Justin Bieber - Yummy (Official Video)

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    Directed by Bardia Zeinali
    Produced by Roisin Audrey Moloney
    Executive Producers: Danielle Hinde, Jason Cole
    Video Commissioner: Yolande Geralds
    Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
    Director of Photography: Ben Carey
    Production Designer: Natalie Ziering
    Production Manager: David Garcia
    Production Coordinator: Tori Stosh
    Choreographer: Nick De Moura
    Artist Styling: Karla Welch
    Artist Grooming: Florido Basallo
    Cast Styling: Gadir Rajab
    Cast Make-up: Adam Burrell
    Cast Hair: Lucas Wilson
    Edited by: William Town, Graham Patterson @ Modern Post
    Colorist: Tim Masick @ Company 3

    Music video by Justin Bieber performing Yummy (Official Video). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • Rajni Kumari
    Rajni Kumari 8 jam yang lalu +1

    No one:
    Seriously no one:

    Me: Yummy, yummy goes in my tummy tummy

  • MidnightHysteria
    MidnightHysteria 8 jam yang lalu

    I only watched because of Danny lol

  • Ms Betty White
    Ms Betty White 8 jam yang lalu


  • Willy Costa
    Willy Costa 8 jam yang lalu

    Las reproducciones!!!!

  • Wiphawan Kwon
    Wiphawan Kwon 8 jam yang lalu

    Yummy 🤤

  • Iruka
    Iruka 8 jam yang lalu

    Hmm. finally watched this video.
    Conclusion: Catchy and relatively generic. Sounds like the typical modern pop/hip hop fusion tunes. Nice atmospheric melody.
    Is it a meme to dislike this song I suppose? Is it really so bad? (with regards to modern expectations of musical creativity and lyricism).
    Am I missing something?
    Regardless, I appreciate the casting diversity which should always be encouraged.
    -Casual pop music observer

  • Jagdeep Kaur Saini
    Jagdeep Kaur Saini 8 jam yang lalu +1


  • kim mail
    kim mail 8 jam yang lalu


  • [blxpie_exe]
    [blxpie_exe] 8 jam yang lalu

    is it just me or he got that 2014 justin face back

  • farhan shaikh
    farhan shaikh 8 jam yang lalu +1

    You are very nice person 😍😍😍

    FILMMAKER'S STORY 8 jam yang lalu

    good audio, shit video

  • Piyush Gupta
    Piyush Gupta 8 jam yang lalu

    Should have worked on my weight..
    Get it baked get it baked..🤔🤔😝

  • Ioanna Minasidou
    Ioanna Minasidou 8 jam yang lalu

    Came back to remind u guys to stream the box

  • Kimberly Travesti
    Kimberly Travesti 8 jam yang lalu +1

    *Dejen esta mrd y apoyen a tusa de Karol g*

  • Bg xtar
    Bg xtar 8 jam yang lalu


  • Rafael Serrano Hernández
    Rafael Serrano Hernández 8 jam yang lalu

    This video screams pedophilia everywhere no doubt!

  • Sufiyan Shaikh
    Sufiyan Shaikh 8 jam yang lalu

    I know only one Dani

  • Joaquin Diaz
    Joaquin Diaz 8 jam yang lalu


  • Joaquin Diaz
    Joaquin Diaz 8 jam yang lalu


  • Joaquin Diaz
    Joaquin Diaz 8 jam yang lalu


  • Banana King
    Banana King 8 jam yang lalu

    this is some bullshit ;-;

  • Lewis Vincent
    Lewis Vincent 8 jam yang lalu +1

    The most annoying and laziest song I have listened to.

  • Joaquin Diaz
    Joaquin Diaz 8 jam yang lalu


  • visulator
    visulator 8 jam yang lalu +1

    0:20 looks a little bit like selena gomez

  • Philips
    Philips 8 jam yang lalu

    Wtf this bad song ia haunting my snapchat and insta and now my recomendations ale this is not okay thumbs down

  • El gato Kamikaze
    El gato Kamikaze 8 jam yang lalu

    Ojalá pase todo pronto, #helptojustin

  • Sofia
    Sofia 8 jam yang lalu

    now I see why people thought Danny wrote this lmao

  • Goran Luketic
    Goran Luketic 8 jam yang lalu +1

    This song really gets me grooving!!!! who can relate?

