How Not to Die - Michael Greger, MD

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  • Dr. Greger has scoured the world's scholarly literature on clinical nutrition and developed this new presentation based on the latest in cutting-edge research exploring the role diet may play in preventing, arresting, and even reversing our leading causes of death and disability.

    A founding member and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Michael Greger, MD, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health issues. He has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, testified before Congress, and was invited as an expert witness in the defense of Oprah Winfrey in the infamous "meat defamation" trial. He is a graduate of Cornell University School of Agriculture and Tufts University School of Medicine. Currently Dr. Greger serves as the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at The Humane Society of the United States. His latest book How Not to Die became an instant New York Times Best Seller. More than a thousand of his nutrition videos are freely available at, with new videos and articles uploaded every day.

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  • ejnvids
    ejnvids 2 bulan yang lalu

    I had several bladder infections from sexual intercourse but NEVER any from chicken. By the way, I only started eating chicken AFTER I stopped having sex, aka long-term celibacy.

  • corrrect
    corrrect 3 bulan yang lalu

    Refuse to take advice from a guy who look like he's suffering from malnutrition.

  • Raw Bacon
    Raw Bacon 3 bulan yang lalu

    Greger's Evil

  • TheVeganBerkeleyBeauty
    TheVeganBerkeleyBeauty 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    He said, “Infuse them before RIGORMORTIS sets in!” If that don’t get you off dead animal carcass, nothing will. 🙄

  • Markela Gonzalez
    Markela Gonzalez Tahun Yang lalu

    F yes w

  • Markela Gonzalez
    Markela Gonzalez Tahun Yang lalu

    Im cute, top comment please

  • Markela Gonzalez
    Markela Gonzalez Tahun Yang lalu +2

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  • Markela Gonzalez
    Markela Gonzalez Tahun Yang lalu +2

    Heck yea

  • Johnny goes Vegan
    Johnny goes Vegan Tahun Yang lalu

  • BroccoliQueefed
    BroccoliQueefed Tahun Yang lalu

    His speaking voice sucks and it is difficult to listen to, but y'all need to buy his book 'cause it's fantastic.

