Rep. Ocasio-Cortez And Stephen Eat Ben & Jerry's

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 22 Jan 2019
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells Stephen about her first few weeks in Congress over a couple pints of ice cream.
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Komentar • 1 172

  • robert greblheo
    robert greblheo 9 jam yang lalu

    A toxic product owned by unilever which is part of tge big ten companies that control the food supply.... Not sure I find that cute..

  • Mason Derrick
    Mason Derrick 9 jam yang lalu

    Oh yeah yeah, this is complete crap

  • Israel Gaeta
    Israel Gaeta 9 jam yang lalu

    She’s gonna do amazing things. If she doesn’t become speaker one day, she’ll pry be president.

  • LP Games CH
    LP Games CH 9 jam yang lalu

    she knows how to get publicity is very well spoken and has values. Nearly as good as a Sanders.

  • Plejaren artificial fish and noodles

    I am not a part of politics or religion because those things are for children, but this entire interview is irrelevant. The actual truth is, according to the extraterrestrials, that there will be a global financial collapse extremely soon because the FED is dumping 600 billion in bonds at 2.6% interest rates on the 10 year, with a 2.4% average inflation, meaning you make .20% on your money in 10 years plus you get taxed, on top of all other central banks doing QT and a 1.2 trillion dollar trade deficit that is growing, plus sanctions of countrys which causes more inflation because those countrys cannot use the dollar. If interest rates are lowered than inflation will get out of control and we will have too many worthless dollars on top of a great depression, if intrest rates stay the same than inflation will still get out of control as the trade deficit grows and the size of the government on top of tax cuts, and we cannot raise interest rates, the USA tried to raise them to 5% in 2008 and it didnt work, and we only had half the debt back than, so logically we are already over our head in the long term at 2.6%. By 2020, everything will implode, Civil disorder will break out in america because of cause and effect, the military and police will institute martial law as a result against the "partially heavily armed american people" than shortly thereafter there will be 2 civil wars, one after another, America will break into 5 territories and be ruled by religious fanatic dictatorships. As a side note, socialism will never work ever with the earth humans until we have duplicators and remove religions, wealth and power from earth, until than we need a 1 world currency, and a 1 world international peace troops than involves all countrys to create much more peace and stability.

  • Tobi Worley
    Tobi Worley 9 jam yang lalu


  • Its foxtrot 4
    Its foxtrot 4 9 jam yang lalu

    Some more liberal propaganda

  • Weet-bix
    Weet-bix 9 jam yang lalu

    She’s sooo dumb

  • Aaron Powell
    Aaron Powell 9 jam yang lalu

    I love AOC. Can't wait for her to be POTUS in 10ish years.

  • weenermeat
    weenermeat 9 jam yang lalu

    I like her bobs and vegana

  • Josiah Ward
    Josiah Ward 9 jam yang lalu

    God she's awful

  • Conor Magahy
    Conor Magahy 9 jam yang lalu

    #Ireland4AOCBernie! ✊💘

  • Sand Sand
    Sand Sand 9 jam yang lalu

    A yes my favorite IDclipsrs on trending horse face and unfunny man

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 jam yang lalu +1

    I am confused what does Ben and Jerry’s have to do with politics

  • persil stover
    persil stover 9 jam yang lalu's actually a little bit fun watching society deteriorate🥂

  • Monkeytacular
    Monkeytacular 9 jam yang lalu

    "We need to rebuild schools. We need to invent technology that’s never even been invented yet.” -AOC
    What a true genius we have!

  • momo
    momo 9 jam yang lalu +1

    Because she is cute, do you want Open Borders like Europe....a destruction of the American culture along with our constitution....socialist/communist future for this country...think about it...I like ice cream what?

  • Drew Personal Business
    Drew Personal Business 9 jam yang lalu

    How much do you people make to give so much away to these fools??

  • What was that???
    What was that??? 9 jam yang lalu

    She wants to eliminate fossil fueled cars..... How does she expect the poor to buy new cars???

  • Ed Williams
    Ed Williams 9 jam yang lalu

    What a stupid B

  • Karrie Murray
    Karrie Murray 9 jam yang lalu

    Just remember dems. God's in control! I know most of you don't believe in him cause you stand on the side of evil.. But one day every knee shall bow! The weapons of your war or carnel.. The weapons we use are beyond your understanding.. The more you push the worse it's going to get for you.

