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  • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1M!!! We can't believe it! We love you all and are SO grateful you're here 💛

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  • Hakiii
    Hakiii 8 bulan yang lalu +50

    I sound like my sister but I have to say it, CUTENESS OVERLOAD😊

  • Mindy Lehrman
    Mindy Lehrman 8 bulan yang lalu +163

    🎉🎉🎉 Congrats on 1 million followers!! 🎉🎉🎉 You three are so fun to watch! So neat to watch Jack grow up ☺️💗 Hope you have a blast @ Magic Kingdom! 🏰😊

    • 💎Lucy and Ruby💎
      💎Lucy and Ruby💎 8 bulan yang lalu +2


    • Eleonora Giupponi
      Eleonora Giupponi 8 bulan yang lalu +2

      Hi, what kind of job do you employed..?

    • Eleonora Giupponi
      Eleonora Giupponi 8 bulan yang lalu +3

      I'll fly in a haert beat to Florida 🌴

    • Joanna :D
      Joanna :D 8 bulan yang lalu +6

      Yes!!!!!! Yaaaayyyyyy!!!!! Woohooooo!
      1million!!!!!!! Congratulations! 💓💓💓
      On to the next million beautiful BEESTONS!

  • Misty Fagan
    Misty Fagan 8 bulan yang lalu +88

    Jack's eyes and little face is the cutest ever!

    • Ruby L
      Ruby L 3 bulan yang lalu

      Omg I agree so cute

    • MoonLight
      MoonLight 8 bulan yang lalu +2

      @L. L. Stark ikr 🤣

    • L. L. Stark
      L. L. Stark 8 bulan yang lalu +2

      That was funny how jack would rather play with the bag tag than the new dinosaur his dad bought him 😂😂😂

  • C Jordan
    C Jordan 8 bulan yang lalu +79

    These young adults are just great...
    Modern with old school sweetness

    • Gael Carlton
      Gael Carlton 8 bulan yang lalu +1

      @MoonLight I am Mormon and was trying just to get a message to two of my favorite people ...but they had not posted for a bit nor have I seen many of their video so I started watching them. I am still unsure which remark you were referring to, "its called Mormon" caught my attention and I basically wanted to know if it was a negative viewpoint if so then I could answer any quesitons the person may have....I'm glad I listened to that post in particular because they did say they went to church...what church frankly as long as they honor the Lord I am okay with .... I am a fairly new convert and I didn't mean to offend you either. I think I have attended most religeons in the U.S., years ago my daughter became and married a Mormon and he's been a fantastic father and husband and provider. All my granddaughters have degrees because their Dad knew educating his daughters none are married, gave them a good income, and two with masters and one is just starting BYU. I will admit I am still reading and studying when I get to go to church I have health concerns that keep me out of going but they are broadcasting service. I honestly thought I find a lot of things to be critical about the Mormon faith....but so far I can honestly say I have not and they have been so kind and loving to me and I am going on 80 and am a bit of a slow learner. Thanks for your respnse you shown the true heart of a Christian and that is so appreciated. Thank you blessings Gael

    • MoonLight
      MoonLight 8 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Gael Carlton I am a strong Christian and if I offended you I am extremely sorry I didn’t try to offend you I just didn’t understand your comment that’s all. God bless you have a nice day

    • Gael Carlton
      Gael Carlton 8 bulan yang lalu +1

      @MoonLight All What?? If your referring to my original comment I think I was pretty clear. That these young couples (Sara and Derek and Lo and Tanner) as couples are so sweet and dedicated to each other and to their children ....that I find the difference being the way they all were brought up in Christian homes, and now to see what great parents these two couple are....otherwise your RUDE comment makes little sense to me either. What in fact are you criticizing my comment and actually what comment ARE you criticizing? If its the first LONG comment I was pretty darn clear...these two young families are great parents and a rare experience with families ...most fathers are not as involced as Derek and Tanner and the Mom's are great moms who include their children. I've been around this earth a lot of years and have experienced a lot of couples where the fathers go out to work and come home and want to sit in front of the television and are to tired to interact with their kids, or mothers who are bogged down with housework and other things they don't have the quality time to spend with kids...couples that share responsibilities give each other more quality time to be wiht their kids. Is what I am saying clearer to you? I have never seen anyone challenge someones feelings about how they see a couple interact with kids...so what exactly are you criticizing me about?