  • The Blue Donut
    The Blue Donut Tahun Yang lalu +1

    I love him!! 😊👏🏻💪🏻👍🏻

  • Jerome Castonguay
    Jerome Castonguay Tahun Yang lalu

    Hope your charities of choice are directed to better eating / learning

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 Tahun Yang lalu +3

    Dr Michael Greger interview from vegancoach :
    My breakfasts are typically green smoothies (parsley-mint-mango-strawberry-white tea-lemon-ginger-flax) during the warmer months, and an 8-or-so grain hot cereal with toasted walnuts, seeds, dried fruit (barberries my fave), and cinnamon.
    Lunch is leftovers from the day before, and
    supper is usually some intensively flavorful/colorful world cuisine type concoction with beans and greens (and lots of hot sauce). And a big salad of course!
    My fave snacks at the moment are baked purple sweet potato fries encrusted with fresh rosemary/garlic/chickpea flour, "zombie corn" (air-popped popcorn sprinkled with Bragg's and nutritional yeast, and turned bright green with chlorella), steamed collard green leaves wrapped "cigarillo" style around canned refried beans and jarred salsa (with some adobo-sauce sauteed onions & mushrooms if I have the time), and during the Fall my "caramel apple" combo of local Honey Crisp apples with some crazy-wet date variety like black sphinx.
    Summary of Dr Michael Greger information can be found in the books, free nutritionfacts org website and youtube interviews.
    Plate is probably about 1/4 high protein staple food like beans, 1/4 other staple foods. 1/2 vegetables. fruit for dessert. Organic is better.
    1 High protein staple food : Bean, pea, lentil - 3 servings. like soy (edamame, tempeh), black bean, lentil like beluga black lentil, french green lentil and red lentil, red kidney bean, pinto, yellow pea, green pea, chickpea (garbanzo bean). black eyed pea, butter bean (lima bean), white bean (cannellini bean, great northern bean, navy bean), small red bean.
    2 Berries - 1 serving. blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry. barberry. acai, goji berry, cherry, bilberry, black currant, concord grape, mulberry. aronia berry, elderberry. kumquat (small citrus whose rind is eaten).
    3 Other fruits - 3 servings. amla (frozen amla can be found in India grocery), plum, prune, pluot. citrus like pink grapefruit, lemon, lime, clementine, tangerine, orange. Can eat rind of small citrus like mandarin. papaya, cantaloupe, apricot, peach, nectarine, mango. honeydew, kiwi. apple, pear, pomegranate, watermelon. fig, dates, banana, pineapple, passion fruit, lychee, avocado. Minimize olives which are salty. Avoid dried fruit with added sulfur.
    4 and 5 Cruciferous veggies including cruciferous greens, plus Other greens - 1 serving cruciferous, 2 servings cruciferous greens or other greens. Cruciferous including cruciferous greens - microgreens like broccoli sprouts, broccoli, kale like black kale (tuscan or dinosaur), green kale, red kale, watercress, arugula, purple cabbage, green cabbage. collard green, turnip green, mustard green, cauliflower, bok choy, brussels sprouts. horseradish, radish, wasabi, kohlrabi, rutabaga, turnip.
    Other Greens - microgreens like fenugreek sprouts, spinach, radicchio, chard, beet green, basil, parsley, sorrel, butter leaf lettuce, oak leaf lettuce, purslane, mint. Iceberg lettuce not too nutritious.
    6 Other Veg and cooked mushrooms - 2 servings. red onion, leek, scallion, green onion, celery, artichoke, beet, snap pea, bell pepper, carrot, summer squash, cucumber. tomato. eggplant, okra. asparagus, rhubarb, hibiscus. Cooked mushrooms (button, portobello, oyster, shiitake). Wild foraged mushrooms have more toxins.
    7 Golden or brown flax seed powder - 1 serving. Source of omega 3 and lignans.
    8 Nuts and seeds - 1 serving. Other sources of omega 3 like chia seed, hemp seed, walnut. Nuts like pecan, hazelnut (filbert), pistachio, almond (calcium), peanut (zinc), cashew (iron), macadamia, brazil nut (selenium), pine nut. seeds like sesame (calcium), pumpkin seed (iron, zinc), sunflower seed (iron, zinc), watermelon seed. Seeds are healthier than nuts.
    9 Herbs and Spices - 1 serving. 1/4 teaspoon turmeric. cloves, peppermint, mint, allspice, marjoram, cinnamon (ceylon), cinnamon (cassia), oregano, sage, thyme, rosemary. basil, parsley, cilantro. ginger. black pepper. red pepper flakes. cayenne pepper, paprika. bay leaf, cardamom, coriander, cumin, dill, fenugreek, horseradish, lemongrass, mustard, nutmeg, capers, saffron, vanilla. citrus zest. vinegar. cacao. Allium family includes onion, leek, garlic. Spice mixes like pumpkin pie spice, curry, chinese five spice powder, garam masala, berbere, italian seasoning, poultry seasoning, zaatar.
    10 Other staple foods - 3 servings. red quinoa, farro, whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, oat groats, rice (black, purple, red, brown), wild rice, blue corn, sprouted corn tortilla, barley, amaranth, buckwheat, millet, sorghum, teff, freekeh, kaniwa, fonio. tubers like purple sweet potato, purple potato. winter squash like pumpkin.
    11 Beverages - 5 12 oz servings. teas between meals like hibiscus tea, matcha powder, green tea, white tea, lemon balm, peppermint, chai tea, chamomile, earl grey, green, jasmine, oolong, roobois. coffee. hot chocolate, non alcoholic red wine. Tea better than coffee.
    12 Exercise - 90 min of moderate intensity activity or 40 minutes of vigorous activity. Use standing desk and do not use chairs. If using chairs take frequent breaks.
    13 vitamin b12 supplement cyanocobalamin 250 mcg to 1,000 mcg per day (higher dosages like 2,500 mcg can be weekly).
    14 vitamin d. sunshine, cooked mushrooms (d2) like shiitake mushroom, wild morel, wild chanterelle, brands of mushroom with vitamin d2, lichen (d3).
    15 iodine. seaweeds like dulse, arame, wakame, nori.
    16 algae epa/dha supplement if needed.
    17 fermented food like tempeh, natto, miso.
    18 superfood like nutritional yeast, brewers yeast, amla powder, triphala powder (India products can be high in heavy metals). chlorella.
    19 Dr Greger has videos warning about too much cassia cinnamon, turmeric, tarragon, nutmeg, licorice, stevia, kelp or kombu (too much iodine). Dr Greger warns about contamination in alfalfa sprouts, spirulina, blue green algae. Warnings to avoid kimchi (and other high salt foods), kombucha, starfruit, unfiltered aloe vera, mangosteen, noni, carrageenan, hijiki seaweed, yerba mate, whole aloe vera supplement. Avoid overdosing on whole reishi mushroom powder. Avoid rice bec of arsenic. Avoid juice which has less fiber than real fruits. Avoid refined substances like oil.
    20 Healthier cooking methods are steaming and boiling.
    21 Less than 1,500 mg of sodium.
    22 Can use sweeteners like dates, blackstrap molasses, stevia and erythritol.
    23 Sleep 7 to 8 hours every day.
    24 Sanitize hands with alcohol.

