Draft horse

My Draft Horse - Songs for kids, Children's music
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Check this video! Doodle the Cat - Songs for kids, nursery rhymes | The Children's Kingdom" idclips.com/video/PNQBj89wqwo/video.html ~ Subscribe ► bit.ly/subscribe_CK Find us on Facebook ► on.fb.me/1LDgcwW Follow us on Twitter ..
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Among all Belgian draft horses, Petra is the strongest. Her owner is Stefan Creemers. Petra is het sterkste Belgisch trekpaard.
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Meet the biggest horses in the world. If you are passionate about horses, you can not miss this video. Here the summary of the top 10 of the largest horses that exist on the planet. -Sampson Sampson is a Shire horse born in 1846, in Bedfordshire, ..
[Instructive] Trimming a Draft Horse! ΩΩ
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This is my Dutch Draft horse Kim, 9y/o, 17HH and weighs about 1000kg. At the Farrier.
Strong and Well Trained Belgian Draft Horse at work
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Belgian draft horse at work in a grass-land in Berlaar (Belgium) Admire the calm nature of a Belgian draft horse. Belgisch trekpaard aan het werk met de weide-eg in Berlaar. Cheval de trait travaillant
2016 Farm Fair International Horse Pulls
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Filmed in Edmonton Alberta at the Farm Fair International Heavy Horse Pulls. Produced by Tumbling T Productions
Belgian Draft Horses: the famous horse gallop around the "Tiense Berg" in Hakendover
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Belgian draft horses and other horses in the international horse procession at Hakendover on Easter Monday 2018 (Belgium), with the horse gallop around the Tiense Berg. Paardenprocessie 2018 van Hakendover met aandacht voor de galop van de trekpaarde..
Belgian draft with very bad hooves meets the farrier
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Farrier Jorgen Briers & horse vet Leen Vanderwegen - from Belgium trimming hooves of a Belgian draft with angle grinder... .www.hoefsmidjorgen.be
Belgian Draft Horse - Call your Horse like a Boss :D
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Belgian Draft horse - Call your Horse Challenge. Call your Horse Like a Boss. Just a single call, no food, no toys, no tricks ;)
Northern Minnesota Draft Horse Association Field Day - 2018
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Join Joe Mischka at this 39th annual draft animal powered field day. Members of the association come together to work the fields with their draft horses and educate the public. We first see great footage of these teams working the fields: 8 Shi..
Simon van Straten - Beautiful Belgian Draft Horse
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Belgian draft horse Belgisch trekpaard Cheval de trait Belge Belgische Kaltblut Famous stallion: Simon van Straten at full trot
12 Heavy Horse Breeds in the World
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Music: Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds For copyright matters please contact us at: echannel1994@gmail.com
Horse breeding 5 - Belgian draft horse mating
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Horse breeding 5 - Belgian draft horse mating Horse mating, Horse breeding video: idclips.com/video/31_3xDY6e34/video.html Horse breeding horse mating Group: facebook.com/funny.jokes168 Horse breeding, Horse mating G : plus.google.com/u/0/115..
Hot shoeing a draft horse is a tough job. Watch the whole technique in detail.
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Farrier is Stenn Schuermans. Hoefsmid Stenn Schuermans uit Lier toont vakmanschap. Het paard is van de familie De Wachter uit Beerzel (Putte)
Belgian Draft Horses- horse pulling vs tractor pulling
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Horse pulling vs tractor pulling video : Stan Smits en Roland Crevits location: Ravels (Belgium) Date: august 23, 2015 organisation: 27e Oldtimer festival Ravels Trekpaarden vereniging 'het zestienspan', Kaatsheuvel (NL) A team of 16 Belgian draft ho..
Most Beautiful and Elegant Belgian Draft Horse - Buffalo van 't Zwaluwnest
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Belgian draft horse Belgisch trekpaard Cheval de trait Belge Belgischer Kaltblut Famous Stallion: Buffalo van 't Zwaluwnest
Strong Belgian Draft Horses-Horses Moving Logs
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Professional horse logging in the Belgian Ardennes by Albert Toulemonde and his son. Boomslepen in de Ardennen door Albert Toulemonde en zijn zoon.
