players in ManCity. They are all top players in City. Pep know who is the best for starting XI in everygame. Just trust the manager. Pls don't beeing look like you are racist. The fact is Man City is owned by an Arab. Dont u know that?

    • ElFenomeno
      ElFenomeno 6 jam yang lalu

      Ojay Gayle For me the best is de Bruyne . Sterling scored but he play to much ALONE !! he want only score and dont see the play around ... Foden good but he do 2 big mistakes and he know that in champions league it’s important to be careful ! It’s normal because he dont have expérience , with Time he will be better... mahrez is a very good player , Guardiola know this ! Walker want be offensive but it’s not his job, when he try to attack he put mahrez in difficult because the defense go directly on mahrez si it’s difficult to him but see what mahrez can do with Space !!

    • Ojay Gayle
      Ojay Gayle 7 jam yang lalu

      U all r deluded Sterling is our worst player if he didn't start we would have scored more. Mahrez and foden was the best players to me. u guys r just blinded by Ronaldo and Messi everything is about goals assists is as important as goals look at Sterling first goal it was one touch football at it's finest, foden could have take the shot but pass it to Sterling if it was the other way around Sterling would have shoot he scored a hat trick but he needs to b more like debryune. I can c mahrez game improving. Really impressed with foden he's better than d Silva

  • Jamie Eden
    Jamie Eden 9 jam yang lalu

    Probably got free tickets so they could get more fans

  • Prod. Ewan
    Prod. Ewan 9 jam yang lalu

    Good game, phil did good as he always does, everyone is saying the red card couldve been avoided, i see it as a learning curb for phil hes only young hell learn

    • Kshitij Gupta
      Kshitij Gupta 5 jam yang lalu

      @Willy C. He meant he has to learn around the bias and corruption against City. 90% of the time VAR and ref decisions go against us, and it's better if he learns the hard way

    • Willy C.
      Willy C. 8 jam yang lalu

      He'll learn how ridiculous referees are...come on, how can you give him 2 yellow card like that?

  • ととぷー
    ととぷー 9 jam yang lalu

    39 goals in 12 games this season What a team💙

  • Rashid Conteh
    Rashid Conteh 9 jam yang lalu

    Great win and great team. Man City

  • Jean Michel Cavali
    Jean Michel Cavali 9 jam yang lalu

    Fo'r why sterling aguro Dont play with Mahrez ⭐⭐ Welle Mahrez well com to Liverpool i like you

    • Sarah White
      Sarah White 8 jam yang lalu

      Jean Michel Cavali Don’t worry about this guy, he pastes his comment to anyone who mentions Mahrez lol 😂 either a bot or, an old racist man, he referred to him as the “Arab” funny since the whole team is owned by an Arab lol

    • Jean Michel Cavali
      Jean Michel Cavali 9 jam yang lalu

      @Jack Leese im from french i like Mahrez ⭐⭐ sterling aguro dont play with Mahrez thé best player in thé month

    • Jack Leese
      Jack Leese 9 jam yang lalu

      “Meh”Rez you mean? He had played about 5 good games in a city shirt. Consistently the worst attacker on the pitch when he plays. Wasting all that money when we had Sancho in our grips was a huge mistake. Please take him Pool because your team will be hurt if he takes any game time from Salah and mane, Arab fans know nothing about football and are unbelievable biased

    • Adeleke Adedamola
      Adeleke Adedamola 9 jam yang lalu

      Sorry u aren't getting him he is also important to the team.

  • Cisco Cabs
    Cisco Cabs 10 jam yang lalu

    5-1, he must have given them a great pep talk...

