Honest Trailers - Twilight

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    In honor of the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Trailer, we revisit the roots of the Twilight series -- lots and lots of stares. #HonestTrailers
    If you're not smart enough for The Hunger Games, rewatch Shovel Face and Vanilla have the creepiest movie relationship of all time. Did we mention there's EVEN MORE STARES?!

    Honest Trailers: Twilight
    Created & Directed by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner
    Executive Producer Mitch Rotter
    Written by Brett Weiner, Andy Signore & Alex Sargeant
    Edited by Brett Weiner
    Voiceover Narration by Gannon Nickell - twitter.com/gannonnickell
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  • Afifa Bano
    Afifa Bano Hari Yang lalu


  • Albert Ferraro
    Albert Ferraro 5 hari yang lalu

    Your new Batman DC fans! 😂

  • Tobin Richmond
    Tobin Richmond 6 hari yang lalu

    Shovel face = Batman 😕

  • Julie Elise
    Julie Elise 6 hari yang lalu

    “The romance of lifetime expresses entirely in state.” 😂 So accurate.

  • Dowd Core
    Dowd Core 7 hari yang lalu

    Heard Sparkling Vampire was gonna be The Bruce Wayne. SHOVEL FACE!

  • Achintha madumal
    Achintha madumal 8 hari yang lalu

    Better than the movie itself

  • KO Destroyer
    KO Destroyer 8 hari yang lalu +2

    Shovel Face is our new BATMAN!!

    • KO Destroyer
      KO Destroyer 7 hari yang lalu

      +oggy jack then they could continue with their stare down

    • oggy jack
      oggy jack 7 hari yang lalu +1

      KO Destroyer WB may rope in Kristen Stewart as "Catwoman".

      Just imagine!!

  • BrassBoy1120
    BrassBoy1120 9 hari yang lalu

    Even though many people think Twilight was dumb, or rubbish, or just lacking, I still enjoyed it. I do think that it is not nearly as deep or themed as Harry Potter, Narnia, the Hunger Games or Lord of the Rings, I could still enjoy some parts of it. And I am a guy.
    P.S. I live in Surrey, BC, Canada, not far from the spot where they filmed the Swans' house in Breaking Dawn Part 2. They only used a set house that time, not the actual house from the other movies, which is in Oregon.

  • john cena
    john cena 10 hari yang lalu

    honesty its written by the worlds shittest auther😑 also game of thrones and vampier dairies i belive cant people watch this crap j k rolling is far better at writting fantasy and love story all togather😍

  • Alegost1
    Alegost1 11 hari yang lalu

    sooo..... edward is a legal loli? xD

    FPP GOD 13 hari yang lalu

    F.... Her to death

  • Gacha Hufflepuff
    Gacha Hufflepuff 14 hari yang lalu +1

    I haven't seen twilight but apparently everyone has and hates it.

  • Donnie Qualls
    Donnie Qualls 15 hari yang lalu +1

    From the studio that got banned from Patreon, for making a werewolf.... eat out a girl's butthole.

  • Old Dad
    Old Dad 22 hari yang lalu +1

    "Based on the terrible books, from one of the shittiest authors of all time..." 😂

  • Rain drop
    Rain drop 26 hari yang lalu

    Why do people refer Twilight with Hunger games xD

  • Apoorva Janawlekar
    Apoorva Janawlekar 28 hari yang lalu

    1:18 dude looks constipated af, I’m disgusted at my 13 year old self for crushing on him

  • Ruby Garcia
    Ruby Garcia 28 hari yang lalu

    😂 I love these dude!

