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EXO 엑소 Concept Trailer #EXODEUX
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[CHEN-LOG] Jacket Making Film Dear Ver.
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BAEKHYUN 백현 'UN Village' | MV Behind
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BAEKHYUN 백현 'UN Village' Live Session
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EXO 시우민 & 첸 한옥투어 | VR180
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EXO 화보집 ‘PRESENT ; gift’ Teaser
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24/7 with EXO #전지적매니저시점
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Thank you EXO-L! 'Tempo' 1st WIN 🏆
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EXO 엑소 'Tempo' MV Making Film
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  • Daeron Lee
    Daeron Lee 20 menit yang lalu

    yall are probably surprised how great exo is at outsmarting everyone

  • Akiffa Naila
    Akiffa Naila 41 menit yang lalu

    LAY ?

  • Caffeinated Monbebe
    Caffeinated Monbebe 53 menit yang lalu

    Guess who's Dead? Dead again.

  • onhyun sHINee
    onhyun sHINee Jam Yang lalu


  • Dian Kurnia Utami
    Dian Kurnia Utami Jam Yang lalu

    can wait for chanyeol birthday and exo comeback <3

  • Sebastian Royal
    Sebastian Royal Jam Yang lalu

    How is this only 2.9M views?

  • Lili Lola
    Lili Lola Jam Yang lalu

    Ay Pues... Ningun Comentario Spanish o Que ?

    MYS TIC AL Jam Yang lalu

    Baekhyun looks like Kaneki❤️👀

    CASE04 BAËKHYUN Jam Yang lalu


  • Wife of the Tenth Prince
    Wife of the Tenth Prince 2 jam yang lalu

    why am i crying?

  • Lalisa Blackpink
    Lalisa Blackpink 2 jam yang lalu

    They really like piercings on baekhyun

  • Wife of the Tenth Prince
    Wife of the Tenth Prince 2 jam yang lalu

    0:20 It was such an unexpected fright, Jesus. I just wanted kai to do this to my face

  • daradara san
    daradara san 2 jam yang lalu

    시대에 못따라오고 또 삽질하고 있네

  • fundashi loco
    fundashi loco 2 jam yang lalu

    Acabo de ver Avengers: Infinity War y el minuto 0:21 no ayuda 😂

  • iammoon
    iammoon 2 jam yang lalu

    mom, im scared

  • Renz Astrera
    Renz Astrera 2 jam yang lalu

    Gagayahin na naman ito ng ibang groups next following years. #EXOnly1

  • Tamires Petroski
    Tamires Petroski 2 jam yang lalu

    It will be incredible 😫👏👏😍

  • Iamkpretty
    Iamkpretty 2 jam yang lalu

    They are the only boy group I have stan this much that I got addicted to them for like 4 years of my life.

  • hellen exo l
    hellen exo l 3 jam yang lalu

    Me encanta

  • Perla Martinez_Morales
    Perla Martinez_Morales 3 jam yang lalu

    Imagine how Yixing would look🤩😍 I’m ready to die Yixing come here...

  • watery eyes
    watery eyes 3 jam yang lalu

    Need but can't afford

  • Keinaya Ferlin
    Keinaya Ferlin 3 jam yang lalu


  • Eleazar Nolan
    Eleazar Nolan 3 jam yang lalu


  • Paulina Perez
    Paulina Perez 3 jam yang lalu

    Haaa ☺

  • Kai will marry me someday
    Kai will marry me someday 3 jam yang lalu

    *Look at Kai abs! 😍🤤💕*

  • Kai will marry me someday
    Kai will marry me someday 3 jam yang lalu


  • Gabriel Jordan
    Gabriel Jordan 3 jam yang lalu

    9 days left .