  • Wine is fine But whiskeys quicker

    I love pep obviously but his decision to put both Rodri and ferna at cb was ridiculous. It was Peps fault Rodri got injured. Rodri was brought in because we only had Fernandinho in that position, and he was playing so much, that he eventually got injured in key moments of the season. Now that Rodri is here, he’s still playing ferna a lot and Rodri has been playing a lot. He’s gassing them way too much. Rodri has played damn near every game this season ( if not all the games) and ferna has as well. What’s going to happen when both are injured? We’re screwed pretty much. Stones and Garcia were more than capable of starting. If city can’t beat a team like Atalanta with stones and Garcia as cbs, might as well call it a day tbh.

    • Human Beings R Infinite Beings
      Human Beings R Infinite Beings 9 jam yang lalu

      Kompany suddenly leaving to persue Player-Coach role,injuries to Laporte,Stones,Otamendi form going down since Barca move breaking down,Man City Board not signing Pep the CB he wanted.All these things that left Pep with no choice but put Fernandinho n Rodri at CB,All Peps fault.😂😂

    • Adeleke Adedamola
      Adeleke Adedamola 9 jam yang lalu

      Why do u blame pep he had no choice but to put rodri as cb cuz we are short on defenders and otamendis form so far hasn't been too impressive what do u suppose he should've done then? No one can predict an injury.

  • bidders77
    bidders77 10 jam yang lalu

    wish i could speak multiple languages...

      FINLAND 2 jam yang lalu

      English is enouch

    • Alpha Romeo
      Alpha Romeo 5 jam yang lalu

      I can actually speak 7 languages should I say I have the talent?

    • LeoMag16
      LeoMag16 7 jam yang lalu

      I understand a little bit, i speak spanish only

    • RebelTiger
      RebelTiger 9 jam yang lalu

      Yeah man... just... put in the effort? Not that difficult a concept

    • Jinzo
      Jinzo 9 jam yang lalu


  • Younes Ten
    Younes Ten 10 jam yang lalu

    Mahrez start city win

    • mouss abdou
      mouss abdou Jam Yang lalu

      @Jack Leese so stupid an rasist comment 🤮

    • Amar Sahbi
      Amar Sahbi 7 jam yang lalu

      @Jack Leese i knew people like you would say something like this. I don't think you know football at all you might have something against Mahrez but it doesn't mean that he did not play well. Most of players in man city's shirt do waste balls but they don't get criticized like Mahrez. KD wastes too many balls and most of his passes are inaccurate despite he does create some opportunities for players to score but you still you do not criticise him. Sterling: he does the same thing he missed a goal today if a 10 year old player had the same chance he would put it at the back of the net. Aguero: worse than anyone else in man city shirt in terms of losing the Ball and if he takes all the chances he would be the best goal scorer in the world better even than Massi and Renaldo. And so on....... Mahrez: to me is the best player in that position especially when he comes from a distance towards the defender and the way he passes the Ball in between defenders and his through Ball is the best in premier League.

    • ElFenomeno
      ElFenomeno 9 jam yang lalu

      @Jack Leese and who desserve the ball to de bruyne in the third goal ?? Who desserve sterling for 5-1 ??, who was the best player in Manchester City for september ?? I disagree with you sorry but he is always decisif when he Play !

  • Impractical Prankers
    Impractical Prankers 10 jam yang lalu

    Gg, We humiliated a great team today. I think foden should keep his cool In that situation as he was already on a yellow by a harsh challenge, but He’s a young lad so he will learn.

    • muzzy Mc
      muzzy Mc 8 jam yang lalu

      You should check your english mate,we won the game in a good way,we didnt "humiliate" anyone.