  • TwilightFan !
    TwilightFan ! 29 hari yang lalu

    "for teenage girls not smart enough to read the Hunger games". Um excuse me, I love both

  • Thepowerlies
    Thepowerlies 29 hari yang lalu

    This movie is like Justin Bieber

  • Dhairyashil Jagadale
    Dhairyashil Jagadale Bulan Yang lalu

    Forgot how colorless and pale the film was

  • Nikhil parag gara pinhilik
    Nikhil parag gara pinhilik Bulan Yang lalu

    Well I kinda enjoy this sarcasm but really dude twilight is a good one 😊

  • A J
    A J Bulan Yang lalu

    I thought it was strange when I found out that they had at least 100 year age difference......they made twilight seem so normal when in reality Edward was an abusive controlling pedophile

  • Shivansh Sinha
    Shivansh Sinha Bulan Yang lalu

    It's not pedophilia because he LOOKS 17? So, basically reverse anime logic as lewding a loli is okay because she is like a 1000 years old?

  • Crystal Passarotti
    Crystal Passarotti Bulan Yang lalu

    Ok while I’m obsessed with Jasper I actually have a lot of issues with the Twilight universe and this brought so many of them up front! I laughed my a$$ off!

  • William Kemble
    William Kemble Bulan Yang lalu

    What the heck.

  • William Kemble
    William Kemble Bulan Yang lalu

    It seems like a bad movie for many reasons

  • Rey From No Where
    Rey From No Where Bulan Yang lalu

    Did anyone see that documentary Roth made.

  • Theatrical Dragon
    Theatrical Dragon Bulan Yang lalu

    Cedric Diggory did clearly did NOT go to a go place after he died.

  • Gary Maxion
    Gary Maxion Bulan Yang lalu

    ". . .and Troy Polamalu." I'm dead! 🤣😂😂🤣

  • Gary Maxion
    Gary Maxion Bulan Yang lalu

    The music behind the part with the stares and more stares makes me laugh every single time. I even sort of sing it.

  • Gary Maxion
    Gary Maxion Bulan Yang lalu

    My brother said that Sigorney Weaver is hotter than Kristen Stewart. I have disowned him as of today.

  • Rupsa
    Rupsa 2 bulan yang lalu


  • Alice Johnson
    Alice Johnson 2 bulan yang lalu

    The music that was put to the stares killed me 😂

  • nellie roberts
    nellie roberts 2 bulan yang lalu

    Who else died laughing when it shows RP glaring at KS in Biology? I think the Twilight series are my favorite, Honest trailers hands down.

  • AmassiveOverLoad
    AmassiveOverLoad 2 bulan yang lalu


  • frankthelion
    frankthelion 2 bulan yang lalu

    No mention of the magic armadillo in science class that sometimes is there, and sometimes isnt??? Thats the real star of the series.

  • Abhijith I S
    Abhijith I S 2 bulan yang lalu


  • Samantha Harrell
    Samantha Harrell 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    I love challenge by the fact that he might f**** her to death. Lol 👍if u laughed so many things that were true about this movie. But the others just dropped with worse reviews. And “I like watching you sleep.” Not creepy at all. Am I right

  • My Doll Family /Princess Lookie

    Yes! I love this Twilight is the worst book and movie Ever! Atleast in the book Bella has emotions though! LOL!!!😆😆😆😆😆

  • Courtney Swartz
    Courtney Swartz 2 bulan yang lalu

    I think our moms loved these movies and books more than anyone in the preteen/teen age group at the time ever did.

  • Hawkman Gohawks
    Hawkman Gohawks 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    ...and Troy Polamalu lol I died

  • UmbreonTwinkle
    UmbreonTwinkle 2 bulan yang lalu

    This movie is so bad, why does my mom watch these?

  • Lily Shaffer
    Lily Shaffer 2 bulan yang lalu

    am I the only who actually loves twilight?

  • Dhruv Nakhwa
    Dhruv Nakhwa 2 bulan yang lalu

    1:06 which song/tune?