    • MoonLight
      MoonLight 8 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Gael Carlton what does all that have to do with the comment?

    • Gael Carlton
      Gael Carlton 8 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Lynn Blades Hi Lynn...I'm unsure what that means? I know what Mormons are but not sure what your referrig to, did I miss something?

  • Lisa E
    Lisa E 8 bulan yang lalu +30

    Congratulations on 1 million!
    Jack was on sensory overload. What fun!

  • Shona The Artist
    Shona The Artist 8 bulan yang lalu +39

    This was so special aww! Such a great trip! I can’t wait to take my kids too. Congrats on 1M subs!! ✨

  • Captain Pearly
    Captain Pearly 8 bulan yang lalu +10

    Jack's happy little face makes my day. His enthusiasm is so contagious and he is adorable. Glad your all having fun.

  • Pigeon
    Pigeon 8 bulan yang lalu +24

    Jack is literally one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen ❤️

  • Barbara Poarch
    Barbara Poarch 8 bulan yang lalu +25

    Jack was super good. I think he handled the whole park like a trooper.

  • Debbie Fox
    Debbie Fox 8 bulan yang lalu +13

    I love this and all of the success you’ve had. I’ve been here from near the beginning. It’s awesome to see your channel grow and Jack!

  • lila
    lila 8 bulan yang lalu +20

    Y’all’s family is the cutest! God bless y’all!

  • Diana Soares
    Diana Soares 8 bulan yang lalu +11

    I so love you guys. The love you have for Jack and each other is amazing. Thanks for sharing parts of your life with us ❤️❤️

  • JSon
    JSon 8 bulan yang lalu +4

    Man, your guys relationship and family is super encouraging to see. You guys really eat up every part of life together. Brings me hope (as single dude) who wants a family some day and the enthusiasm I want to bring into that too. Thanks guys for displaying your life, it's super encouraging.

  • Words written in red
    Words written in red 8 bulan yang lalu +11

    Omg Jack is just adorable! The beginning, Jack on his dads shoulders, he is just looking all around!

  • Cathy Collins
    Cathy Collins 8 bulan yang lalu +16

    Hey congratulations on the 1 million. You guys deserve it. Jack is so cute. Disney rocks!

  • Chelsea Roberta
    Chelsea Roberta 8 bulan yang lalu +9

    I love the new intro! Cutest, most genuine family. God bless xx

  • Anastasia Rose
    Anastasia Rose 8 bulan yang lalu +6

    16:20, what an absolute treat to be part of yalls magical adventure. Everyone looks like they had a blast! I haven't been there since I was a kid so thank you for the memories... even down to the huge turkey leg🤣

  • Kat Black
    Kat Black 8 bulan yang lalu +9

    Congrats on 1 million subs. Just love going on trips with you guys. Had a great time. ❤

  • Jana Gogain
    Jana Gogain 8 bulan yang lalu +8

    Congrats on 1 million!! 🎉
    So fun to follow along with your family!! We head to Disneyworld in April.

  • Jodi L
    Jodi L 8 bulan yang lalu +10

    I love Disney and Universal. So much fun. It's been so long since we've all been. Jack looked so cute. Congratulations on the 1 million subs!!!

  • natalie farrell
    natalie farrell 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    Always guaranteed to smile when watching y'all!!!!

  • D Reed
    D Reed 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    I love your upbeat, positive parenting! I'm really enjoying your editing and choice of music, and fonts between changes👍😘

  • Chayut Taweeskulchai
    Chayut Taweeskulchai 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    God bless Jack by having you guys to be his parents
    God bless from Thailand 🇹🇭

  • Tasha Wells
    Tasha Wells 8 bulan yang lalu +8

    You guys are so stinking cute!!!! Congrats on 1 mil, so so well deserving! Love love love your fam, Jack is amazing and I love the special bond you two have with each other and Jack! Super thankful to have been part of your trip! Xoxo

  • Stephanie Murphey
    Stephanie Murphey 8 bulan yang lalu +6

    Congratulations guys on the 1 million ! You guys so deserve it!

  • Chris Craver
    Chris Craver 8 bulan yang lalu +7

    Fun adventure with you all. Have a blast and much love ❤️

  • Erin Renee
    Erin Renee 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    Yay congrats on a million! Yall definitely deserve it! Thank you for taking us along on your trip!

