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  • xd Sloth
    xd Sloth 14 jam yang lalu

    My mom went to school with him!

  • pr0xZen
    pr0xZen 14 jam yang lalu

    I'm so sorry.

  • Maverick
    Maverick 14 jam yang lalu

    i think the drinking question was about alcohol

  • WorldRecordEggo
    WorldRecordEggo 14 jam yang lalu +1

    Alright ken jeong I think your getting a bit carried away..

  • LifeOfKai
    LifeOfKai 14 jam yang lalu

    I love you Ho

  • Enter Tain
    Enter Tain 14 jam yang lalu

    Rare combination lol Doctor + Comedian + Asian American

  • tiara
    tiara 14 jam yang lalu

    Woohoo Alissa ashley

  • Burnt Buscuit
    Burnt Buscuit 14 jam yang lalu

    How coincidental that I just watched the last one right before this video was uploaded.

  • YB Jeon
    YB Jeon 14 jam yang lalu

    She had 4 i’s though

  • Mellowcanuck33
    Mellowcanuck33 14 jam yang lalu

    I want him as my doctor. Embrace the man who admits he doesn't know and asks someone who does!

  • WorldRecordEggo
    WorldRecordEggo 14 jam yang lalu +1

    Asian doctor mike.

  • Mongoose Pizza
    Mongoose Pizza 14 jam yang lalu

    Who else watching while being sick and hoping for some helpful tips lol

  • Mr HunterII
    Mr HunterII 14 jam yang lalu

    More of these please

  • The Sad Potato
    The Sad Potato 14 jam yang lalu

    Do doctors wear white lab coats just to give patients anxiety?

  • Paige Simpson
    Paige Simpson 14 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one who got the “Miranda Rights” pun 😂

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz 14 jam yang lalu

    Why was this so funny

  • Fatima Sabeg
    Fatima Sabeg 14 jam yang lalu

    Oh mayy gawd. He’s back. Yas.

  • Mika Paunga
    Mika Paunga 14 jam yang lalu +1

    Me: sees video

  • MrsSaxophonegirl
    MrsSaxophonegirl 14 jam yang lalu

    It doesn’t seem like Dennis is all that chill, he kept losing his mind!

  • BigPanda
    BigPanda 14 jam yang lalu +1

    Ching Chang Chong?

  • Project 2
    Project 2 14 jam yang lalu +1

    My favorite Doctor is back!!!

  • xgetxsickx
    xgetxsickx 14 jam yang lalu

    0:35 What if i told you, one of those i's... was a j

  • Greasy B.
    Greasy B. 14 jam yang lalu

    After the last video I didn’t know if he was an actual doctor and I thought it was just a joke, but know I know he is. 😂

  • Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor 14 jam yang lalu

    "But did you DIE?? "

  • Danielle McLa
    Danielle McLa 14 jam yang lalu

    Lol Dr Ken your chicken feet hands were distracting me at one point🤣 but I love you though

  • heatherbotez
    heatherbotez 14 jam yang lalu

    i love him doing these :)

  • TetePlayerGameplays
    TetePlayerGameplays 14 jam yang lalu

    His wife is a doctor, do you know who elses wife is a doctor?

  • outcastedsushiboi kb7
    outcastedsushiboi kb7 14 jam yang lalu

    this is the funniest doctor in the world

  • Chanel S K Alexanderia
    Chanel S K Alexanderia 14 jam yang lalu

    This should be a real thing

  • Brandon Ostrander
    Brandon Ostrander 14 jam yang lalu

    Shut the f up you mf'n half headed mf'er

  • Little Susie
    Little Susie 14 jam yang lalu


  • Jimmy Wicander
    Jimmy Wicander 14 jam yang lalu

    Um E. coli is already in the body and it’s real chill. Only certain strains of E. coli can illness.

  • Thumper La Conejito
    Thumper La Conejito 14 jam yang lalu

    I love this new series

  • Jeremy Sajonia
    Jeremy Sajonia 14 jam yang lalu

    Can you make this an every day thing??

  • HortiMyth
    HortiMyth 14 jam yang lalu

    omg. The guy was talking about drinking alcohol not water or coffee.

  • Abdalla Ahmed
    Abdalla Ahmed 14 jam yang lalu

    First one was better. This time he's just too focused on getting views and doesn't talk naturally

  • Serious Commenter
    Serious Commenter 14 jam yang lalu

    Love this guy

  • Tara Lacey
    Tara Lacey 14 jam yang lalu

    Wtf I never knew he was an actual physician

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans 14 jam yang lalu +1


  • Carlie Lukowiak
    Carlie Lukowiak 14 jam yang lalu

    I love Dr. Ken!