    JONITENDO ! 8 jam yang lalu +1

    Production: What for candy
    Justin Bieber: Yummy

  • Turkey Leg
    Turkey Leg 8 jam yang lalu +1

    This isn’t Danny Gonzalez??

  • олег хоньків
    олег хоньків 8 jam yang lalu +2

    2020 top 😉👍💪

  • Diesel Bartley
    Diesel Bartley 8 jam yang lalu

    Is that zendaya

  • Joaquin Diaz
    Joaquin Diaz 8 jam yang lalu

    #JustinTeCreo #PizzaGate

  • 권민혁
    권민혁 8 jam yang lalu


  • J Dz
    J Dz 8 jam yang lalu

    the fact that I came here because Danny Gonzalez talked about it and I see why people thought that Danny wrote this 😂😂😂

  • Burde
    Burde 8 jam yang lalu +1

    Kann wer deutsch 😂😅

  • C Credo
    C Credo 8 jam yang lalu +1

    Pobre Justin ojalá que no le pase nada como a los demás , que huevos tiene este hombre!!

  • Ms Betty White
    Ms Betty White 8 jam yang lalu

    I hate his music, but I feel sorry for him. He looks so unhappy making this crap by force.

  • CA KE
    CA KE 8 jam yang lalu


  • donchafa to viciao
    donchafa to viciao 8 jam yang lalu +2

    Solo dire algo: PIZZAGATE

  • Tchatcheur13 Shogun
    Tchatcheur13 Shogun 8 jam yang lalu

    Il déchire toujours !!!🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Mr Scuffed
    Mr Scuffed 8 jam yang lalu

    justin bieber has lice

  • Dz Alex
    Dz Alex 8 jam yang lalu

    Le come back 🙏❤

  • Teldow FreeFire
    Teldow FreeFire 8 jam yang lalu

    Шшс мал 😂

  • Loyalt
    Loyalt 8 jam yang lalu +1

    he got the danny dance moves

  • Aidil Muhammad
    Aidil Muhammad 8 jam yang lalu

    Yummy-yummy sampai kenyang

  • R!cothefamousk!dz Rico
    R!cothefamousk!dz Rico 8 jam yang lalu +1

    And IDclips channel:

  • OnyxWolf
    OnyxWolf 8 jam yang lalu +13

    Everyone: either not speaking English or stuff about Danny

    • Ms Betty White
      Ms Betty White 8 jam yang lalu

      OnyxWolf any problems on people not speaking english?

  • R!cothefamousk!dz Rico
    R!cothefamousk!dz Rico 8 jam yang lalu

    And also my friends song's on SoundCloud: SAV!
    his IDclips channel K!D SAVAGE
    And lil Raven and lil Tracy

  • larissa conrad
    larissa conrad 8 jam yang lalu

    Omg haley is pregnant

  • schrott tv
    schrott tv 8 jam yang lalu


  • Jack Timothy
    Jack Timothy 9 jam yang lalu


  • Andy Mupa
    Andy Mupa 9 jam yang lalu

    Me quede en shock. Y tengo un nudo en la garganta.
    Con este video fue consciente, no me puedo imaginar todo lo que paso Justin, me da horror de tan solo pensarlo, solo espero que estes bien Justin, por supuesto hay que compartir este video a todas las redes que se puedan, hacer que todas las personas despertemos nuestra conciencia, recuerden que nosotros los jóvenes somos el futuro, que hay que hacer que los demás vean esto, que el mundo esta cambiando.

  • Kamala Pmath
    Kamala Pmath 9 jam yang lalu +1

    Justin beiber-Like
    Justin bieber-comment

  • natasha lim
    natasha lim 9 jam yang lalu

    danny did such a good job

  • ¿Lograremos 40.000 subs sin ningun video?

    GENTE :
    a partir de ahora los medios en apoyo a la pedofilia querran hundir a justin con cualquier noticia y que este manche o se retire para siempre...
    no lo crean....

  • Roxy Hunt
    Roxy Hunt 9 jam yang lalu

    I still think Danny wrote this

  • Travxs
    Travxs 9 jam yang lalu

    wheres ur face tats bro

  • asdf movie
    asdf movie 9 jam yang lalu

    People thinking Justin is trying to expose pizzagate with the music video are the dumbest people on Earth I swear to god

  • Nurhayati Yusuf
    Nurhayati Yusuf 9 jam yang lalu