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  • Burhan Rusli
    Burhan Rusli 8 jam yang lalu

    why this song sound like *Goodbye Au Revoir Adios*

  • Tuấn Đặng Nhật
    Tuấn Đặng Nhật 8 jam yang lalu

    hú hú ai vn ko

  • kd c
    kd c 8 jam yang lalu


  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim 8 jam yang lalu

    56m views in just 4 weeks congrats 😄
    Love: an army~

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson 8 jam yang lalu +1

    More than views I rather look at the likes. And damn they reached more than a million likes in this video too. Queens

  • Genesa Batomalaque
    Genesa Batomalaque 9 jam yang lalu +1

    You copy the blackpink ddu du ddu du song the beat

  • Amani Bayaty
    Amani Bayaty 9 jam yang lalu


  • chim jimin
    chim jimin 9 jam yang lalu +2

    rookie of the year!💘

  • Beliana Suhesty
    Beliana Suhesty 9 jam yang lalu

    gw perhatiin yg rambut pink knp gak nyanyi sendiri gitu ya? apa cuman gw doang yg ngerasa gitu? WKWK

    • Krisna T.F.O.A
      Krisna T.F.O.A 8 jam yang lalu

      Iya emg dikit pas "see you later....", itupun yg lain ikut

  • Aerhea Roswell
    Aerhea Roswell 9 jam yang lalu +2

    I click accidentally. I didn't know they're pretty😮😮When did they debut?

  • Blink
    Blink 9 jam yang lalu +4

    Ahhh they are so good for how new they are and I bet soon these guys will be as famous as blackpink!

  • Malcolm’s Vlogs
    Malcolm’s Vlogs 10 jam yang lalu +1

    [So I’m Going To Tell You Why Everglow doesn’t have Wins]
    You see Everglow is apart of Yue Hue Ent. (Chinese Company) and they are trying to get to Korea and Korean people usually prefer Cute and Light sounding music and so it’s harder for a girl crush based Girlgroup to get a win since most people in Korea just prefer like cute so Everglow doesn’t have a win yet also it’s harder for a Rookie to get a win and more impossible if they are not in the Big 3 ( JYPE, SM, and YG) You see Itzy has like a teen crush kinda a vibe (Kinda like Weki Meki) but is also from JYPE so gets wins easily (Not hating on itzy, love them Stan ryujin) So it’s harder For Everglow but don’t hate on Koreans since some have different tastes in music just keep stanning Everglow

    • Donald's Doughnuts
      Donald's Doughnuts 9 jam yang lalu

      I think it isn't about all of that. The major thing is the timing because of Red Velvet's come back and X1's debut.

  • lovely peaches
    lovely peaches 10 jam yang lalu

    sounds like ktl

  • caca yang
    caca yang 10 jam yang lalu +2

    I predict Mia to be the next kpop super star

  • sugar
    sugar 10 jam yang lalu +1

    I still dont know how to spell Au Revoir Adios

  • TzV357
    TzV357 10 jam yang lalu +1

    I don't mean to bash... but I got a strong vibe of blackpink/afterschool

  • H.O.P.E
    H.O.P.E 11 jam yang lalu +4

    If they keep this up, this group will be huge

  • Nicole A.R.M.Y
    Nicole A.R.M.Y 11 jam yang lalu +1

    Agarrate blackpink :v

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban 11 jam yang lalu +1

    Group name: Everglow
    Fans : Foreverglow
    Anti fans: Neverglow

  • Hannah Leung
    Hannah Leung 11 jam yang lalu +3

    Me listening to this song: It feels like I am on the sea sailing like a pirate the beat feels like it's a Pirate Musical 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Mas Dim
    Mas Dim 11 jam yang lalu

    00:50 rose blackpink voice ??

  • Ma Ru
    Ma Ru 11 jam yang lalu +4

    They're going to make 100 million views!! OMG This song is a BOP

    SEVENTEENaddict XOXO 12 jam yang lalu +1

    this sounds like 1:1 like blackpink. tiring

  • why on my profile Chaeyeon?
    why on my profile Chaeyeon? 12 jam yang lalu +5

    18th March 2019:
    Bon Bon Chocolat
    19th August 2019:
    *Next* *:*
    20th January 2020:

  • 姚旷
    姚旷 13 jam yang lalu +3

    一亿走起 厉害了我的阁

  • Kristoffer Bernhardtsen
    Kristoffer Bernhardtsen 13 jam yang lalu +1

    Pink-So what + Aronchupa-albatraoz + 4minute + blackpink = everglow-adios 🤩

  • X Z
    X Z 13 jam yang lalu +3

    No.6 this week

  • Shiki Joe
    Shiki Joe 13 jam yang lalu +4

    Just found the new group to stan, everglow is lit.

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 13 jam yang lalu

    Hey guys, don't mean to be one of those annoying people in the comments asking for subs, but I really love this person's channel and she did a "Everglow Adios but dubbed be me and I would really love it if you could check out her channel.

