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Is this the World’s biggest dog?

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 28 Jul 2022
  • Dog that big needs to start paying rent 🐶
    (source vid is by TikTok/@ bigdoggsoftiktok )

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  • Ray William Johnson

    You know what else blah blah blah something something big dog? The new Your Favorite Martian music video "Uno Reverse", which is out NOW!

  • Dragonite

    “What do you call this dog?”

  • Judy. A ♡

    " My dog is such a cute little thing 🥺💗"

  • A
    A   +833

    "Hi! I'm Emily Elizabeth and this is my big red dog, Clifford."

  • axxo
    axxo  +15

    Bro would tell me to go fetch

  • Veona
    Veona  +171

    “At night he’d put me in a kennel”

  • Disabled Pringle-👴🏻

    “That dog pays rent”💀

  • Mexican Viking

    A dog like that takes bigger craps than the backyard. 💩

  • Just someone

    "Dont worry it doesn't bites , it just swallows"

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth  +32

    “Here’s your Chihuahua sir”

  • Alexxanderr15

    That ain’t a dog that’s a whole demogorgon 😭

  • VenezuelaGaming_official

    “What would you name this dog?”

  • Veona
    Veona  +30

    He’s literally big enough to give his owner TREATS

  • Julia Yarger

    “At night he’d put me in the kennel” 😂

  • Animetronik14

    "My dogs Name is Cupcake and he is an Angel "

  • Nat Etche
    Nat Etche  +16

    You never saw a great danes? 😂 haha one of my fave dogs... search for a terranova too, those are bear sizes haha

  • ScarletLion

    Me: "Clifford, why aren't you red."

  • VeryBerry

    Bro imagine the dog at night though 💀😭

  • Funtimelolbit105
    Funtimelolbit105 14 hari yang lalu +4

    "Looks like he's about 7 feet tall!"

  • Muskan Gurung

    Imagine walking your dog in the park and this girl pops up riding her dog like a horse.