    • Willy C.
      Willy C. 8 jam yang lalu

      That red card was not deserved, at all

    • ThomDull
      ThomDull 9 jam yang lalu

      stop that humiliation thing

  • Tfue
    Tfue 10 jam yang lalu

    Wenn du 5 tore kassierst Keine schwäche zeigen

  • imene dz mon sang
    imene dz mon sang 10 jam yang lalu

    the best player is mahrez sterling aguero andogun bust excuse me mahrez is the best not that he is algerien but he us really the best. if sterling did not tuch the ballon so mahrez ( aurait marqué sans doute le ballon dans tous les cas aller rentre mais bon cest pas grave wlade bladi toujour au top) 😍😍😍😍 i dont speak anglish very nice but i am hear for mahrez

    • Anas Benz
      Anas Benz 4 jam yang lalu

      @Jack Leese and again

    • Anas Benz
      Anas Benz 4 jam yang lalu

      @Jack Leese here you are again

  • Satcheu Karl Sedrick Tapamo
    Satcheu Karl Sedrick Tapamo 10 jam yang lalu

    Oh!!! I hope Rodri injurie isn’t too serious

    • Jan Göbel
      Jan Göbel 2 jam yang lalu

      John smithers Smither it is probably more about the schedule they all had over the last couple of seasons.. it sums up and at one point your body just doesn’t work anymore.. Rodri was probably just unlucky, don’t think it has got anything to do with the medical stuff

    • John smithers Smither
      John smithers Smither 2 jam yang lalu

      Does anybody think it’s like a problem with our fitness staff or something like I understand Mendy with actual bone inuries but it seems every player always has muscle problems I could be wrong but when do we start to look at the staff?

    • JDMH
      JDMH 7 jam yang lalu

      We are so unlucky :(

    • Mario M.
      Mario M. 8 jam yang lalu

      @leonard london probably ten days or the worst scenario 2-3 weeks

    • leonard london
      leonard london 8 jam yang lalu

      Minor tear,possibly 2 weeks.

    SNIPER_CAMO 10 jam yang lalu

    Foden played good but I just a red we got David Silva or barnado silva who could play Cm

    • JDMH
      JDMH 7 jam yang lalu

      Foden was brilliant good job we have replacement for his next ban silly boy will learn 😂

  • bily gamer
    bily gamer 10 jam yang lalu

    Why they don't give ⚽ to mahrez 🤔😡😠

    • Anas Benz
      Anas Benz 4 jam yang lalu

      @Jack Leese why are you copying the same message to everyone mentioning mAhrez🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Dindoo-DZ- guernit
      Dindoo-DZ- guernit 9 jam yang lalu

      @Jack Leese Meh”Rez in your a**

    • Jack Leese
      Jack Leese 9 jam yang lalu

      Elheffaf TV الهفاف ⓵ deluded foreign casual. You type of fans are hated

    • Elheffaf TV الهفاف ⓵
      Elheffaf TV الهفاف ⓵ 9 jam yang lalu

      @Jack Leese mahrez is one of the best 30 players in the world u little kid he played a diffrent role he was a playmaker not a striker

    • Jack Leese
      Jack Leese 9 jam yang lalu

      Either your very young and deluded or unintelligent and likely not educated...

    SNIPER_CAMO 10 jam yang lalu

    Pep guardiola pep guardiola is the best manager stay at city..

    • Willy C.
      Willy C. 8 jam yang lalu

      I want him to stay here for life💙

  • Nomzy Reacts
    Nomzy Reacts 10 jam yang lalu

    I'm just here to let you know that Raheem Sterling is the best winger itw

    • Kshitij Gupta
      Kshitij Gupta 4 jam yang lalu

      @george Tiets That doesn't mean he can play every single attacking position better than anyone. He is the best for his own position which is a winger, not the best attacking mid and striker. Those aren't even his natural positions. Under Guardiola he was the best number 9, but now he's lost his touch and plays in a different position. KDB is the best midfielder in the world and has no competition for it. Messi is the best forward and probably best player in the world but not the best attacking midfielder or striker because he doesn't play those positions naturally.

    • george Tiets
      george Tiets 4 jam yang lalu

      Kshitij Gupta you’re the idiot if you doubt Messi is the best especially pared with guardiola. Messi leads the world in nearly every attacking statistic every season. Man city= best attacking team in the world, Messi= best attacking footballer ever. Man city+Messi= UCL’s & more records broken for Messi.

