Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)


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  • MaybeJB
    MaybeJB 10 jam yang lalu

    I love Link's hair

  • Alexander Scotland
    Alexander Scotland 11 jam yang lalu


  • BurnThePope
    BurnThePope 11 jam yang lalu

    What BK did you guys visit that doesn't serve ham on their breakfast menu?

  • Chris K
    Chris K 11 jam yang lalu

    BK bacon Double were great. They brough em back like 5 years ago and then one day I went to order it, the lady said they didn't have them anymore. The person making the food made me one anyway, so that was cool

  • Garett Benoit
    Garett Benoit 12 jam yang lalu

    Best youtubers ever!

  • TTM Vortex
    TTM Vortex 13 jam yang lalu


  • Jake Anderson
    Jake Anderson 13 jam yang lalu

    cmon guys almost too 100,000 on the donations lets get them there. Remembers, IT's for the kids!

  • Chris R
    Chris R 13 jam yang lalu

    Live a little bring it back!!!

  • Cryoxin Cry
    Cryoxin Cry 13 jam yang lalu

    Here I am doing intermittent fasting so I can’t eat.. just watching and hearing them eat that yumbo...

  • deloreanfan81
    deloreanfan81 13 jam yang lalu

    Need to bring back the chicken tender sandwiches. 11:10 well..there goes my appetite

  • Quian Graves
    Quian Graves 14 jam yang lalu

    They need to bring back the BK double stack

  • United Brony
    United Brony 14 jam yang lalu

    "sandwiches with lea- salad on it""

  • TheGameMakeGuy
    TheGameMakeGuy 14 jam yang lalu

    Burgerking Always Has the Long Chicken in germany

  • palegreenmessiah
    palegreenmessiah 15 jam yang lalu

    do taco bell next
    the legendary bell beefer

  • Gsharks
    Gsharks 15 jam yang lalu

    7:59 the chewing☠️ ahhhhhh

  • Kristers Feldmanis
    Kristers Feldmanis 15 jam yang lalu

    Shameless appropriation of mexican food? Really? Please tell me that was a joke.

  • IMattee
    IMattee 15 jam yang lalu


  • Due Unicycle
    Due Unicycle 16 jam yang lalu

    They did bring this back. Lol

  • N.J. State øf Mind
    N.J. State øf Mind 16 jam yang lalu

    the big king was the best. too bad it comes out as "new" every 4 years or so lol

  • OmegaGamingNetwork
    OmegaGamingNetwork 16 jam yang lalu

    The actual fried mac and cheetos that BK served were absolutely abysmal. They seemed like they would be good, but the actual customer product was pretty bleak.

  • Peter prior
    Peter prior 17 jam yang lalu

    Ozzies call sandwiches sangas mate.

  • bishopking63
    bishopking63 17 jam yang lalu

    I had the cheetos when they were still around and ya it just tasted like deepfried kraft wrapped in cheeto dust.

  • AsherDreamer
    AsherDreamer 18 jam yang lalu

    Did he call it a sanga? Because sometimes we call sandwiches sangas.

  • EddieGames
    EddieGames 18 jam yang lalu

    Just to let you know, they have Mac and Cheetos at the store now, so they were discontinued by Burger King, but you can still buy them at the store...

  • Allen Jay
    Allen Jay 18 jam yang lalu +1

    Since when did Rhett care about food being too unhealthy? *This is the same man that had another grown ass man squirt a whole can of reddi whip into his mouth.*

  • Blazing Ember
    Blazing Ember 19 jam yang lalu

    you guys gonna ever talk about BK grilled Dogs?

  • nicole pilmer
    nicole pilmer 19 jam yang lalu

    the old burger king logo looks like the hungry jacks fast food restaurant logo we have in australia

  • PiE PC
    PiE PC 19 jam yang lalu

    The Aussie bloke would've called it either a Sanga or a sambo

  • Cooke's Floor Service
    Cooke's Floor Service 20 jam yang lalu

    Looks Good!

  • Blemm Chan
    Blemm Chan 20 jam yang lalu

    Sanga? That’s what we call sandwiches in SA.

  • Lord Mashie
    Lord Mashie 20 jam yang lalu

    Hungry Jack's gang

  • adminprime
    adminprime 20 jam yang lalu

    Mail Day gifts should stay with current format. Please continue to open the gifts and share with us. Please don't use it for LTAT anymore. I was disappointed.

  • Justin Colley
    Justin Colley 20 jam yang lalu

    mac and cheetos aren't really discontinued. They have them right now here in the south.

  • Dan Schmidt
    Dan Schmidt 20 jam yang lalu

    Whopperito had seasoned meat. Still Whopper patties but taco seasoning sauce mixed in.