  • signnamesparkle
    signnamesparkle 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    Yyyaaaayyyyyy! 1 Million - glad to be a party of it! I absolutely love everything Jack does 😁

  • Tracey Fox
    Tracey Fox 8 bulan yang lalu +10

    Great memories of when my parents took our whole family down there after we were all married with kids. Our favorite vacation ever and I'm sure it will be the same for all of you. Have tons of fun!🎡🎢🎪

  • Felicia
    Felicia 8 bulan yang lalu +3

    Congrats on 1 million 🎉 ❤ you guys make parenting look easy, hell you make adulting look easy, 😉

  • Pam Shearer
    Pam Shearer 8 bulan yang lalu +7

    Good Evening , Beetson Family
    Thank you so for sharing this beautiful Episode with everyone, Jack is so cute and adorable 🍀May God always take good of you , Take care !
    ❤ 1 / 13 / 2022 ❤
    Congratulations on 1 Million Subscribers 😊

  • Gail Nix
    Gail Nix 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    Thank y’all for sharing your lives with all of us! May the Creator always smile on you and your’s. Have fun and be safe.

  • Eve Oakley
    Eve Oakley 8 bulan yang lalu +4

    Aww this is bringing back great memories of when we stayed here when our two daughters were little in 1999. We got our our first grandchild December 1st and have started a Florida Fund so will be there in a couple of years. Love watching your lovely family. Butter Beer....mmm. Greetings from Northeast England 😘

  • lisa burgess
    lisa burgess 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    This was the cutest, most memorable footage ever!!! I'm so glad that you all are enjoying yourselves, Jack is the cutest little Buddy ever!!! Derik I'm glad you got your money back for those ridiculously priced robes , and Congratulations on 1 million subscribers!! God bless you all, thank you so much for sharing, can't wait for the next video!!🥰😇😘♥️🙏🏽😍

  • Wendy Allen
    Wendy Allen 8 bulan yang lalu +3

    Congrats on One mill.. you guys so deserve it.. such great role models!

  • ☔️Singin’ in the Rain
    ☔️Singin’ in the Rain 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    As usual super cute everybody! So glad it looks like u all had a blast💙 One question tho.. It’s January! isn’t it freezing?! Or was this trip from last summer? I’m in Alabama and it’s in the 30°s here🥶❄️ Congrats on the 1M!

  • Denise Vernon
    Denise Vernon 8 bulan yang lalu +8

    Love your family. Be blessed and keep smiling.

  • Hiyatiny
    Hiyatiny 8 bulan yang lalu +4

    Congratulations on 1 million subscribers🎊 , y'all are so fun to watch and it's so good to see Jack grow up and I don't say this usually but now I am gonna , it's CUTENESS OVERLOAD 😆❤

  • Ashwini Maheswari
    Ashwini Maheswari 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    This was sooooo fun to watch! It felt sooooo amazing!!!!! I loveddddd it when Jack said "bubbles!" It was soooo freaking cute! He is growing by the day, it's emotional to watch that....hope you guys have more fun! And this video warmed me up! Thankyou!😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ann-Marie M
    Ann-Marie M 8 bulan yang lalu +3

    Wow, what a great trip, and huge congrats on 1 million...you guys are amazing!!!!!

  • Bella Angus
    Bella Angus 8 bulan yang lalu +4

    Congratulations 🎊 on a million🧤🧤🧤🧤
    Loved the video!
    As always, thanks for allowing everyone to live vicariously through y’all.
    Live from the North North Georgia Mountains 🇺🇸

  • L. D. Matheny
    L. D. Matheny 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    🤗💕👍. As always, I enjoyed watching y'all. Your whole family, and the children are so much fun. There is nothing better than seeing the excitement and amazement in a child's face and you young adults as well (it reminds me of when my son little). You never disappoint. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with all of us. I hope everyone had an awesome time. I truly enjoyed watching. Give Jack a big hug for me. God Bless Y'all...

  • Joanne Mazza
    Joanne Mazza 8 bulan yang lalu +6

    Congratulations on 1 million plus🙂💪👏👏👏great troopers with your children all looking at amazement at the whole trip, Jack is so awed so are we. All the best and Godspeed 🙏😘❤️

  • Potterhead Weasley
    Potterhead Weasley 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    Congratulations on 1 mil guys!! You deserve it sooo much! Ahhh jacks reactions to everything is so precious! Love y’all! 💕💕💕

  • Laura Bryfogle
    Laura Bryfogle 8 bulan yang lalu +6

    Happiness is enjoying great times with your kids!! 💕🌞🌻 Blessed be! love y'all!

