Reacting To Compilation Videos of Me 3


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  • Reagan Cacace
    Reagan Cacace Hari Yang lalu

    2:35 need a man like that 😭thinks the tiniest butt is the best 💀and loves it anyways

  • Alanys Calzada
    Alanys Calzada 2 hari yang lalu


  • Lotte Åsheim Pedersen
    Lotte Åsheim Pedersen 2 hari yang lalu


  • Meg Sap
    Meg Sap 2 hari yang lalu

    I spat out my lemonade whilst watching the one about Kermit giving birth😂😂😂

  • kayhla turner
    kayhla turner 2 hari yang lalu

    Has anyone noticed how Jenna looks like Blake Lively

  • piper xaliwel
    piper xaliwel 2 hari yang lalu

    Omggg I wanna see the Cassiopeia poster

  • x catunstiene x
    x catunstiene x 2 hari yang lalu

    Why isJenna crying about the video of Marble if marble isn’t dead?

  • Tuva Aminda Bing-Sørenbye
    Tuva Aminda Bing-Sørenbye 2 hari yang lalu

    I'm not the only one who paused the video trying to x out the pop up at 7:26 right?

  • Stella Williams
    Stella Williams 2 hari yang lalu

    What kind of dog is Mr.Marbles

  • Ava Brandel
    Ava Brandel 2 hari yang lalu

    i love how the video just ends with julien yelling "were in our kitchen!" I C O N I C

  • Dakota Green
    Dakota Green 2 hari yang lalu

    Did anyone notice she said Patrick star? Lmaoooo i love jenna

  • Leila Smith
    Leila Smith 3 hari yang lalu

    Snoot boot!!!!

  • Belle 04
    Belle 04 3 hari yang lalu

    Did anyone else notice a bit of Juliens t shirt was green screened

  • Handy dandy Andy
    Handy dandy Andy 3 hari yang lalu

    My name is naomi and i jumped every time y'all said it

  • Maddie Sanchez
    Maddie Sanchez 3 hari yang lalu

    Help me i an given birth

  • Emylie Powers
    Emylie Powers 3 hari yang lalu

    Wait lol what video was 4:30

  • Melody Omoruyi
    Melody Omoruyi 4 hari yang lalu +1

    Who else laughed at " I'm giving birth " .😂😂😂

  • Caramel
    Caramel 4 hari yang lalu

    I honestly hate this video, even after all these years, for being so freakin SHORT!!!

  • The trash can
    The trash can 4 hari yang lalu

    bless you

  • Isabella Blanco
    Isabella Blanco 4 hari yang lalu

    YESSSS PLS make “let’s watch IDclips with me”!!!

  • AnthonyNikPlaysShit
    AnthonyNikPlaysShit 4 hari yang lalu

    IDclips deep dive

  • Shana Monique
    Shana Monique 5 hari yang lalu

    Marbles is literally the sweetest baby boy ever. I literally cried.

  • Kathryn Utt
    Kathryn Utt 5 hari yang lalu

    Please make a series solely of you guys watching videos on IDclips. PLEASE!!!!!

  • Doot Noot
    Doot Noot 5 hari yang lalu

    I wanna see Jenna's face photoshopped onto Sofia the robot

  • Ramzi Juega
    Ramzi Juega 6 hari yang lalu

    Reacting for your own videos.. stop smoking weed. It makes you stupid!

  • Melody Perreault.
    Melody Perreault. 6 hari yang lalu

    i laughed so hard i almost pissed my pants.

  • Kristen Fernandez
    Kristen Fernandez 6 hari yang lalu

    did anybody else notice the top of the strawberry on his shirt????

  • Mushey Mushey The Muesli bar
    Mushey Mushey The Muesli bar 6 hari yang lalu

    When he pointed at the camera and said naomi I thought they were talking about me

  • riley films
    riley films 6 hari yang lalu

    stop making me cry (my lil marpel)

  • AU ST
    AU ST 7 hari yang lalu

    I live the way you gave jnj memes the whole career

  • Jacob Aji
    Jacob Aji 7 hari yang lalu

    2:53 they talk about mustaches for a long time

  • Shook
    Shook 7 hari yang lalu

    that green screen is better than emery bingam’s green screen ..

