Things You Should NEVER Say To Whovians
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Whovians can be pretty weird. Here's some advice on things you should never say to us. New Videos Every Week!! Second Channel: idclips.com/user/6hrsofdailylife Subscribe to 6hrsofdailylife to watch vlogs, behind the scenes, and other ra..
Doctor Who | ♪ Whovian Craziness
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Tumblr link to like and/or share: remember the best.tumblr.com/post/51951459856/doctor-who-whovian-craziness Download Link. www.mediafire.com/?1kwdnrvfedslrjz BEWARE MY FRIENDS. I give you my video on free download for personal use...
Whovians Walk 500 Miles
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This video is a German fantribute to one of the best TV shows that has ever been around: Doctor Who. It is from the fans for the fans and particularly the people that made Doctor Who. We'd like to share our love for Doctor Who and show that the uniqu..
You know you're a Whovian when...
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I am sorry about the whole Fish Sticks thing. I know that it is Fish Fingers and Custard but at the time that I did the video I was thinking about how I tried Fish Sticks and Custard (since I'm American). Also just another disclaimer: this is only th..
Whovians in the Red Chair - The Graham Norton Show: Episode 6 - BBC One
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SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC IDclips channel 👉 bit.ly/2IXqEIn LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to watch full BBC programmes online now 👉 bbc.in/2J18jYJ More about this programme: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03jgq98 Doctor Who fans take to ..
How We Became Whovians (Doctor Who Collab)
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I asked my audience how they became Whovians and what Doctor Who means to them. This is what they had to say. If you want to see me do another collaboration video, be sure to like and share this video! Tell me in the comments what you think the nex..
Whovian Kids ask the Doctor! - Doctor Who on BBC America w/ Peter Capaldi
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Whovian kids at Comic Con had some questions for the Doctor, so we asked him! The new season of Doctor Who premieres Saturday, September 19th at 9/8c on BBC America! Subscribe now: bit.ly/1aP6Fo9 Twitter: twitter.com/DoctorWho..
Whovians In A Nutshell
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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Spiky Wickey...Stuff.
How Fans Watch Doctor Who: Long Version (For True Whovians)
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This video has a long story. So about 6 months ago I tried to make this video. And because I love this show so much it was way too long. About 16 minutes long. It took me weeks to shorten it down to 9 minutes finally. And after all that hard work. T..
Whovians Anonymous - 500 Miles
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Music video featuring members of Whovians Anonymous, a Hungarian Doctor Who fan group. Just some guys and gals having fun :)
How To: Prank A Whovian
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It's almost April 1st so I thought I'd teach you some great ways to prank the Whovian in your life! New Videos Every Week!! Second Channel: idclips.com/user/6hrsofdailylife Subscribe to 6hrsofdailylife to watch vlogs, behind the scenes,..
Doctor Who 21% Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score | Whovians Have The Final Word
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To celebrate the first days of production on Doctor Who series 12 a reminder to the powers that be at the BBC if they give the Whovians more of the same, you will wish for Season 10 viewing numbers. Be happy people are still upset. That means you st..
Things Whovians Do and Say
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This is a big compilation of a variety of things that Whovians do and say! Enjoy and as always please like, comment, and subscribe! :D
Doctor Who: The Side Effects of Being a Whovian
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500 Subscriber Special!!! This is a video dedicated to the whovians that experience these kind of "side effects" every day of their lives since watching Doctor Who. What side effects do you have? Please like, comment, favorite and subscribe! Subs..
We are Whovians! | to 50th Anniversary
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Hey! We have a little present here for all whovians. ;) With love from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Hope you'll like it. thepteryx.tumblr.com/post/67557368012/happy-50th-anniversary-doctor-who twitter.com/ChristinaGrechi Thanks to Kseni..
Whovians: Play School's Doctor Who Audition
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Play School presenters Teo Gebert and Alex Papps audition for the role of the Doctor. Catch Whovians Sundays 8.30pm on ABC2 and iview, right after new Doctor Who. #WhoviansAU facebook.com/abc2 twitter.com/abc2 instagram.com/abct..
Whovians: Doctor Who and Australia
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The connections between the world of Doctor Who and Australia are many and varied. Delve into the Whoniverse with Rove McManus and his team of superfans, Sundays 8.30pm on ABC2 and iview. #WhoviansAU htp://facebook.com/abc2 twitter.com/abc2 h..
