Breaking Up


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  • Levi Yoi
    Levi Yoi 3 jam yang lalu

    Never had a hard break up that lasted more than 2 days

  • zbox
    zbox 3 jam yang lalu

    my ex dumped me only a couple weeks ago
    the relationship was toxic and all my friends told me it had to end, but i was still hurt really bad
    i’m mostly over it but i see him every day and i’m just constantly reminded of the good times

  • poootis
    poootis 3 jam yang lalu

    Go watch some 'bright side'

  • Caboom Thomas
    Caboom Thomas 3 jam yang lalu

    Its been about a week since I broke up with my girlfriend. We only dated for like 3 days. I've always studied and watched these videos about good and healthy relationships and how long they would be sustained if you played your cards correctly. And so I did, I called her almost every day and night for the past 3 days, always asking her whether she had her lunch or her dinner, asked her about her day and every time we ended the call ill say "I love you".
    On the third day she didn't answer any of my calls or messages, I got really and finally she texts me and says "I don't think I wanna be together anymore". After all that effort. I couldn't just sit there and keep quiet so I asked her "what did I do wrong? ". Then she does the old cheesy its not you its me. She said "I just didn't feel comfortable around boys". At first I didn't know how to respond to that question, so I asked her "what do you mean?" Then she says "I think I'm a lesbian"
    Oh well...........

    Thank you, next

  • 16-bit2D
    16-bit2D 3 jam yang lalu

    Haha I'm still single

  • Sanha's Braces & Hwall's Archery Skills

    *Any single pringles questioning why they're watching this video?*

  • FPrime Cuber
    FPrime Cuber 3 jam yang lalu

    I always like domics’s vids before I even watch them lmao

  • GamerBen 8
    GamerBen 8 3 jam yang lalu


  • Blunt_Blue Bubble
    Blunt_Blue Bubble 3 jam yang lalu

    Actually I just witnessed a couple breakup because the guy found a new girl and the girlfriend was ok with it because she was ace

  • Neruson West
    Neruson West 4 jam yang lalu

    6:35 *hmmm dude I am looking at you bro you know who you are*

  • Reed Animations
    Reed Animations 4 jam yang lalu

    How I gotta do this in reverse to finally get a gf :D

  • Dhruv Patel
    Dhruv Patel 4 jam yang lalu

    Time to get an arranged marriage

  • fruity 's
    fruity 's 4 jam yang lalu

    I love Domic's drawing style and animation its amazing :D Keep up the good work

  • EmilyG1525
    EmilyG1525 4 jam yang lalu +1

    I have never had a relationship or fallen in love :(

  • cool pirate56
    cool pirate56 4 jam yang lalu +1

    Im gay so instructions unclear sadly

  • Promageddon
    Promageddon 4 jam yang lalu

    Don’t post after I just got a gf

  • Fox Vlogs
    Fox Vlogs 4 jam yang lalu +1

    I Think You Realized that full color animations were a bad idea...

  • hoe hoe
    hoe hoe 4 jam yang lalu

    I just share this video to my ex :)

  • MeliJelly
    MeliJelly 4 jam yang lalu

    I sad

  • CelestiaLunarEclipse
    CelestiaLunarEclipse 4 jam yang lalu +1

    I only need anime and art supplies....

    -I'll be alone forever ;D-

  • Zeiss Realm
    Zeiss Realm 4 jam yang lalu

    I thought it was old domics video bcuz it doesn't have colors!

  • Awesøme Sauce99
    Awesøme Sauce99 4 jam yang lalu +1

    I got dumped by a guy I was completely in love with. He dumped me over text by saying "I'm done with u". I tried to ask why and told him I loved him so much and he couldn't just break my heart, and he just told me to fuck off and stay away from him. My friends and people I dont even talk to a lot, have told me some things hes said about me. He was telling people i dumped him, and that i scratched up his arms, and that i cheated on him. None of its true. He dumped me in the beginning of september and I haven't talked to him since. I still dont know why he left me. I didnt do anything but love him. On Monday, I'm planning to ask if we can be on speaking terms. I hate him so much and I hate hating people. We were great friends but nothing more than that so I hope maybe if we talk again, his hatred wont destroy me (I even made a diss track on him on my channel). If u made it this far, congrats on sticking with me.

