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9 Times Stephen Curry Went TOO FAR

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 14 Jul 2022
  • 9 Times Stephen Curry Went TOO FAR
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  • Elroy Jones
    Elroy Jones Bulan Yang lalu +138

    I'm telling you, whenever he misses, it's on purpose. He has to miss from time to time so that we don't figure out he's not from here.

  • Meepp
    Meepp 2 bulan yang lalu +200

    I just remembered that curry was injured during the 2016 finals, and still played the full series even if they lost. 👏👏👏

    • Markeys 415
      Markeys 415 13 jam yang lalu

      @Eric Cartman he was easily the best player in against kawaii in 2019 let’s not start with the fact that he dropped 47 and lost by damn near 20 sum should tell you sum😂 everybody’s a good regular season player but don’t give me that he disappears when it matters bullshit after he just averaged 31 in the finals 😂 not to mention the fact that he was the warriors leading scorer in the 2018 finals in games 1 2 and 4 with 30+ not that he aaa better than bron then but he fs dosent disappear and he’s just as good if not better in the postseason, there’s a reason his stats all go up once the postseason starts 😂

    • Eric Cartman
      Eric Cartman 13 jam yang lalu

      @Markeys 415 Curry has never been the best player on the court when playing against LeBron, even against Leonard he wasnt the best player on the court HAHA curry is a good regular season player though LOL

    • Eric Cartman
      Eric Cartman 13 jam yang lalu

      @nick jones notice how your brain dead statement didn't include Kevin Love being out the whole series too lolol yet fat p...y warrior fans wanna cry about 2016 missing draymond for one game xD I sleep great at night knowing Bron was the main reason for every chip he got yet Curry needed durant after 2016

    • Markeys 415
      Markeys 415 19 jam yang lalu

      @Eric Cartman best player on the court was steph he won mvp he was just hobbled

    • nick jones
      nick jones Hari Yang lalu

      @Eric Cartman warriors still win 2015. First game with Kyrie they still went into overtime. What the hell implies that a healthy Kyrie guarantees a chip in 2015? As great as lebron played on his own, there’s still only one ball and only so many possessions in a game.. Kyrie is hardly the defender that Matthew Dellavedova was and Curry baked him in all but one game… but whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • R Fletcher
    R Fletcher Bulan Yang lalu +12

    I don't think steph gets enough credit for his change of speed when dribbling through traffic. The same reason Kyrie is so successful, but steph got that ooowee 3 point shot that'll make you reevaluate your whole career! In my opinion, change of speed is underrated by far!

  • rlJordon
    rlJordon 2 bulan yang lalu +505

    4 time champ and a finals mvp

    • Crazy Nindroid Gamer
      Crazy Nindroid Gamer 5 hari yang lalu

      @joe wu you still couldn’t go and do it it isnt easy

    • Daniel Longoria
      Daniel Longoria 28 hari yang lalu

      And two time regular season mvp

    • joe wu
      joe wu Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Relentless Attitude if conference mvp had been presented to the player from 90s, Mike has had 6 times at least and king james has had 8 times at least. Conference final mvp does really mean noting

    • Relentless Attitude
      Relentless Attitude Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @joe wu if western conference finals mvp means nothing..then let’s see you go out and accomplish it

    • Brody Wells
      Brody Wells Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Best shooter I’ve seen

    FAN PULSE! Bulan Yang lalu +5


  • PeteyC_ AZ
    PeteyC_ AZ Bulan Yang lalu +30

    Yeah bro, amazing video! This dude is insane. Ain’t nobody hitting shots as ridiculous as those. That OKC “double bang” one was just nuts. I remember seeing that live and we were all in disbelief. Like, did he really just square up from there??

    • Carol Miller
      Carol Miller 10 jam yang lalu

      Wow! You saw the game. I saw him short step and I thought "he's not gonna shoort from there?" but then I remembered - he's Stephen Curry. 🏀🏆

    • Teyae T
      Teyae T Bulan Yang lalu

      🙏🙏Blessings forever
      GOD loves y'all too forever tell everyone you know and don't know. Jesus loves y'all too forever. Teach everyone how to see and enjoy their blessings too foreverf

  • Ham 1982
    Ham 1982 2 bulan yang lalu +66

    Stephan Curry small regular guy who has huge impact bigger most big athletic players, we fall in love with high flyers and dunkers, but Steph in his own way changed the game, not for chock value but after watching him for many years, i can say that Curry now is on the same spot where Magic is all time