  • liyah
    liyah 4 jam yang lalu

    i miss kyungsoo ;(

  • Angeli St. Matthew
    Angeli St. Matthew 4 jam yang lalu

    So beautiful, left me feeling speechless almost

  • Madelynn Price
    Madelynn Price 4 jam yang lalu

    why did Caleb imminently get the dance choreography so fast like is he human

  • i’m araceli
    i’m araceli 4 jam yang lalu

    jongin and junmyeon are very friendly babies

  • Michelle Song
    Michelle Song 4 jam yang lalu

    Angry bird Suho really caught me there

  • Unnie-Glam
    Unnie-Glam 4 jam yang lalu

    Me encantan😍😍😍

  • keit Шуляченко
    keit Шуляченко 4 jam yang lalu

    Кто руский? Я уже здохла, наверно не дождусь камбека 😁😂

  • 파이
    파이 5 jam yang lalu

    백현이 진짜 독보적이긴하다....

  • irem shawol
    irem shawol 5 jam yang lalu


  • Ruby Keys
    Ruby Keys 5 jam yang lalu

    Kai looks like Joker

  • vante
    vante 6 jam yang lalu

    :0 ❤️

  • Mei Hernandez Rojas
    Mei Hernandez Rojas 6 jam yang lalu


  • Mei Hernandez Rojas
    Mei Hernandez Rojas 6 jam yang lalu

    Es tan hermoso Baekhyun

    ĖXØ LØVĖ 6 jam yang lalu

    [EXO X Sailor Moon AU Theory] What If.. X-EXO are the exo version of the Black Moon Clan from Sailor Moon Crystal? They have crescents symbol on their beret in photo teasers as in the foreheads of the black moon clan. Their hair colors match well with the black moon clan's hair-colored. The black moon clan are the evil version of sailor guardians / sailor soldiers. (This explained why the real EXO wear soldier's outfits). "X-EXO as The Black Moon Clan" Since they are mostly in red color theme, let's change the name into the Red Moon Clan. - White-haired Baekhyun as Prince Diamond. He is evil outside, kind and generous inside. - Sehun as Prince Blue Sapphire (his hair is not blue but his background is blue at the end 1:04). He is a loyal younger brother. - Green-haired Kai as Esmeraude is the excentric one. - Red-haired Suho as Rubeus. He is the first of his clan. - Pink-haired Chanyeol as Black Lady is the seductive one. - Chen as Petz is one of the four specter sisters. Ruler of Dark Thunder. If this theory is true, the idea of X-EXO are EXO clones doesn't matter anymore because : 1. They come from the future and use the power of Black Crystal 0:39 to travel back in our time, intending kill the past versions of the "White Moon" or EXO. 2. They wear earrings which, according to the Materials Collection, are made of Black Crystal and allow them to teleport. As you can see at 0:23 EXO's tree of life that used to be beautiful is burned. X-EXO burned it down. The war is happening. We have to save the real EXO. The end is near because i read and watch Sailor Moon as a study research. Lol. HELP!! Don't forget to buy OBSESSION Album and Let The Fight Begin !!!

  • Juliana Reis
    Juliana Reis 6 jam yang lalu

    This sorround viewing teaser looks like f (x) dimension four ❤

  • Gazi Orhun Dilmaç
    Gazi Orhun Dilmaç 7 jam yang lalu

    I from Turkey. I love you EXO ❤️

  • Trisha Williams
    Trisha Williams 7 jam yang lalu

    Not an EXO(L) but I have to say ... damnnnnnnnn. Your boys are about to slay. Again.

  • Nadia MA
    Nadia MA 7 jam yang lalu

    Aku berdoa terus semoga mv dan printilannya setokcer teaser ini. PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE. Exo selalu keren tapi harapanku takut terhempas wkwkwland

  • Nadia MA
    Nadia MA 7 jam yang lalu

    Aku percaya sama EXO tapi sangsi sama SM. Plis SM hajar mv nya kayak di teaser :") jangan jatuhin ekpektasi gue ok? Ok.

