"The Dangerous Truth About Protein" - Janice Stanger, Ph.D.

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  • Protein is the most misunderstood and overhyped nutrient.
    Popular myths hide basic facts: what protein is made of,
    how many kinds of protein there are, what happens to excess
    protein when you eat too much.

    This presentation will transform your understanding of pro-
    tein with must-know information on three dangers of consuming
    too much and the wrong kinds of protein. You'll also learn the
    truth behind three commonplace fallacies that keep you eating
    foods that can wreck your health.

    Discover the secret of the whole foods, plant based diet
    that will get you an optimal amount of protein and all the other nutrients as well. And you don't have to count grams of protein!

    Janice Stanger, Ph.D. is a nutrition expert, educator, speaker, and author of The Perfect Formula Diet: How To Lose Weight
    and Get Healthy Now With Six Kinds of Whole Foods.

    Her mission is to provide you solid, yet little-known, information on whole foods, plant-based diets so you
    can choose your diet based on facts, not myths.

    Dr. Stanger has a Ph.D. in Human Development and Aging from Uni
    versity of California, San Francisco. She is certified in plant-based nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and has an M.B.A. from University of California, Berkeley. She is
    in her eighteenth year of critically analyzing scientific
    studies on nutrition and health.

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  • Pascal Aschwanden
    Pascal Aschwanden Bulan Yang lalu

    Thank you so much for making this presentation! This is such an important message that people need to get. I really like how you explained the essential amino acids.

  • Yuval Grumer
    Yuval Grumer 2 bulan yang lalu

    i've been training my whole life. currently at my physical peak regarding muscle mass and overall fitness as a vegan, not giving a rat's ass about protein. unfortunately the meat, eggs and dairy industries did a fantastic job convincing us (past me included) that you gotta eat animal products to gain muscle, which i learned first hand is a complete b.s

  • K H
    K H 3 bulan yang lalu

    Great educational break down!!! Thank you

  • Paul Borner
    Paul Borner 3 bulan yang lalu

    Read again

  • ras mus
    ras mus 3 bulan yang lalu

    Fucking idiot!!!!!!

  • Paul Borner
    Paul Borner 3 bulan yang lalu

    It was Almighty JESUS the creator who thought of "it" not nature.

    • Amin
      Amin 3 bulan yang lalu

      God is the creator, Jesus is a prophet, nowhere in the bible does it say jesus is a god, or to worship him.

  • David R. Walsh
    David R. Walsh 4 bulan yang lalu

    Doesn't chlorella contain B12?

  • Internet Entity
    Internet Entity 5 bulan yang lalu

    So much wrong about this.

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 5 bulan yang lalu

    Please shut up!!. You need meat. Not only for its protein.You need 300 gram of red meat and 300 gram of other kind of meat weekly.
    So dont talk shit.

  • courag1
    courag1 7 bulan yang lalu

    Who is hurting the planet the most? Vegans or meat eaters? Who do you find sucking up the tax dollars in nursing homes with all the ailments which meat and dairy gives one? It isn't the Vegans, it is the Carnivores who don't even care if their children have anything left when they are gone.
    I hope by the time that the states realize that if they don't use the land more wisely to grow crops people will eat, than wasting all that land and tons of water in order to grow beef for the self-centered, instead both Vegans and Carnies will all die. And who is to blame? The Carnies will say we do not have a good enough argument. The arguments for a Plant-Based diet are overwhelming, the science backs it up in every study not run by the Dairy and Cattlemen.
    My folks died in a horrible way, and I've decided that to eat to be like them so as to maintain their heritage, is too dumb for words. If you know what you know and don't act upon it, then are you addicted or lazy or what is it? How about spoiled rotten?!?
    If you had to kill the cow, if you had to hear the cow scream at having her calf taken from her, but no, you are insulated. We think the people of Germany complicit in WWII even though many were not Nazis. They saw the plumes of smoke and the deaf disappearing, the aged disappearing and were too busy to be concerned. The generation who cared about "The Silent Spring", who got off their dead duffs to protest the Vietnam War, have to take their last stand because we ARE killing the planet. The Pacific Ocean, largest in the world, has lost so much of its life, some think it will never recover.
    John Donne, in "For Whom the Bell Tolls" said it well: "Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for thee."
    All this Darwinism has done has turned people who once cared about the world and their neighbor into the worse narcissists imaginable. The animals did not change -- we did.
    I take back my humanity daily with my fork and use my knife to cut up living plant foods, not live on a long stream of dead corpses, cooked and rotting in my gut. At what point do we have to just be "nicey-nicey" as the point is not driven home?. The addict does not give up their addiction to their drug of choice because it is easy, it is because they finally see the horror of what they've done to themselves and then to others.

  • ent donar
    ent donar 8 bulan yang lalu

    B12 no pill fermented food

  • robertas janusauskas
    robertas janusauskas 11 bulan yang lalu

    If urine is so toxic and dangerous, how come no one dies drinking it and even get better and cure their kidney disease with drinking their own urine. I like science and it's all good to try and learn as much as possible but I feel most people by default suffer from concentrating on the physical and looking at things too closely and then not seeing a bigger picture.

  • kawika dav
    kawika dav 11 bulan yang lalu

    So if I'm an athlete I shouldn't take extra protein or aminos for muscles repair?

  • Manifesting Maren
    Manifesting Maren Tahun Yang lalu +1

    I can't stress enough how much I resonated w this video !!! Love it!!!

  • Strive or Starve
    Strive or Starve Tahun Yang lalu +1

    This bitch is full of shit. Study all the people who lived past 100, not one was a vegan. She's both mentally and physically ill ๐Ÿ˜ท

    • Mike Masail
      Mike Masail Tahun Yang lalu

      Firstly you dont have to agree with her, but there is no need to be rude.
      Secondly do you any scientific data to back up your claim that she is full of it?