    • Lighthouse maccabee
      Lighthouse maccabee Bulan Yang lalu

      @Keon Goree 🤔🤔smh, ok

    • Keon Goree
      Keon Goree Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Lighthouse maccabee you’re entitled to your own opinion bra🤣 I ain’t gotta say a thing

    • Lighthouse maccabee
      Lighthouse maccabee Bulan Yang lalu +2

      He's in my top 10 he wins next year he will be in my top 5 nd i will say witout doubt he is better thsn lebron

    • Lighthouse maccabee
      Lighthouse maccabee Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @Keon Goree no u are trippin steph curry may make the league change the three point line. The whole league tries to mimic this playing style. He has the impact of micheal Jordan on the entire game of basketball. Strategy, shooting, systems have been carbon copied to try to beat this guy lol...

    • Keon Goree
      Keon Goree Bulan Yang lalu +1


  • Kid Astronaut
    Kid Astronaut Bulan Yang lalu +4

    Been a Steph fan but this really breaks down his greatness.

  • LeFraud Has Choked In SIX Finals

    Steve Kerr: "I've never seen anyone who could strike fear in opposing arenas like Steph Curry."

  • wakingchristian
    wakingchristian 2 bulan yang lalu +90

    Next best Steph moment is 43 and 10 in a pivotal finals game 4.

  • Itz An Opinion
    Itz An Opinion 2 bulan yang lalu +60

    I still find it hard to believe that during his 2nd MVP season, Curry dropped FOUR HUNDRED AND THREE 3-pointers in 82 games.....!!!!!!

    • Carol Miller
      Carol Miller 10 jam yang lalu

      He's a mad man.

    • Kyle O'Dell
      Kyle O'Dell 21 hari yang lalu

      @Itz An Opinion I was only critical of your number because the guy who made the video was off on a few, my bad hahah. But for real! It is insane!!!

    • Itz An Opinion
      Itz An Opinion 21 hari yang lalu

      @Kyle O'Dell ohh. ..off by ONE .. my bad... Still...over 400 over 82 games is insane!!

    • Kyle O'Dell
      Kyle O'Dell 21 hari yang lalu


    • Midori
      Midori Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Rush Phi he should have rested more rather than chase history with 73 wins.
      he injured himself twice in the playoff.
      maybe it could have been avoided if he rested some games.

  • C D
    C D 2 bulan yang lalu +58

    Kyrie put his head down after playing all that tight defense but he knew it was a wrap when he saw Curry get a clean shot off. That's cold

  • DrcJr77
    DrcJr77 Bulan Yang lalu +3

    4:06 Love Klay's reaction, lol

  • patricia mendenhall
    patricia mendenhall Bulan Yang lalu +5

    Steph is poetry in motion !

  • PackLBS
    PackLBS 2 bulan yang lalu +23

    It wasn't a turnaround 3 and Steph got mad at Perk bc he thought was trying to trip him.

  • Laura Huynh
    Laura Huynh 15 hari yang lalu

    I just remembered that curry was injured during the 2016 finals, and still played the full series even if they lost.

  • giorgos Sermes
    giorgos Sermes Bulan Yang lalu +5

    the time warriors beat portland 4-0 in finals west 2019 will forever be remembered by me xD

  • kju botushi
    kju botushi 2 bulan yang lalu +10

    Steph is so inspirational 🔥

  • Ramon Wang
    Ramon Wang 11 hari yang lalu

    I love how the thumbnail implies that steph is somehow a menace on the field. Sure, he's terrifying to play against but I doubt he's knocking anyone's teeth out anytime soon.

  • Raul Gonzalez
    Raul Gonzalez 2 bulan yang lalu +5

    man he can take the shot in far far away and still score

  • Chad Church
    Chad Church Bulan Yang lalu +2

    They dont call him the best shooter in NBA History for nothing, Im convinced he could win 2 more rings before his times up

  • Lennon Mabry
    Lennon Mabry Bulan Yang lalu +2

    I heard someone say that Steph curry was a top ten or top fifteen player in NBA history I say that he could possibly be in the top five anyone that could change the game of basketball should be a top five player in NBA history I rest my case

  • EJR
    EJR 2 bulan yang lalu +7

    No matter how much i watch that shot against okc goosebumps everytime! The shot ot game winner commentary i mean perfect