  • Nadia MA
    Nadia MA 7 jam yang lalu

    Aku tu takut banget punya ekspektasi tinggi sama SM. No offense. Yang Tempo kemarin aja aku berharap banyak karena teasernya menjanjikan. Minimal kita bakal dapet mv racing entah balap liar atau mv rider kayak di teasernya. Dan kenyataannya ZONK 😂😂😂 Aku ga masalah sama EXO. They are always the best. Cuma itu harapanku mumbul terlalu jauh untuk kemudian dihempas SM. So, please banget SM jangan kecewain aku kedua kali. Ini teaser BAGUS BANGET sumpah. Kalau sampe kayak Tempo kemarin BYE 😂😂 gedeg gue. At least karena udah ada konsep exo vs kloning ya diliatin ye. Ok? Ok. SM pasti ada staf yang bisa bahasa Indo kan? Atau staf SM Indo. Plis ya dibaca. Tapi lagi males ngetik ke Inggris. Curhat gini enaknya pake bahasa sendiri 😁 peace ✌ Tapi karena aku buceen ya dikasi apa aja suka2 aja. Oke REAL BYE

  • Muhammad Rouhan
    Muhammad Rouhan 7 jam yang lalu


  • fatima zahra morocco
    fatima zahra morocco 7 jam yang lalu

    Kai hhhhh

  • SixTimesLucky
    SixTimesLucky 7 jam yang lalu

    SM do you know that there is a less chance of Exo winning daesangs because the album releases and comebacks are so late in the year.

  • Moroccan EXOL
    Moroccan EXOL 7 jam yang lalu


  • Дазай Осаму
    Дазай Осаму 7 jam yang lalu

    Нам всем пиздец

  • Lau lau Mil grau
    Lau lau Mil grau 7 jam yang lalu

    *eu pensando nas teorias* final do teaser: eu: OOOOOOOOH A MEU DEUS.

  • jong tajY
    jong tajY 7 jam yang lalu

    Love you exo عرب وينكم ثبتو وجودكم احبكم😍😍

  • Sof Gomez
    Sof Gomez 8 jam yang lalu

    I really was not ready for that... im still not ready

  • Yeol Viii
    Yeol Viii 8 jam yang lalu


  • pretty sunflower
    pretty sunflower 8 jam yang lalu

    monster throwback

  • Miss Metta
    Miss Metta 8 jam yang lalu

    Close to 3M

  • Nsnsnsns Dnsnsnssn
    Nsnsnsns Dnsnsnssn 8 jam yang lalu

    11 days 😩😩😩😩

  • Nsnsnsns Dnsnsnssn
    Nsnsnsns Dnsnsnssn 8 jam yang lalu


  • Rebek 23june97
    Rebek 23june97 8 jam yang lalu

    Xiumin , Lay , Suho , Baekhyun , Chanyeol , Chen , D.O , Kai , Sehun . We Are One We Are EXO EXO-L ❤️ EXO

  • Byon Baekhyun
    Byon Baekhyun 9 jam yang lalu

    EXO kings ♡♡

  • Bouvardia Styles
    Bouvardia Styles 9 jam yang lalu

    جارٍ الذوبان... 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️

  • Lindnesday
    Lindnesday 9 jam yang lalu

    oh no tree of life TT

  • jun
    jun 10 jam yang lalu

    jesus cristo eu n to preparada pra isso

  • Fruit Cake
    Fruit Cake 10 jam yang lalu

    I want to give him a hug just look at his face lmfaooo 5:05

  • krystal smith
    krystal smith 10 jam yang lalu

    ot9 where are u?

    • Procrastinator
      Procrastinator 6 jam yang lalu

      Two are serving their country, one has his own schedule and isn't always able to participate due to being an ambassador and there still seems to be tension between China and Korea. Hopefully, things will be better by the time EXO is all done with the military in a few years and we'll have OT9 again.

