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    Hello and WELCOME to AstroLoLogy. AstroLOLogy is our original comedy web-series of short skits based on the members of the Greek Zodiac and their wacky personalities and relationships. Gaze with wonder in this simple, dialogue-free, colourful, children's series featuring universal characters and plenty of physical comedy for people all over the world.
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    AstroLOLogy Zodiac Characters
    Aquarius is determined to improve everybody's quality of life through scientific and technological innovation ... which would be great if he was a genius, but he isn't. Always surprising, Aquarius is constantly coming up with crazy new ideas in his R&D Laboratory; sometimes his results are amazing, though most often they are hilariously disastrous.
    Pisces is a star! The biggest celebrity in the Astrolology Universe is a genuine Diva - a creative force of nature whose passion can be overwhelming. A theatrical Drama Queen who is larger than life and exaggerates everything - in her mind ants become elephants and wrong musical notes feel like earthquakes.
    Aries' entire life is one big competition that he intends to win - He is fiercely competitive at absolutely everything he does; from being first to the office or winning a dance contest, to juggling, eating ice cream and even going to the bathroom. Aries loves challenges and likes to tackle practical problems head-on ... which is why he often has a sore head, and why he is constantly looking for a new job.
    Taurus is the strong, silent type and can be very stubborn if challenged. His massive size literally makes him an immovable object - as you'll soon find out if you try to push him around - but in actual fact he's a sensitive soul who cares very deeply about things.
    The Gemini Twins are curious and always full of high jinks. This purple two-some is full of good intentions and restless energy, the twins are irresistibly drawn to whatever action or intrigue is getting underway. If something big is about to happen you can bet they'll be close by. Impulsive and somewhat manipulative, these happy pranksters are forever causing mayhem.
    Cancer is the nicest, sweetest, cutest girl you will ever meet - she likes all the classically feminine things, such as fashion and flowers, and especially romance: Cancer LOVES love! Her imagination is so powerful that she often gets carried away by her fantasies, and sometimes just a glimpse of a baby kitten or one look from a hunky guy can make her swoon.
    Strong, handsome and charismatic, Leo is a born leader and also a local celebrity who lights up any room he walks into and instantly makes other people feel better. Leo also has a special gift for being in the right place at the right and, as a result of this, things somehow always seem to go his way ... until they don‘t.
    Virgo is very rich and successful, and she didn't get this way by being lazy or sloppy. This stylish dentist and entrepreneur has a military mindset - she's organized, she's tough, she follows the rules, manages her time with precision, and she won't quit until she has given whole world the perfect smile.
    Libra is so chill he seems utterly oblivious to the daily challenges of normal life. You almost wonder if he's high all the time, until you realize that he truly exists on a higher plane of consciousness. Fair-minded to a fault, Libra believes in balance at all costs - as result he is often called upon to act as a judge or arbitrator.
    Scorpio is not an easy person to like, but he's worth the effort. On the outside he is a bad-tempered bruiser who can't take a joke and who generally expresses himself through physical violence. But on the inside he is a passionate cupcake who just wants to create amazing things and find true love.
    Sagittarius is a wild child; far more at home in the forest than living in the city. For her, being truly free means everything. While other people run from the wind and rain, she relishes it - Being out in the elements fills her heart with joy. She is a fun, beautiful girl and a lot of people like her, but they struggle to keep up with her or to tolerate her wild ways.
    Capricorn appears to be small, weak and shy, but never underestimate him: This undersized goat has an oversized heart and an oversized brain and he never gives up. As the Bellman at the city's best hotel Capricorn is an "old soul" and nothing fazes him.
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    Scorpio looks like big massif

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    Porque no sólo le puso una curita

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    Hahaha a doctor xin dog know what to do

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      I was thinking the same thing do people just come in youre house with that thing and tell you to move stuff...........chinese people:/

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    remember that people are not always what you think you are and never mock it for being different or that the sign of this person is the same as it is because it may be different from what people think it is

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    Aquarius-Capricorn cusp here. First one is WAY too accurate

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    Scorpio is my zodiac sign and my favorite guy 💚

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    Cancer is my zodiac sign and that girl is the opposite of me I'm lonely have deppresion and anxiety she is nice and helpful and I am moody and hate everyone but people I know and love

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    AstroLOLogy more like AstroLaughOutLoudOgy

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      Does anyone know about #wacolor? Take a look, it's extremely interesting,
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    Ok the 1st clip is so wrong cuz I am aquarius and I like to work out plus I'm a girl

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