  • ivan the terrible
    ivan the terrible 2 bulan yang lalu

    The writers deserve 25 years in the gulag

  • Adam Lewis
    Adam Lewis 2 bulan yang lalu

    Troy Polamalu dead LOL

  • okta 12345
    okta 12345 3 bulan yang lalu

    "World's gayest vampire" LMAO

  • Etrigan
    Etrigan 3 bulan yang lalu

    Probably bad time to mention that she has the acting potential of a turnip

  • boy in a white room
    boy in a white room 3 bulan yang lalu

    Still a better lovestory than Twilight

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 3 bulan yang lalu +1

    Edward: Get away from me I’m going to hurt you
    Bella: Diamonetss
    Edward: No you don’t understand I want to kill you
    Bella: Sparkli

  • Alex Riptide
    Alex Riptide 3 bulan yang lalu

    The sad thing is that the backstories of most of the characters are really interesting. The plotline is boring and creepy.

    HUCK FINN 3 bulan yang lalu

    Slap on the sunscreen, shut the curtains, turn down lights, floss your teeth, sleep all day and party all night. A lover's triangle gone bad. BITE ME - PG13

  • Miss Fox
    Miss Fox 3 bulan yang lalu

    That is pretty rude... :(

  • Blogger Blogg
    Blogger Blogg 3 bulan yang lalu

    I liked the books when I was a teenager. I started to watch the movie I could stand 10 minutes, and I realize that moment making good movies from books impossible. Then I realized that whole Twilight thing is awful. Literally after that when The fifty shades of gray came to the book market.
    Then a guy started to pretend he is Jacob, because he thought I will like and go a date with him. I told him I hate that .... Twilight.
    I done with whole vampire thing after I read the Vampire dairies and when open your favorite online books store and the site throw your face the Twilight and all vampire literature in the first page....you want to scream.. ..

  • sasha deea
    sasha deea 3 bulan yang lalu

    am i the only one who noticed that the voice is changed or rerecorded? i watched this trailer when it was first posted and it sounded very different. they also changed it for hunger games. why?

  • HighFunctioning Fangirl
    HighFunctioning Fangirl 3 bulan yang lalu

    I was already dead before 30 seconds even passed 😂😂

  • john silver
    john silver 3 bulan yang lalu

    So... The movies pretty much sucked ass? Thanks. Truly.

  • Sandy GT
    Sandy GT 3 bulan yang lalu

    What's the music when they stare

  • Sandy GT
    Sandy GT 3 bulan yang lalu

    What's that music?

  • GatchaGamerGirls •-•
    GatchaGamerGirls •-• 3 bulan yang lalu

    But I love Twilight you BISH!!!!!!!!!

  • Lawrie M
    Lawrie M 3 bulan yang lalu +2

    “It’s not paedophilia because he looks 17”😭

  • Eduardo Galicia
    Eduardo Galicia 3 bulan yang lalu

    Can't believe they still use that music for "Staring"

  • Willami693
    Willami693 3 bulan yang lalu

    Did people really like this other epic voice guy...I mean seriously he sounds terrible

  • Luca Noémi Csorba
    Luca Noémi Csorba 3 bulan yang lalu

    1:08 lol it looks like Edward has wings. I don't know why I find it so funny but for some reason I do. 😂

  • B-demi
    B-demi 4 bulan yang lalu

    I loved these books and movies when I was 15, fifteen years later still do, but seeing all its flaws and disassociation from reality is hilarious.

  • Zahidah Ali
    Zahidah Ali 4 bulan yang lalu

    Honest feel sad she will do that😯😐😑😡😴😢

  • Epileptic Episode
    Epileptic Episode 4 bulan yang lalu

    twilight adopted hentai loli priciple. Like well, technically she's 817 years old ;)

  • MAdubTs
    MAdubTs 4 bulan yang lalu +2

    OMFG @ 0:35 his emphasis on worlds GAYEST vampire 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☠️👌🏻 I can’t

  • SilverLynx
    SilverLynx 4 bulan yang lalu +1

    The accuracy. 👌

  • Thorneyed
    Thorneyed 4 bulan yang lalu

    Still better love story than... wait. Oh shi~

  • PrimBloodyBlack K.S.
    PrimBloodyBlack K.S. 4 bulan yang lalu

    1:08 that is creepy

  • kain ushia
    kain ushia 4 bulan yang lalu

    whats the music at 1:20?