  • atwaterpub
    atwaterpub Tahun Yang lalu

    If you dislike the "social stigma" of being called a Vegetarian, or a Vegan, then call yourself a "Nutty Fruitarian". Same basic diet, but it just sounds more fun. Emphasis on fruit and nuts especially, but the primary goal is dietary fiber and sociological fun.

  • Michael Parish
    Michael Parish Tahun Yang lalu

    Her comment about human breast milk is disingenuous. Yes, breast milk is about 6% protein, but that's irrelevant. Protein requirements are based on grams of protein per kilogram of ideal body weight. A six month old exclusively on breast milk is getting 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. A low fat, whole food vegan would find it not only difficult to get .8 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight, but because plant food on average has a PER ( a system of rating protein) value of around .78 they need a much higher value than .8 just to get their daily lysine requirement. The USDA minimum is .8 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight, BUT that requirement is based on the assumption that the protein intake has a PER value of one. Plants do not, with one exception and that's soy. So, if your a male you .8 might be 60 gram per day based on a weight of 75 kilogram, but you have to consume almost 88 grams of plant protein just to make the minimum requirement for lysine. And now you know why so many post menopausal women over the age of 60 on vegan diets have terrible bone health.

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe Tahun Yang lalu

    Fish, one of the very highest sources of amino acids. Way way way more than veg.

  • Zug G
    Zug G Tahun Yang lalu

    Just fast occasionally or run intermittent fasting and eat more protein on days you engage in explosive muscle movement or time under tension. Eat lots of vegetables and avoid all sugar. No male is gonna do very well as an athlete with under 80g of complete protein. I do agree that MTOR overuse and bi-products are a risk when the consumption is constant.

  • Vegan Marshall
    Vegan Marshall Tahun Yang lalu

    she's like Rosanne lost 100 lbs

  • atwaterpub
    atwaterpub Tahun Yang lalu +2

    The lecture is even better the second time I listen. Thank you for uploading and sharing this information.

  • atwaterpub
    atwaterpub Tahun Yang lalu +2

    13:39 "All these essential amino acids come from plants."

  • TST1998
    TST1998 Tahun Yang lalu

    Does she have Parkinson?

  • USAFsarge
    USAFsarge Tahun Yang lalu

    It's odd to see the simplistic comments about cholesterol. No mention is made of HDL, Subpattern A or B, alleles 2, 3, or 4. Do the folks who say that cholesterol should not be factored into health talk about HDL-2C, or TC/HDL the ratio of which should not be above 3? Evidently not. When I used to eat meat, my TC/HDL was about 9 - way too high!! When I became a vegan, it dropped dramatically down to around 4. My HDL has been chronically low all my life, and eating a meat based diet was the worst thing I could do. No wonder I suffered a heart attack. I do give myself credit, though, for switching to a plant based diet. My digestion is now much better, and 15 years after a heart attack, my latest nuclear dye test is good. My TC/HDL ratio is below 3, which is excellent. I wish I knew about vegan eating much sooner. It would have saved me from a heart attack, based on my blood tests and expert advice from a few cardiologists.

  • Fearless_DoGooder
    Fearless_DoGooder Tahun Yang lalu

    What about when you want to get big muscles. Don't you need more protein if you're building muscle?

  • coza10
    coza10 Tahun Yang lalu +2

    why people arent educated about this i can't understand. so glad i found these videos.

  • USAFsarge
    USAFsarge Tahun Yang lalu +3

    Dr. Stanger is quite informative. She puts to rest all the myths and misconceptions that Americans and Europeans hold in their minds. Our bodies are wonderful at dealing with what we put down our throats when we eat a plant based diet. There is no taxing of the liver or kidneys. There is no carcinogenic bacteria in the colon when you eat plants. Meat eaters have these dangerous bacteria because our digestive tract is 30 feet long, and the slower you digest your food, the longer it takes to get to the colon. Meat eating animals have a digestive tract of about 7 feet long. The meat has a very short route through the tract of a meat eating animals, thus there is not threat of bad bacteria.Our teeth are meant to grind and chew, and not slash as meat eating animals do.

  • USAFsarge
    USAFsarge Tahun Yang lalu

    Amuse yourself with Mark Lowe's lowball, gutter misfires of attempted logic below. He eats tons of meat and look what happened to him. ROFL!! He's been made an angry man. I I guess all that saturated fat in his brain has stunted his mind. I, being a vegan, have no meat-caused saturated fat in my brain, and it works better, and is much more charitably disposed. All the evidence shows my diet to yield much better results from regular checkups. I used to eat a lot of meat, and it was a disaster .My doctor compliments me on my great blood chemistry. My total cholesterol dropped from 189 to 118 after I became a vegan. I love it!!!

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe Tahun Yang lalu

    Vegans eat wheat. Wheat that is killed off by spraying with glyphosate. With its polyethoxylated tallowamine a whole grain diet is just dandy. Yum yum. Notice you don't discuss this much?

  • Sam Mrema
    Sam Mrema Tahun Yang lalu +2

    Very smart lady, thanks for sharing this, found this very useful

  • Arno
    Arno Tahun Yang lalu

    Vegans have the worst hair ever... beef for lyf ;)

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Tahun Yang lalu

    I've been vegan for about 5 weeks with no oil and no nuts and minimal processed foods. I don't eat foods with added sugar either, but I may change that in the distant future. For now this is for weight loss and improved cholesterol level. My macro-nutrient ratios are 5%-fat, 10%-protein and 85% carbs. My weight dropped 16 pounds in 8 weeks (part of which was before full vegan), 8 pounds in 4 weeks and 4.8 pounds in the last 2 weeks.
    My waist has slowing been dropping and was at like 39.5" to 37.25" in those 16 pounds. That's not as fast as I expected but this is the first time I have measured my waist very carefully and conservatively. I think the inches per pound ratio will increase soon. I do work out average 200 calories per day but will pick up the pace a bit.
    My protein is 55g average daily. I am happy with this. I do some strength training with pushups and handstands and soon to be pull-ups again as well as L-sits. My legs are strong. I juggle the soccer ball regularly.

