Avengers' Josh Brolin Tries Out Different Voices for Thanos


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  • Janniva Roberts
    Janniva Roberts Jam Yang lalu

    Slap that!!

  • Amien Fadhillah
    Amien Fadhillah 2 jam yang lalu

    "You're no fuckin hero, you're just a clown..."

  • Bryan B
    Bryan B 4 jam yang lalu

    When he was telling the airport story i thought he was gonna say they didnt respect him like they did ryan Reynolds so he snapped his fingers and then everything changed.

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool 4 jam yang lalu +1

    Josh Brolin for Magic Mike 3.

  • dodds just
    dodds just 9 jam yang lalu

    Damn im dying 😂

  • Samantha Sierra
    Samantha Sierra 13 jam yang lalu

    3:07 LMAO

  • Priyanshu Phukan
    Priyanshu Phukan 14 jam yang lalu

    3:21 John Cena's impression😂😂

  • lakerkillers
    lakerkillers 16 jam yang lalu

    Sassy Thanos isn't what I thought we needed but now it's a must

  • Abhay Katyal
    Abhay Katyal 16 jam yang lalu

    Jimmy is rly fuckin annoying

  • siegeaye
    siegeaye 18 jam yang lalu

    “Destiny will arrive don’t even worry about it” lol

  • JD Frost-Tupua
    JD Frost-Tupua 20 jam yang lalu

    Love this guy

  • Jakir Hussain
    Jakir Hussain 20 jam yang lalu

    when I,m done half the humanity will exist

  • Alexis Williams
    Alexis Williams 22 jam yang lalu

    I was waiting for him to say perfectly balance as all things should be 😜🙌🏽😩😂

  • Unlimited Bro
    Unlimited Bro Hari Yang lalu

    Get EBF to do it lmao

  • Corbin Gibbs
    Corbin Gibbs Hari Yang lalu

    I love how jimmy fallon gets paid to have a conversation.

  • Poppin_F.A
    Poppin_F.A Hari Yang lalu

    Distiny will arrive killed me

  • Joel Deakin
    Joel Deakin Hari Yang lalu

    Thicc boi

  • SodaPop
    SodaPop Hari Yang lalu

    prepare to hear the fakest laugh ever @2:19

  • Spazz .1
    Spazz .1 Hari Yang lalu

    Somebody needs to edit some thanos scenes with the second voice!

  • AkshayanT
    AkshayanT Hari Yang lalu

    I still can't believe people think Killmonger is a better villain. Like get your racial prestige out of here and actually judge a villain by his presence, not skin colour. In before I get called racist and im half black.

  • Abdidallas
    Abdidallas Hari Yang lalu

    Best Josh character though was in Men in Black III. If you seen the movie you know what I am talking about

  • Poe Dameron
    Poe Dameron Hari Yang lalu

    The Valley Girl accent reminded me of Tim Gunn for some reason 😂

  • Poe Dameron
    Poe Dameron Hari Yang lalu

    I need more of Valley Girl Thanos 😂

  • Michael Pipkin
    Michael Pipkin Hari Yang lalu

    He doesn't like sitting.

  • Fruitydc ri
    Fruitydc ri Hari Yang lalu

    Deadpool 2 as Cable he's dam good at it.

  • BigHero6 Fanatic2004
    BigHero6 Fanatic2004 Hari Yang lalu


  • Nayden
    Nayden Hari Yang lalu

    Thats a voice of a real Man right here

  • Kevin Knight
    Kevin Knight Hari Yang lalu

    2018 new best meme :These does put a smile on my face. 😏

  • B_side 86
    B_side 86 Hari Yang lalu

    The summer of brolin lmao

  • Paul Cotton
    Paul Cotton Hari Yang lalu

    Crazy this is the same guy that was in the goonies.

  • DJ Mag
    DJ Mag Hari Yang lalu

    Sorry destiny still arrives isn’t it that or am I going through the mandala effect

  • DJ Mag
    DJ Mag Hari Yang lalu

    Isn’t it destiny will arrive

    MEME GOD Hari Yang lalu

    2:21 *CRINGE* that laugh was so fake agahagahab scmvkfmd

  • Zer0Talent
    Zer0Talent Hari Yang lalu

    Jimmy Fallon is talented but Jesus Christ, next to Josh Brolin he seems like the little leagues

    KEVIN FEIGE P.G.A. Hari Yang lalu

    *FUN FACT:* Tommy Wiseau was considering to play Thanos before Josh Brolin came in.