  • PilzQ
    PilzQ 4 jam yang lalu

    Woah I am currently on my way of getting a new gf, this video makes me sad... :(

  • Hundey FuFu
    Hundey FuFu 4 jam yang lalu

    Wow. Eye opener

  • gaming with kingsirlordplop
    gaming with kingsirlordplop 4 jam yang lalu


  • EdwinPlayZ
    EdwinPlayZ 4 jam yang lalu

    Hey just a quick question ... are you going to anime north in *CANADA*

  • Denmarynne Domingo
    Denmarynne Domingo 4 jam yang lalu

    Is this a sign? 💔

  • UkuleleLauren
    UkuleleLauren 4 jam yang lalu

    I broke up with my boyfriend a month or so ago. It’s been really hard and lonely, but I know it was the right thing to do. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, but I had been feeling like I needed to end it for weeks and had to stop putting it off. Sometimes there’s not some big glaring issue, but if you don’t see a future with someone, the best thing to do is cut them loose. I wish I saw a future with him like he saw with me...but it just wasn’t there. I couldn’t prolong the lie. Now I’m alone again, and that sucks, but it’s better than forcing something that wasn’t meant to be.

  • ayden canfield
    ayden canfield 4 jam yang lalu


  • Rubiks56
    Rubiks56 4 jam yang lalu


  • Ebrandy Mighty
    Ebrandy Mighty 4 jam yang lalu

    ok but that etch and sketch scene like damn i felt that emotionally

  • Alexis Webb
    Alexis Webb 4 jam yang lalu +1

    I love your videos!!!!

  • Denmarynne Domingo
    Denmarynne Domingo 4 jam yang lalu +1

    You look like the ghost 😂😂😂

  • Madison Day
    Madison Day 4 jam yang lalu

    All my relationships have either been a relatively easy break up or they ghosted me so... Am I lucky?

  • ImAGreenOreo
    ImAGreenOreo 4 jam yang lalu

    another one

  • uwu is cool
    uwu is cool 4 jam yang lalu

    Crushes Pt. 2

  • Emilia Rae
    Emilia Rae 4 jam yang lalu

    I needed this a month ago

  • Sean Reese
    Sean Reese 4 jam yang lalu

    times like these I'm glad I'm asexual.

  • Temonation Playz
    Temonation Playz 4 jam yang lalu

    who else watched this after you got dumped

  • Alphawolf 111
    Alphawolf 111 4 jam yang lalu

    Domics did u break up

  • TOTORO Playz
    TOTORO Playz 4 jam yang lalu

    Reminds me of the rejected video

  • Piper Shields
    Piper Shields 4 jam yang lalu

    Watch at 1.5 speed ;)

  • Marshmallow Catz
    Marshmallow Catz 4 jam yang lalu

    Yes, it has been breakup season lately lol I dumped someone last week

  • StormeeJolteon21
    StormeeJolteon21 4 jam yang lalu

    Tbh...I have a feeling that my ex did the thing of being such an asshole that I wanted to run, then turned the tables and said that HE was the one being hurt behind my back...such a scum bag..

  • Some Art Geek
    Some Art Geek 4 jam yang lalu

    Who’s single but watch this video anyway?

  • Trinicorn
    Trinicorn 4 jam yang lalu +1

    mmm this new animation style looks frESH

  • Captain Crazy
    Captain Crazy 4 jam yang lalu

    Comics your style of story telling is getting better every video and I love this video so much, thank you for keeping me inspired and entertained for years

  • theITproductions1
    theITproductions1 4 jam yang lalu

    My brother just got married today... I come home and I see this.