    • Hakeem Shabazz
      Hakeem Shabazz 10 bulan yang lalu +1

      colonyofcells iamamachine2 WOW, GOOD JOB!!😄🖒🖒👏👏

  • CauseAndEffect
    CauseAndEffect Tahun Yang lalu +1

    His egoistical speaking style is too annoying.

  • Cheri Bachman
    Cheri Bachman Tahun Yang lalu +1

    Thank you😁

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Tahun Yang lalu +1

    His presentation method has improved. His voice pitch modulation is much less pronounced. Most complaints about his presentations are regarding the extreme pitch modulation.
    My doctor talks about diet every single visit. She's thorough. When something shows wrong on the blood test, she says how to help fix it with diet: example: Good cholesterol: get omega-3, from things like fish, nuts etc.

  • Cliff Yates
    Cliff Yates Tahun Yang lalu +10

    I have learned so much from listening to Dr.Greger. Many of his teachings I'm sure has saved my life or contributed to it. I only wish I was articulate enough or persuasive enough to save my family and friends from the heart disease they are most likely going to die from. I recently went Vegan, and my cholesterol has plummeted, and my energy level is crazy great at age 60. I look and feel very young. And I went Vegan after Forks over Knives and the lectures from Dr. Esselstyn and Campbell. But that is not enough. The lectures of Dr. Greger has taken me to the next level of knowledge in the health benefits of a Vegan diet. Bravo for sharing this video. I will keep watching.

  • Roger Thompson
    Roger Thompson 2 tahun yang lalu +19

    Thank you so much for sharing, loved this. I will quit smoking tomorrow, it may be the hardest thing I've ever done but it's time.

    • Jill Hollon
      Jill Hollon Tahun Yang lalu +1

      Roger Thompson Congratulations! Hope you've been successful! I'm a food addict and have given up all meats, all dairy, eggs, processed oils and sugars and am now working on processed flours (pasta and breads) and Coca-Cola (my weakness).. it's a lifelong process but worth the rewards!! :-)

  • thebudkellyfiles
    thebudkellyfiles 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    Dr. Geiger looks pale. Surely the palest human in the islands. Arms like spaghetti sticks. Hawaiian shirt falling off him. Tired looking. Pot bellied. Bald. Thick glasses. Surely he is a warning to anyone who wants to follow this delusional dangerous whacko diet.

    • BroccoliQueefed
      BroccoliQueefed Tahun Yang lalu

      Because eating well and not exercising will still make you look like shit. People don't understand how important exercise is.

    • theselector
      theselector Tahun Yang lalu +3

      thebudkellyfiles LOL......He still looks a heck of a lot better than any of the doctors at my local medical centre.

    • Damchozangmo
      Damchozangmo 2 tahun yang lalu +3

      thebudkellyfiles You absolutely have no clue. Just check out the vegan athletes, etc.

    • Roger Thompson
      Roger Thompson 2 tahun yang lalu +2

      thebudkellyfiles but check out his energy levels!

  • Kip Paseo
    Kip Paseo 2 tahun yang lalu +21

    , I just finished reading how not to die by dr. Michael Gregor. I knew I would enjoy reading the book since he is by far one of my favorite VSA guest speakers. just ordered another copy to give to my 72 year old mother and another one for a coworker of mine who both suffer from heart disease related issues. doctor Gregor was definitely a huge inspiration for my going plant-based 4 years and 150 pounds ago.. definitely buy his book!