    • Constance Loffredo
      Constance Loffredo 8 bulan yang lalu +1

      Oh you guys look like you're having so much fun I remember when we took our son great memories that you always have thanks for sharing them with us God bless

  • TheNormals🤪
    TheNormals🤪 5 bulan yang lalu +1

    I love how Sarah says with a thumbs up “Make sure to buy your kids toys” when jack didn’t have a reaction to the Dino toy.

  • Kristy KaiserSmith
    Kristy KaiserSmith 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    Best video Ever!! Thank You for taking us with you and getting to see Jack's reactions to so many fun & new experiences is the BEST part!!!! Congrats on 1 Million subs!😍💕

  • Lisa Munno
    Lisa Munno 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Congrats you guys, we love you. Have fun, kids grow up so fast and you should enjoy Jack for as long as you can! My kids screamed and cried when there were loud noises also. It's normal. Jack is so precious and it looks like he is just taking it all in. Sarah's enthusiasm is contagious. Bless your family, love and hugs, y'all are awesome 🤩.

  • Brad Pogue
    Brad Pogue 8 bulan yang lalu +16

    Jack had so much fun he didn’t know what to do he was just taking it all in. I think The grown up s were having more fun than the kids did. Stay safe and warm see you on the next video

  • Miss Haley Brooke
    Miss Haley Brooke 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    This makes my heart smile! Ugh so wish we could afford to go!!

  • Sheila Scoyne
    Sheila Scoyne 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Congratulations to you both, absolutely deserved. Y'all are so real, and lovely. Wishing you all the happiness and blessings ❤❤❤🙏

  • Ruth Long
    Ruth Long 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    Hey guys glad you are having a good time, congrats on a million, Jack's face, so cute when he was sleeping, he looked like, I'm done for the day lol well, continued fun for you, be safe, til next time bye 👍🙏❤️😎🐬

  • Jo Bee
    Jo Bee 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Looks like you're doing a good job of teaching him to swim all by yourself!

  • EllenKimberly
    EllenKimberly 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    Omg this makes me want to go again! Me and my husband had a 3 week vacation to Florida in 2017. I hope to revisit in the future with our little girl. We are from The Netherlands :)

  • 🍃 Lily 🍃
    🍃 Lily 🍃 8 bulan yang lalu +6

    I’m in quarantine right now..! It makes me so happy how Jack is having a blast there! I hope u have a great time at Disney!

  • Courtneys Twilight Treasures
    Courtneys Twilight Treasures 8 bulan yang lalu +4

    Congrats on a million subscribers. Thanks for taking us along on your Florida trip. So much fun.

  • Jackie Millen
    Jackie Millen 8 bulan yang lalu +3

    As young as you two are, you are both fabulous parents. This is coming from a grandmother. You give me hope for this generation. 😊

    • June
      June 8 bulan yang lalu +1

      Not many like them...sad but true

  • Sandy Dawson
    Sandy Dawson 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Congratulations on your one million followers!! I love watching you guys! It always makes me smile! Much love from Cobbs Creek, Virginia ❤️

  • Sarah Farr
    Sarah Farr 8 bulan yang lalu +7

    Oh! To be a kid again! So sweet!

  • Wiccan Moon 🌙
    Wiccan Moon 🌙 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    I so want to go there! I think I’d pass out from sheer excitement of being in Harry Potter world! I’m green with envy!! Lol 😂

  • Mary mcaskile
    Mary mcaskile 8 bulan yang lalu +4

    His face is so beautiful/handsome taking in all the sights! Many kudos for reaching over 1 million subscribers. You all are incredible

  • Ispy Saidmylittleeye
    Ispy Saidmylittleeye 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    I've never seen anyone else with 1 million followers! You're the most amazing family! You're beautiful inside and out, caring, supportive, engaging, and watching you both parent Jack shows the love and respect you have for each other and your family! I can't wait until you get pregnant again! Is that a tacky thing to say? I just love your channel and tiktok videos so much! You deserve the best you two! I hope you're always this happy.