    • Karrie Murray
      Karrie Murray 9 jam yang lalu

      +KBHAZE Yes! They stand for everything evil! If you don't recognize evil then you have become a useful idiot. The consequences that will befall you is gonna hurt real bad. Just wait and see. Turn to Jesus before it's too late for you.

    • KBHAZE
      KBHAZE 9 jam yang lalu

      Evil? 😂

  • Melpo
    Melpo 9 jam yang lalu

    Reina, love her so much!! Americone dream is so addicting 😭

  • IIG
    IIG 9 jam yang lalu

    I would put a ring on her finger quick, fast, and in a hurry!

  • justin case
    justin case 9 jam yang lalu

    Lol this is the face of the DNC?
    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • justin case
      justin case 9 jam yang lalu

      KBHAZE keep drinking the kool aid

    • KBHAZE
      KBHAZE 9 jam yang lalu

      Trump 2020 🚔🚔

  • hel en omstreken
    hel en omstreken 9 jam yang lalu

    Shes fun, can we have more dems like her?

  • Mike Dias
    Mike Dias 9 jam yang lalu

    What, not a rich entitled white person in power? She is democracy personified

  • Danny Hidalgo
    Danny Hidalgo 9 jam yang lalu

    Representative of Socialism. What are you doing Stephen?

  • Moises Escobar
    Moises Escobar 9 jam yang lalu +1

    She’s full of energy and inspiration! New feel for Congress.

  • 925lexi
    925lexi 9 jam yang lalu

    I literally have this ice cream unopened in my freezer...*pauses video to get ice cream*

  • k96
    k96 9 jam yang lalu

    She's such a hottie.

  • Mattathias Macabees
    Mattathias Macabees 9 jam yang lalu

    Vapid twits abound.

  • Cachi -
    Cachi - 9 jam yang lalu

    Did you look for Mitch in the garden, perhaps eating lettuce?

  • Kip's Tips
    Kip's Tips 10 jam yang lalu

    Wow more main stream media on trending. Shocking..

  • 56 Left
    56 Left 10 jam yang lalu

    One hit wonder hogging the spotlight. Liberal extremists ala tea party that doesn't belong

  • Smiley
    Smiley 10 jam yang lalu

    idk y but i love her, some of her ideas are wack but she has great regular ideas that can help the working class and help family’s

  • Kevin Martin
    Kevin Martin 10 jam yang lalu

    Wow! I love her!.

  • BoBa K
    BoBa K 10 jam yang lalu

    I agree in principle to the higher marginal tax rate BUT don’t anyone think the wealthy don’t pay for the lobbying and the politicians! I predict that no matter what the tax rate is, the little guy will continue being screwed

  • Hee Haw 50th anniversary
    Hee Haw 50th anniversary 10 jam yang lalu

    for those of you that want this socalist dingbat for a president your dumb as she is she would turn this country into a socalist country we would be like venezuela in a heartbeat

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 10 jam yang lalu

    #7 on trending

  • Varun bundy
    Varun bundy 10 jam yang lalu

    In love with her 😍

  • TheBodyLanguagetv
    TheBodyLanguagetv 10 jam yang lalu

    2.53 She's so adorably real!

  • Nathaniel Groller
    Nathaniel Groller 10 jam yang lalu

    Whats up with them teeth

  • DonDonSmiles
    DonDonSmiles 10 jam yang lalu

    She frfr from the bx cos she said ayyyy lol

  • Tripp393
    Tripp393 10 jam yang lalu

    She’s my favorite disabled politician

  • hutch
    hutch 10 jam yang lalu

    The fact that the Democrat And Republican establishments fear her makes me love her more than anything. We need 100 more of

  • Joe Sunder
    Joe Sunder 10 jam yang lalu +2

    I’m so glad she’s in office. Her empty headed comments make me laugh and she shows the world how stupid progressives are. Please keep it up AOC

    • Horny Fruit Flies
      Horny Fruit Flies 9 jam yang lalu

      I love how she triggers you. You'll be dragged to the Left kicking and screaming. Enjoy the ride.

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 10 jam yang lalu +1

    "Socialism is the stepping stone between Capitalism and Communism".
    - Karl Marx

  • kmc7291
    kmc7291 10 jam yang lalu

    She is awesome! The only thing I would have to say (and I would say this about anybody who is in the public eye) is she needs to straighten her teeth a bit. Maybe 6-months of Invisalign or something. I'm not trying to troll her or disrespect her. I just think straightening her teeth would elevate her that much more in the public eye.

  • Isaac Liu
    Isaac Liu 10 jam yang lalu

    Bernie was about messaging on spending, AOC is about messaging on tax, and Warren is about messaging on Wall St. What a beautiful progressive wing we have.