  • Kevin M Abraham
    Kevin M Abraham Hari Yang lalu

    This just in: Thanos is a fan of Destiny’s Child.
    When Thanos killed half the universe, you probably know which DESTINY’s Child he chose to killed 👀☕️
    that’s the tea

  • Douglas Keo
    Douglas Keo 2 hari yang lalu +1

    I remember when this man played George w Bush

  • Chris Montes
    Chris Montes 2 hari yang lalu

    that should be the cover poster if his character in no country for old men lived and made a sequel

  • Morro’s Possesion
    Morro’s Possesion 2 hari yang lalu


  • 1too3for5six7ate
    1too3for5six7ate 2 hari yang lalu

    Damn, that is one good-looking man, and that booty is incredible.

  • Peter H
    Peter H 2 hari yang lalu


  • Pablo Cornelius
    Pablo Cornelius 2 hari yang lalu +1

    2:17 just hate his fkn fake laughs

  • George Feldkamp
    George Feldkamp 2 hari yang lalu

    3:21 😂😂😂

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight 2 hari yang lalu

    Jimmy is just copying Josh's jokes to try be funny

  • Carlos Del Angel
    Carlos Del Angel 2 hari yang lalu

    does Jimmy ever shut the fuck up for like 2 seconds so the guest can actually do their bit. It’s like he’s just waiting for them to open their mouth so he can jump in.

  • Luiiisnick
    Luiiisnick 2 hari yang lalu

    My god, Jimmy is unfunny...

  • Craig Gibbons
    Craig Gibbons 2 hari yang lalu

    Josh is such a TOP BLOKE

  • Chris Holth
    Chris Holth 2 hari yang lalu

    Jimmy...shut up

  • Toxic Melody
    Toxic Melody 2 hari yang lalu

    He's been hanging around Deadpool too much lol.

  • Al Blastbeet - Beats
    Al Blastbeet - Beats 2 hari yang lalu

    Get Josh into a mafia movie.

  • Zerozone
    Zerozone 2 hari yang lalu

    *_T H A N U S'_*

  • Zerozone
    Zerozone 2 hari yang lalu

    Celebrity: **breathes**
    Jimmy Fallon: 😂 😂 😂

  • Faryza
    Faryza 2 hari yang lalu

    josh's thicc

  • Afiq Khairul
    Afiq Khairul 2 hari yang lalu

    3:07 OMG, Destiny will arrive

  • Mortimer 023
    Mortimer 023 2 hari yang lalu


  • pLakado Prodaxons
    pLakado Prodaxons 2 hari yang lalu


  • Disney Watchers
    Disney Watchers 2 hari yang lalu

    I loved all the voices he did!

  • Poseidon Sze
    Poseidon Sze 2 hari yang lalu

    Jimmy seriously need to stfu when guest is speaking.

  • 8-BIT Ent.
    8-BIT Ent. 2 hari yang lalu +1

    Jimmy, shut up dude. When the guest cracks a joke you don't need to IMMEDIATELY one up them AS THEIR JOKING

  • Shr3kt
    Shr3kt 2 hari yang lalu

    Heath Ledger’s Joker>Thanos

  • Carl Leibrandt
    Carl Leibrandt 3 hari yang lalu

    I don't think i've ever seen Jimmy NOT cut someone off when they're trying to speak

  • Pooperscoo 101
    Pooperscoo 101 3 hari yang lalu

    Josh Brolin really carries Jimmy Fallon in this video

  • Nexis siempreaqui
    Nexis siempreaqui 3 hari yang lalu

    Someone please tell Josh Brolin that he's the most gorgeous man in the galaxy

    • Nexis siempreaqui
      Nexis siempreaqui 13 jam yang lalu

      KEVIN FEIGE P.G.A. Im afraid it cant be undone, for anyone
      buut we could try

      KEVIN FEIGE P.G.A. Hari Yang lalu +1

      Nexis siempreaqui You think if he does. He'll bring back our precious Avengers back?

    RAWSOLDIER 3 hari yang lalu

    2:56 here :D

  • Don Vette
    Don Vette 3 hari yang lalu

    Why did he show his ass again?

  • DarVin_edrQ
    DarVin_edrQ 3 hari yang lalu


  • G-Dub 85
    G-Dub 85 3 hari yang lalu

    I now see why ppl find Jimmy annoying/cringey....he fakes laugh almost everything

  • olaf ruis
    olaf ruis 3 hari yang lalu

    Strong recipient paint mind astronomer straight club insect automobile huge second pit.