  • Kath
    Kath 4 bulan yang lalu +1

    Every now and then I come here because *STARES* but I just have to say that it's so strange hearing another voice that it's not epic voice guy's.

  • Hillery Earl
    Hillery Earl 4 bulan yang lalu

    1:32 LMAO

  • Ester Parada
    Ester Parada 4 bulan yang lalu

    The intro could be "A love story of people without D vitamine"

  • Angie B
    Angie B 4 bulan yang lalu

    “Your hands are ice cold-“
    You want me to sit on them to warm em up?
    “You have no idea what they were thinking”
    “And you do?”
    Ya they were gonna ask you for directions. What do you think Bella?

  • cri nge
    cri nge 4 bulan yang lalu +1

    "her inability to pour ketchup" I'm dead

  • Mollie Thomas
    Mollie Thomas 4 bulan yang lalu +4

    Who's still watching in 2019?

  • Brett Scarbrough
    Brett Scarbrough 4 bulan yang lalu

    As a twilight fan I’m aloud to watch this and make fun of it 😂

  • eden arviv
    eden arviv 4 bulan yang lalu

    starring: *shovel face* brilliant!

  • Creative Crow
    Creative Crow 4 bulan yang lalu +1

    *I'M DEAD!!!* 😂😂😂

  • Anwar Dandashi
    Anwar Dandashi 4 bulan yang lalu

    Unbreakable stares brought me back here

  • Nina's Edits
    Nina's Edits 4 bulan yang lalu

    hunger games for ever

  • Onika Moe
    Onika Moe 4 bulan yang lalu

    Cryingggggg 😂

  • You Don't Know Me
    You Don't Know Me 4 bulan yang lalu

    This channel sucks

  • me being me Pretty face
    me being me Pretty face 4 bulan yang lalu

    Funny af

  • Haya Baghdadi
    Haya Baghdadi 4 bulan yang lalu

    100% honest

  • Taylor Tucker
    Taylor Tucker 5 bulan yang lalu

    I WOULD LOVE TO SEE DUMPLIN honest trailer!!!!!!!!!!

  • Galilea Guevara
    Galilea Guevara 5 bulan yang lalu

    1:55 to 1:58 IM DYING!!!! XD

  • Tony Casimiro
    Tony Casimiro 5 bulan yang lalu +1

    Worlds gayest vampire. Got me good

  • Jianna Malone
    Jianna Malone 5 bulan yang lalu

    can you do honest trailers for pearl harbor

  • 5AMURA1 dEaD
    5AMURA1 dEaD 5 bulan yang lalu


  • Azaleas camellias
    Azaleas camellias 5 bulan yang lalu

    Lmfaoao shovel face 😂😂

  • Chun Ping Ooi
    Chun Ping Ooi 5 bulan yang lalu

    i have to say...... the twilight series of honest trailers is still the best..... and funniest of them all!!!

  • -Null -
    -Null - 5 bulan yang lalu

    “Worlds Gayest Vampire”
    As a member of the LGBT community, we don’t accept him as one of our own, for we are fabulous (which Edward isn’t). Just because he sparkles, that does not mean he is fabulous in any way!
    We kindly pass him to the straight community.

  • Sebastian Padurariu
    Sebastian Padurariu 5 bulan yang lalu

    what is the name of the song which starts from min 1:00. my shazam doesn't work well. thanks

  • I'm You
    I'm You 5 bulan yang lalu

    I actually like Twilight but, this is hilarious!

  • Juliax Eyes
    Juliax Eyes 5 bulan yang lalu

    Came back here because I realized I had the staring music stuck in my head lol

  • Ariel fangirl Mendez
    Ariel fangirl Mendez 5 bulan yang lalu

    It's been 10 years since our friends made this honest trailer in 2012.

  • Dotty Diggler
    Dotty Diggler 5 bulan yang lalu

    god lol I'm cryin, kid