  • 천재아이돌변백현
    천재아이돌변백현 10 jam yang lalu

    세계관은 늦덕이에게 엄청난 타격으 주지.. 어렵네여.. 엑이랑 엑스엑 투표 밸런스 맞춥시다 우리

  • دمع الزمان
    دمع الزمان 10 jam yang lalu

    ILove you exo 😍👑❤

  • كل شيء كل شيء
    كل شيء كل شيء 10 jam yang lalu

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤ love you

  • كل شيء كل شيء
    كل شيء كل شيء 10 jam yang lalu


  • فداء
    فداء 10 jam yang lalu

    SM you’re so lucky to have EXO!!!

  • Idk Tf
    Idk Tf 10 jam yang lalu

    0:21 he Said “mister stark I don’t feel so good”

  • 22 كيومي
    22 كيومي 10 jam yang lalu

    سم الله على قلبي قد السماء T_T

  • Adelle Marie Santos Aranda
    Adelle Marie Santos Aranda 10 jam yang lalu

    La película pa cuando?

  • gefira lathifa
    gefira lathifa 11 jam yang lalu

    - Kai ✔ - Chanyeol ✔ - Sehun ✔ - baekhyun✔ - Suho 🔜 - chen🔜

    K-POP LIVE 11 jam yang lalu

    Baekhyun ♡♡

  • RIHANNA Justin
    RIHANNA Justin 11 jam yang lalu

    Reminds me of monster mv

  • Tatyana T
    Tatyana T 11 jam yang lalu

    Monster 2.0 I see

  • Tatyana T
    Tatyana T 11 jam yang lalu

    This looks so good!!! I cant wait!!!!!!