  • Sw1ft
    Sw1ft 4 jam yang lalu

    Waiting for this to hit trending 🤷‍♂️

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 4 jam yang lalu

    Not gonna lie I had 3 relationships and we're all still friends. Mutual breakups are mature and have no stupidity involved or ridiculous aftermath.
    It feels like everyone just goes "heey let's date cause why not"? Then you have to listen to your friend crybaby about bullcrap that was obvious from the start. 😒 lol I completely tuned out my friends when they started talking about their relationships in Highschool, cause dear lord how dafuq you have 7 failed relationships in less than a year??🤣🤣🤣

  • Angry Eggs
    Angry Eggs 4 jam yang lalu

    Karen found a new man didn’t she

  • PlayerUnknow321
    PlayerUnknow321 4 jam yang lalu

    People worrying abort breaks ups I don’t even need to worry abort that I’m single

  • Sean Ivori
    Sean Ivori 4 jam yang lalu

    I broke up with my GF yesterday, youtube has my back.

  • Logan Hoffner
    Logan Hoffner 4 jam yang lalu

    HAHA, can't have ex's if you never been in a relationship.

  • Erty4
    Erty4 4 jam yang lalu

    I'll always remember when i broke up with the only girl that actually liked me.
    Was kinda a dick move tho. But I'd say I did the right thing tho she hates me. I made sure she ended up with the right guy...
    I don't like him

  • Nnfy 008
    Nnfy 008 4 jam yang lalu


    How are you?

  • TheBestPortal
    TheBestPortal 4 jam yang lalu

    I don’t know what to comment so....

  • Soviet H00VY
    Soviet H00VY 4 jam yang lalu

    If I was cheated on I'd have no hard feelings and just leave. But if we were married then she wouldnt hear the end of it...

  • Alma Saon
    Alma Saon 4 jam yang lalu

    Commitment, noun: watching someone's video on breakups despite the fact you are happily aromantic and will never be in a relationship.

  • Kelsey I
    Kelsey I 4 jam yang lalu

    You coming to Florida!? Have fun!

  • shawnardo williams
    shawnardo williams 4 jam yang lalu +1


  • Lils
    Lils 4 jam yang lalu

    Is there any advice on how to overcome your shyness and actually talk to the person you like before it’s too late?? He liked me for, I think, 3 years but we don’t talk anymore. Any tips? Anyone??

  • Awkward Girl
    Awkward Girl 4 jam yang lalu +1

    When you're not in a relationship.

    *Cries in a corner*

    When you're relationship ended.

    *Cries in a corner*

    Sooo... I guess we will never stop crying.

  • قناه كوكتيل لا احلي الوصفات zozo abdalh

    لايك جميل جدا

  • meme addict
    meme addict 4 jam yang lalu

    That eye to eye scene is my fave

  • Joshua Waffles
    Joshua Waffles 4 jam yang lalu

    These type of videos provide better info than the 99.9% guy :D

  • Dion Chan
    Dion Chan 4 jam yang lalu

    there’s an I in hygiene

  • Pineapple Head
    Pineapple Head 4 jam yang lalu

    When you watch this after Saf & Tyler's new video.😅

  • Zooer
    Zooer 4 jam yang lalu

    I've been in this on and on relationship recently. They talk me down yet sometimes they comfort me with false truths. So, today I'm breaking up with them.

    You hear that depression!? I'm breaking up with you and never coming back!

  • sodaboi jordan
    sodaboi jordan 4 jam yang lalu

    i kinda want to be in a relationship right now lol

  • joejoejoe
    joejoejoe 4 jam yang lalu

    I got broken up with a week ago!!

  • Gr33nsm0ke
    Gr33nsm0ke 4 jam yang lalu +1

    Next video: friendzoned

  • SupImJoe
    SupImJoe 4 jam yang lalu

    Yeetidly diddly
    Twittily Twoo
    I got dumped
    How bout you?