  • Shireen Davids
    Shireen Davids 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    I just love watching you guys videos always makes me smile.Jack is so adorable 😍

  • Nonnie
    Nonnie 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    Thank you for sharing your precious time with us!
    Brought back incredibly wonderful memories for me when we took our boys there when they were little.🥲
    Love to see the “family time” you all share together. What a beautiful blessed life. Raising Jack like two pros!👍🏼🙌🏼✌🏼♥️
    You are just a couple hours from where I live, would love to tour you around here, lots to do and see.

    WK2SHOP 6 bulan yang lalu

    I love Jack's new Mickey shirt! He's growing so fast! He's so stinking cute guys! Congrats on 1 million!

  • Glamma77
    Glamma77 7 bulan yang lalu

    I’m so happy for you guys! My grandson just turned 1 & he loves Jack! It’s. Nice to have family friendly content that we all enjoy!

  • Regina Monte
    Regina Monte 8 bulan yang lalu +3

    Jack so cute. God bless all ❤

  • Teresa Denny
    Teresa Denny 8 bulan yang lalu +4

    I remember $9 Mac n cheese! It would make me so mad to pay that for that. He's so adorable.

  • Simbala Désigns & Insights
    Simbala Désigns & Insights 8 bulan yang lalu

    When Jack was eating that Kraft Mac n cheese he was in heaven!! So cute! 🤣🥰💗

  • Wendy S
    Wendy S 8 bulan yang lalu +5

    Nice to see Jacks hair out of his eyes some of the time. At least for some parts of the days he could actually see things. Otherwise love it all

  • Sam Hih
    Sam Hih 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    You guys are incredibly talented and fun to watch. Derik running in any video cracks me up.

  • Cristinact
    Cristinact 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Lovely video! It is so good to see how you constantly go from the snow to the sun and viceversa, always! Congratulations on your 1M subscribers, I am glad to be one of them!

  • Raresnce
    Raresnce 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Great memories...for you guys. He won't remember any of it lol. I learned the hard way. ❤😂❤

  • Shirley Carter
    Shirley Carter 8 bulan yang lalu

    Congratulations 👏 🎊
    Thanks for taking me back down memory lane,took our kids there when they were 6 and 8 just wish they could remember it....xxx

  • Diane Hollifield
    Diane Hollifield 8 bulan yang lalu +4

    That was so good to watch thank you so much for sharing it Jack was just in awe. Tomorrow is going to be the greatest one. I live in Florida for several years. Family

    • Bridget Clement
      Bridget Clement 2 bulan yang lalu

      @Diane Hollifield I love Raiders of the Lost Arc!!! I am WISHING they would add it in Florida.

    • Diane Hollifield
      Diane Hollifield 8 bulan yang lalu

      Comes and visits A LOT just to have free stayes at Disney world lol. I have been in probably 30 years. They were building Raiders of the lost Arc so your videos are fabulous. I can't wait to see the kids tomorrow. That story about the robes were funny, it also lets me know for a fact that, cheaters never prosper! 🤣🤣

  • lori billings
    lori billings 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Congratulations 🎊 guys 1 million subscribers 👏 you deserve it. Your a wonderful family and are such a joy to watch. Jack is such a sweetie. Maybe when he gets alittle older you'll have to take him again. Sarah you are just a big kid ar heart love watching you get excited 🤗

  • Myshellee 73
    Myshellee 73 8 bulan yang lalu +3

    It's funny you guys like watching jacks expressions. Me I love watching how excited Darik gets watching jacks the 2 together are just magical and make me smile

  • Debbie Townsend
    Debbie Townsend 8 bulan yang lalu

    Congrats on your 1 million followers! I love watching you guys. I think it is so cool that I get to see Jack's first, milestones and adventures!

  • Tuija Luukkanen
    Tuija Luukkanen 8 bulan yang lalu

    Look sooo nice! Darlings,remember that children needs Hat allways in sunny 🥰

  • Kay3434
    Kay3434 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Thank you for taking me with you on another trip!❤

  • c w
    c w 5 bulan yang lalu

    He has got to be one of the cutest, sweetest little boys ever!

  • Justine Glickman
    Justine Glickman 8 bulan yang lalu

    I took my (now 16yo) son to Disney when he was 6. I was a single Mom and I saved for years to take him, we had such a blast. Watching you guys warms my whole heart ❤️

  • Indy-FM93
    Indy-FM93 8 bulan yang lalu +8

    Dude, props to you guys. I won’t take my baby till he’s old enough to remember because it’s expensive and because I just want him to enjoy himself there.