Draft Horse Pull 2016 in 4k UHD
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The Draft Horse Pull 2016 at The Great Frederick Fair was a beautiful event. For photos see: www.frederick.com/Draft_Horse_Pull_2016-a-3086.html
2 Belgian Draft Horses and a little girl
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Marie-Helene and her two friends Georges and Gloria on the Hottentot farm in Bonheiden Marie-Helene (9 jaar oud) met de 1-jarige Georges en de 7-jarige Gloria op de Hottentot-hoeve in Rijmenam (Bonheiden)
My Belgian Draft Horse and my Grandchildren
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Gloria, my Belgian draft horse, and my grandchildren have a good time in a forest in Bonheiden (Belgium) Mijn kleinkinderen amuseren zich met Gloria , een driejarig Belgisch trekpaard.
Red Dead Redemption 2 All Draft Horses ! Biggest BREEDS In The Game !! AMAZING HORSES
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Hello So today we are visiting all the DRAFT HORSES in Red Dead Redemption 2 I hope you Enjoy it! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE ALL HORSE BREEDS Arabian = idclips.com/video/B0ZNmOuYT1M/video.html Turkoman = idclips.com/video/8poMtlzvK0s/video.html Missouri Fox Trotter = youtu..
Draft horse breeding : from mating to the first steps of the foal
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Draft horse breeding : Sultan van Wooldink x Greetje van de Kanaalstraat Dekking van een merrie en geboorte van het veulen
Draft horse pull 2015 Raleigh nc, fall
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Draft horse breeding : Sultan van Wooldink x Greetje van de Kanaalstraat Dekking van een merrie en geboorte van het veulen
Belgian Draft Horses: breeding mare,foal,little boy and young girl
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In Malderen (Belgium): famous Belgian draft horse Paula van 't Bos with foal Sam van 't Groeneveld and little boy Michaël and young girl Arianna Topmerrie Paula van 't Bos met veulen Sam van 't Groeneveld van Vlaams-Brabant Music: www.purple-p..
Belgian Draft Horses having fun at Cheers Horse Ranch!
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Created on August 26, 2013 using FlipShare.
17 Fascinating Things You Probably Didn't Know About Draft Horse
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17 Interesting Draft Horse Facts You Might Not Know 1 - The most popular breed of draft horse is the Belgian 2 - The largest and the tallest horses are draft horses 3 - One breed of draft horse only reaches about 16 hands in height 4 - Many draft ho..
Hot shoeing a Belgian Draft Horse by farriers Ludo Daems and Stenn Schuermans
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Warm beslag van een Belgisch trekpaard door hoefsmid Ludo Daems en zijn helper Stenn Schuermans.
draft horse logging wisconsin ash
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Warm beslag van een Belgisch trekpaard door hoefsmid Ludo Daems en zijn helper Stenn Schuermans.
Strong Belgian Draft Horses Working on the Farm - Merelbeke
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Horse ploughing Bemesten en ploegen van een akker in Merelbeke Alfons Vernaeve bewerkt zijn veld om wintergraan te zaaien Belgisch trekpaard, Cheval de trait Belge, Belgian draft horse, Belgisches Kaltblut BTbevordering, VBBT
Belgian Draft Horses: hot shoeing by farrier Gerard Dullaert
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Warm beslag door hoefsmid Gerard Dullaert
Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue
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Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue is a 501 c3 Tax Deductible Non-Profit Rescue. We are located in Mount Airy, Maryland. We are committed to saving draft horses from slaughter, and adopting them into new homes as trail and schooling horses
2014 Draft Horse & Mule Plow Day (full)
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A demonstration of old fashioned draft horse and mule plowing in southeastern Missouri. 2015 Plow Day: idclips.com/video/dT74oI2IzZU/video.html 2017 Threshing, Baling and Plowing: idclips.com/video/P58HZ4zFh10/video.html 2017 Plowing: youtu.be/gbuS5N..
