Spider-Man on PS4

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  • "I love looking at the visuals of what theses craftsmen make, and what they carefully went through. Their look of Spider-Man and their reinvention I feel in some ways is more close to what I try and do artistically."

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  • SpideyBlue Baker
    SpideyBlue Baker 3 bulan yang lalu

    I love the romita art style also.

  • wok
    wok 6 bulan yang lalu

    Your art has no adjective to describe it, that's how amazing it is.

  • Johar Ali
    Johar Ali 8 bulan yang lalu

    This is the cutest thing

  • Rocket Prime Studios
    Rocket Prime Studios 10 bulan yang lalu

    BEST artist ever

  • Taurus Wiggins
    Taurus Wiggins 10 bulan yang lalu +1

    A time when heroes become legends.

  • VunderGuy
    VunderGuy 11 bulan yang lalu

    Ha! You're so computer illiterate you think the game is gonna be good solely on looks... and not on actual fucking gameplay, which, you know, kind of makes or breaks even the purtiest of games (cough, Grand Theft Auto 5 before superhero mods came out, ironically enough).

  • Laughing Octopus
    Laughing Octopus 11 bulan yang lalu

    This should've been the cover of the game, not that boring generic cover they went with.

  • Josh More
    Josh More 11 bulan yang lalu

    I would absolutely love to see Alex Ross do a piece of art based on Horizon: Zero Dawn. That game is beautiful

  • One Shot
    One Shot 11 bulan yang lalu

    Im a little pissed that they didn't use this as the cover

  • Croz Raven
    Croz Raven 11 bulan yang lalu

    So his art is an exclusive piece for collector edition or something else?

  • Artisan1979
    Artisan1979 11 bulan yang lalu

    Well you're the right guy to take on this project, Alex. I've been a fan of yours for the past 25 years and your stuff NEVER fails to disappoint.

  • EAE
    EAE Tahun Yang lalu +3

    Been a fan and collector of your work since you had hair and had no idea you had a IDclips channel, subscribed with instant alerts. Amazing stuff.

  • Clock werk Gaming
    Clock werk Gaming Tahun Yang lalu

    I want them to put YOUR original spider man black and red concept in a game again it's my favorite suit (and not superior spiderman)

  • Gabriel Ferraz Milet
    Gabriel Ferraz Milet Tahun Yang lalu


  • RandomBlackGamer
    RandomBlackGamer Tahun Yang lalu +48

    This is so awesome. 1 of my favorite artist is returning to draw for Spider-Man again. Still get chills when I see your art in Spider-Man 2's opening credits.

  • Alexander Alarcon
    Alexander Alarcon Tahun Yang lalu

    Alex Ross, what type of perspective did you use on your Game Informer artwork, was it one-point perspective or two-point, because we just started learning about these in my art class (11th grade) and I'd like to be able to learn more about this.

    • Philippe Alain
      Philippe Alain 11 bulan yang lalu +1

      For the artwork we see in the beginning of the video and in thumbnail, this is a perspective with three vanishing points. By following the line of the buildings, from the widest part to the narrowest part, you can find the origin of the three points.

  • Mr.Wolfchamp 1999
    Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 Tahun Yang lalu

    I thought the infinity war was confirmed with pre order. That suit has to be in the game.
    Top suits that need to be in the game
    1: Infinity War due to modern appeal
    2: Black Symbiote due to being a classic
    3. Future Foundation due to it's awesome design
    4. 2099 being a well known unique futuristic version of Spiderman
    5. Spiderman Unlimited One of the coolest Spiderman designs ever.
    6. Classic Scarlet Spider
    7. Ben Riley
    8. 2099(all new Marvel)
    These are all the Pinnacle of Spiderman costumes either in design or iconic status or both. So these suits should be at the top of the game devs list. I personally don't care if any other suits make it in as long as those do.

    • The Electro
      The Electro 11 bulan yang lalu

      I agree with you. I also want the 1962 "First Appearance" costume.

  • TeMan Walston
    TeMan Walston Tahun Yang lalu

    I got the spiderman ps4 image on my gameinformer.

  • Pablo Soares
    Pablo Soares Tahun Yang lalu +1

    This game looks just as spectacular as your art!

  • TheDCLogical :.
    TheDCLogical :. Tahun Yang lalu

    Hey Mr. Ross, you've inspired me and i just wanted to say thank you.. I'm still kinda of figuring out this drawing thing ({You can tell cuz of my channel, which i recommend you check) but Drawing Spider-Man is Hard.. I mean the Full Body, I know it may seem easy to some but do you have any tips?:.

  • Афанасий
    Афанасий Tahun Yang lalu

    Keep it up, Alex, you are my favorite IDclipsr so far!