  • USAFsarge
    USAFsarge Tahun Yang lalu

    For corroborating studies on the all-to-obvious and undeniable benefits to veganism, check out Dr. Michael Greger's many videos on youtube.com. He cites a plethora of studies that once and for all put an end to the problems of meat. The more you eat, the slower your digestive tract works, and the slower it works, the more cancer you get. Another great source that supports the great fiber found in plant foods is, "The Save Your Life Diet," by Dr. (((David Reuben))). He fully acknowledges the problem of a slow digestive process and how it increases and hosts dangerous bacteria. The longer the non-fibrous food stays in contact with your colon, the more the odds are that it will become cancerous. Vegans don't have that problem. Also, diets like the Atkins diet promote meat consumption cause constipation. Vegans dodge that nasty bullet. All the meat eaters can do is bellyache about it, and deny the overwhelming evidence. See below for this - as with Mark Lowe, the little guy who sounds like a little over-egotistical punk from the bad part of town. LOL For me, I'm happy to be with common sense, education, and many,. many pieces of research proving vegans are better off.

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe Tahun Yang lalu

    The creator of this video does not understand amino acids and proteins.

  • USAFsarge
    USAFsarge Tahun Yang lalu +2

    Eating lots of meat means that you are a cemetery for dead animals. Congratulations. Maybe we could stick some consoling flowers into your navel. LOL

  • gbtayc
    gbtayc Tahun Yang lalu

    what do you use to fry without oil? and what does she say about yogurt and eggs and other dairy?

  • Nightbird
    Nightbird 2 tahun yang lalu

    Fuck this video..and every other video telling me this..telling me that..and contradicting each other left and right. I'm going to eat the food that I motherfucking want to eat. I'm going to eat the homemade food I grew up on. And I'm going to be smart about it and not eat a lot of junk food, processed shit and shit filled with sugar, chemicals, insecticides, trans fats, and anything else that isn't as close to nature as possible. There are plenty of long lived cultures in this world..and what they all have in common is that they all have their own fucking rules about what to eat..which is usually different than other cultures..so..there is no ONE WAY. Eat what you want..but don't eat too much of it..exercise even if that means just walking..and tell people to fuck off when they try to tell you that you must do things their way. Namaste.

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe 2 tahun yang lalu

    Where do plants get their nutrients from? Blood and bone. Not the sun.

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe 2 tahun yang lalu

    Who says breast milk protein is about calories? The baby isn't going to use protein calories until carbs and fats are depleted. By that time the babies at deaths door.

  • 13Gladius 2
    13Gladius 2 2 tahun yang lalu

    Although 10% of th population is vegetarian less than 2% are centenarian and even less so are vegan. Therefore that doesn't speak too well of the vegetable people does it. So how's that for your stupid f*ckin. stats ehh? Not lookin too good 4U. The omnivores win !!!!!

  • Kalashnikov Cortez
    Kalashnikov Cortez 2 tahun yang lalu

    take your "bro-tein", bruh!

  • R Quincy
    R Quincy 2 tahun yang lalu

    ....and here I thought they called it 'protein' because they started to recognise that people ate veg and legumes/nuts/seeds instead of meat for their protein. Yea? Nae?

  • Robert Herman
    Robert Herman 2 tahun yang lalu

    very interesting, glad for all this info, thanks

  • Yazzer Kaz
    Yazzer Kaz 2 tahun yang lalu

    Amazing! Testosterones are produced by the help of nitro oxide and she is saying as if N.O has no purpose in our body and it just gets ejected as urea!
    Proving your point as vegan that meat etc is bad for you is a different debate altogether. Iโ€™ve waisted my time here

  • tonycollyweston
    tonycollyweston 2 tahun yang lalu

    Great presentation, given with patience, all points explained simply.From my personal experience, by following an all vegetarian diet with lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts legumes and soy milk, I was consuming too much protein.

  • Jimmy Lyons
    Jimmy Lyons 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    Absolutely brilliant. I enjoyed this presentation so much. This cleared up so much for me. Thank you!

  • sara Wynd
    sara Wynd 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    this is best presentation ive ever listened to, after hundreds it seems, thank you so much for this

  • Betty Steeles
    Betty Steeles 2 tahun yang lalu

    raw un refined cooconut oil ? is bad?

  • Betty Steeles
    Betty Steeles 2 tahun yang lalu

    is sprinkling low amounts of hemp powder a problem in smoothie or cereal?

  • Nichole Gurung
    Nichole Gurung 2 tahun yang lalu

    Read Truth about protein review on my blog before you buy. Go to *jasonreviews. com/truth-about-protein-review/* Thanks. Hans.

  • Zuheyr Alsalihi
    Zuheyr Alsalihi 2 tahun yang lalu

    Please tell me about the coconut oil... thank you

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    Plain and simple,very informative ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  • G J W
    G J W 2 tahun yang lalu

    Incomplete study. The biggest enemy is sugar, and excess carbohydrates. Most grains have excess carb like sugar.
    And most studies are funded by corporate's in the US. Vegetarianism and Veganism do not include complete nutrients required for humans. For example Omega 3, Vitamin D, these are required to keep your bone stronger and healthier.
    Humans are carnivores, and when you say vegetarian, talk about vegetables, don't recommend soy beans, human digestion system does not have the capability to digest soybeans.
    Don't compare animal food consumption to Humans. Just because some animals consume plants, does not mean humans should rely on plant based diet. A plant eating animal digestive track length is less than humans, almost 3/4, and also the function is different.
    Most of the grain seeds are Genetically modified to taste better. This happened between 1890 to 1910, and before that the grains(like wheat, rice...) were different than the one we consume today.

