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How This Fusion Reactor Will Make Electricity by 2024

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 9 Sep 2022
  • Can this new nuclear fusion generator make unlimited clean electricity?
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    •Organizations all across the world are racing to achieve a fusion power breakthrough. Many critics say nuclear fusion is impossible, but Helion Energy believes they’ve cracked the code…
    If you could design the perfect energy source, it would have an inexhaustible supply of fuel, be environmentally friendly, not take up much space, and have a high degree of safety.
    The fuels considered for fusion power have traditionally all been isotopes of hydrogen, but there are better fusion reactions using elements like helium-3. Nuclear Fusion 3.0
    What is nuclear fusion? Nuclear fusion explained: an experimental form of power generation that harnesses the energy released when two atoms combine.
    How does nuclear fusion work? Every atom is composed of a nucleus and one or more electrons. The nucleus is made up of protons, and neutrons. A fusion reactor heats fusion fuels into plasma and fuses light elements into heavier elements.
    What is plasma? If you heat atoms to high enough temperatures, they lose their electrons, forming a hot cloud of charged particles called a plasma.
    What about nuclear fusion in the sun? In the core of the sun, gravity produces high pressures, compressing elements to high densities and temperatures. Perfectly extreme conditions for hydrogen to fuse into helium.
    There are three key groups of fusion approaches, Magnetic fusion (ITER, Tokamak, Stellarator) Inertial confinement fusion (National Ignition Facility, Indirect drive, direct drive, lasers) and Magneto inertial fusion (Helion).
    For fusion power to make commercial electricity for the power grid you need to achieve breakeven, and then net electricity gain to create a viable fusion power plant. That is real world electricity. The triple product is the key figure of merit for fusion.
    Some critical components of a fusion generator are electromagnets, capacitors, first wall, and the divertor.
    When does Helion expect to begin producing electricity from nuclear fusion, and how much will nuclear fusion power cost? Fusion power is projected to be one of the cheapest sources of clean zero carbon energy and electricity.
    To accomplish commercial fusion power, Helion approaches production in a way that’s reminiscent of Elon Musk’s strategy for Tesla. Turning fusion power into a real world technology is going to be a long road, but people said the same thing about SpaceX. Despite the challenges, harnessing the power of the stars and offering mankind unlimited clean energy is a goal worth striving for.
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  • Muonium
    Muonium  +4

    I've been an engineer on one of the biggest laser driven inertial confinement fusion reactors for a couple decades now and I'll be blunt, the vast majority of fusion hype videos on the internet, or anywhere really, are hot garbage not at all worth my time. This video really impressed me though, both in its accuracy and detail, and its relative thoroughness in examination of the RFC scheme for magnetically confined fusion. The sources and citations are quality 👌. Compliments do not come easily or frequently from me, but this video does deserve them. I will subscribe in hopes that the current rigorous heavy science focus isn't lost over time in favor more lazy clickbait trash as I've seen so many other channels unfortunately fall prey to.

  • senselocke
    senselocke 21 hari yang lalu +37

    I have to give you props for your editing, effects, animations, and explanations. This could easily devolve into little more than a promotional video, but you framed it in a much more narratively interesting way, so instead of being "sold" on an idea, the viewer is learning new concepts and following along on a developing story and journey. And you're skilled enough to render complicated processes into simple, effective descriptions, and the animations are clear, simple, and coordinated with the descriptions in such a way that they add clarity and support. I was expecting to find out a neat thing or two; instead I now want to share this with a few friends because it's just bloody cool. Really, really well-made video! =)

  • Unmannedair

    Honestly, I was expecting another hot poo fusion video. Very well done.

  • Manuel Morales
    Manuel Morales 21 hari yang lalu +23

    I agree that this new type of fusion reactor is much closer to viability that the previous methods. This magnetic vortex has a real chance at success. We may be looking at a long awaited upgrade to our energy needs. Unlimited energy is the dream, here we have a renewed hope. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Craig Muranaka
    Craig Muranaka 21 hari yang lalu +14

    Love that Helton plans to generate electricity without boiling water to make steam to turn turbines. I’m rooting for Helion. I even love how they’re solving the helium 3 issue.

  • Adam Ross
    Adam Ross 21 hari yang lalu +6

    Some thoughts: Fantastic video. As others have mentioned, this is the first time I've heard of anyone coming up with a method to harness electricity directly from the fusion process. Most talk of fusion leaves that part out.

  • 5133937
    5133937  +627

    Helion’s design is a first in more ways than one. Besides fusion itself, the most interesting aspect is that unlike all other fossil fuel and nuclear electricity-generating schemes, it doesn’t work by heating up water into steam which then turns a turbine to generate electricity. Instead electricity is created directly by manipulating the plasma’s magnetic field to drive a current through wires. That’s amazing. It’s way past time humanity moved beyond steam-powered turbines.

  • Prototype9 Nine

    I was once optimistic on this project but now it seems too good to be possible, but if you are sure you can pull it out who am I to discourage you. Go for it ,we all want free abundant energy. I imagine what we can do with this energy, for instance space travel. This is a goal worth spending time on. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

  • Stephany Gates
    Stephany Gates 19 jam yang lalu +4

    I love that they named the “early fusion power pinch device” at Los Alamos the Perhapsatron. I’ve been waiting for fusion since the first nuclear reactors were built in my childhood. This was such a wonderfully informative presentation.

  • David Askew-Renaut

    Finally a well thought out and well presented description of a real fusion option.

  • TheTalkingAnvil

    Finally a great video on the subject. I really hope I'm alive to see Fusion becoming commercially viable.

  • Lucas
    Lucas  +12

    This is the most exciting and concrete fusion reactor design I’ve ever seen. Specifically targeting at electricity generation, which different from so many different “breakeven” targeted design in the industry. I rarely comment on ur, but I truly hope they can achieve net goals in relatively short timeframe.

  • CMW
    CMW  +114

    I'd like more explanation of the diagram at

  • VOLightPortal

    I really hope one day something like this can be available to every single household in the planet. Essentially replacing gas boilers and is portable in a campervan/mobile home. $0.001 per kWh would be a dream come true and not having to freeze to death in winter time.

  • old veteran

    I wasn't aware we had even reached the "break-even point" with nuclear fusion, even on a small scale, where the energy created is greater than the energy used to create it.

  • WiseGuy
    WiseGuy  +5

    lovely. I was studying Architecture when I first researched into nuclear fusion for a speculative project in 2015. Glad to see that commercialized nuclear fusion is coming to the real world and not just on the drawing boards and laboratories.

  • boli milda

    I had to re-watch this vid three times to understand it but it blew me away!!! It is a truly awesome project!!!

  • Ago go
    Ago go  +2

    Great video, cant wait to see if it works.

  • Thomas Coolidge

    Finally… a fusion video that actually explains how they intend to get power out of the fusion reaction. Thank you!

  • General Rendar

    I'm rooting hard for Helion! They are truly innovating in a way that can completely change the world!