Live-Action Heroes

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  • "It was always my intention - before it started to happen in movies - to adapt these characters in a realistic context and, in my own way, ground them with feet of clay and realistic-looking costumes."

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  • Aby Yesudasan
    Aby Yesudasan 4 bulan yang lalu

    what a legend

  • Da Wolf
    Da Wolf 7 bulan yang lalu

    Being a HUGE Jay Garrick Flash, fan. Remember seeing the JSA cover with your interpretation and lost it. Loved it !!

  • Mirl Z
    Mirl Z Tahun Yang lalu

    Thank you for everything you have done, and the amazing content you have made

  • OddTheOdoubleD
    OddTheOdoubleD Tahun Yang lalu

    Am I incorrect or did you design Brandon Rouths outfit for “Superman Returns”?

  • Mark Whippy
    Mark Whippy Tahun Yang lalu +2

    Love the way he has the human torch light on fire with the fire coming out of his eyes first, showing the fire is coming from within him, rather than just his outer body turning on fire.

  • Frank Castelo
    Frank Castelo Tahun Yang lalu

    Alex Ross rocks!!!

  • moeskido
    moeskido Tahun Yang lalu

    Splendid work, always.

  • dave d
    dave d Tahun Yang lalu

    Super cool.

  • DebbyAbqNM
    DebbyAbqNM Tahun Yang lalu

    While "my" supermen are any drawn by Curt Swan or played by George Reeves (I'm dating myself!), I did like Dean Cain's Superman suit being made by his mom and improving as (I assume) she got better at sewing them using better materials that he might have picked up in foreign countries.

  • Nazar M
    Nazar M Tahun Yang lalu +2

    I don't like live action version of most comic book characters

    • The Electro
      The Electro Tahun Yang lalu

      Still better than wearing Halloween costumes.

  • Cannon Productions
    Cannon Productions Tahun Yang lalu +21

    Definitely feel that way with the current DCEU outfits (outside of Wonder Woman's costume).
    There seems to be an obsession with taking the colour away, adding superfluous details where they're not needed and taking away other because they're considered "silly". I look at the manniquins there and just yearn for them to be put on the big or small screen.

    • The Electro
      The Electro Tahun Yang lalu

      You can do heroic without making him wear silly spandex.

    • Cannon Productions
      Cannon Productions Tahun Yang lalu

      In response to your comments though, I think Superman is supposed to be many things, heroic, hopeful, bright, colourful. He's definitely the most moral Superhero, always finding the other way out and in many ways, in spite of his powers, he's at his best when he's grounded by his supporting characters, which is why the current Superman run he has a family is honestly my favorite interpretation, it just adds such layer depth to the character and his dynamics.
      "Cool" and "Badass", though? He's certainly capable of that in the flashier action moments, but Superman as a character has never really been concerned with being cool and nor should he be. He's certainly grown richer as a character as more and more talented writers have taken a crack at him, but the best stories have never been trying to make Superman cool, often those are the ones that get usurped (The New 52 version of the character has all but completely been overwritten, for instance). The stories that work are the ones that give Superman moral dilemma's, that test who he is as a character. All-Star Superman increased his power level by three times because Grant Morrison realized that it wasn't his powers that made Superman so enduring, it was the character underneath and what he stands for and that is considered one of the all-time greatest Superman stories. Superman Vs. The Elite (or Superman: What's so funny about Truth, Justice and The American Way) was created to show that no matter what time you're living in, there will always be room for good old fashion heroics. And leading back to the costume, in the same way Superman will not be bent by the darkening of the times, his costume shouldn't have to bend to the whims of those who would call it silly, because Superman IS silly, but he's the exact kind of silly we need during our darkest hours, he's someone who will always tell us there will be a better tomorrow, in spite of how bad things get. He's heroic. He's classic. He's Superman.

    • Cannon Productions
      Cannon Productions Tahun Yang lalu

      Oh wow, you responded to that one really quick, I will direct you to some additions I have made to my latest comment in relation to comic book costumes.

    • The Electro
      The Electro Tahun Yang lalu

      Besides, Electro is supposed to be silly, Superman's supposed to be cool and badass, so the trunks are out of place.

    • The Electro
      The Electro Tahun Yang lalu

      I'd say his current design is the best version of Electro. Classic, but keeps out the trunks and the silly mask.

  • Denis Oliver
    Denis Oliver Tahun Yang lalu +1

    As always, Alex, your artwork is magnificent. I never tire of it. I just bought the Kingdom Come Twentieth Anniversary Deluxe Edition. Wow! It is superb. Thank you!

  • B.B.K #31Hunnit #FumblenForcer #Slamin'Nat,Gavel

    Idk why he went to's not like they need help anyway.

  • Vincent Faust
    Vincent Faust Tahun Yang lalu

    I'd love to see more long form content rather than these little snippets.

  • amaniwolf
    amaniwolf Tahun Yang lalu

    So true.

  • Adrian76
    Adrian76 Tahun Yang lalu +2

    This guy just kicks ass

  • Coco Cana
    Coco Cana Tahun Yang lalu +6

    Awesome i love your style

  • J. Rodrigues
    J. Rodrigues Tahun Yang lalu

    Ross draws are art, pure art, an art hard to do in a live-action screen for a full time (saying hard, to do not say impossible).