    • Anthony Romano
      Anthony Romano 2 tahun yang lalu

      We get vitamin D from the sun. No need for it to be in the diet. Animal fat causes insulin resistance. So if there is a lot of cholesterol in the blood in can prevent the muscle cells from utilizing insulin which allows the muscle to absorb the sugar into the muscle and use it or store it for energy. Remember protein is converted to glucose by removing the nitrogen component. So why bother loading down the kidneys and liver if you can help it. Cholesterol blocking or clogging the muscle cell is a cause for type 2 diabetes. No, meat eating animal digestive tracks are short. Plant eating animals have long digestive tracks. Grains are not genetically modified to taste better they are modified for pesticide resistance, and yield mostly. Wow you got so much wrong you must be trolling.

  • Ian Heim
    Ian Heim 2 tahun yang lalu

    I thought their were good oils for good fat nourishment like coconut oil.

    • S O N J A
      S O N J A 2 tahun yang lalu

      Ian Heim better to get it in whole food form, and eat coconut meat.

  • G3M1N1J0K3R
    G3M1N1J0K3R 2 tahun yang lalu

    she seems....wobbly

  • jimshred
    jimshred 2 tahun yang lalu +6

    Wow. That was probably the most informative, clear and concise presentation I have ever seen. Thank Dr. Stanger!

    • Ernest Orlowski
      Ernest Orlowski 2 tahun yang lalu

      jimshred you're fucking kidding right? She assumed her audience is a group of idiots and ran with it. This is the dumbasses version of "explain it like I'm five."

  • Steven Turner
    Steven Turner 2 tahun yang lalu

    more un truths and pseudoscience from another biased vegi

    • al wise
      al wise 2 tahun yang lalu

      If she was not helpful, your generalization did not make things better; therefore go troll someone else. Thank you! Bye! Go away.

  • G3M1N1J0K3R
    G3M1N1J0K3R 2 tahun yang lalu

    studies = paid to get favored results.most not all.like dairy ind. beef ind.etc.

  • SteelBlueVision
    SteelBlueVision 2 tahun yang lalu +3

    Protein damages the liver and kidneys. BS!! This lady is full of it. There are hundreds if not thousands of studies showing this to be absolute BS in a normal health individual.
    17:05, lady where did you get your PhD? This is called selection bias. You found a mall with a dialysis clinic, so all malls have dialysis clinics.

    • Chris
      Chris Tahun Yang lalu +1

      Did not link any studies...

  • G Tron
    G Tron 2 tahun yang lalu +12

    I want to move to Hawaii and hang out with these people.

    • Nichole Gurung
      Nichole Gurung 2 tahun yang lalu

      Read Truth about protein review on my blog before you buy. Go to *jasonreviews. com/truth-about-protein-review/* Thanks. Hans.

    • Nichole Gurung
      Nichole Gurung 2 tahun yang lalu

      Read Truth about protein review on my blog before you buy. Go to *jasonreviews. com/truth-about-protein-review/* Thanks. Hans.

    • G Tron
      G Tron 2 tahun yang lalu

      Totally! C'mon, lets go! :)

  • snoopy1702
    snoopy1702 2 tahun yang lalu

    Good video but I dont agree with everything, too much of anything can harm you even water. Soy is not good because it is a GMO product and women should not take them in excess. What works form some one else may not work for me, I may need more protein than someone else. With all the over processing and contamination of our foods we will need to supplement.

    • Anthony Romano
      Anthony Romano 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      Except there is little evidence that GMO causes disease its just the chemicals they spray on the GMO causes disease and mountains of evidence animal fat and protein contributes and causes disease. To much meat you can die, to much plants you get healthy. Did you even watch the video, all living things are made of protein. So if you eat you are eating protein. Why supplement, just avoid processed food and everything else falls in line.

    • S O N J A
      S O N J A 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      lavvy2585 not all soy is GMO.

  • atwaterpub
    atwaterpub 2 tahun yang lalu

    One reason we eat animal protein is that the plant food industry is much more labor intensive during harvesting and there is a lower profit margin on plant based food. As a result plant based food producing industry tends to be more collective or "communist" or "socialist". Animal based food industry is less labor intensive and harvesting can be accomplished by fewer people. This fits the commercial, or capitalist, form of social organization much better.

  • atwaterpub
    atwaterpub 2 tahun yang lalu

    Fascinating and informative talk. Good work.

  • atwaterpub
    atwaterpub 2 tahun yang lalu +2

    The real mystery nutrient is Fiber. For optimum weight control only eat food that has "One gram of fiber for every 100 calories" and only drink water. Try it yourself.

    • S O N J A
      S O N J A 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      atwaterpub yup.

  • matchbox555
    matchbox555 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    does anyone know the cool music at the beginning?

  • stop asking me to change my name!
    stop asking me to change my name! 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    Everything in moderation. Plain and simple.

    • stop asking me to change my name!
      stop asking me to change my name! 2 tahun yang lalu

      +matchbox555 Thank you. I am !!

    • matchbox555
      matchbox555 2 tahun yang lalu

      +stop asking me to change my name! No it doesn't. The meat is causing your gut to produce all the wrong kinds of bacteria which are producing all the wrong kinds of chemicals. The excess protein is causing your body to be acidic which causes calcium to leak out of your bones and clog your arteries and damage your liver and kidneys. Enjoy!

    • stop asking me to change my name!
      stop asking me to change my name! 2 tahun yang lalu

      +matchbox555 I'm eating chicken right now and my body feels really good !

    • matchbox555
      matchbox555 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      +stop asking me to change my name! your body doesnt

    • stop asking me to change my name!
      stop asking me to change my name! 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      +matchbox555 Awww....but I like animals.

  • Prakash Sukumar
    Prakash Sukumar 2 tahun yang lalu

    mind blowing... wow.. amazing how rigged our system is and how much incorrect information is all over internet..

