TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ - 범규 (BEOMGYU)

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  • TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ - 범규 (BEOMGYU)

    Director : Oui Kim
    Assistant Director : Hong Jaehwan, Moon Sug, Kim Yeonjin
    Executive Producer : Yoo Jungwoo, Lumpens
    Producer : EMMA Kim Sungeun
    Production manager : Lee chanhee
    Assist Producer : An Juyoung
    Production Assistant : Lee Daehyuk, Lee Geonmo, Song eunchong
    Director of Photography : EumKo
    Focus Puller : Kim Duckjung , Ha Juyoung
    2nd AC : Lee Youngwoo , Hwang Kyoha , Kim Sion , Kim Kihun
    3rd AC : Ki Sunglim , Shin Taeseok
    Jimmy Jib : Lee Dongjin , Ji Yungu
    Grip : Nam Hyunsoo
    Phantom Operator : Oh Soni , Choi Sangrin
    Gaffer : Yoon Seungnam
    Lighting Crew : Park Hyuk, Lee Seongil, Kim Mincheol, Kim Seonho, Choi Hanwook
    Location Manager : Jang Sepil
    Art Director : Kim Suji
    Art Crew : Choi Hayoung, Lee Soyoung, Kim Sohee, Ahn Hunmin, Kang Mijin

    BigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

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  • b l u e p i n k e r u;;
    b l u e p i n k e r u;; Hari Yang lalu

    bighit: what do u do?
    beomgyu:wAeNg :)

  • tony montana13
    tony montana13 Hari Yang lalu +1

    Beomgyu is my bias in txt since the beginning and no one can change my mind.

  • Blue City Film
    Blue City Film 3 hari yang lalu

    El ultimo miembro que conocimos😭 I love u Beomgyu thanks 4 everything I will always be with u🐻🥺💙

  • Jete Jo
    Jete Jo 4 hari yang lalu

    Why does Soobin have double of his likes (11 Mio.)
    I'm genuinly confused

  • Zara Astley
    Zara Astley 4 hari yang lalu +2

    When I see him here he looks like a smol boy but now Ahmmm he is the most powerful aura

  • Ileana Vega
    Ileana Vega 4 hari yang lalu

    He looks like my future husband

  • Huyền Hoàng
    Huyền Hoàng 5 hari yang lalu

    Pretty boy

  • honey boy
    honey boy 5 hari yang lalu

    i want to pack their lunches : ((

  • honey boy
    honey boy 5 hari yang lalu

    our little angel

  • A Syrdal
    A Syrdal 5 hari yang lalu

    *coughcough* So I'm officially OT5...

  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen 6 hari yang lalu +2

    300 days with Beomgyu 😍

  • Aoi Yukari
    Aoi Yukari 7 hari yang lalu

    I think I'll get a nosebleed :""

  • Leylengee MOARMY
    Leylengee MOARMY 8 hari yang lalu

    1:00 i can hear it

  • honey xbearxtae
    honey xbearxtae 8 hari yang lalu

    Just came back to confirm my bias

  • 노인코래방
    노인코래방 10 hari yang lalu

    사랑에 빠졌다

  • hey moon
    hey moon 10 hari yang lalu +1

    He’s an angel 👼🏻

  • Alivia S.
    Alivia S. 10 hari yang lalu +1

    At this point....Siri, add BigHit to my bias list

  • Damon Choi
    Damon Choi 11 hari yang lalu +1

    I'm happy and proud cuz you know I'm here since TXT pre-debut days, uwu.

  • 이효민
    이효민 14 hari yang lalu

    울 범규 체고얌...🥰

  • 형태태
    형태태 16 hari yang lalu

    Look alike L myungsoo hermmm

  • Arul Selvan
    Arul Selvan 17 hari yang lalu

    That morse code in the end...

  • stay with blckpnk
    stay with blckpnk 17 hari yang lalu +2

    Came back to confirm my bias and the reason why i stanned TXT since debut.