Whovians Reborn [Doctor Who Fan Film]
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In this fan film sequel to 'Whovians No More'. James and Matthew are stuck in their own past. Matthew doesn't want to change anything but James has other worrying ideas, ideas that could destroy the channel and their friendship. #JamesVsMatthew
Doctor Who 30% Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score | Whovians Are Not Pleased
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The Doctor Who Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score continues to fall. Down 15% in under two weeks at time of recording. It may go up or down a couple of points from here, the fact remains the same. Whovians are upset and the great divide between fans and ..
Things Whovians Do - Day 2
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It's day two of Doctor Who Week and I'm going to tell you 8 things I think Whovians do! Subscribe and come back here everyday this week for a brand new Doctor Who themed video, counting down until the 50th anniversary! Second Channel: www.you..
Was Whovians nicht hören wollen #1
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Whovians können extrem empfindlich auf manche Sätze reagieren - einige davon haben wir für euch gesammelt! :) Natürlich ist dieses Video mit einer großen Portion Humor zu verstehen. - Folgt mir auf: Facebook: facebook.com/JenniferJaeger ..
Things Whovians Say
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Are you a Whovian? I know I am. If you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe.
Doctor Who 45% Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score | The Whovians Have Spoken
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Doctor Who's Season 11 45% Rotten Tomatoes Audience score is right in line with some other franchises that have been vandalized and infiltrated. Topping off the most predictable outcome in TV history. When Jodie most clever Whovians knew it would tur..
Doctor Who Out of Ideas? Christmas Special Ideas From Whovians
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The Doctor Who Xmas Special is not happening in 2018, and possibly may never run again. See inside for details. We have responded to the load of bullocks that The Doctor Who Soap Opera writers and the PC BBC have run out of ideas. I asked our viewers..
Sh*t Whovians Never Say - Madi2theMax
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www.IDclips.com/Madi2theMax - This week Anna May Chick (played by Madison Brunoehler) shows us somethings Whovians would never say. What else wouldn't Whovians say? Add them in the comments below. Madi 2 the Max is a super funny web series t..
Whovians No More [Doctor Who Fan Film]
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Join James and Matthew in their first scripted adventure as they learn a valuable lesson and are thrown to the year 2020, a future that whovians only think of in their nightmares. A place where there is no Doctor Who. Can James and Matthew find their..
Whovians: Behind the Scenes w/Rove McManus
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Last weekend I had the privilege of going behind the scenes on the set of Whovians. I chatted with Rove McManus, Adam Richard, Tegan Higginbotham and Paul Verhoeven. For those of you who might not be familiar with the show, Whovians is an Austra..
Peter Capaldi Thanks YOU & Whovians Around the World | Doctor Who World Tour | #DWWorldTour
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On the last night of the World Tour, Peter Capaldi has a few words of thanks to share with the fans. Watch all of the Rio highlights here: idclips.com/video/VtkWPaTs4A4/video.html Missed the previous stops? - catch up here www.youtube.com/..
Whovians: Whatvians
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On the final episode of Whovians, a segment was included called 'Whatvians'. Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Michelle Gomez and Steven Moffat shared their opinions on the show.
A 3 year old whovians reaction to David Tennants regeneration into Matt Smith
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A 3 year old whovians reaction to david tennant's regeneration into matt smith
Why Whovians HATE John Nathan-Turner - Doctor Who Discussions
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Do you think the hate for John Nathan-Turner is justified or do you think it's more complicated than that? Let me know! MORE: Yesterday's video! Spring Cleaning idclips.com/video/wdvU8k9PMEU/video.html You can follow (the second year!) of my positivity project..
Christmas with a Whovian
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Tyler decides to stay with his cousin Seth for the Christmas holiday. But he soon finds out that Seth turned into a Whovian. And not just any Whovian. One of those crazy ones. #Doctorwho #TARDIS #TheDoctor
DOCTOR WHO Cast wish Whovians a Happy Holiday!
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Doctor Who cast members, Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez, Samuel Anderson and Jenna Coleman wish Whovians all over the world HAPPY HOLIDAYS and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Watch more exclusive Christmas Doctor Who videos first at: www.doctorwhocountdownt..