  • Stu Longy
    Stu Longy Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Nice vid bruh you have earned yourself another sub, keep up that grind 👊🏻

  • Passerby
    Passerby 2 bulan yang lalu +21

    Perkins tried talking shit again to steph and made him win another won 🤣

    • Carol Miller
      Carol Miller 10 jam yang lalu

      I think Steve Kerr pays Perk to do that cuz everyone knows "Do Not Make Steph Mad" 🏀💥🔥

  • Kendric Jonrs
    Kendric Jonrs Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Why start out with a diss?!
    Y'all know damn well Steph
    is listed at 6' 3"

  • maniboy58
    maniboy58 2 bulan yang lalu +26

    steph is 6’3 185 not 6 ft 170 that’s a big difference

    • A Bee
      A Bee Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @andy jacobs Yeah no prob- Curry always said he watched Bird's film and you can see that in his play. He is undoubtedly one of the best ever.

    • andy jacobs
      andy jacobs Bulan Yang lalu +2

      thankyou for that someone on here kept on saying hes 6foot2 hes 6 foot3 kept on going back in forth with me

    • A Bee
      A Bee Bulan Yang lalu +1

      it'd be hot hell for a 6 footer to do all that.

    • Airek Jay
      Airek Jay Bulan Yang lalu +1

      I thought he was gonna talk about Iverson first lol

  • Pros sport
    Pros sport  2 bulan yang lalu +217

    **4-time champ and a finals MVP**
    **7th Overall pick**
    Sorry About that Guys

    • MELO
      MELO Bulan Yang lalu +2

      @24_8Pro no shit it’s a damn joke

    • 24_8Pro
      24_8Pro Bulan Yang lalu

      @MELO hair doesn’t count

    • Tre The King
      Tre The King Bulan Yang lalu

      You good don’t let it happen again tho

    • Passerby
      Passerby Bulan Yang lalu

      @MELO 8,849m + 6’3 on top of mount everest

    • MELO
      MELO Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Yely Harmony 7’0 with bone surgery extension

  • Ava Ibarra
    Ava Ibarra Bulan Yang lalu +5

    Curry is too good 👍

  • Henry
    Henry Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Amazing vid as me being a curry fan since 2015 this was heartwarming to see again

  • teto85
    teto85 2 bulan yang lalu +13

    Steph reminds me of other NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL superstar players. Nice guys, but on game day at the park, stadium, or arena, if you are not wearing their colours then you are a target. They don't call Steph a "baby faced assassin" for nothing. Idiot opponents get Steph angry. You won't like him when he's angry. (If you are on the other team) Next best Steph moment? I can wait for next year.

  • Gazza Macca
    Gazza Macca Bulan Yang lalu +3

    Great all round team player who is the best in the business...love watching run rings around everyone.

  • Joey _A
    Joey _A Bulan Yang lalu

    I think he’s the best of all time because he’s a point guard doing this! Usually big stronger sg or small forward should be doing this.

  • vhin dave
    vhin dave 2 bulan yang lalu +25

    add another championship & a finals mvp on his HOF resumé, he is 1 of those rare players that time & again proves everybody wrong when they doubt him or talk ridiculous takes on him. a generational player like him deserves all the respect 🔥🔥🔥
    "what are they gonna say now???"
    TAKE THAT BigjerkPerkins!

    • Daniel Scully
      Daniel Scully 2 bulan yang lalu +1

      missed opportunity to leave it as BigJerkPerk in my opinion

  • Anish Arora
    Anish Arora 26 hari yang lalu


  • Coskun Yilmaz
    Coskun Yilmaz 2 bulan yang lalu +11

    I think that no other basketball player has changed this game so much than Curry. On the streetball court I hear a lot people shouting "Steph" or "Curry" when you hit a three. And these people shouting are basketball noobs. Only Jordan had this kind of influence to a hole generation of basketball players. I never hear/heard people talking about LB James. They are wearing the jersey from James (Miami, Cleveland, LA) but that's all. If I think of Jordan I see him in a bulls jersey (although he played for Wizards). And Curry in a GSW jersey. These players will stay at our minds for a long long time.

    • my trigger
      my trigger Bulan Yang lalu

      Nobody changed basketball like the 1985 Villanova Wildcats! Put a shot clock on em and replay that game! Don't sweat it Ewing, you were the most feared man to put on a basketball jersey 85. Hands down.