    • Donnel Nieuenkirk
      Donnel Nieuenkirk 8 bulan yang lalu

      @Indy-FM93 you too bless u

    • Carlie Daniel
      Carlie Daniel 8 bulan yang lalu +2

      Under 2 they should be free at universal

    • Indy-FM93
      Indy-FM93 8 bulan yang lalu +3

      @Donnel Nieuenkirk omg of course! My dad was great at that, he too was more of the kind of person who wanted to do anything and everything with his family even if I was too young. Just a teeny little bit impulsive, but the biggest heart and most amazing friend. He captured everything on camera. Then we lost all those tapes. Heart breaking. I miss you more then the tapes though it’d be nice to still have those moments of us together when I was a little girl. Hey donnel thanks for replying to my comment I hope you have a great day.

    • Donnel Nieuenkirk
      Donnel Nieuenkirk 8 bulan yang lalu +3

      And when u decide to take ur baby there do remember to capture the moment

  • Simply Shannon
    Simply Shannon 8 bulan yang lalu

    When my son was Jack’s age, he didn’t like loud noises or over stimulation. It’s normal. There’s nothing “wrong” with him. He’s not autistic. A lot of people told me to get my son tested but he wasn’t on the scale. He simple didn’t enjoy loud noises or wind. It took until he was about 5-6 before he could tolerate them.

  • Patricia Murphy
    Patricia Murphy 8 bulan yang lalu

    Congratulations on making 1 million. I love watching yall and Jack is just a handsome little boy . I love yall spirit and that you love eachbother. Continue Blessings to you and your family.

  • Cassandra Saavedra
    Cassandra Saavedra 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Cutest family ever God bless you all!💕😊🙏🏻🎉

  • Purple Kat
    Purple Kat 8 bulan yang lalu

    God blessed y'all BIG TIME!!! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!😀👍💜🙏✌🌞💐🎶

  • Casey Brown
    Casey Brown 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Congratulations. !!!!!! One Million!!!!! You all are so cute!♥️

  • Karen Zantop
    Karen Zantop 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    Aww love you guys!! So happy ya'll are having fun!! You guys should have pulled poor Jack's hair back...lol,it was probably hard for him to see everything with his hair in his eyes

  • Phil T
    Phil T 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    1 million!!! You deserve this so much. A strong family, awesome parents, wonderful little gentleman. Have a great 2022. God bless!

    • Hallmark Addict🎄🎄
      Hallmark Addict🎄🎄 8 bulan yang lalu

      Its wild. They were just at like a little under 500,000 and now a million so their subscribers shot up out of no where

  • Ginger Martin
    Ginger Martin 8 bulan yang lalu

    Congratulations on the million subs, so glad you are having a great time!

  • Ronald Harris
    Ronald Harris 8 bulan yang lalu

    Congratulations 🎈 beautiful family ❤️

  • Myshellee 73
    Myshellee 73 8 bulan yang lalu +2

    Congrats at a million! Good for you guys !!!

  • Lisa Gonsalves
    Lisa Gonsalves 8 bulan yang lalu

    WooHoo !!!!!! Congrats on 1M followers !!!!!!! That’s awesome to remember that along with your experience at Disney !!!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE watching your videos!

  • Sandy Rohn
    Sandy Rohn 8 bulan yang lalu

    Congratulations!!! Love watching your family

  • Sophia Rose
    Sophia Rose 8 bulan yang lalu

    Watching you guys makes me so happy! Love the wand❤

  • Linda Carpenter
    Linda Carpenter 28 hari yang lalu

    I just love Jack 😆 He could care less about your videos. You could have saved a bundle blowing bubbles at him at home. 😅🤣😂❤

  • Sariah Benedict
    Sariah Benedict 8 bulan yang lalu

    Congratulations on 1 million subscribers!! Your Disney/Universal vacation looks like it was a lot of fun!!

  • Karen Brown
    Karen Brown 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Looks like you guys had a blast. When my daughter turned 18 (March 2018) we went to Universal Studios in California (that is where we are from) and we had a blast. She had bday money and she bought herself a Harry Potter robe and a wand. She also had Butter Beer. It was a lot of fun.

  • Jocelyn Lovelady
    Jocelyn Lovelady 8 bulan yang lalu

    Congratulations on reaching 1 million followers. You are amazing individuals with outstanding character, values and morals. I don't know how you deal with Jack's level of swag and cuteness. You are wonderful parents and send much love and blessings your way.