  • BooBoo Lizard
    BooBoo Lizard 21 jam yang lalu

    I worked at BK when the whoppereito came out I was the weirdo who added mustard and pickles it was delicious 😋

  • Jordan Hawthorne
    Jordan Hawthorne 21 jam yang lalu

    You guys rock

  • geo
    geo 21 jam yang lalu

    that mac and cheetos commercial is a huge inside joke between my family hahahah

  • Amritpaul Singh
    Amritpaul Singh 21 jam yang lalu +1

    Recreating Discontinued Taco bell next please

  • JonesingJalopies
    JonesingJalopies 22 jam yang lalu

    2:40 *slurrrp* please don't slurp your burger

  • Roman Grabowski
    Roman Grabowski 23 jam yang lalu

    Rhett in peace

  • Space Cadet
    Space Cadet Hari Yang lalu

    The best part is Rhett is wearing the burger taco shirt and was totally for the burger wrap haha

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly Hari Yang lalu

    Do stevie and lizzie's prolapse party

  • Logikos
    Logikos Hari Yang lalu

    Aussies generally calls sandwich's Sanga's

  • Derpy Aura
    Derpy Aura Hari Yang lalu

    They forgot Burger King Foot Lettuce

  • mstrmoog
    mstrmoog Hari Yang lalu

    Stop dinking it

  • David Wigglesworth
    David Wigglesworth Hari Yang lalu

    Yo that bk pizza burger may have been discontinued but my local diner sold one my whole life, i ordered that every single time we went! Pizza burgers are

  • Edson Legere
    Edson Legere Hari Yang lalu

    You sure my guys before but now you've catapulted yourselves into the stratosphere with this one. The Cheetos Mark Morrison commercial is one of my favorite things. It's sooooo funny. And Cheetoos, Oh my God! 😆

  • Dot
    Dot Hari Yang lalu

    …. …… …. ..... .... ....... .. .....

  • Ohbeedee Ohbeedee
    Ohbeedee Ohbeedee Hari Yang lalu

    Remember the yumbo it certainly was not like that in Australia then again No Burger King in Australia we call it Hungry Jacks

  • Kid Error sans
    Kid Error sans Hari Yang lalu

    What about the rodeo king they brought that back and got rid of it

  • Anthony Peters
    Anthony Peters Hari Yang lalu

    Link needs more tomatoes in his life!

  • Brently G
    Brently G Hari Yang lalu

    Man, I haven't eaten in 24 hours, but I coulda watched these guys eat food for hours. :)

  • Lightning Jake
    Lightning Jake Hari Yang lalu

    I don’t like Mac and cheese.

  • Assassin21592
    Assassin21592 Hari Yang lalu

    If you’re hating on Australian toasteis were going to have a problem

  • Unicorn Turds
    Unicorn Turds Hari Yang lalu

    Single, double, and triple stacks! That sauce was the shit

  • Karen Melamed
    Karen Melamed Hari Yang lalu

    Chicken parm, Mac & cheetos, cheesy tots come and go, cilantro fish, whopperrito, nightmare whopper and the Halloween whopper were good. I work at bk.

  • Northeastern Car Mods
    Northeastern Car Mods Hari Yang lalu

    McDonald’s has ham on their egg mc muffin

  • Isaac Betancourt
    Isaac Betancourt Hari Yang lalu +1

    I love how specific they get with theirs examples 😂

  • Drewby
    Drewby Hari Yang lalu

    The Mac n Cheetos came back a year or two ago.
    Three of my favorite things, Mac n Cheese, Cheetos, and Burger King.
    Tasted terrible.
    Very reminiscent of Chemistry class..

  • Uneducated Retard
    Uneducated Retard Hari Yang lalu +2

    Bring back the Chicken Big King

  • 3d_panda
    3d_panda Hari Yang lalu

    You can still order the Mac Snack Wrap, it is a secret menu item, though the patty is not chopped up.

  • Splatter X
    Splatter X Hari Yang lalu

    ⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅

  • VNMx Darkzy
    VNMx Darkzy Hari Yang lalu

    Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce

  • Zuriel
    Zuriel Hari Yang lalu +2

    I feel like Rhett and Link are kind of parting away from each other a bit anyone else?

  • frisk underfell
    frisk underfell Hari Yang lalu

    Hey GMM they did bring the Mac and Cheeto back but not in burger King but u can find it in stores

  • XN DR
    XN DR Hari Yang lalu

    Rhet: “This is the only thing that has ham in a place full of hamburgers.”
    Level 200 woke

  • tamingshem12
    tamingshem12 Hari Yang lalu

    The Australian guy probably said Sanga.

  • Jake Powell
    Jake Powell Hari Yang lalu

    Cam you move the mic away from ur through it sounds disgusting

  • iGotTheJuice3
    iGotTheJuice3 Hari Yang lalu

    Mac and cheetos was gross

  • Jigg Josh
    Jigg Josh Hari Yang lalu


    JUST ASK! Hari Yang lalu +1

    Walmart sells the Burger King Cheetos and the Burger King Doritos.

    JUST ASK! Hari Yang lalu +1


    JUST ASK! Hari Yang lalu +1

    You guys make the highlight of my day even when I’m sad.