  • Brandon Monroy
    Brandon Monroy 4 jam yang lalu

    I went through the same thing dom Like my relationship didn’t give me an explanation neither It took a while just to get over it but then a few years later me and him started to talk again we were friends kind of but I get you

  • iT iS MiGuEl
    iT iS MiGuEl 4 jam yang lalu

    I love your videos keep on making more good videos and content

  • Lucy Harding
    Lucy Harding 4 jam yang lalu +1

    *when you've never been in a relationship so you can't relate*

  • Jillian
    Jillian 4 jam yang lalu

    Wow where was this when I needed it yesterday

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Weeaboo

    that cough tho

  • azialif aziz
    azialif aziz 4 jam yang lalu

    ...I think I have someone to text...

  • Kevin Lemieux
    Kevin Lemieux 4 jam yang lalu


  • taetaekookie
    taetaekookie 4 jam yang lalu

    when you've been single all your life and can't relate.

  • Natsumi Dragneel
    Natsumi Dragneel 4 jam yang lalu

    I was dating this guy for quite a while and had started to see his bad and irreversible habits. As I was about to break up with him... his step dad dies... ^^”... it was hard trying to show my opinion on the matter while he was grieving but I genuinely told him what was wrong. I still talk to him. I’m not with him anymore but I like to know he has someone willing to sit and talk with him.

  • Christmas Bread
    Christmas Bread 4 jam yang lalu

    Now that I know how to break up with somebody I just need a girlfriend

  • natalia castro
    natalia castro 4 jam yang lalu

    We broke up 9 hrs ago.

  • Alex
    Alex 4 jam yang lalu +1

    *0:48* how did you know what she did?!

  • Tino Espinoza
    Tino Espinoza 4 jam yang lalu +1

    Some of my exes live in Texas, so I enjoy the Cali life.

  • Jason Bean
    Jason Bean 4 jam yang lalu

    Mine cheated on me

  • Kerel Delgado Vergara
    Kerel Delgado Vergara 4 jam yang lalu

    My last ex cut comunication with me just after implying that I was being cruel with them (they always made me take the blame and stuff in fights or discussions). Then they waited to the momment before starting my exams to break with me (they confessed this weeks later)...

  • Drama
    Drama 4 jam yang lalu

    Ha jokes on you Domics I can't break up cause I don't have anyone to break up with


  • Robert Lembo
    Robert Lembo 4 jam yang lalu

    So what was her reason?

  • Clementine An Artist
    Clementine An Artist 4 jam yang lalu

    If your partner breaks up with you today, just go to Rebecca!

  • Brian Takam
    Brian Takam 4 jam yang lalu

    YASSS another vid

  • Viziro
    Viziro 4 jam yang lalu

    i swear i already saw this video


  • Francisco Hoang
    Francisco Hoang 4 jam yang lalu

    It's strange because I recently broke up with my girlfriend but i thought it was for the best of us since i didn't want to drag on a relationship i lost my feelings in

  • sungod13
    sungod13 4 jam yang lalu

    do canadians say the word sorry like that.Lazerdude 99 says it like that and domics does at 7:23

  • Raveno 0_0
    Raveno 0_0 4 jam yang lalu

    I got friend-zoned

  • Oscar Gardea
    Oscar Gardea 4 jam yang lalu

    I was kind of looking forward to him referring to his old videos and seeing that now from back then. It’s amazing how much he has matured over the years and now he’s spreading his great wisdom with us.

  • Mei Hua
    Mei Hua 4 jam yang lalu

    Heyyy Domics! Good morning! I love you❤️🌹!

  • Chris W
    Chris W 4 jam yang lalu

    just had a nice big fight with my wife right in the middle of this video! yay me

  • Wisdom Konu
    Wisdom Konu 4 jam yang lalu

    CaN´t ReLaTe CauSe iM siNgle tHan a PrinGle