  • Anthony mailbox
    Anthony mailbox 10 jam yang lalu

    This is two much stupid in one place.

  • Great Wall of Norman
    Great Wall of Norman 10 jam yang lalu

    Instead of taking her down with that "scandalous" aka adorable as hell dance video, they made her a celebrity. She's like a Star Wars force ghost.

  • JackFou
    JackFou 10 jam yang lalu

    She's really smart and likeable... let's just hope that she will actually remain as principled in her politics as she is now.

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson 10 jam yang lalu

    If she becomes president all business will leave the USA.....hurray!!!

  • Braw Bruh
    Braw Bruh 10 jam yang lalu

    sry guys OH YEAH YEAH

  • Kyle F
    Kyle F 10 jam yang lalu

    She needs bigger teeth.

  • David Alvarado
    David Alvarado 10 jam yang lalu

    Future president

  • TheCamaro5
    TheCamaro5 10 jam yang lalu

    I am amazed that this lady was voted in congress. Everytime she speaks i just laugh.

  • NAL Lopez
    NAL Lopez 10 jam yang lalu

    She’s just so fun.

  • Solyn Cassia
    Solyn Cassia 10 jam yang lalu

    I just want to hear her talk.

  • Donutguy 12
    Donutguy 12 10 jam yang lalu

    I cringed when he took away the ice cream. Dammit I’m hungry Stephen

  • Project Mayham
    Project Mayham 10 jam yang lalu

    Wow she sexy

  • Henry Beltran
    Henry Beltran 10 jam yang lalu +1

    I'm not a Democrat but I love this Lady. Do not agree on just tax the rich just because. I think EVERYONE has to pay. We can't just go bananas taxiing people as a punishment or something. Poor people need to realize there is no FRER nothing.

  • Just_ Ed
    Just_ Ed 10 jam yang lalu

    She’s inspiring.

  • OneManFlashMob
    OneManFlashMob 10 jam yang lalu +4

    Of all I have read of her economic tweets, she is incredibly stupid. Talking about Trillions of $ in budget, in a way that sounds like she would drive even a small mom and pop store bankrupt.
    What exactly is her strength ? She has shown to be hopelessly ignorant in financial matters.
    She is praised, but for what exactly ? Because she is a low income, young, latina woman ?
    I guess liberals are happy to elect based on skin color and gender rather than actual merit.

    • gothicalpha
      gothicalpha 10 jam yang lalu

      Ah you brain washed sheep, we keep giving money to the rich and after 40 years. its time to get our money back and MAGA

  • Tom McDaniel
    Tom McDaniel 10 jam yang lalu

    She's the left's Donald Trump. She ticks all the right identity boxes and she rules on social media. Other than that? Not much.

    • Tom McDaniel
      Tom McDaniel 10 jam yang lalu

      +gothicalpha Just like Trump. An "outsider!" But she says all the right things so she's got to be great.

    • gothicalpha
      gothicalpha 10 jam yang lalu

      Representation that hasn't been soaking in corruption for 40 years. thats a great one

  • Bandan ONeill
    Bandan ONeill 10 jam yang lalu +4

    You can see Conehead Colbert cringe when he asks this dimwit about taxing the rich. Democrats thought America's economy would crumble under Trump which the opposite happened which means if this socialists got her way it surely would crumble. Punishing the rich who made it in America is the American spirit? She's totally off her rocker.

    • gothicalpha
      gothicalpha 10 jam yang lalu

      Why isn't the stock market at record highs anymore if the economy is so awesome

  • Miguel Jimenez
    Miguel Jimenez 10 jam yang lalu

    It’s the first time I’ve noticed how large her upper teeth seem.

  • Liru Wolfgirl
    Liru Wolfgirl 10 jam yang lalu

    Oh yeah yeah

  • dan smolen
    dan smolen 10 jam yang lalu +3

    Her stupidity has no end does it?

  • Punk Rock
    Punk Rock 10 jam yang lalu

    Snowflake Alt-cucks will triggered by her dancing

  • The Cost
    The Cost 10 jam yang lalu +3

    This is supposed to be what? She's just like everyone else? No, she isn't. Also when did Stephen stop being a parody, and start pandering to the crazy masses? Anyways....She's a socialist, that's the opposite of the American dream.