    • barry musgrove
      barry musgrove 2 tahun yang lalu

      the internet is full of great information, like little notes pinned to a wall . however some group came along all with with very bad diarrhea and smeared all that wall and now it's so hard to see.

  • Cinqmil
    Cinqmil 2 tahun yang lalu

    So we need to eat grass?

  • hamish r
    hamish r 2 tahun yang lalu +3

    I would eat cat poop if you bought me a ticket to Hawaii

    • atwaterpub
      atwaterpub 2 tahun yang lalu +2

      that might make an interesting video for their website...

  • grandmajoyce2
    grandmajoyce2 2 tahun yang lalu

    I love this video; but I do have a question. Dr. Stanger said most people only need via. B12 supplements; and, those who live in areas without a lot of sunshine may need via D supplements too While it isn't a vitamin, don't we also need to be concerned about getting enough Omega 3's?

    • Andrea Wisner
      Andrea Wisner 14 hari yang lalu

      I get enough omega-3s without supplementation.

  • videos
    videos 2 tahun yang lalu +6

    breastmilk 1% protein, 7% carbs, 4% fat.

  • Happydaze
    Happydaze 2 tahun yang lalu

    This lady is very wrong about sugars. There are three kids of sugars and fructose is what the human body is designed to burn.

  • Marina Albert
    Marina Albert 2 tahun yang lalu

    Thank you!!!

  • Joe Gamble
    Joe Gamble 2 tahun yang lalu


  • Come Visit Waikiki
    Come Visit Waikiki 2 tahun yang lalu +11

    wow...and i've been adding protein powder to my smoothies...
    never again....thank you so much for sharing this life changing information!! :-)

  • Diogo Martins Mota
    Diogo Martins Mota 2 tahun yang lalu

    protein protein protein, .. not everybody wants to be a bodybuilding

  • J Jonker
    J Jonker 2 tahun yang lalu +3

    Wow this might change my life, I was always convinced protein was waaaay more important then it actually is and I'm just 15min in!.... :O
    I am someone that thought vegetarians and vegans were in a giant disadvantage.... Never thought something like this video would make me question my diet.

  • Anat Ambar
    Anat Ambar 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    what about animals that are carnivores?

    • Heather Leisure
      Heather Leisure 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      If you would like to get a sense of the scientific consensus about human omnivorism, all you have to do is listen to biologists talk to each other. And you do that by reading the scientific literature:
      *This controversy does not exist in the empirical sciences.*
      Here are ten high-profile peer-reviewed papers in biology. This reflects what the actual scientific consensus is about human omnivorism (hint: nobody is arguing over whether or not humans are herbivores).
      Two things happen in all biology papers about humans, transitional humans, and other great apes:
      1) everyone operates under the well-established premise that evolution occurs
      2) everyone operates under the well-established premise that humans are omnivores (as were our ancestral species in the entire genus Homo and several key ancestral species beyond)


      Here's some more: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2868286/

      Many of these were reviewed and published by the National Academy of Sciences.
      This is only a tiny fraction of relevant papers whose full texts are available to the public for free. Further, the papers available for free is a tiny fraction of the total.

    • Heather Leisure
      Heather Leisure 2 tahun yang lalu

      Go ahead and try to find a single reputable biologist who thinks humans are herbivores.
      You won't find one. The scientific consensus is that humans are omnivores - it's not even a topic of debate among biologists.

    • Heather Leisure
      Heather Leisure 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      +Ricardo Felipe Guzmรกn Oelrich
      The human gut, its composition and evolutionary origins, is a real topic of study in evolutionary biology.
      Your vegan sources lie to you without any remorse whatsoever. The evidence is unambiguous that the human baseline stomach pH is around 1.5 and can go as "high" as 3. And 3 is not very high anyway, it's still quite acidic.


    • Ricardo Felipe Guzmรกn Oelrich
      Ricardo Felipe Guzmรกn Oelrich 2 tahun yang lalu

      no, our stomach ph can take values from 4-5 while a carnivores stomach ph goes around 2-3, that is around 1000 times stronger for carnivores to digest meat, our digestive system is best suited for a herbivorous diet, we are natural herbivores

    • Heather Leisure
      Heather Leisure 2 tahun yang lalu

      " Their intestinal tract is much shorter so the food digest quickly and their stomach acid is a 1000 times stronger than ours to break the food down."
      This is a lie. Our baseline pH is extremely acidic and cannot support a bacterial fermentation colony. Our stomach pH has evolved to do the exact opposite of what a typical herbivore's stomach does - provide a friendly habitat for bacteria.
      The size of our gut falls right in line with what we expect to see in omnivores.

  • Gerry Gold
    Gerry Gold 2 tahun yang lalu

    Excellent Janice, ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ You have truly educated us. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ŒThank you. Can you reverse the damage to the kidneys and liver if you change your diet and cut out the high meat protein.?

  • Quasi- human
    Quasi- human 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    great presentation

    TELEVISIONARCHIVES 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    This is total nonsense.

      TELEVISIONARCHIVES 2 tahun yang lalu

      +Andrew Clancy The facts say otherwise.

    • Andrew Clancy
      Andrew Clancy 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      +TELEVISIONARCHIVES I can't even imagine what your point might be. The Chinese have eaten soy for thousands of years with no problems. Over the last 20 years they have been increasingly adopting a Western-style diet, including more meat, fat, and processed foods. This is what you you think shows soy is "not good to eat"? Sorry but I can't imagine what you might have been thinking.

      TELEVISIONARCHIVES 2 tahun yang lalu

      +Andrew Clancy The Chinese have record amounts of cancer right now. China's cancer rates are exploding, more than 4 million people diagnosed in 2015. Soy is not good to eat. Again Vegans don't tell the whole story. They cherry pick data.

    • Andrew Clancy
      Andrew Clancy 2 tahun yang lalu

      +TELEVISIONARCHIVES So then pesticides are bad for you, or GMO foods are bad for you, not soy itself, correct? Billions of Chinese, Japanese, and others thrived for thousands of years eating lots of soy, and they mostly avoided the diseases of Western Civilization, so the claim that it's one of the most dangerous foods is not particularly credible.