  • Umair Ahmed
    Umair Ahmed Tahun Yang lalu

    Spiderman is real super hero. and I love to play spider man games. I would recoomend spider lover to download following game and enjoy

  • metasprite
    metasprite Tahun Yang lalu


  • Sabertooth
    Sabertooth Tahun Yang lalu +4

    they guy responsible for the spiderman/green goblin alt skins in the first movie tie in

  • TjSpidey
    TjSpidey Tahun Yang lalu +5

    Love your art Alex! Can I call you Alex? I feel like I should call you Mr. Ross, even tho you aren't my teacher...then again, I look at you for drawing tips, so in a way, I guess you are. Anyway, your Spiderman art is awesome! I love how you capture the feel that he is ACTUALLY wearing a suit over his body, and its not so tight that you can practically see his veins. (Not saying other depictions are bad, I love them) When I saw his lenses in 2016, I immediatly thought of your way you do his eyes, and also Civil War of course. (Cuz it came out right before) Cant wait to buy the Gameinformer!

  • Blactrick
    Blactrick Tahun Yang lalu

    Play the Arkham games Alex or at least watch it since you aren't a game player

  • Spider-ball
    Spider-ball Tahun Yang lalu +9

    hoping for a MKI outfit aka "the old trusty spidey armor"

  • Bodya 2.0
    Bodya 2.0 Tahun Yang lalu +3

    Fully agree with you Alex 😀 Great job ! Very accurate and beautiful as always 😍

  • Gotham Savior
    Gotham Savior Tahun Yang lalu +7

    You need to see the Batman Arkham games. Especially the first game Arkham Asylum. Your mind will be blown.

  • RNS Entertainment
    RNS Entertainment Tahun Yang lalu +27

    Such a legend, and an incredible piece.

  • isaiah kayode
    isaiah kayode Tahun Yang lalu

    Thank you Alex

  • The Action Man
    The Action Man Tahun Yang lalu +48

    Ha. just like Kevin Smith.
    "Have you played the Arkham games?"
    "No, but I've seen the cutscenes."

  • Along The Wall
    Along The Wall Tahun Yang lalu

    Have you ever attempted to recreate the John Romita jr spiderman?

  • Michael Banionis
    Michael Banionis Tahun Yang lalu +7

    It would be nice if you did longer videos, but I’m guessing you only have a limited amount of time each day

  • Gregory Ross
    Gregory Ross Tahun Yang lalu +1

    It was the seventies Alex would be painting all of the record covers

  • Daniele Anzaldi
    Daniele Anzaldi Tahun Yang lalu +11


    • Vetnurselife
      Vetnurselife Tahun Yang lalu

      Daniele Anzaldi stuck in the web

  • Phillip the 3rd
    Phillip the 3rd Tahun Yang lalu +5

    you know this games gonna be big since alex ross talks about it

  • VZA
    VZA Tahun Yang lalu +136

    Artists appreciating other types of art... I love it. Keep making more videos like this, Alex!

    • Questão _
      Questão _ 4 bulan yang lalu

      +VunderGuy So what?

    • Tegamblerö
      Tegamblerö 10 bulan yang lalu

      fuck off

    • VunderGuy
      VunderGuy 11 bulan yang lalu

      No he's not, because he doesn't know anything about the key essential element of this particular form of art: namely, GAMEPLAY.

  • Frank Sobotka
    Frank Sobotka Tahun Yang lalu

    Always loved your Kingdom Come series, Mr. Ross. :)

  • Zackary Smith
    Zackary Smith Tahun Yang lalu

    But can you drive in the game......bro

    • deeps
      deeps Tahun Yang lalu +2

      why drive if you can swing around the city

    • Feister Snail46
      Feister Snail46 Tahun Yang lalu

      Zackary Smith yes as peter Parker

  • Ethan Evans
    Ethan Evans Tahun Yang lalu +10

    Dude. You need to watch the Arkham games. Arkham City, I assure you, is the best.

  • j j
    j j Tahun Yang lalu


  • TheDinoKitteh
    TheDinoKitteh Tahun Yang lalu +60

    It's a shame how your artwork wasn't used for the cover.

    • Julian Guerrero
      Julian Guerrero 11 bulan yang lalu +3

      Some game covers you can reverse and there's an entirely new cover so there's still hope

    • 93Teejay
      93Teejay Tahun Yang lalu +4

      I'm gonna print off the art and use it on my copy.

    • deeps
      deeps Tahun Yang lalu +9

      IKR, I know its gonna be a great game but jeez they selected an awful cover

    • Nggr Fggt
      Nggr Fggt Tahun Yang lalu +14

      TheDinoKitteh pfft, how can fine art made by a legend be better than Spidey looking over his shoulder in a dim lot silhouette?

  • Nathan Parker
    Nathan Parker Tahun Yang lalu


    • Nathan Parker
      Nathan Parker Tahun Yang lalu

      Now for the actual comment: Love your work, and I've made your recent Spiderman PS4 piece my wallpaper!