  • Danika M
    Danika M 17 hari yang lalu

    Anyone know what song this is?

  • good morning
    good morning 19 hari yang lalu

    Wow 😍❤

  • Chichi Hariaty Sianturi
    Chichi Hariaty Sianturi 20 hari yang lalu

    I like this video, it's so fun

  • belén c
    belén c 21 hari yang lalu

    fame has changed hyunjae

  • 박Jiminixx
    박Jiminixx 23 hari yang lalu +1

    Baby beom is my bias since debut💛

  • Erke Zhan
    Erke Zhan 24 hari yang lalu

    Мой биас

  • 明日一緒に
    明日一緒に 24 hari yang lalu


  • sweet cupcakes
    sweet cupcakes 24 hari yang lalu

    watching this with beomgyu scream "aaaaak" BGM, this baby is so cute

  • Taerrific pjms
    Taerrific pjms 25 hari yang lalu

    he's babie

  • Mary Carmen
    Mary Carmen 25 hari yang lalu +2

    Beomgyu is so cute...I like him so much. He makes ❤️ my race.. there's something about him...he's a wrecker...

  • Ikaa sayang
    Ikaa sayang 25 hari yang lalu

    i love youuuu

  • I'tt mee
    I'tt mee 25 hari yang lalu

    he is center??!

  • Anaa Arts
    Anaa Arts 26 hari yang lalu +3

    Everything in him scream cuuuutttttteeeee 😭😭💙

  • Jeon jung kook
    Jeon jung kook 27 hari yang lalu +2

    Your my happiness. 😞😞😞😞

  • k h
    k h 27 hari yang lalu


  • 아 토상 토BTS
    아 토상 토BTS Bulan Yang lalu


  • kim셰이
    kim셰이 Bulan Yang lalu

    Missing this

    BTS SAVED MY LIFE Bulan Yang lalu


  • renata
    renata Bulan Yang lalu +4

    anyone here after comeback?🥰

  • And __
    And __ Bulan Yang lalu

    A beleza desse garoto.. imagina quando ficar mais velho.. lindo

  • salma azzahra
    salma azzahra Bulan Yang lalu

    Beomgyu saranghae😘

  • Jennifer Carolline
    Jennifer Carolline Bulan Yang lalu +2

    I think this one will be my bias

  • Purpleness Kim
    Purpleness Kim Bulan Yang lalu


  • TurboX
    TurboX Bulan Yang lalu +2


  • Punyisa Wongsurin
    Punyisa Wongsurin Bulan Yang lalu +2

    I love BEOMGYU~~

  • A.R.M.Y e ONCE
    A.R.M.Y e ONCE Bulan Yang lalu

    Amo ele❤

  • it is what it is
    it is what it is Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Beomgyu is 100% visuals

  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Beomgyu sos 1 bebé 💜

  • Ruth Banda
    Ruth Banda Bulan Yang lalu

    Act silly 😛

  • xiyue ful
    xiyue ful Bulan Yang lalu +1

    thank you for debuting💞

    LITGRRL 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    thats my bias

  • Joannah Manuba
    Joannah Manuba 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    wow i'm inlove

  • shooter for beomgyu
    shooter for beomgyu 2 bulan yang lalu +2

    choi beomgyuuuu

  • Kpop chois
    Kpop chois 2 bulan yang lalu +3

    Yall WE need this to get 7million views for christmas😣

  • MOA
    MOA 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    I love you baby please stay healthy I also miss you very much 😭💕💖💝💖💖💖💞💞💗💗💗💝💖💗💖💝💘💖💖💝💖💖💝💖💝💖💝💝💕💗💞💝💖💘💖💖💝💝💝

  • MOA
    MOA 2 bulan yang lalu +1


  • The KIKz
    The KIKz 2 bulan yang lalu +2

    Beomgyu cute💕

  • Tita nia
    Tita nia 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    jinjja after taehyung ia my bias now beomgyu too and both of then from daegu