  • bgt125
    bgt125 10 jam yang lalu

    The plutocracy is so terrified of her giving the poor a voice in our government that they shut down the whole government just to stop her from coming for them

  • Cycling Dad
    Cycling Dad 10 jam yang lalu +3

    People, open your eyes to the damage this women and those who share her ideology, would cause this nation if left unchecked

  • Nick Carbonara
    Nick Carbonara 10 jam yang lalu

    No real questions, softball pitches!!!

  • Connor Browder
    Connor Browder 10 jam yang lalu

    This is basically a political companion commercial for AOC and all the comments are like the Chevy ad “actors”

  • Jason Sher
    Jason Sher 10 jam yang lalu

    What a cutie and some one to look up to!!! Wife material!??

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 10 jam yang lalu

    Why didn't she serve tacos and drinks like she did a few weeks ago?

  • guy arrol
    guy arrol 10 jam yang lalu

    Nice woman it's just too bad we lost important committee seats because she is not a strategist

  • June's Outside Contact
    June's Outside Contact 10 jam yang lalu

    Can you imagine the pride of her mom standing there with AOC as she takes her vow? Amazing!

  • Donald Campbell
    Donald Campbell 10 jam yang lalu


  • Russell Sprouts
    Russell Sprouts 10 jam yang lalu

    Yup. A true progressive. She's my hero. Keep up the good work AOC!

  • Nicholas Valencia
    Nicholas Valencia 10 jam yang lalu

    Way to ask tough political questions Colbert 🙄 dems don’t want to make each other look stupid

  • MrPrimePlays
    MrPrimePlays 10 jam yang lalu +1

    Reminds me of Bernie with her lack of realism. The fact she's proud to call herself a socialist says a lot. You guys are getting your hopes up way too high, way too fast. She's young and fresh and relatable and beautiful but that doesn't mean she's gonna be a future Prez or VP. She has done nothing except talk, and she's not the first nor will she be the last to speak those same words. Don't let her loveable personality be the deciding factor in her job.

  • June's Outside Contact
    June's Outside Contact 10 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE AOC and I enjoy how uptight the right is over her! She gives me so much hope.

  • Mitchell Mueller
    Mitchell Mueller 10 jam yang lalu

    Look, I'm not saying that she definitely is correct on every issue, but I am saying that I would trust her with my life.

  • David Carter
    David Carter 10 jam yang lalu +3

    So this is the face of the 70% tax rate proposal? Get your hands outta my pockets you sick people! This is going to be fun. Watching Colbert try and take her seriously is the best part of this clip. 🤣

  • bit Ger
    bit Ger 10 jam yang lalu

    She is so likable ☺️

  • Paco's Tacos
    Paco's Tacos 10 jam yang lalu

    she rejected the hug lmao

  • The Brothers Blue
    The Brothers Blue 10 jam yang lalu


  • T BZ
    T BZ 10 jam yang lalu

    Anyone who remembers a young senator Obama may recognize a similar political vibration with AOC.

  • Shaq Attack
    Shaq Attack 10 jam yang lalu +3

    Democrats only care about illegal alien and not USA citizens! SAD! Vote them out! Re elect trump! And deport all illegal aliens!

  • fengpost
    fengpost 10 jam yang lalu

    May she never get jaded and lose her idealism in DC.

  • momo
    momo 10 jam yang lalu +4

    She like Obama did sends tingles down various legs. BUT then the facts/reality come forth. Wars, migration, taxes, unemployment, NoKo, China expansion, poor healthcare, ….hit ppl in the face. Was the thrill of a new face worth it?....If she uses Scandinavia as an example, 70% taxes..(they are not socialist countries but high welfare/taxes countries)... take from ppl by force for the free give to others. not fair..not right..not for civilized societies.

  • Peter Adams
    Peter Adams 10 jam yang lalu

    we need to lose swearing in on the bible

  • CadillacJak
    CadillacJak 10 jam yang lalu

    Look how hateful the liberals are in the comments and tell me who is the real racists. Liberals will be the death of us all

  • Abdul Rahman Kobayter
    Abdul Rahman Kobayter 10 jam yang lalu

    Miranda Sings Congress

  • Malcom MAC Wallace
    Malcom MAC Wallace 10 jam yang lalu

    She’s dumber than a box of rocks

  • Ezajur Rahman
    Ezajur Rahman 10 jam yang lalu

    Team Bernie 2020. Or bust.

  • C W
    C W 10 jam yang lalu

    She is adorable and smartAF. #allyourbase

  • Vincent Normwell
    Vincent Normwell 10 jam yang lalu

    She is heroic for representing her race and people? Because that's what's she's doing.