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Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 15 Mei 2022
  • Playing through Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. Is Huggy Wuggy going to make an appearance? Who is this long legged nightmare? Let's find out together, shall we?

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  • Memetastic
    Memetastic Hari Yang lalu +22

    Markiplier doing everything in the game besides actually progressing the game is the most Markiplier thing ever.

  • Shadowcat
    Shadowcat 14 jam yang lalu +990

    I’m honestly surprised that Mark is the first person

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 14 jam yang lalu +537

    Mark: I'm not a masochist

  • The Gongoozler
    The Gongoozler 10 jam yang lalu +253

    Mark: "I'm NOT a masochist, I just want to see how much I can take!"

  • Aden
    Aden 11 jam yang lalu +43

    Markiplier : "I'm not a masochist"

  • Ki
    Ki 14 jam yang lalu +49

    Mark: I’m not a masochist

  • KittenWispy
    KittenWispy Hari Yang lalu +7

    Mark should've fed the candy cat, he wouldn't regret it.

  • euzu ღ
    euzu ღ 12 jam yang lalu +30

    After seeing how Markiplier was so stubborn to solve the leaving the room and following Poppy puzzle in his way and driving chat insane, I'm pretty sure he's not just a masochist but also a sadist.

  • Jakeymiracle
    Jakeymiracle 14 jam yang lalu +228

    Mark in a room that has a massive door leading out: “I think I gotta do something else”

  • Party'le'Swine
    Party'le'Swine 14 jam yang lalu +326

    Everyone else:

  • ZenoNock
    ZenoNock 14 jam yang lalu +590

    Mark: “Give me all your hate!”

  • DarkBlade51224
    DarkBlade51224 14 jam yang lalu +173


  • Elsie Lovelock
    Elsie Lovelock 19 jam yang lalu +6

    I commented on jacksepticeye's playthrough with a similar comment haha - I voiced Mommy Long Legs in this game and it was so cool to see you play it, I watched the whole stream! You talking about Mommy's hands had me dying!!

  • Leloup6760
    Leloup6760 11 jam yang lalu +21

    I usually prefer the non-chat version of his let's plays, but having Mark just TROLL the chat is actually pretty hilarious.

  • Spacefly3454
    Spacefly3454 11 jam yang lalu +14

    "This is what people call a big brain move..." - Mark (As he's doing the introduction to the new mechanics completely not how it was intended)

  • Alejandro Marez
    Alejandro Marez 15 jam yang lalu +148

    If you watch closely enough, you can FEEL the exact moment a chill runs up and down Mark's spine

  • Julien
    Julien 12 jam yang lalu +130

    - Marks : Laughs in self-sufficiency

  • Uygar Koparal
    Uygar Koparal 15 jam yang lalu +55

    After watching this video, I can say with confidence that Mark would be the best play tester with how much he tries to do things you are not meant to do

  • Riseo
    Riseo Hari Yang lalu +3

    I love that he also carries around that puppy. xD And that they actually got Mark's birthday. Very funny.

  • Matthew Denz
    Matthew Denz 14 jam yang lalu +56

    "I'm here trying to destroy myself in irresponsible ways, and they won't even allow it." - Mark I. Plier