  • Yamilex Orellana
    Yamilex Orellana 14 jam yang lalu +1

    "I love my wife & she is always worth getting bronchitis for" that's true love

  • MsCygnusX1
    MsCygnusX1 14 jam yang lalu

    I wish he was my doctor.

  • sahar bayat
    sahar bayat 14 jam yang lalu

    2:37 sksjskss omg look at that look

  • Michael Robins
    Michael Robins 14 jam yang lalu +1

    Hilarious man 🤣🤣

  • Lauren Mueller
    Lauren Mueller 14 jam yang lalu

    The best part was when the brain fell out of the model.

  • drakeo bloody11
    drakeo bloody11 14 jam yang lalu

    Lesley ,wtf are you doing here man ???

  • z3poXP
    z3poXP 14 jam yang lalu

    Gawd louis talks too much

  • miranda pow
    miranda pow 14 jam yang lalu

    I love this

  • Myranda Kollar
    Myranda Kollar 14 jam yang lalu

    I want to know what conversations go on between him and Jenny McCarthy on the masked singer.
    My husband and I joke that he probably just looks at her and goes ‘vacccccciiiiiiinnnnnnneeeeeessssss’ whenever he can

  • Amber Heimbach
    Amber Heimbach 14 jam yang lalu

    If you haven't watched Ken's new stand-up on Netflix you NEED to!

  • Jake Mcdoniel
    Jake Mcdoniel 14 jam yang lalu

    Yea man, call your Ho

  • Boogie Man
    Boogie Man 14 jam yang lalu

    Hit that BEACON DANCE😂😂😂

  • Emily
    Emily 14 jam yang lalu

    Anti-vaxxers just got OWNED by Dr. Ken lmao

  • Odorous Smegma
    Odorous Smegma 14 jam yang lalu

    Just be a doctor. You're not funny.

  • Maniac Bob
    Maniac Bob 14 jam yang lalu

    It will be a terrible day on earth if this vid doesnt get 2billion views. Make it happen, like and share!

  • Tiana Khattar
    Tiana Khattar 14 jam yang lalu +1

    you and Doctor Mike NEED to make a video together

  • Kyle Burton
    Kyle Burton 14 jam yang lalu

    The first video was way better

  • leanne babcock
    leanne babcock 14 jam yang lalu


  • Ava _ yesilikekpop
    Ava _ yesilikekpop 14 jam yang lalu

    Ok I have a question, if you pee and see blood but you're not on or starting your period, what does that mean for girls? Cause I know for boys if they pee and see blood its a problem but what about girls when they're not on their period?

  • BoomPlayzGames
    BoomPlayzGames 14 jam yang lalu

    I want him again....he is ducking hilarious.......... question: btw is it normal for me to be attracted to you and I’m neither male or female?

    KLEFUS MCDONALD 14 jam yang lalu

    I could literally watch him do this for hours and remain 100% attentive taking notes and entertained simultaneously.

  • The One Man Who Beat You
    The One Man Who Beat You 14 jam yang lalu

    5:39 The first doctor to admit they don't know something

  • Wizplyn Hotspot
    Wizplyn Hotspot 14 jam yang lalu

    Funny man, I lobe your character in slappy (goosebumps)

  • rando
    rando 14 jam yang lalu

    They're probably craving orange juice because of the additives that the company isn't required to disclose they add that have addictive properties... and sugar

  • Rosh Lepz
    Rosh Lepz 14 jam yang lalu

    Calling his doctor wife and relaying the question in verbatim was HiLarious!

  • Matthew Gower
    Matthew Gower 14 jam yang lalu

    3:32 lol

  • ElRugged1
    ElRugged1 14 jam yang lalu

    Hey I wanna smash that girl on the cake app commercial...

  • MoonGoddess1371
    MoonGoddess1371 14 jam yang lalu

    We need this weekly

  • Mr
    Mr 14 jam yang lalu

    its doctor chow bitches

  • Just Your Average Girl
    Just Your Average Girl 14 jam yang lalu

    I had no idea that mannequin was that small until he touched it! This whole time I thought it was behind him, not on the table.

  • vlad plays
    vlad plays 14 jam yang lalu

    what is tetanus

  • TheOtherWhiteBread0
    TheOtherWhiteBread0 14 jam yang lalu

    I really hope Miranda comments on this video. & also this comment.