  • Mollie Murphy
    Mollie Murphy 7 hari yang lalu

    “im giving birth”
    Jenna And Julian: *DIES*

  • Jennifer Castro
    Jennifer Castro 7 hari yang lalu


  • Emma Sidman
    Emma Sidman 8 hari yang lalu

    Idk if anyone’s pointed this out but
    Rip to anyone else w misophonia thanks to juliens bodily noises into the microphone

  • TheMuttButt
    TheMuttButt 8 hari yang lalu

    my bab and i are an aries and a virgo (my bfs an aries and im the virgo) and like for real the signs balance eachother out. the aries can bring some fun chaos to the virgo, and the virgo can be the calm in the storm for the aries. its magical yo.

    • TheMuttButt
      TheMuttButt 8 hari yang lalu

      btw my bab and i have been dating since 10-28-17 and ive been living with him and his aries bullshit since December

  • Panicking_Disco_Ball
    Panicking_Disco_Ball 8 hari yang lalu

    7:36 I'm with Jenna, like who has watched grease and not remembered that song?

  • Jenna Barrett
    Jenna Barrett 8 hari yang lalu

    The whole mustache thing has to be in a funny moment video cause that was great😂

  • Jenna Barrett
    Jenna Barrett 8 hari yang lalu


  • Ally Douillette
    Ally Douillette 8 hari yang lalu

    The Sophia comparison bit has me in stitches EVERY DAMN TIME

  • quinn edholm
    quinn edholm 8 hari yang lalu

    notice how many times julien says i love you and jenna just continues talking about putting up with each other smh my head 😂💗

  • Katherin Reyes
    Katherin Reyes 8 hari yang lalu

    These are the only video that literally make me laugh out loud like a retarded seal alone in my house 😂

  • Reese Traynor
    Reese Traynor 8 hari yang lalu

    This was made on my birthday :)

  • Instrumental Idiot
    Instrumental Idiot 9 hari yang lalu

    Omg legit a *minute* of Jenna and Julian arguing about what is a beard and what isn’t

  • Finny Oak
    Finny Oak 9 hari yang lalu

    The leaves to the skullberry on Julien's shirt is keying out and I JUST noticed.

  • AshKalyn2012
    AshKalyn2012 10 hari yang lalu

    Has anyone noticed that the top of the strawberry on Julien's shirt is green screened out? Lol 😂

  • KrisHimself
    KrisHimself 10 hari yang lalu

    14:30 they laugh like the parents from Cow & Chicken (L)

  • Emily Leigh
    Emily Leigh 10 hari yang lalu

    the eyelash bald cap looks like hairy fore skin

  • Emily Leigh
    Emily Leigh 10 hari yang lalu

    dye your hair bright ass green and green screen it out

  • J H
    J H 10 hari yang lalu

    14:30 had me in TEARS I was laughing so hard, omg.

  • black panda
    black panda 10 hari yang lalu

    _Hi just trying to do this font_

  • Kagome's AMVs
    Kagome's AMVs 10 hari yang lalu

    _I wanted to watch this again_

  • Jennifer Cox
    Jennifer Cox 10 hari yang lalu

    When your cursor meets with Julien's to click off the ad at 7:25 o.o

  • PrettyLogical_ Games
    PrettyLogical_ Games 10 hari yang lalu

    Bring back the stache

  • Sophia Doro
    Sophia Doro 10 hari yang lalu

    it is true i am a robot

  • brittin clark
    brittin clark 10 hari yang lalu

    The version of beauty school dropout is the glee version

  • Jennie O'Connell
    Jennie O'Connell 10 hari yang lalu

    Cermet looks like a fat hairless seal

  • azoicum
    azoicum 11 hari yang lalu

    Skip to 9:00 Sophia/quatum robotics

  • WonderBerryZ
    WonderBerryZ 11 hari yang lalu


  • Katlyn Chumley
    Katlyn Chumley 11 hari yang lalu

    This my like 7th time watching this this month I love this so much

  • Mi dira
    Mi dira 11 hari yang lalu

    Jenna: why do you put up with me sometimes?
    Julien: Cause I love you
    aaawww my heart

  • mariah miah
    mariah miah 12 hari yang lalu

    hold on y was Jenna crying????

  • Katelyn Young
    Katelyn Young 12 hari yang lalu

    Am I depressed.....well not anymore

  • Miss Shaneice
    Miss Shaneice 12 hari yang lalu

    the marbles and kermit vids are funny

  • Dusk Ginger
    Dusk Ginger 12 hari yang lalu

    they have over 130k subscribers now

  • Cat Crupi
    Cat Crupi 12 hari yang lalu

    They say so many times that they 'can't wait to tell us a secret.' Did they straight forget in one of Julien's vlogs that Jenna said 'its hard to buy a house when your income isn't stable'?