Don't Eat The Apples ! Schleich Horses Draft Horse Family Honey Hearts Video
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Bella the Schleich foal is worried about the apples growing on the tree. Her mom and dad are worried too about the farm not having enough food for the winter due to the lack of harvest at the farm What can anyone do? I hope you enjoy this play video ..
Poison ? Schleich Horses Draft Horse Family Honey Hearts Video
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What is going on with the apples on this farm. Are they making all the animals sick. Christian the horse needs to find out what is going on. I hope you enjoy this play video with Schleich Clydesdale horse family. Hugs! Don't miss part one here: https..
Shoeing a Draft Horse - Tips and Techniques Part 2 (Rear Hoof Trimming)
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Michael Wildenstein , Certified Journeyman Farrier (CJF), demonstrates how to remove a shoe and trim the rear hoof of a draft horse for farming and general use. Michael continues from the previous video that worked on the front hoof. He removes a r..
Draft Horse Logging for Local Lumber
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Cedar River Horselogging owner Tim Carroll fells a massive oak tree for use in a the house building project for Ginny and Jeff Pomije, owners of Big Black Horse - a Pony, draft and carriage driving supply company in Minnesota. Jeff hired Cedar Rive..
Rare Suffolk Punch draft horses to demonstrate skills in Dublin
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When most people think about workhorses they think of the Clydesdales, which are much bigger. The Suffolk Punch is a smaller breed, but in some terms, more honest.
Baby Shire Draft Horse
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Belgian Draft Horses in Lippelo
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Belgian draft horse Belgisch trekpaard Cheval de trait belge fokkerij "van 't Bos" van Philip Joos, Lippelo (Belgium)
Plowing with Draft Horse and V-Plow_2
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Plowing with a draft horse and simple V-plow.
Belgian Draft Horse Working
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Big Belgian Draft Horse working. Equipped with a Pioneer forecart w a 3 point hitch and a blade we are grading a ditch around the arena.
Belgian Draft Horse: a walk in the woods of Bonheiden, with draft horse Gloria
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A walk in the woods of Bonheiden by Laura, Lien and draft horse Gloria. Een ritje op een slede , getrokken door Gloria, in een bos in Bonheiden.
Belgian Draft Horses: horse logging and agility contest
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Horse logging and agility contest in Alken (Belgium) 2017. The winner is Julia Zenner. Internationale wedstrijd boomslepen en behendigheid tijdens de oogstfeesten in Alken 2017, georganiseerd door De Winning uit Lummen en gewonnen door Julia Zenner ..
cortege of 80 Belgian draft horses
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stoet in Lennik op 9 september 2012 ter gelegenheid van 20 jaar Prins, Trots van Brabant (standbeeld van Belgisch trekpaard op de markt van Lennik)
Mother, Daughter & 3 Draft Horses Ploughing a Field
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An De Bie drives a team of 3 Belgian draft horses with the help of her young daughter Sanne. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. April 11, 2016 Kalmthout : ploegdag 'Het Aangespannen Trekpaard'. An De Bie is aan het werk met een rondgaande heid..
Draft horses logging.
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Brabant crosses logging in oak woods
Plowing with 7 Belgian draft horses
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Charles Orme along with his sons and grandsons hooked 7 of Charles' Belgian draft horses to his 2 bottom Pioneer hydraulic foot lift plow and plowed a few rounds at the Spring field day of the Eastern Kentucky Draft Horse and Mule Association on May..
Script Ohio - Draft Horse Version
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Mark Johnson fulfills a lifelong ambition of dotting the "I" by performing"Script Ohio" using a horse-drawn bobsled at Kline Creek Farm in West Chicago, IL. Darrell and Jack are two of the Farm's percheron draft horses. Kline Creek Farm is an 1890..
Belgian Draft Horse: Tug of war vs. 10 trained men
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Tug of war II : 1 Belgian draft horse vs. 10 wel-trained men Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, 28 september 2014, domein COLOMA Eén Belgisch trekpaard trekt tegen 10 sterke, goed getrainde mannen
Shoeing a Draft Horse in Belgium
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The Annual Farm Days in Mons, Belgium and the demonstration of shoeing a draft horse on the Grande Place.