    • Kshitij Gupta
      Kshitij Gupta 5 jam yang lalu

      @george Tiets Messi is the best goalkeeper and fullback too right? Quit being an idiot

    • JDMH
      JDMH 7 jam yang lalu

      @RebelTiger who's better? Salah? 😂😂

    • george Tiets
      george Tiets 8 jam yang lalu

      Messi is the best winger, striker, second striker, attacking mid, #10, false 9, false winger itw. Put him in any offensive role on city & he scores 60 goals & gets 20+ assists probably more of each tbh.

    SNIPER_CAMO 10 jam yang lalu

    Good game rehman stalling is the dream call him rehman the dream..

  • Rafi Parulian
    Rafi Parulian 10 jam yang lalu

    Sterling, Gundo, KDB, Ederson played great!🔥

    • Adeleke Adedamola
      Adeleke Adedamola 9 jam yang lalu

      @Lex mahrez was also great that's assist to Sterling and that pass to kdb that lead to Sterling's first goal.

    • Lex
      Lex 9 jam yang lalu

      @Jean Michel Cavali meh

    • Jean Michel Cavali
      Jean Michel Cavali 10 jam yang lalu

      Mahrez ??

  • Ryan James
    Ryan James 10 jam yang lalu

    Raheem Sterling is world class

  • Geo Football/Fortnite
    Geo Football/Fortnite 10 jam yang lalu

    Good game Foden lost his head though needs to calm a tad bit down but a great performance from the lad

    • Ryan James
      Ryan James 10 jam yang lalu

      He's young he'll learn

  • ButCeR
    ButCeR 10 jam yang lalu

    i spent about 6 mounts in manchester and place was ashton-u-lyne.I ve seen just one important thing about football.WHATEVER PLACE IS,MAN UNT IS THE BIGGEST CLUB IN THE ISLAND. AS A FENERBAHÇE SUPPORTER

  • high on fifa points
    high on fifa points 10 jam yang lalu

    When you choose to collab with these plebs and not the biggest group in the uk, who are also football based

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 10 jam yang lalu

    Extremely cringe when they’re trying to put on a British accent

  • مرحبا بالتائبين

    mahrez the best

  • Muhib Uddin
    Muhib Uddin 11 jam yang lalu

    This is disgusting considering faze clan dont even know what football is. When you have ppl like Sideman and other Uk groups

  • Bavarian IV
    Bavarian IV 11 jam yang lalu

    He got injured r

  • Bavarian IV
    Bavarian IV 11 jam yang lalu

    Rodri is injured rn

  • Duarte Lindo
    Duarte Lindo 11 jam yang lalu

    Ganda Daizer

  • Immiking 123
    Immiking 123 11 jam yang lalu

    What do u mean by fifa 20 xl is this what fifa decided is the best premier league xl or because of ratings

  • Aniket Sawant
    Aniket Sawant 11 jam yang lalu

    Lampard looks in pain

  • Sinead Clarke
    Sinead Clarke 11 jam yang lalu

    It was,nt mendy

  • Noval nur azmi
    Noval nur azmi 12 jam yang lalu

    wow didnt ecpect de bruyne is this humble

  • Dado Dado
    Dado Dado 12 jam yang lalu

    Just keep him comfortable in Man city 😑🇩🇿❤ all love to our amazing player Riyad Karim Mahrez ❤ and all the team ❤💋

  • Cluck Cluck
    Cluck Cluck 12 jam yang lalu

    0:40 horrible touch

  • Zhimoka Zhimomi
    Zhimoka Zhimomi 12 jam yang lalu

    Evry time Bsilva talks i get claustophobic. While you cud compare DBruyne to a florence bulb ( lighting the world but at what expensive cause a secnd). The pair is so awkward infront of the camera, the content shld come as inappropriate. It's a shame. Not evn close to the swag the reds (guys frm lfc) posses during interviews n shows. My point is. That is why, always be a Red. YNWA!