  • Michael Langnes
    Michael Langnes 14 jam yang lalu

    the video we needed but did not deserve

  • Linda Perry
    Linda Perry 14 jam yang lalu

    This is way better than Dr Mike 😉😃

  • camaro68jones cvc
    camaro68jones cvc 14 jam yang lalu +1

    8:55 LMAO this part got me 😂😂

  • Kilikus
    Kilikus 14 jam yang lalu

    Sounds like Kippy Pierce JR joined the Navy and is now being told that having more than 2 drinks a week makes him an alcoholic. Dr.... The man is confused give him a break.

  • Mr.crazycool
    Mr.crazycool 14 jam yang lalu

    Its 4 I's you stupid. You cant be a doctor if you cant count the patients eyes

  • CopyStriked
    CopyStriked 14 jam yang lalu

    Very that

  • Mustache Man Bad
    Mustache Man Bad 14 jam yang lalu

    Here's a question micropenis, why do you have such a micropenis? Is it just you or do all filthy liberal degenerates share the trait?

  • Jack Modahl99
    Jack Modahl99 14 jam yang lalu

    7:10 got me dead 💀 😂

  • Hermione 10Gaming
    Hermione 10Gaming 14 jam yang lalu

    For the first tweet, I heard a story of people getting a fever after the flu shot when I was a kid, and I'm germophobic and pro-vaccine, btw. I asked about symptoms post-vaccine to my doctor and she said people with weak immune systems may get a low grade fever, but even that is very rare. All that's ever happened to me after a flu shot is my arm being a bit sore for a day. 😅

  • Rosh Lepz
    Rosh Lepz 14 jam yang lalu

    Frenchkissing somebody's lungs?

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 14 jam yang lalu +1

    He protec
    He attached
    But most importantly
    He bring doc support bacc

  • Noelyn Ortiz
    Noelyn Ortiz 14 jam yang lalu

    Lmaoooo oh my gosh hahahaaha

  • HueTubeR
    HueTubeR 14 jam yang lalu

    There is Ken the doctor. Then there is Ken the comedian. He really needs to separate the two. It's not doing him any favors as a medical professional speaking sarcastically as he does. I wouldn't want a clown as my doctor.

  • Natalia Marie
    Natalia Marie 14 jam yang lalu


  • Yoko Tamada
    Yoko Tamada 14 jam yang lalu


  • Chi chan
    Chi chan 14 jam yang lalu +1

    _TETNIS_ 😂

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 14 jam yang lalu

    filling out paperwork incorrectly might not be a good idea either if it interferes with diagnosing a possible cause of an illness - say it as a disclaimer.
    that last answer was really bad too. Jeong shouldn't have answered off the cuff. he should have said, consciously regulate your vitamin C intake to lowest levels, and see if that affects your health in a noticeable, documentable way. find a second party to also document it - a trustworthy doctor. other than that, suggest it might just be a random craving that's gone too far.

  • Reba Galva
    Reba Galva 14 jam yang lalu

    i liked the last doc support with him better because it was more entertaining seeing him answer serious questions so cartoony but this time he just answered every tweet with a cuss word:( dissapointed

  • Amin
    Amin 14 jam yang lalu


  • Jeffrey Hawkes
    Jeffrey Hawkes 14 jam yang lalu

    "She is always worth getting bronchitis for. In fact we wrote that in our vows."
    My favorite part xD

  • Genes
    Genes 14 jam yang lalu +1

    E.Coli is what Indian food is made of.

  • Hideki Shinichi
    Hideki Shinichi 14 jam yang lalu

    it was a bit yoo much of a tryhard

  • Lind Vau Rós
    Lind Vau Rós 14 jam yang lalu

    wow Chow is also a MD cool

  • reshmile s
    reshmile s 14 jam yang lalu +1

    Dr Jeong swearing is a whole topic in itself.

  • Doc Sab
    Doc Sab 14 jam yang lalu

    I would like Ken Jeong to burn the anti vaxxers

  • David Tran
    David Tran 14 jam yang lalu


  • jericho skywalker
    jericho skywalker 14 jam yang lalu

    part 3 please

  • Brian Nguyen
    Brian Nguyen 14 jam yang lalu +2

    Wait.. Ken Jeong is a doctor?

    • Zack
      Zack 14 jam yang lalu

      He sure is, did doctors with out borders for many years.