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  • Is Jamie Oliver egg fry rice really that bad? Let's see, let's see!
    Go eat at Auntie Liz ( @Chef Elizabeth Haigh ) restaurant Mei Mei in London Borough Market: meimeilondon
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Komentar • 5 779

  • Nguyễn Thành Trí

    Liz husband: "I'd rather eat a peanut butter sandwich."

  • astrosteve

    I love how Auntie Liz said he'd scare all the customers away, but the place was packed watching him make the egg fried rice.

  • Alex Ibarra
    Alex Ibarra 21 hari yang lalu +979

    I love that she’s constantly having to save him from committing health code violations haha

  • madeyez
    madeyez Hari Yang lalu +119

    The camerawoman was the perfect example of why Jamie Oliver was successful for so long.

  • redbarrage

    I love how they ended up closing the shutters on the crowd. Probably too much anger from the terrible recipe and didn't want to risk a riot. Uncle Roger always so thoughtful

  • dieter ligueros

    When you thought that Uncle Roger couldn't roast Jamie Oliver anymore 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kyouno
    Kyouno  +15

    The fact Uncle Roger is really trying his best to get Jamie Oliver to comment on his video at least once really says something. This is honestly a challenge at this point!

  • Shaima
    Shaima  +1

    I love how on point Auntie Liz is with the food hygiene.

  • Eli Botros
    Eli Botros  +909

    Jamie Oliver is proof that success in this world doesn’t require quality these days.

  • Ray IV
    Ray IV  +654

    Their friendship is so precious... And peanut allergy guy is so cute !

  • Abby M
    Abby M  +362

    I love the dedication to recreating this, even using the same brand chili jam and packet rice... and it's hilarious to see how legitimately distressed he is by the whole process. Also, I wonder if he's ever really considered just how much of his online career he owes to Jamie Oliver and Auntie Herscha and their terrible food? If not for their sad fried rice, we might never have been introduced to Uncle Roger!

  • daddystatusactivated

    Once, a long time ago, my cooking class made Jamie’s ‘Rainbow Wraps’ and they were barely edible, just like his fried rice. Some things never change.

  • a Akoedia

    I love how Auntie Liz was trying to be diplomatic in evaluating Jamie's rice, while her husband spits it without thinking twice.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +668

    Surprisingly accurate recreation

  • Mikan
    Mikan  +185

    At first I thought uncle Roger was kidding around, but no he actually made the egg fried rice very similar to the monstrosity Jamie Oliver made in his video. Very impressive. And yes very disgusting too.

  • anirudh agarwal

    Auntie liz is like the female best friend who keeps the guy sophisticated and cleans up all the guys mistakes

  • Sanguiphilia TV

    I new a lot was wrong with Jamie Oliver's recipe but watching you do it reminded me of how crazy it is. No soy sauce, frying the scallions, adding water?! How did he come up with this shit?

  • Limbomon
    Limbomon Hari Yang lalu +15

    I like how Auntie Liz swiftly grabbed away the spatula after Uncle Roger ate the rice directly from it.

  • The Last Phoenix

    I love how Auntie Liz takes the spatula from him whenever he sullies it and gives him new one, like a mother watching carefully her clumsy child cook for the first time.

  • alec welker

    The look of pure sadness on Auntie Liz's face is killing me 😂😂