  • Marwa Kassem
    Marwa Kassem 13 jam yang lalu +3

    One of the best girl groups out there right now hands down

  • jeon yo oh
    jeon yo oh 13 jam yang lalu

    I'm sorry, but..."abarios"?

  • Hermelinda Urquizo
    Hermelinda Urquizo 14 jam yang lalu

    Se parece mucho a blackpink

    • BTS Y ARMY
      BTS Y ARMY 12 jam yang lalu

      A mi parecer no se parece en nada
      No se Porque hacen mucho escándalo❤

    • X Z
      X Z 13 jam yang lalu +1

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  • Katy Menendez
    Katy Menendez 14 jam yang lalu

    Les han editado su cancion con muchos otros grupos de k-pop como:blackpink , clc entre otros

  • J-Hope Biased •
    J-Hope Biased • 14 jam yang lalu +1

    I’m new in the fandom, someone can tell me her name? 1:10

  • Alberto Vidal
    Alberto Vidal 14 jam yang lalu

    WTF!!!! sounds like BlackPink!!!

    • H.O.P.E
      H.O.P.E 11 jam yang lalu +1

      it sounds nothing like Blackpink, they're both EDM so they will have a similar structure and that's it. this is faster pace (and way better imo) than kill this love

    • X Z
      X Z 13 jam yang lalu +1

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    • Sota Baka
      Sota Baka 13 jam yang lalu

      Kill this love intro sounds like a copy of bonbonchocolat ... who came first ... the egg or the chicken :)

  • X Z
    X Z 14 jam yang lalu +8

    This song is my breakup song *CONFIRMED*
    Now someone find me a boyfriend

  • Linh Dao
    Linh Dao 14 jam yang lalu +1

    Từ Chị nhảy dìm nghệ sĩ tìm đến đây🤣🤣 hay vl

  • ariana montenegro
    ariana montenegro 15 jam yang lalu +4

    I love song

  • 【marking】
    【marking】 15 jam yang lalu +1

    It sounds like goodbye I’ve already hose lol

  • shyfly825
    shyfly825 15 jam yang lalu +4

    Gosh Mia’s, Love me hate me harue myeot beonsshik Crazy ireon naega Oh latata, is such a killing part for me! I get so hyped! 😂

  • 『•squishy Mochi•」
    『•squishy Mochi•」 15 jam yang lalu +2

    0:46 - 1:11 my favorite part -3-

  • Juan Andrey
    Juan Andrey 15 jam yang lalu +8

    57M tomorrow! Lets go ForEvers

  • Purple gguk
    Purple gguk 16 jam yang lalu +2

    *Tf Aisha is killing me, y didn’t I noticed her before* 😍🔥💀⚰️

  • Maria Eduarda
    Maria Eduarda 16 jam yang lalu +1

    Comments comments comments comments comments comments comments comments

  • Maria Eduarda
    Maria Eduarda 16 jam yang lalu +1

    Love me Hate me

  • Maria Eduarda
    Maria Eduarda 16 jam yang lalu

    Comments a lot

  • Maria Eduarda
    Maria Eduarda 16 jam yang lalu +3

    Goooooo 57M

  • Adrielly Souza
    Adrielly Souza 16 jam yang lalu +3

    Maravilhosas merecem muito mais

  • 징국Jungkook_forever
    징국Jungkook_forever 16 jam yang lalu +5


  • jikook ARMY
    jikook ARMY 16 jam yang lalu +1

    Muy bueno la verdad me gusto mucho

  • [허니 베어]Hxney Bear•
    [허니 베어]Hxney Bear• 16 jam yang lalu +5


  • Federica de los Santos
    Federica de los Santos 16 jam yang lalu +4

    Really love you Everglow

  • Infires girl
    Infires girl 16 jam yang lalu +5

    Hermoso!!!! Alv :3

  • budi juliano
    budi juliano 17 jam yang lalu

    Kill this love ?

    • X Z
      X Z 13 jam yang lalu +1

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    • Leticya Moura
      Leticya Moura 16 jam yang lalu +3

      A D I O S 😘

    • Krisna T.F.O.A
      Krisna T.F.O.A 16 jam yang lalu +5


  • Maria da graça carvalho Machado


  • Joann Leyton Salas
    Joann Leyton Salas 17 jam yang lalu

    12 segundos para que la canción empieze
    pesimo servicio ahree
    Frankxkpop uwu

  • madeline emperador
    madeline emperador 17 jam yang lalu +4

    Now im realize that everglow are very talented group and they really work hard for it. So im forever fans now and merries fans and wizone fans...pls support this three fandoms I mentioned.

  • Kie Chow
    Kie Chow 17 jam yang lalu +6

    Morning visit of this amazing music.

  • G00K
    G00K 17 jam yang lalu +2

    0:20 I love the way the back up dancers appear when MIA says No~ No~

  • Bangtan_ Noodles
    Bangtan_ Noodles 17 jam yang lalu +4

    I remember when this came on my recommended and I decided to click on it. Best decision ever
    My bias is Sihyeon, bias wrecker is Yiren.