  • otakuveritas
    otakuveritas 3 hari yang lalu

    Might be a good idea to have the guest as the focus of the episode

  • robert dawood
    robert dawood 3 hari yang lalu

    Jimmy is so annoying every time someone try’s to act out something he gotta pitch in like he also got acting skills... which he doesn’t!!

  • Eugeniya Leshenko
    Eugeniya Leshenko 3 hari yang lalu

    Josh is HILLARIOUS! I wonder whether it is scripted and he just delivers his lines (perfectly, by the way) or he just says it on the top off his head? Eiether way, it's damn funny, and his butt is super sexy!

  • Tim K
    Tim K 3 hari yang lalu

    That voice gave me ptsd

  • george koul
    george koul 3 hari yang lalu

    Annoying Jimmy! Stop speaking over your guests. Let them finish first

  • Thor God of Thunder
    Thor God of Thunder 3 hari yang lalu +2

    Where is Gamora?

  • ?
    ? 3 hari yang lalu

    ‘Destiny Still Arrives’

  • Nigel
    Nigel 3 hari yang lalu +1

    How many movies is this man in recently. Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Sicario 2....

  • Portgas _
    Portgas _ 3 hari yang lalu

    Damn cable

  • Dayle Witter
    Dayle Witter 3 hari yang lalu


  • HetfieldAuditore
    HetfieldAuditore 3 hari yang lalu

    fallon is a hack

  • just a random guy
    just a random guy 3 hari yang lalu

    I can never unsee Thanos bending over.

  • Godzilla 2012
    Godzilla 2012 3 hari yang lalu

    *destiny........ will arive.*

  • Cameron Green
    Cameron Green 3 hari yang lalu

    Accommodate careful locate tackle listen truth assert clean desert too excitement.

  • Kyleidoscope
    Kyleidoscope 3 hari yang lalu +1

    Perfectly humbled, as all mortals should be.

  • Đào Tấn Dũng
    Đào Tấn Dũng 3 hari yang lalu +10

    Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives

  • Sean King
    Sean King 3 hari yang lalu

    I love how Fallon is talking to Brolin as if he just became famous yesterday. Everybody is, in fact. The guy was in the fucking Goonies back in the early 80s and should have won an Oscar for No Country for Old Men ten years back. He's not some green scrub.

  • TheSGusch
    TheSGusch 3 hari yang lalu

    Jimmy Fallon reactions are so fake

  • Jayden Do
    Jayden Do 3 hari yang lalu

    Oh my god, I need an Infinity War Valley Girl Thanos edition.

  • Infa Luv
    Infa Luv 3 hari yang lalu


  • turki al hamidi
    turki al hamidi 3 hari yang lalu


  • Hao Y.
    Hao Y. 3 hari yang lalu

    Human Thanos is sexy lol....

  • Gustavo Meza
    Gustavo Meza 3 hari yang lalu

    OMG destiny will arrive hahaha the best voice ever!

  • decay kid
    decay kid 3 hari yang lalu

    I am so in love with this man 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Khalid Bajwa
    Khalid Bajwa 3 hari yang lalu


  • jay rosales
    jay rosales 4 hari yang lalu

    Italian Thanos plz.

  • Saint Pao
    Saint Pao 4 hari yang lalu

    Yall sleeping on agent k

  • Jack0106 6
    Jack0106 6 4 hari yang lalu

    Cable i dont feel so good

  • SemiGoat
    SemiGoat 4 hari yang lalu

    This does put a smile on my face

  • Trevor_Phillips
    Trevor_Phillips 4 hari yang lalu +1

    Shut the fuck up Jimmy...you and your fake ass laugh

    • Trevor_Phillips
      Trevor_Phillips Hari Yang lalu

      KEVIN FEIGE P.G.A. Go eat a dick bitch

      KEVIN FEIGE P.G.A. Hari Yang lalu

      Trevor_Phillips Learn the cuss, bitch ass motherfucker don't know what 1 plus 1 is looking bitch!

  • Daniel N
    Daniel N 4 hari yang lalu

    3:04 Bootsy Collins as Thanos

  • Huỳnh Phi Tiễn Arrow Tunes Global Entertainment

    You know how Peter say "shut up Meg!"!? For this video, shut up Jimmy! Let the man talk!!