    • Trung Bui Thanh
      Trung Bui Thanh 2 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Samuel Castells Kobe for a tough shot actually

    • Samuel Castells
      Samuel Castells 2 bulan yang lalu +1

      Kobe too

  • Lisa Berry
    Lisa Berry 19 hari yang lalu

    He was the 7th overall draft pick, makes me wonder if you got all his other accomplishments correct

  • JT Fears
    JT Fears Bulan Yang lalu +1

    He's truly amazing

  • my trigger
    my trigger Bulan Yang lalu +2

    I still cringe every time I think about KD putting on a Warriors uniform. There's just something to be said about common sense and knowing your place and knowing your legacy. I give him nothing for his years with the Warriors. He robbed not just Curry, but so many others who were victims of his ongoing crusade. Sadly, instead of the Warriors beating teams by 25, they scrapped together single digit victories often with all eyes on KD in the final seconds. Those seconds that Curry would have normally put a distance between the Warriors and Currys victims pulling ahead to double digits with 5 minutes to go, were now nail biters often with Curry tight lipped and running the plays thru KD as designed, rolling failed buzzer beaters into 7 game series that Curry would have finished in 5. To contest what I'm saying is to either not have watched intently as I have or to not understand the game beyond the glitz of highlight reels. Now we can finally reopen the book and let Curry's storied dominance shine thru, but, years separated, and guys moving around to try and create legacies unlike KD's interruption of a legacy in motion. I blame the Warriors front office just as much as KD himself and yea, other sports are becoming just as bad as the Yankees and dodgers have a bid on the table of any body they please and they can and will easily outbid the smaller market teams. Oakland is a self proclaimed stepping stone. It's just hard to argue that Curry is the hands down MVP that in my opinion by now he could have passed Jordan. But because of KD walking onto the floor that was in a middle of a party, you hijacked the celebration. Almost like Will Smith but you wasn't even up for an award. You just kind of said hey I'll play with you guys...um, awkward

  • Wrong jay will Reborn
    Wrong jay will Reborn 2 bulan yang lalu +4

    6'2 without shoes. Listed as 6'3.

  • Carol Miller
    Carol Miller 11 jam yang lalu

    You forgot Steph just won Finals MVP. A recognition he says is more valuable to him than the 2 MVPs.

  • Firpo Maan
    Firpo Maan Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I think Steph is the greatest shooter since Larry Bird. I've never seen anything like Curry in my lifetime besides Bird, he was a way better passer but Curry is a much better 3 point shooter which a lot has to do with just normal evolution of the game. Curry he has the best net sense I've ever seen. Lebron isn't shit IMO skill wise infront of Steph, Labron just uses his size to drive the net and dunk. He stands infront of the net and everybody feeds him points and that moves him up the alltime points leader, I don't think he's even as good as Kobe was, Kobe brought allot more skill and game to the court. Labron might be 1 of the most over rated players, points don't tell nearly enough of the skill set a player carries. Don't get me Wrong Labron is a great player but I would choose Steph over Labron every single time. I don't think Labron would make my all time favourites team. He knows exactly where the net is at all times. Curry has revolutionized the game, from this point forward now in the NBA it will become an all 3point shots game, there will be no more driving the net or slam dunks you will only see that on rebounds but the shooters will become so skilled their shooting be close to 100%. If you think about it the game is poised to go that direction, the most effient way to play would be to play an all out 3point game.

  • Urban420Cards
    Urban420Cards Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Steph broke GS's streak before LeBron was able to notch Cleveland one. Steph is a better team player than LeBron. Steph is 2 places above LeBron on my GOAT list and always was a better player than LeBron in my opinion.

  • Pancho Ginete
    Pancho Ginete 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    Will you please compare steph, james and mj in total average ppg, apg and rpg? Thank you.

  • Clint
    Clint Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I'm literally shocked not one NBA player can lock up Curry.

  • Jay 2widit
    Jay 2widit 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    I loved the video but I got a question. How did you say Steph was a 3x Champion but used a picture of him puttin up the number 4?😭

  • IceyyRBLX
    IceyyRBLX Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Respect to Curry this guy is a threat to the 3 pointers like once the golden states are ahead there is no going back like hell nah bro?!

  • TheUndefeatedOfTheEast
    TheUndefeatedOfTheEast 22 hari yang lalu +1

    I keep saying this every year. Don't let steph win another ring. The more he wins the dumber the haters look.

