Chris Brown - No Guidance (Official Video) ft. Drake

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  • “No Guidance" ft. Drake out now!
    'Indigo' out now!:
    Director: Chris Robinson
    Executive Producer: Andrew Listermann
    Production Company: Riveting Entertainment
    Producer: Kevin Boston
    Creative Director: LCR$
    Miami Production: Sway Mendez & Blakpro
    Director of Photography: Joshua Reis
    Choreographer: Josh Smith
    Editor: Jeff Selis @ Bonch
    1st AD: Ev Salomon
    Colorist: Dave Hussey @ Company 3
    Casting Director: E-Mills
    Art Director: Luis Roman
    Location Manager: Roger Stone
    Miami Production Manager: Jermaine Anglin
    LA Production Manager: Erica Nagai
    Beauty FX: Max Colt @ Frender
    Online Editor: Michael Hull @ Riveting
    Audio Mixer / Sound Design: Tony Crowe
    Video Commissioner: Nicholas Robespierre
    Follow Chris Brown:
    Follow Drake:
    #ChrisBrown #Drake #NoGuidance #Indigo
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  • Asmita Kumar
    Asmita Kumar 2 jam yang lalu +1

    Watching Chris dance is just plain satisfying. Like cutting through a rainbow cake. Or burning ur textbooks

  • Brandon Guy
    Brandon Guy 2 jam yang lalu

    CBreezy be dancing his ass off on g !

  • Ahmed Mwenye
    Ahmed Mwenye 3 jam yang lalu

    No last GOOD GOOD Music...🤩

  • kawaisha jones
    kawaisha jones 3 jam yang lalu

    Love the video seen it for the first time. Soo creative. Love the dancing as always and it was soo funny. I think its my favorite vid of the year.

  • Jelo Caluya
    Jelo Caluya 3 jam yang lalu

    "light skin niggas stick together bro!" 🤣

  • Bradley Solomon
    Bradley Solomon 4 jam yang lalu +1

    how come the fool gets more attention....

  • Ezekiel Ochieng
    Ezekiel Ochieng 6 jam yang lalu +3

    Drake was too confident

  • Calm Luu
    Calm Luu 6 jam yang lalu +1

    kill bro kill love u chris and drake

  • TSN Miyama Kemet
    TSN Miyama Kemet 6 jam yang lalu

    I feel an "Inner Goddess" vibe to this slow beat.
    This needs to be my motivation to work out more, save more money and accept myself a bit more. I gotta do better.

  • julia Dawkins
    julia Dawkins 6 jam yang lalu

    I can watch breezy dance all damn day js.. an I love drake soooo.... yep !!!!😁😁😁😁😁

  • Braden
    Braden 6 jam yang lalu

    Please, enter at your own risk

  • Samp and Jam P. C
    Samp and Jam P. C 6 jam yang lalu

    Chris brown or drake 🤔🤔🤔

  • Evil
    Evil 7 jam yang lalu


  • Karen Hampton
    Karen Hampton 7 jam yang lalu


  • osvaldo hernandez
    osvaldo hernandez 8 jam yang lalu

    Drake with the kamekamehaa! Lol

  • Anthony Hujjes
    Anthony Hujjes 8 jam yang lalu

    No homo but in my opinion I think drakes voice sounds more personal then chris'. Drakes signing/beats with chris' dancing is cool

  • Miya Doozy
    Miya Doozy 8 jam yang lalu +1

    4:23 Best dance part and verse

  • Anthony Hujjes
    Anthony Hujjes 8 jam yang lalu

    @4:23 "And David danced before the Lord with all his might, and David was girded with a linen ephod." 2 SAM. vi, 14.

  • Valhaywo Life Style
    Valhaywo Life Style 8 jam yang lalu +2

    When they said dance battle I was like ..oh no Drake don’t dance 😂

  • Francisco Rosa
    Francisco Rosa 8 jam yang lalu

    Chris brown did that Michael blackson dance

  • Jovaan Mills
    Jovaan Mills 9 jam yang lalu +3

    I think drake really this corny

  • Riss Riss
    Riss Riss 9 jam yang lalu +1

    This song is off the hook & the video is a masterpiece 💯💯

  • pegasus
    pegasus 9 jam yang lalu

    "owwwwwwwwww waaaaaaaaaaaaa" ! is the only interesting thing in this movie music!