      TELEVISIONARCHIVES 2 tahun yang lalu

      +Andrew Clancy Just the whole presentation is like a wacko conspiracy video. I don't judge just on the way she looks but she's shaking. I know the tricks some of these people use. Here is one thing I can tell she's wrong about. Soy. Soy is very bad for you. Soy is the most dangerous thing you could put in your body. Yet she said eat it. She's wrong. She also said our ancestors ate wild plants. She's wrong again. 99% of soy is genetically modified and it among the highest contamination by pesticides of any of our foods

  • viclloyd1
    viclloyd1 2 tahun yang lalu +5

    What about animals that are carnivorous? They don't die from kidney disease. I am all about non violence against animals but your talk is not going to convince anyone. Animal protein is more dense and complete than plant protien and you don't address this.

    • Gerry Gold
      Gerry Gold 2 tahun yang lalu +2

      +commonsensebeliever. Take a look at the science behind what she is talking about. Take a look at the facts. You are not a Doctor and you are Not a trained Scientists who has students this field.
      Every one is pushed to believe we need to animals to get a complete protein. No that's wrong. We need to go direct to the source. Where do the animals get their protein from? Because they don't make protein and amino acids consume it like we do. The animals get their protein from plants. They eat greens growing out of the ground. So why would we want second hand protein? Or can we be smart and go direct the plants ourselves?.
      Yes we are the smarter than animals so we don't have to eat them..Yes she was right high process oil is carsogenic to the body. So these Oils, Canola, Olive Oil, Grapeseed oil Corn oil, Sunflower oil. Are damaging to our bodies and are empty calaries. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ‘Ž
      She said eating unprocessed natural plant oils in small quantities is ok. Eating a little plant naturals like a handful of nuts and nut butter on your bread is OK.
      Check out these videos to get to the bottom of this.:: 1.The Truth About Protein = by Dr. Tel Oren. and. 2.. Animal Protein Meat and Diary Cause Cancer = by T.Colin Cambell
      3.The Best Kept Secret Ever = by T. Colin Cambell. 4.The Starch Solution = by Dr. John McDougall .
      Check out what these Doctors say about meat on youtube. They all confirm that eating large amounts of meat and animal produycts is very bad for your health. Dr.Micheal Gregor. Dr.Neal Barnard. Dr.Coldwell Esselstyn. Dr. Micheal Klaper. Good luck with your health. Don't we it until your 50 with heart disease to do something g about it. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • brian
      brian 2 tahun yang lalu +2

      Yup Sonia Van de Velde and another truth is that meat eaters actually need THREE TIMES MORE B-12 than vegans because they need it to neutralize the extra homocysteine generated from eating meat and dairy, I am a vegan and if I ever go back to eating disgusting sick animals that stepped on their own feces all
      their life and never saw the sun I will for sure triple my B-12 intake
      as well.
      If we at least were eating a piece of raw fresh wild animal just killed
      that had a happy loving social life under the sun and that ate natural
      wild grass, it would have 200 times more nutrition than a piece of steak
      you got at the stoke to make BBQ with all that junk sauce on it.
      It is not rocket science, people. Anyone picking up raw chicken at the
      supermarket doesn't know that he/she has in hands the highest
      concentration of fecal and antibiotic resistant bacteria ON PLANET
      EARTH. It is safer to lick a public bathroom toilet than to touch that
      nasty chicken breast. If humans could just see bacteria, chicken would
      have been vanish from human society long ago. And then they come talk
      about B12, lol, what do they know about anything or B12?

    • brian
      brian 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      Your question implies you didn't watch the video. Just watch the video and you find the answer for your question.
      "Animal protein is more dense and complete" That doesn't absolutely mean anything. As she said there are millions of different protein, we just need amino acids, watch the video!

    • Clayton Ryan
      Clayton Ryan 2 tahun yang lalu +3

      There's nothing that says we need meat. Nothing. Raw chicken must be thoroughly cooked in order for us to eat it, and you have to wash your hands right after handling it. That's because it has bacteria that isn't meant for human consumption until we cook it. Centuries ago, we didn't always have the means to cook something over a fire, nor did we have a chicken around. It's truly nonsense to think meat is a NEED. We've been brainwashed to think this way. An elephant and a gorilla eats plants as well, they don't need meat.

    • Andrew Clancy
      Andrew Clancy 2 tahun yang lalu

      Your logic is like nails on a chalkboard to me. What about carnivorous animals? I don't even know if I want to ask what you conclude from the fact that carnivorous animals exist, though against my better judgment I guess I am.

  • Jenilee B.
    Jenilee B. 3 tahun yang lalu +6

    I wish she addressed the weight lifting community...that's were there is a lot of debate about the need for more protein/amino acids.

    • ETC
      ETC 27 hari yang lalu

      How are they any different? ADDRESSED

    • kawika dav
      kawika dav 11 bulan yang lalu

      She kind of did.

    • Jonathan Irizarry
      Jonathan Irizarry Tahun Yang lalu

      I've been eating 80g or less of protein a day for some months now and have been doing just fine.

    • S O N J A
      S O N J A 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      siuol tf in your case you would need to eat more overall. but your body will tell you when to do that.

  • Paraflight Joe
    Paraflight Joe 3 tahun yang lalu

    Out of the 7 essential nutrients, people have died from, except PROTEIN.

  • carlos valentin
    carlos valentin 3 tahun yang lalu

    To much for regular people to understand.

    • Andrew Clancy
      Andrew Clancy 2 tahun yang lalu

      Our popular beliefs about protein are based not on science but myth. We can easily get all the protein we need from plants, and we are very likely healthier when we do.