  • Ajay Magar
    Ajay Magar 2 bulan yang lalu +4

    Bro really said 3 time champ 😂😂😂

  • apark02
    apark02 2 bulan yang lalu +4

    After Portland got swept in 2019 to the Dubs without Durant is when they should have blown up that team.

  • Marwan Arakji
    Marwan Arakji Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Video needs a refresh for the 4th championship and new stats… Curry is AWESOME

  • shawn bowden
    shawn bowden Bulan Yang lalu +7

    Steph size and height doesn't stop him he continues to show impressive numbers

    • Carol Miller
      Carol Miller 10 jam yang lalu

      He was always small for his age so he grew up learning how to play with what he had. Didn't hurt that Dell Curry was his dad...🏆🏀

  • ThatGuyCollins
    ThatGuyCollins Bulan Yang lalu

    The editing 🔥
    The voice: not cringe
    The music 🔥
    This was awesome

  • Chin Chanz
    Chin Chanz 2 bulan yang lalu +2

    11:59 look at the bench, they knew they lost lol

  • René S. Shabastari
    René S. Shabastari 2 bulan yang lalu +2

    I Love Curry. He’s amazing. But honestly, Shaq and LeBron should be up there with him in the unanimous MVP status.

  • Gorevarix
    Gorevarix 2 bulan yang lalu +8

    8:50 Jordan went 3-3 then retired for 2 years because of his dad, he then came back and made it 6-6. Lets see anyone today take 2 years off to play a different sport and then come back and win the big 1 3 more times in a row.

    • Ivan Martinez
      Ivan Martinez Bulan Yang lalu

      Yup Jordan the goat..

    • Lighthouse maccabee
      Lighthouse maccabee 2 bulan yang lalu

      That's a good point

    • Gorevarix
      Gorevarix 2 bulan yang lalu

      @bangwithcamino and this is coming from someone who HATED Jordan and the Bulls cause as a kid I thought it was unfair that they always won and why couldn't another team have a chance.

    • Gorevarix
      Gorevarix 2 bulan yang lalu

      @bangwithcamino EVERYTHING is about Jordan bro..

    • bangwithcamino
      bangwithcamino 2 bulan yang lalu +2

      For what?! This was just a random moment to mention Jordan 😂

  • Yusuf Ali
    Yusuf Ali 2 bulan yang lalu +3

    Wait 6th or 7th overal pick? Steph was the 7th pick right.

  • Vagabond
    Vagabond Bulan Yang lalu +2

    I don’t know how you can pass up playing with the best shooter in the HISTORY of the NBA. KD should never have left GS….he gave up both legacy and dynasty for personal accolade…definitely had the wrong people in his ear.🙄🤪

    • Discus Lin
      Discus Lin Bulan Yang lalu

      I think a big part of it was him sacrificing some extra salary to play in GSW only to not be acknowledged as "the guy" for the team. Since he wasn't getting recognition as the best on the team he chose the money.

  • Akihisa
    Akihisa 2 bulan yang lalu +6

    NBA going forward, 2050 or smthn players gonna have 70%+ on 3pt shooting lmao

  • R C Barnson
    R C Barnson Bulan Yang lalu

    146 in 4 playoffs games... I know Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray probably beat that and had better shooting splits. Best playoff series ive seen from two guys going back and forth at each other.

  • Kal Snipez
    Kal Snipez Bulan Yang lalu +2

    I was a curry fan in 2016 because of his faith

  • ShivenXD
    ShivenXD Bulan Yang lalu

    Just imagine Steph curry, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Shaquille and James harden playing in the same team

  • kuunami
    kuunami 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    Your commentary skills made me subscribe immediately.

  • Sqk
    Sqk Bulan Yang lalu +1

    pound for pound THE best to ever professionally hold a basketball
    past, present, future
    no one will ever match him

  • H C
    H C 7 hari yang lalu

    Top 3 guards ever with MJ and Kobe. Game changer. I already think he's top 5 ever .................rule changes or not, you cannot stop a shooter

  • naomi s. Sharif
    naomi s. Sharif 22 hari yang lalu +1

    Steph is a great LEADER! TGBTG FOR HIS gift and talent as a professional NBA basketball 🏀 TEAM player!! 4RINGS LATER.

  • nguyen925
    nguyen925 Bulan Yang lalu

    Still insane to me... how does Kobe have 5 championships but only 1 MVP?