    WILSON MEDEIROS 9 jam yang lalu


  • Slime Lazykidd
    Slime Lazykidd 9 jam yang lalu

    Drake tho

  • Danniel Aleixo
    Danniel Aleixo 9 jam yang lalu

    Sensacional música e clipe , Breezy é sem palavras . Mas agora como o. Chris conseguiu não morrer de rir com o Drake é misterio

  • Karlos Sargeant
    Karlos Sargeant 10 jam yang lalu

    Drake can't see Chris Brown when he dance infront of him LOL!!!!

  • Karlos Sargeant
    Karlos Sargeant 10 jam yang lalu

    This Music of Drake & Chris Brown is Kool Man!!!!

  • Curelon Taylor
    Curelon Taylor 10 jam yang lalu

    Hey guy's? don't fuck around Chris back, Chris the best dancing and making all the best of videos music for everyone 🖤🕺🏿☝🏿

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 10 jam yang lalu

    Your my favorite singers😇😇

  • Donnie Johnson Official
    Donnie Johnson Official 10 jam yang lalu +2

    The collab we’ve been waiting for! 🎶

  • whatadollslife
    whatadollslife 10 jam yang lalu +2

    they both wonderful but I L.O.V.E. Chris

  • Larissa Smith
    Larissa Smith 10 jam yang lalu

    Eterno Tio X♥

  • Larissa Smith
    Larissa Smith 10 jam yang lalu

    Ranço desse assassino

  • Larissa Smith
    Larissa Smith 10 jam yang lalu


  • reyonel corbes
    reyonel corbes 10 jam yang lalu

    solid chrisbreezy!!!

  • Larissa Smith
    Larissa Smith 10 jam yang lalu

    Música ficou um lixo por causa desse imundo invejo do drake

  • BleZ
    BleZ 10 jam yang lalu

    I am going to edit this comment so no one will no why is has so many likes

  • BleZ
    BleZ 11 jam yang lalu

    6:35 when she says she likes boys that can dance

    THEHARRYPOTTER FAN!!! 11 jam yang lalu +3

    My dad loves this song!!

  • Anton Kettunen
    Anton Kettunen 11 jam yang lalu

  • The Lowkey Tip
    The Lowkey Tip 11 jam yang lalu +4

    When drake threw the snake over cb shoulder i died😂

  • Briyone Kendrick
    Briyone Kendrick 11 jam yang lalu

    Chris is a good dancer

  • meme dank
    meme dank 11 jam yang lalu

    Chris with another hit

  • Heather Bowlin
    Heather Bowlin 12 jam yang lalu

    TF is drake doing

  • noob e dai
    noob e dai 12 jam yang lalu


  • Marcelo Paixao
    Marcelo Paixao 12 jam yang lalu

    essa música é top ,meu irmã👏👏👏

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 12 jam yang lalu

    how did chris get his hair to look hispanic , what kinda berries he using?

  • liliih kailaine
    liliih kailaine 12 jam yang lalu +1

    I loved the video, I'm from Brazil😍❤

  • Maria R.
    Maria R. 12 jam yang lalu

    idc idc Chris brown is a woman beater

  • Queen Zbaby
    Queen Zbaby 12 jam yang lalu


  • Nikki S
    Nikki S 13 jam yang lalu

    My fav song but I was a lil disappointed with the dancing don’t come for me neither just my opinion

  • Donald Maurice
    Donald Maurice 13 jam yang lalu
    New Music!! Thanks for watching!

  • Tariq E
    Tariq E 13 jam yang lalu +1

    Wassup with the Prince look

  • LexJayy
    LexJayy 13 jam yang lalu

    Drake: *dances*

  • Jeremy Wilson
    Jeremy Wilson 14 jam yang lalu +1

    Is Chris Brown better than Micheal Jackson??

  • patrick grondines
    patrick grondines 14 jam yang lalu

    i heard this on the radio today

  • SHNZO Officiel
    SHNZO Officiel 14 jam yang lalu

  • Quiara Harper
    Quiara Harper 14 jam yang lalu +1

    They was beefing fr so it’s funny

  • Anna B2B
    Anna B2B 14 jam yang lalu

    Chris brown finally casted a dark skin lead. I’ll pass on the video.