  • Little Elf
    Little Elf 3 tahun yang lalu

    can someone sum it up to me? I'm a busy man and sadly to not have 1 hour to spend watching this

    • brian
      brian 2 tahun yang lalu +3

      1 - Protein in excess cause poisoning which causes inflammation which causes all diseases
      2 - Fat or sugar in excess can be stored in the body by the tons (eg overweight people) but protein can't, it needs to be processed and released, exhausting liver and kidneys, therefore high rate of kidney sick people
      3 - whole plant protein doesn't seem to be that harmful as processed protein or animals protein.
      4 - it's not mentioned in the video but a low protein diet is proven to increase life expectancy by astonishing 30%! That's simply because we were developed to thrive in a world without food abundance. Food, just like water, in excess, will kill you.
      5 - All plants produce all the protein building blocks needed by the entire food chain on planet Earth. As long as you eat the plants you will have readily available all the building blocks to make the millions of proteins you body need. No need to eat animal protein, if you dont believe, go ask the Gorilla where does he get his protein to become 3 times atronger than any human on this planet.
      6 - meat eater want to say humans need to eat meat just because they eat meat, if they didn't they wouldn't say humans need meat. Do we really need to eat meat from an animal that ate nothing but gmo corn? Answer: No.

  • Medici Medicine
    Medici Medicine 3 tahun yang lalu

    WHY is this woman claiming that PALEO is referencing dietary habits of 2 million years ago? WRONG! PALEO is citing the pre-agrarian diet as late as 15,000 years ago!!! Anyone interested in great insight on this subject should read Jared Diamond"s Chapter 8 entitled: "Agriculture's Mixed Blessings". The book itself is titled: " The Third Chimpanzee". Chapter 8 explains how forensic testing of skeletons in North and South America parallel transitions to agriculture with substantial increases in chronic disease. Bare in mind that Diamond has NO AGENDA and could not care less about who eats what!!! This woman, I guarantee you, does not have heavy clinical experience TREATING sick people or maintaining healthy ones. EVEN if she has practiced in the clinical trenches, she is FAILING to understand that people respond differently to different diets because WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!!! True clinicians understand this while scientists often do not!! Her lectures would be far more useful if she would devote her time to teaching people to listen to their OWN bodies instead of research papers!!!

    • Andrew Clancy
      Andrew Clancy 2 tahun yang lalu

      I prefer to listen to science over my own anecdotal perceptions. This is the purpose of science - to find what is true and real among infinite and infinitely contradictory anecdotes. A woman lives to 100 smoking and drinking every day. Does this mean smoking and drinking don't cause disease? Sorry but most anecdotes are only right by chance.

  • PinkLight 444
    PinkLight 444 3 tahun yang lalu


  • Whole One
    Whole One 3 tahun yang lalu

    Eating animal corpses is so detrimental to humans, the intake of other animals blood (in the meat), the hormones that were given to that animal to grow fa$t, and that his brain released before and during the killing process. Aaca, gimme life please.

  • N Oosterhuis
    N Oosterhuis 3 tahun yang lalu

    Those gains

  • 57ashdot
    57ashdot 3 tahun yang lalu +1

    Ok, I got through 3/4 of the video before I had to stop...
    Clearly, the speaker doesn't even.
    Jokes aside, there is a reason vegans/vegetarians have to work so hard to get their diet to include everything they need; we evolved as omnivores. Plain and simple. We can get everything we need from strictly plants, but it is not efficient to do so as a species. We don't have the extra long digestive tract required to efficiently get nutrients from plants like ACTUAL herbivores do. Let me repeat, we are not herbivores. Go crack open a biology textbook and compare our digestive system with an actual herbivore if you don't believe me.
    The kidney problem link to protein is bull. We are seeing kidney problems because of people on consuming extraordinary amounts of processed food, with tons of salt and sugar in them. These are the real issue. Constant high blood sugar (and the resulting hormone chaos) is incredibly hard on the body, in general. And high sodium levels have ACTUAL studies posting real links to kidney disease. The reason vegans THINK their diet is linked to better renal health is because their diets, by coincidence, cut these things out. It is correlated, sure, but not the cause.
    Also, she goes on a tangent about how animal protein are "recycled" amino acids, somehow insinuating that it makes it bad. Um...who cares? Animal meat offers a much higher bioavailability of proteins and amino acids. If you want to be a skinny fat, and get a minimum amount of protein everyday eating many pounds of plants, have at it. Any athlete or person who requires strength for activities they need to perform is going to need to eat something with higher protein density, it's just not practical to eat that many vegetables in a sitting. You need a excess protein and a calorie surplus to generate lean mass, and that is extraordinarily hard to do on a vegan diet
    She also states that the reason we need to stay away from protein is that we want to avoid the nitrogen groups that get broken off when we break down proteins to amino acids. Our bodies have evolved these magical things called the liver and kidneys to filter this exact thing out (and many other things too!). The only real thing you need to be careful about is just not consuming enough water to flush all this stuff out, and I think most people on a higher protein diet understand they need to be drinking tons of water.
    So basically this video boils down to failed fearmongering by a community trying to justify their lifestyle. Vegans, just do your plant thing and stop with the pseudoscience. We get it, you don't want to eat meat. You guys still get sick, you still get cancer, you still die early. There is a laundry list of famous vegans who have died too early for their time, thinking their lifestyle was going to protect them somehow. There are no foods designed for our body, that just defies evolution. Nothing has evolved to BECOME the choice food for something else. Our digestive and renal system evolved and adapted to make due with whatever was available.
    So to everybody else that made it this far into my comment, just eat a balanced diet, avoid processed foods and sugars, drink plenty of water, and you will be just fine.