  • c1s1gfsqh1
    c1s1gfsqh1 Hari Yang lalu

    i agree with basically everything you'll said

  • JohntechFL
    JohntechFL Hari Yang lalu

    They used to make a mean mushroom and swiss burger. Also check out the McLobster Claw sandwich.

  • Mesol Turner
    Mesol Turner Hari Yang lalu

    And bring back the Angry Whopper

  • lee hundermark
    lee hundermark Hari Yang lalu

    as soon as Link pulled out the knife I started getting worried...

  • Darkstarfruit
    Darkstarfruit Hari Yang lalu

    I haven’t watched one of these gmm videos and the intro is wild, though it’s probably been around for a while though...

  • PoisonTGaming YT
    PoisonTGaming YT Hari Yang lalu

    actually the mac and Cheetos are actually back in Pennsylvania

  • kstormgeistgem
    kstormgeistgem Hari Yang lalu

    just a quick note... saying something has "queso Sauce" on it as if that made it special... all queso Is is cheese. it's Literally Spanish for Cheese. so, whoop dee doo... you put liquid cheeze whizz on your burger. oooh, fancy. so international! [/sarcasm]
    that alone would have put me off. if i want "mexican" food (as in not authentic by Any stretch of the imagination) i'd eat at Taco Bell. the outcome's the same... i'd be sick for a few days and go back to either getting Real Mexican food from one of the local shops that have their recipes from a little old Oaxacan nanna from the new old country. i might Still get sick but it would be due to how rich the food was... not how Bad it was.

  • Sauce Gaming1254
    Sauce Gaming1254 Hari Yang lalu

    Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce last thing you want in your Burger King burger is someone else's foot fungus

  • lindevo
    lindevo Hari Yang lalu

    This reminds me of the terrible sandwiches they give you on a Delta flight.

  • Lil pump Da Gamer
    Lil pump Da Gamer Hari Yang lalu

    Plz do more of these

  • Jeff Sanders
    Jeff Sanders Hari Yang lalu

    the BK chicken cordon blue sandwich was my favorite thing they don't make anymore

  • Tiffany Cameron
    Tiffany Cameron Hari Yang lalu

    Rhett and link, yall are amazingly awesome. I love watching you guys! Yall have this chemistry that is simply addicting. Much love❤

  • Ava Cash
    Ava Cash Hari Yang lalu

    GMM’s version of Mac & Cheetos actually looks edible! The real ones looked gross and tasted bad XD

  • dreddjenkins
    dreddjenkins Hari Yang lalu

    we just gonna keep talkin or we gonna make somethin?

  • Rhf Awad
    Rhf Awad Hari Yang lalu

    First, link habibi...STOP PRONOUNCING THE SILENT H!..Second, beardman, "beg mercy from the king"? Do you even put any thought on these intro anymore? and cookman.. Youre still my favorite

  • Samantha B. Kershbaumer
    Samantha B. Kershbaumer Hari Yang lalu

    You can actually still get a hot ham and cheese sandwich from Burger King . It’s not on the menu but they will make it for you.

  • Shannon M.
    Shannon M. Hari Yang lalu

    The Australian probably sad "sanger", in case anyone wondered.

  • Pabler Arav
    Pabler Arav Hari Yang lalu

    I worked at McDonalds when there were the Big Mac wraps, we sold them fairly often, but the fad just sort of came and went.

  • Ray래
    Ray래 Hari Yang lalu

    7:50 so guys, The name "hamburger" comes from the seaport town of Hamburg, Germany, where it is thought that 19th-century sailors brought back the idea of raw shredded beef (known today as beef tartare) after trading with the Baltic provinces of Russia.

  • MOBremember
    MOBremember Hari Yang lalu

    i used to love those mcdonalds big mac wraps

  • Matthew Paul
    Matthew Paul Hari Yang lalu

    *please don’t slurp your burger*

  • Kitty Rawwrr
    Kitty Rawwrr Hari Yang lalu

    Whopperrito was delicious. The Mac N Cheetos are still available in freezer sections of grocery stores, and are pretty ok. It feels like they beg to be dipped in something, but I'm not quite sure what.
    The Whiplash Whopper was a delicious promotional item that I wish they'd bring back!

  • Wrany Southard
    Wrany Southard Hari Yang lalu

    If the question is "is it good enough to eat", then Burger King should just close in general.

  • those who must be kept the cold ones

    links the only one who can make me sick by making sick sounds eating and chewing

  • Maggie Hendricks
    Maggie Hendricks Hari Yang lalu

    as far as i know, mcdonald’s still has the mac wrap! i worked there for 2 years and they had them the whole time i worked there! i think it would be cool to do a show on fast food items that aren’t very common, but still on the menu!

  • Because I'm Joseph
    Because I'm Joseph Hari Yang lalu

    Hamburgers are named after a town in Germany named "Hamburg" not because they have Ham, lol.

  • AmStillalive
    AmStillalive Hari Yang lalu

    Nah don't bring back Mac an Cheetos there nasty