  • Destiny Deaton
    Destiny Deaton 12 hari yang lalu

    Still funny!😂

  • annieminity
    annieminity 13 hari yang lalu

    Julien has an oniom obsession

  • Samantha Renee
    Samantha Renee 13 hari yang lalu

    Maybe Kermit is just eternally in labor and that's why he cries so much. Makes you think

  • Cunt Raptor
    Cunt Raptor 13 hari yang lalu

    JnJ memes is pretty popular now

  • Becca Reigh
    Becca Reigh 13 hari yang lalu

    Julien saying I love you like 3 times and Jenna not saying it back 😂😂😂

  • Aaliyah M
    Aaliyah M 13 hari yang lalu

    what video is the ‘it is her sandwich’ clip from? 😂

  • samfinnorchard
    samfinnorchard 13 hari yang lalu

    12:45 their laughs are so in sync it's creepy

  • Brooke Bawkailski
    Brooke Bawkailski 14 hari yang lalu

    when I typed in beauty in the search box 'beauty school dropout jenna' was the first thing

  • goodvibe beauty
    goodvibe beauty 14 hari yang lalu

    Laughed my ass off

  • Inuyashagirl2015
    Inuyashagirl2015 14 hari yang lalu

    Jenna WHAT I GOTTA DO to get you and Julien to react to your 2011 BOUNCE THAT DICK VIDEO

  • Jane Segal
    Jane Segal 14 hari yang lalu

    I like how julien keeps saying i love you and jenna just keeps ignoring it😂😂

  • Liz Armstrong!
    Liz Armstrong! 14 hari yang lalu

    this is my 8th time watching this and I'm wheezing!

  • Zoe Kendrick
    Zoe Kendrick 14 hari yang lalu

    Still waiting for watch tea with me

  • Lo Bomb
    Lo Bomb 14 hari yang lalu


  • Tiana Foster
    Tiana Foster 14 hari yang lalu

    It's all because of this video that he now has 130k subscribers😂

  • Hailey Riley
    Hailey Riley 14 hari yang lalu

    Raw food up!😬

  • Johnnyboycurtis
    Johnnyboycurtis 14 hari yang lalu

    "My favorite food is A RAMEN" ROFL!!

  • Nola
    Nola 14 hari yang lalu

    I don't know whats funnier, the meme videos or Julien and Jennas reactions

  • madd tea
    madd tea 14 hari yang lalu

    No. A beard includes chin upper lip and jaw, mustache is just upper lip, cut away mustache from beard and it's just a chin strap.

  • madd tea
    madd tea 14 hari yang lalu

    Jenna and Julien are married right? I need to make sure so they don't break up.

  • Rosa Garrido
    Rosa Garrido 15 hari yang lalu

    Ola ke ase

  • Lawrence Arithma
    Lawrence Arithma 15 hari yang lalu

    Jenna please do a watch IDclips video that would be the literal shit

  • Mica's Domain
    Mica's Domain 16 hari yang lalu

    why in most of these compilations did Julien have a pervo stache

  • Gabriel Nunez
    Gabriel Nunez 16 hari yang lalu

    jenna and julien are like if two directors dated

  • Malia Cointot
    Malia Cointot 16 hari yang lalu

    Julian: i love you
    Jenna: this is infinitely annoying

  • Samantha Stuler
    Samantha Stuler 16 hari yang lalu

    Julien: cause I love you
    Jenna: yeah sO
    Julien: I love you
    Jenna: I waS IN THE CA-

  • Basak Kurtisoglu
    Basak Kurtisoglu 16 hari yang lalu

    All i’ve been doing lately is to watch Jenna Marbles while drinking wine

  • Crank GamePlaysFan
    Crank GamePlaysFan 16 hari yang lalu

    Am i the only one who noticed Juliens shirt????

  • CatAndAlpha
    CatAndAlpha 16 hari yang lalu

    *_why do I exist_*

  • Danielle Johnson
    Danielle Johnson 16 hari yang lalu

    I could seriously rewind the reaction to when Kermit says hes giving birth over and over 😂

  • Tatatory
    Tatatory 17 hari yang lalu

    Mustache is an island. If the island is attached to things it is no longer an island

  • Abbey Falkins
    Abbey Falkins 17 hari yang lalu

    Haha, I’ve also noticed before that Jenna looks like Sophia! It’s funny that Julien is bringing that up.

  • Courtney Clapp
    Courtney Clapp 17 hari yang lalu

    i agree with julien about the beard mustache thing