    • valnaples
      valnaples Tahun Yang lalu

      This book is a FABULOUS resource! Dr. Greger is amazing!

  • Louise M-D
    Louise M-D 2 tahun yang lalu +3

    McLean Canadian magazine cover articles warn vegan parents as dangerous n delusional,please everyone, respond to McLean s as cchildren have already been taken away from parents to force them to eat animal products,Italy wants to hail vegan parents

  • Urban Assault Vegan
    Urban Assault Vegan 2 tahun yang lalu +21

    Dr. Greger is THE man! Practicing exactly what he preaches. I love this group of doctors... they are not telling us to quit smoking as they step out for a smoke .. not speaking of health while morbidly obese! ... like the doctors we have all had our entire lives.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 2 tahun yang lalu +3

    Nathan Pritikin managed to reverse his heart disease on a unrefined starch based vegan diet with b12 supplement. Nathan Pritikin decided to include the minimum animal products to avoid b12 supplements and to gain mainstream acceptance. Both the nathan pritikin diet and the dr dean ornish diet (allows egg whites, non fat dairy, fish oil capsules) are now accepted by medicare for heart disease. The prepared speeches of Dr Michael Greger are already widely available on youtube and a format of question and answer might be more interesting.

    • Geert W
      Geert W 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      All of them are confused charlatans curing diseases via food, which is the main cause of these diseases.

  • balderdashery G
    balderdashery G 2 tahun yang lalu

    What about congestive heart failure and an enlarged heart? Please?

    • colonyofcells iamamachine2
      colonyofcells iamamachine2 2 tahun yang lalu +2

      I have heard of people reversing heart disease like enlarged heart from people following the dr mcdougall diet. drmcdougall com has free forums where people can ask questions. Heart valve problems are usually not solved by unrefined plant diets. To reduce risk for stroke, can give up all added salt.

  • RWS
    RWS 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    Thank you for uploading the Dr Greger comedy show.I do have to thank Dr Greger MD for the awakening regarding one of the top causes of death and misleading information,ass backward methodology and false information, somehow omitted from the list of disease and death... the medical doctor.

    • BroccoliQueefed
      BroccoliQueefed Tahun Yang lalu

      I think you guy's missed the gyst of RWS's comment. Not that I blame you, it is a little difficult to catch.

    • colonyofcells iamamachine2
      colonyofcells iamamachine2 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      Among health conscious people, there is wide agreement on avoiding processed foods and refined substances like oil, salt, sweeteners, etc. With our overpopulation, everyone is just praying that we do not have serious crop failures that will affect major crops like wheat, corn and rice, and most people cannot be too choosy about their cheap starch staples in order to survive. Dr Michael Greger does warn people about dry high temperature cooking so steaming and boiling is healthier.

    • RWS
      RWS 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      +colonyofcells del machine
      Don't worry, in 30 years every one in two children will be born with birth defects and Autism- a simple nutrient deficiency. Alzheimer's disease which has been cured in animals decades ago, will exceed epidemic levels. Yet we have Dr Greger promoting lower cholesterol through a vegetarian diet. Won't he be red faced when the truth comes out that cholesterol is actually the hero and not the demon that he and main stream medicine have used as an excuse to sell highly profitable Staten drugs, and of course promote vegetables. BTW do a search for Dr Gladden- The 12 bad foods and get back to me about those grains.

    • colonyofcells iamamachine2
      colonyofcells iamamachine2 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      I heard our population is doubling about every 30 years but I am not sure if we will ever get to 14 billion people. With our current overpopulation, my guess is most people will have to make do with conventional vegetables and conventional tubers and conventional whole grains to get enough calories.

    • RWS
      RWS 2 tahun yang lalu

      +colonyofcells del machine
      You mean unhealthy lifestyles supported by the wrong philosophy of medicine. yet what is the sense of eating more vegetables if they are nutrient deficient? Isn't that like adding extra gas to your car to get better gas mileage? If only we could find a doctor to promote eating more vegetables and back it up with research funded by the drug industry.

  • AbideenTurky عابدین ترکی

    Thanks for uploading and sharing best information