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Stray Kids Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 2 Okt 2022
  • Stray Kids take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N answer questions like: who is the leader of Stray Kids? What is their net worth? Do they live together? What are their astrology signs? Stray Kids answer all these questions and much, much more!
    Director: Katherine Wzorek
    Director of Photography: Devan Davies-Wood
    Editor: Louville Moore
    Celebrity Talent: Stray Kids
    Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
    Associate Producer: Samantha Vélez
    Production Manager: Eric Martinez
    Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila
    Talent Booker: Tara Burke
    Camera Operator: Lauren Pruitt
    Audio: Gabe Quiroga and Tyson Dai
    Production Assistants: John Brodsky and Timothy Colao
    Gaffer: David Anthony
    Translator: So Yun Um
    Post Production Supervisors: Alexa Deutsch
    Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
    Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen
    Assistant Editor: Andy Morell
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Komentar • 5 686

    AGULHÓ  +25

    imagine not knowing stray kids and using THIS video as a guide trying to know/learn abt them lol They're so unserious and such liars I LOVE IT HAHAHAHA Anyways, maknae on top

  • Carolina Almeida

    Thank you Chan for always making sure our Minho is included in every question. Best leader indeed 🤍

  • angela zapata

    Hearing hyunjin saying "i am a fish" sounds beautiful. Bless his soul. The confidence and purity.

  • Mishu
    Mishu  +1

    Lee Know was so shy when they were talking about him in English. Adorable.


    "What does visual mean?"

  • Peraya Bubble heart

    Minho was so quite, he looked sad. Bangchan trying to include him every time was heartwarming.

  • choiminkilovestory

    Poor Lee Know always looks so checked out for these English interviews. I appreciate him so much for even being there ❤ And I also greatly appreciate Bang Chan speaking for him when he can't

  • vector thigma

    Binnie's "ooh, i can see it!", Chan trying his best to include Lino in the whole discussion despite the language barrier and Lino's little nod when his cats were mentioned made my whole day.

  • alkaline
    alkaline  +205

    Chan is the best leader ever, the most resassuring, comfort person literally the best.

  • jencloud👑
    jencloud👑 7 jam yang lalu +4

    Bang chan is the maknae because he is fOiVe

  • Vibes
    Vibes  +184

    It’s HAN declaring with his whole chest that he is the one and only visual and them just allowing it. I love them so much 😂

  • kate owens
    kate owens  +235

    chris being so attentive and inclusive with minho was adorable to watch they need to sit beside each other more often in english interviews. also notice how hyun got so excited talking abt kkami <3

  • Rutuja Kadam

    stray kids discussing their zodiac signs

  • Ioana C.
    Ioana C.  +189


  • Engene_YangGlaiza

    aw, my Lee Know looks uncomfortable but thanks to Bangchan, he's indeed a great Leader. 🤍 All of you boys are appreciated!!!

  • lele
    lele 7 jam yang lalu +1

    love them

  • ꧁Innocent winter  ꧂

    "Yesterday is history"

  • Sarai Barahona
    Sarai Barahona 19 jam yang lalu +1

    Yes Han wasn’t joking he is the most handsome

  • seesoo saw

    The way channie always includes Lee know in the conversation knowing he probably isn’t comfortable enough to speak absolutely melts my heart. A caring leader for real. I still feel so bad for lee know though 🥺

  • Julie Bader

    i love how lee know is quiet and just sitting there, he’a ao adorable. And how Bangchan knows his zodiac and like ihhh i love them sm