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    Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York.
    Cruise's mother was an amateur actress and schoolteacher, and his father was an electrical engineer.
    Cruise's parents divorced when he was 11, and the children moved with their mother to Louisville, Kentucky, and then to Glen Ridge, New Jersey, after her remarriage.
    At age 14, Cruise enrolled in a Franciscan.
    When he was 16, a teacher encouraged him to participate in the school's production of the musical Guys and Dolls.
    Height: 1.7 m
    Spouse: Katie Holmes (m. 2006-2012), Nicole Kidman (m. 1990-2001), Mimi Rogers (m. 1987-1990)
    Children: Suri Cruise, Connor Cruise, Isabella Jane Cruise
    Tom has 3 sisters: LeeAnne (1959), his publicist, Marian (1961), a teacher, and Cass (1963)

    Tom Cruise movies List:
    1981: Endless Love
    1981: Taps
    1983: The Outsiders
    1983: Losin' It
    1983: Risky Business
    1983: All the Right Moves
    1985: Legend
    1986: Top Gun
    1986: The Color of Money
    1988: Cocktail
    1988: Rain Man
    1989: Born on the Fourth of July
    1990: Days of Thunder
    1992: Far and Away
    1992: A Few Good Men
    1993: The Firm
    1994: Interview with the Vampire
    1996: Mission: Impossible
    1996: Jerry Maguire
    1998: Without Limits
    1999: Eyes Wide Shut
    1999: Magnolia
    2000: Mission: Impossible II
    2001: Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures
    2001: The Others
    2001: Vanilla Sky
    2002: Space Station 3D
    2002: Minority Report
    2002: Austin Powers in Goldmember
    2002: Narc
    2003: Shattered Glass
    2003: The Last Samurai
    2004: Collateral
    2005: War of the Worlds
    2005: Elizabethtown
    2006: Ask the Dust
    2006: Mission: Impossible III
    2007: Lions for Lambs
    2008: Tropic Thunder
    2008: Valkyrie
    2010: Knight and Day
    2011: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
    2012: Rock of Ages
    2012: Jack Reacher
    2013: Oblivion
    2014: Edge of Tomorrow
    2015: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
    2016: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
    2017: American Made
    2017: The Mummy

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