    • 57ashdot
      57ashdot 3 tahun yang lalu

      +Spoo Rin Also thanks for that really well thought out counterargument you provided /s

    • 57ashdot
      57ashdot 3 tahun yang lalu

      +Spoo Rin Yes because that worked so well for Steve Jobs. Ate so much fruit he destroyed his pancreas

    • Andrea Lew
      Andrea Lew 3 tahun yang lalu +1

      +57ashdot Appreciate your point of view. Have you read The China Study, watched Forks Over Knives, or visited Dr. Greger's website, www.nutritionfacts.org? You'll probably like any or all three of them.

  • Chino Designs NYC.com
    Chino Designs NYC.com 3 tahun yang lalu +1

    Number one causes of kidney failure is high blood pressure and diabetes. Protein isn't a direct cause so that's pretty misleading, I stopped listening after that.

    • Andrea Lew
      Andrea Lew 3 tahun yang lalu

      +Chino Um, yeah, high blood pressure and diabetes are caused by animal proteins, especially dairy.

  • ๋‹ˆ์ฝœ๋ผ์“ฐ

    Why do vegetarians look so sallow?! Bad genetics?

  • Phull Kname
    Phull Kname 3 tahun yang lalu +2

    There seem to be some contradictions, soy milk is NOT a highly processed food, yet vegetable oils are? Did I misunderstand? Then there is the comment someone else made about the Okinawan diet, which made me wonder about the Inuit diet - I wonder if there have been studies of this high animal protein diet? Perhaps it is misinformed to gloss over the genetics of long established indigenous populations and the relationship to their local biome?

    • Mimi Georges
      Mimi Georges 3 tahun yang lalu

      +Phull Kname (nick) just look at the ingredient at the back of the package....there is a lot of othernthings that are not suppose to be in the original plant.....rarely 100%.......'ve a nice one ^,^

    • TheJadeFist
      TheJadeFist 3 tahun yang lalu +3

      +Phull Kname (nick) The inuit diet is basically an atkins diet, while its true that it can lead to certain benefits the down sides far out weight them. They suffer from higher amounts of heart diseases and other cholesterol atherosclerosis induced problems such as strokes, and alzheimers, as well as osteoporosis, and have an over all lower average life span.
      Atkins himself died from a heart attack caused by atherosclerosis.
      Soymilk is mostly just soy bean soaked water + plus some boiling or whatever. Where as oils are heavily concentrated oil from their selected sources.
      As far as Okinawa, they on average consume around 1% of animal products in their diets. Japanese in general also have a more active lifestyle, and a heavy fish based diet compared to the west and eat a large variety of ingredients giving them a more micro nutritionally complete diet, Dr McDougal in one of his presentations goes into a bit of detail about mortalitiy rates of large studies of vegitarians, vegans and pescatarians, showing that a pescatarian diet provides the omega 3's that lower risk of heart attacks and certain other causes of death (he more specifically referenced a Mediterranean diet) that many veggies don't get. He also goes on to show that a vegan diet can obtain these benefits without the cholesterol and other baggage of the fish via eating things like flax seed, or nuts on a regular/daily basis.
      Many people who go vegan/vegetarian don't always study the nutrition, so while cutting out major risk factors for mortality and dementia, sometimes don't replace sources of omegas and B12, in effect countering the benefits in longevity of eliminating cholesterol and trans fats, by introducing a deficiency that increase those same reduced risk factors. (also Saturated fats do exist from vegan sources and those are to be avoided as well, IE coconut oils, sunflower, saffron and a few others, instead to rely more on Olive/Canola which lack saturated).
      I don't know if he directly mentioned pescatarians befitting from this, but he did talk about how these different types of fats and such and more or less explained the trend, and that the same benefits can be obtained via a vegan source and infact doing so eliminates more risk factors that seafood.
      edit: not mcdougal, Dr Greger

    • ๋‹ˆ์ฝœ๋ผ์“ฐ
      ๋‹ˆ์ฝœ๋ผ์“ฐ 3 tahun yang lalu +1

      +Phull Kname (nick) Yes, there are a lot of studies about that kind of diet.You can easily find some of them googling inuit diet. I read about that for the first time in the book "Why We Get Fat".

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 3 tahun yang lalu

    Look, maybe you vegans don't need protein. Problem with me though, I can't make gains if i'm not getting lots of protein and meat is the way to go.
    Also, the strong eat the weak.

    • Andrea Lew
      Andrea Lew 3 tahun yang lalu

      +Frank Smith Who says vegans don't need protein? Everyone needs protein!

  • Queen Neq
    Queen Neq 3 tahun yang lalu

    soooo, this is my 3rd time trying to watch this. I fall to sleep every time.

  • e8iMm7KE999
    e8iMm7KE999 3 tahun yang lalu

    By definition alone. TOO much of anything is bad for you !!! For example TOO much oxygen will kill you !!! Ask any scuba instructor about taking a tank of pure oxygen and go scuba diving greater than 30 feet deep. The concentration of oxygen will be TOO great for your system and will kill you !!! The AIR we breath while on land is 80% nitrogen and approximately 20% oxygen. Is the nitrogen in the air bad for you also ??? If the nitrogen in meat is bad for you ; Is the nitrogen in the air bad for you ?

  • carl linderman
    carl linderman 3 tahun yang lalu

    Funny how proteins are dangerous yet the boy is made of the stuff. So you have a PHD, this proves you can talk the talk. there are PHDs who talk abot how good proteins are.

  • SpoonWood Gennaro
    SpoonWood Gennaro 3 tahun yang lalu

    Are there stats on the longevity of vegetarians v non vegetarians?If people live longer because of their vegetarian diet then I'd agree it's healthier.If not, I'm skeptical.

    • SpoonWood Gennaro
      SpoonWood Gennaro 3 tahun yang lalu

      thank you

    • Andrea Lew
      Andrea Lew 3 tahun yang lalu

      +David Gennaro There are many. You can find specifics at www.ForksOverKnives.com and www.nutritionfacts.org

  • ko0lGuy23
    ko0lGuy23 3 tahun yang lalu

    all meat heads should watch this video
    go vegansave your own lifesave the planet save the animals