The Real Whovians Cast 1548:No Money For Series 12 In 2019??
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#DoctorWho,#DrWho,#SciFi,#DoctorWhoSeries12, The Real Whovians Cast 1548 By Matrixlord212. Matrixlord212 & David Aston.
The 500 Miles of Whovians Collaboration
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Edit: I know this says it was uploaded on Nov. 22, which is the day before the birthday of the show. Yes, it was uploaded then, but it was made public on the 23rd. I spent the 23rd in an airport, so this was the easiest option. Here we go! The fin..
Whovians React to the John Hurt Reveal Compilation
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THIS CHANNEL IS DEAD, CHECK OUT NEW ONE - idclips.com/channel/UCRCeHU_eP5um5TI7g5v9Njg Hey guys, here is another reaction compilation video as I enjoyed making the last one. Hope you enjoy! Please like, subscribe and comment for more XD ..
Doctor Who Fan Film - Whovians: The Web Series - Trailer
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Whovians is an original web series, premiering in October 2015. Over six episodes, we follow the lives of four people- Andrew, Steph, Bradley, and Liam- who are all massive fans of Doctor Who. You don't have to be a fan of Doctor Who (or even know ..
The Real Whovians Cast 1557:The Controversy!
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The Real Whovians Cast 1557 by Matrixlord212. Matrixlord212 & Scott. #DoctorWho,#DoctorWhoSeries12,#drwho,
Whovians panellist Adam Richard discusses the 13th Doctor
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BBC has announced that Broadchurch star Jodie Whittaker will star as the 13th Doctor. Whovians panellist Adam Richard shares his thoughts on the announcement on News Breafkast with Michael Rowland and Del Irani. #DoctorWho #WhoviansAU faceboo..
500 Miles with the Whovians
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The Doctor Who cast and crew of the Tennant era posted an amazing collaborative video to the song 500 Miles in October of 2011. Now, the Whovians are repaying their kindess with a video of their own in the same style. Some of the greatest Whovians ev..
The Real Whovians Cast 1541:Resolution Part 5!
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The Real Whovians Cast 1541 By Matrixlord212. Matrixlord212 & Matt Edwards. #DoctorWho,#drwho,#DoctorWhoResolution,#DoctorWhoSeries11,
Whovians: A Look Back
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A year has passed since the final episode was uploaded, but the series in 2017 has been viewed, enjoyed and supported. Cast & Crew were guests at Comic Cons and we even had a Best Web Series Nomination at a UK Festival. This festive celebration is ..
The Real Whovians Cast 1559:Jodie As The Valyard? Take My Money!
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The Real Whovians Cast 1559 By Matrixlord212. Matrixlord212 & Von! #DoctorWho,#JodieWhittaker,#Thevalyard,
Have The Whovians SPOKEN? | Rotten Tomatoes Backlash - Response to Nerdrotic Channel & Clownfish TV
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Even though RottenTomatoes Critics seem to think that 'Doctor Who: Season 11' is god's gift to mankind, the audience are able to fight back with an easily abused user metric. Should this Audience Score be take seriously and, just for fun, can the cri..
The Real Whovians Cast 1588:Cybermen VS Jodie In A Darker Series 12?
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The Real Whovians Cast 1588 By Matrixlord212. Matrixlord212 & Von. #DoctorWho,#drwho, #Jodiewhittaker,#Cybermen, #Cyberman,
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INSCREVA-SE NO CÂMERA 7: idclips.com/user/Camera7 VISITE O DOCTOR WHO BRASIL: doctorwhobrasil.com.br/ FACEBOOK CÂMERA 7: facebook.com/camera7page FACEBOOK PESSOAL: facebook.com/johnny7gomes T..
Doctor Who - You Know That You Are a Whovian When These Things Apply...
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INSCREVA-SE NO CÂMERA 7: idclips.com/user/Camera7 VISITE O DOCTOR WHO BRASIL: doctorwhobrasil.com.br/ FACEBOOK CÂMERA 7: facebook.com/camera7page FACEBOOK PESSOAL: facebook.com/johnny7gomes T..
500 miles Whovians Campania Bad Wolf
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500 miles fatto dai whovians in cosplay e non.
Whovians: Series 2 Teaser
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A little teaser to say thank you to those who Crowd Funded us. Series 2 is Filming Now....