  • whitenoise
    whitenoise 11 jam yang lalu

    niat banget bambang bikin konsep 😪

  • Andrea Johnson
    Andrea Johnson 11 jam yang lalu

    baekhyun's hair is giving me voodoo doll hongbin vibes and I'M HERE FOR IT

  • Nam Tiddies-
    Nam Tiddies- 11 jam yang lalu

    it would've been nice to see the members in the army do this ngl

  • Jacqueline Cristina
    Jacqueline Cristina 11 jam yang lalu

    im SO ready

  • Mariam Alawad
    Mariam Alawad 11 jam yang lalu

    This reminds me of there comeback “ monster “ 😭🖤🖤

  • Levi Ackermann
    Levi Ackermann 12 jam yang lalu

    For new EXO-L‘s who are probably confused about the comment section: EXO is a group with a complex concept with a storyline that‘s been going on since their predebut („EXO - What is Love? MV“). You can‘t fully understand their story, you have to make up theories. What makes it even harder is that the MV‘s storylines are probably not in the chronological order. So yeah, EXO-L‘s always have to play detectives.. So, what is the story about? Before we got the major hint a week ago about the X-EXO clone stuff (which I‘m going to explain later) EXO-L‘s have thought that it‘s only about EXO who come from another planet having superpowers which the Red Force (their enemies) are after. So that they fight against them in almost every MV haha (Love Shot, Monster, Lotto..) In „Lucky One“ MV they are trapped but we always thought that they escaped but if you pay attention watching Lucky One you see no one escapes. (BUT NO ONE NOTICED lmao). A week ago we learned that paranormal beings have been spotted that are SIMILAR to EXO. (they are called X-EXO). The text of the teaser said that they „radiate red energy“. Red is the colour of the „RED force“ so we guess that X-EXO are clones made by the red force. If you watch the beginning of Lucky One MV you see that there are always two versions of each member, one is pinioned onto the bed, the other one seems careless&free. So yes the clone thing made it easier to understand the MV‘s and they now make a lot more sense. The reason why many think EXO are the one in the cubes in the background of „TEMPO MV“ is that for example in „Overdose MV“ they are trapped in a maze and one scene looks like the scenes with the cubes and the shadows.. but we don‘t know. The guys singing in Tempo probably are X-EXO and that’s probably why they are glitching sometimes.. Also the cube is a reoccuring thing in EXO MV‘s. It‘s even in Love Shot, there are many notable things in Love Shot, but we can‘t understand it yet.. There‘s so much more that happens in the MV‘s but this is just the basic info lmao. You‘re welcome. That‘s probably a lot of information I dropped, you should go watch EXO MV‘s since predebut to understand it better. You should at least watch Lucky One because it’s a very important MV. Also it‘s great music so I would recommend it ;) Here‘s my personal playlist of EXO MV‘s & SIDETRACKS (also solo work etc.), not in order but with a good flow I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLAYLIST for all the people who only know a few EXO songs!! You missing out : idclips.com/p/PLt42QQ1urpGE6hf-OtEcQ7H0KqWn2QC36 EDIT : -you can also watch theory videos after watching the MV‘s because EXO‘s concept is so detailed and well thought through, there‘s a lot of stuff I didn‘t explain. -also EXO came from their planet „EXOplanet“ to Earth. EXO literally means „outer..“. SM wanted to state that EXO‘s talent is beyond human level and as if they were from a planet outer space. -also what I wanted to add on what makes this so interesting is that Lee Sooman the founder and EX-CEO of SM may have had the idea for EXO‘s concept since 1976 when he didn‘t even found SM. It‘s because at that time he interrupted a radio show he was on because in South Korea there were 12 Ufo like things spotted in the sky... (12 just like the original member count of EXO / before 3 left a long time ago..) -AND in the end of Tempo MV you see the Tempo Logo? The meter literally goes from „S“ to „O“ to „S“. Exo has been trying to say they are in danger and need help in TEMPO but WE ARE ONLY NOTICING NOW :( -I heard Chanyeol (member of EXO) said that we will get a book in the year 2024 (?) about the whole storyline but Idk if that‘s just a rumor -btw all the dates when EXO MV‘s are released refer to another date when an eclipse happened because EXO come together when the eclipse happens and I think they also gain their powers from it. for example love shot was released on 13.12.2018. On 13.12.1963 there was an eclipse if some people don‘t know the BASIC BASIC info on EXO: EXO was originally divided into two groups EXO-K and EXO-M but 3 chinese members left a long time ago and there‘s only 1 chinese member now, Lay. At some point due to 2 chinese members already leaving, they just put all members into one group „EXO“. (from 12 to 9 members)

  • Daniel Pascual
    Daniel Pascual 12 jam yang lalu

    i love it

  • Mal Thiri
    Mal Thiri 12 jam yang lalu

    Wooo .. Amazing..

  • y Beettyy
    y Beettyy 12 jam yang lalu

    하 김종인 드디어 정상적인머리,,,미모 미쳐따

  • Anna Henoch Spinosi
    Anna Henoch Spinosi 12 jam yang lalu

    The visuals in this had me shook like they're all extremely handsome but srly chanyeol and baekyung had me 😯

  • Thino Salie
    Thino Salie 12 jam yang lalu

    Waiting for concept

  • FN Group
    FN Group 12 jam yang lalu

    Kok malah inget sama tingkah konyol dan absurdnya ya..😂😂 Uri chen kalo udah bergaya cool kelar deh jantung gue😍

  • Mes Sam
    Mes Sam 12 jam yang lalu

    انا احبكم❤❤

  • Nona Manis
    Nona Manis 12 jam yang lalu

    Ahhhhhh this is what i need

  • baekhyunee _
    baekhyunee _ 12 jam yang lalu

    X-EXO ?? Wooaah, I love it

  • baekhyunee _
    baekhyunee _ 12 jam yang lalu

    Let The Fight Begin EXO vs X-EXO

  • im Ayesha
    im Ayesha 12 jam yang lalu

    I can't wait

  • mika pika
    mika pika 12 jam yang lalu


  • Lumos Mrs
    Lumos Mrs 12 jam yang lalu

    Omg that was so dope

  • Noor Obaid Abdel Gadir Hashim

    0:51, why does chanyeol lowkey look like an owl