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[Eng 아이☁클라우드] 꽃게탕 🦀🥣 먹는 우리를 봐👀 꽃게탕🦀🥣 먹어 자유로워 | 키토산 풀충전🔋 | 카일로 | NCT 127 태용 태일 정우

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 29 Sep 2022
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Komentar • 708

  • Jerelyn Gatchalian

    Taeil’s dream to have a family is so endearing. And the fact that Jungwoo had always dreamed about it, as well as how Taeyong thinks about his sister and nephew. Too wholesome ❤

  • multiredstan

    i love how they played almost every single song from nct 127s discography lmao

  • Yoon Areum

    태일아 사랑해💛

  • 쩡

    jungwoo was kylo’s pick 🤣 he really likes him! the two babies!

  • neo culture johnny

    Usually Kevin cooks by himself for the idols. This is the first time I’ve seen an idol offer to help him cook. Taeil is so kind ! 💓

  • Sandae Sanderson

    Taeil had baby fever throughout the entire video. It was so cute how he kept staring at Kylo.

  • 쩡

    jungwoo keeps on throwing in english words whenever he speaks so i still somehow get the gist of what is happening even without the subs 😂 he’s soooo cute i love him

  • Kish
    Kish  +160

    I really like how Taeyong is trying to grasp every chance he has to speak in English he has improved so much right after he joined superm and had to do promotion in the States. He is not afraid to make mistake and is gradually improving by picking up new words through interviews and English lessons I am impressed by his determination and diligence.

  • 마크야 맠맠웃겨

    태일이 가족 얘기하는 거 들으니까 사랑받고 자라서 나눠줄 줄 아는 사람 같아 보인다 ⠀̆̎

  • 나는얌우앙

    카일로가 정우 ㅋㅋㅋ맘에 들어하나봐 역시 애기들끼리 알아보나보다 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Carmen Liu

    Jungwoo is already a baby look at his face so cute

  • _kpopzen21
    _kpopzen21  +125

    Jungwoo my boy is a great eater, he sure needs his meals

  • Dellyn Ann
    Dellyn Ann  +183

    Taeil and Taeyong are great cooks

  • Eszee Zee
    Eszee Zee  +377

    "Kylo very kind!" never thought I'd feel warm and fuzzy over Jungwoo uttering those words. 😊😅

  • deobi elf
    deobi elf  +36

    tyong and taeil wanting daughters makes my heart so warm 😫 especially when taeil spoke about how having a family some day is one of his dreams. TYONG ALREADY HAS 22 KIDS AND COUNTING KEV GIVE HIM A BREAK 😂 but I truly think it takes a lot of maturity to come out and say hey I'm really not ready for kids because of how realistically difficult it is and jungwoo mentioned that as well. All in all I wish they would be able to feel more comfortable in the future speaking about realistic life experiences like having their own families without being as hesitant. Yes they're idols but true fans will love them and their families and give them the respect and space they deserve.

  • Ae⛅️
    Ae⛅️  +125

    Jungwoo hanging out and being a playful hyung with kids is such an experience! No wonder baby Kylo picked him and was the baby’s favorite🥺💕

  • Ae⛅️
    Ae⛅️  +285


  • teddy bear jelly

    It's too early to witness Taeyong, Jungwoo and Taeil have their own families and children, but I am looking forward to seeing that in the future. They are going to be great dads


    I got teary eyed when they talk about having a child, they'll be a good dad for sure. 😭♥️ I will look forward to seeing them one by one settling down and buliding their own family when they're all ready. And when that time comes.. Czennies, please, let's show no mercy to whoever toxic fans criticized and throw hates with our boys. Falling inlove and marrying the person they love is not a crime. Let's support them until then. 💚💚💚

  • Nour Al
    Nour Al  +95

    Taeyong already got 22 kids