  • DrcJr77
    DrcJr77 Bulan Yang lalu

    Very Well Done, Would have been cool to add this years all star game and championship. But hey maybe a part 2

  • Thelonious Coltrane
    Thelonious Coltrane 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    The GOAT of the 3-point line is a Catholic devotee too. Legend!

  • B Barberelli
    B Barberelli Bulan Yang lalu

    Did you call him 6ft for dramatical effects? You do realize he's 6' 3"?

  • Robert Barnes
    Robert Barnes Bulan Yang lalu +3

    There's too much speculation in your video. You say that Steph "felt he wasn't getting the respect he deserved." You can't possibly know that. He has never articulated such a sentiment and, in fact, it's generally understood that he doesn't think that way. That is the reason that Golden State is so good despite being relatively "star-less" after Curry. There is no one on the floor who feels entitled to the ball. EVERYONE touches it, so no one feels any urgency to shoot when they can. Playing the GSW you're playing a TEAM, not two "superstars" and three role players serving as place holders.

    • notsunil
      notsunil Bulan Yang lalu

      I stopped watching this video as soon as he said "Steph and the Warriors hadn't faced any adversity through the first two rounds of the playoffs"... um... what? Steph literally got injured in the first round against the Rockets. The video even brings attention to his "I'm back" moment, which was Steph finally feeling himself after coming back from the injury. But he makes no mention of the injury. There was also so much more to Steph that game and he doesn't get into it. I assume cause he never saw the game. Guy who made this doesn't know what actually happened and is making stuff up for fake drama. This video was made for the fake fans who don't know.

  • Apache
    Apache Bulan Yang lalu

    There's talent out there......it just depends if they're willing to put the work in!!

  • Blake's Youtube
    Blake's Youtube Bulan Yang lalu +1

    he's a 4 time nba champ.

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Williams Bulan Yang lalu

    Did I forget to mention that Steph Curry is by far the most petty person you could ever encounter.

  • s jones
    s jones Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Perkins need to stop. He was a marginal player at best and criticize Steph Curry and the Warriors is just ridiculous. He need to enjoy what is seeing.

  • Camela hand Harris
    Camela hand Harris 2 bulan yang lalu +4

    Only Unanimous MVP ever

  • Mary Thomas
    Mary Thomas 27 hari yang lalu +1

    Warriors DIDN'T need KD, KD needed the Warriors!!!!

  • Jay R
    Jay R 2 bulan yang lalu

    I can't seem to find any info on the results of the 2018 NBA Finals. Can someone let me know what happened during that series?

  • 『Z』
    『Z』 2 bulan yang lalu +5

    I keep on hearing people say GSW only won their first Championship because the Cavs players weren't complete/healthy, etc.. But I didn't here all those bs during the 2016 Finals lmao

  • G-Mode504
    G-Mode504 Bulan Yang lalu

    He nice but i still ain't see anyone play the right type of defense on him. You gotta stay in a shooters face at ALL times. Even on timeouts n dead balls. Stay in his grill. Rough him up a Lil. Nobody does it tho
    They just chase him around n let him shoot

  • Jason Threes
    Jason Threes 22 hari yang lalu

    i got a question when KD went to the warriors he got alot of hate how much hate did Russel get for going to the lakers

  • Manny Swift
    Manny Swift 2 bulan yang lalu +2

    Stephen curry is my favorite basketball player my dad doesn’t like him let’s go hes the best basketball player ever after Michael jordan

    • tanino menes
      tanino menes Bulan Yang lalu

      How commme is your father not adore SC?Its not even possible!You should talk to him about praising and accepting SC into his heart and ask to forgive for that ok!!! Thanks 😇😇😇

  • Duvall Wiley
    Duvall Wiley 2 bulan yang lalu

    The thumbnail shot was immaculate. I can see steph doing that cause Draymond got out of line.

  • Leo Holcomb
    Leo Holcomb Bulan Yang lalu

    homie he was the 7th overall pick not the 6th😭

  • Alex Rocio
    Alex Rocio 18 hari yang lalu

    He goes to far every season....he the G.O.A.T

  • Rb
    Rb 2 bulan yang lalu +3

    Going to be real to help your channel grow. I really enjoyed the video and was going to share this with my friends but I saw that you put a mistake putting ‘6th overall’ instead of ‘7’. I think it’s because your channel is a basketball informations channel, but that kinda made me double guess my self in sharing this video cause I knew they would bring it up. Anyways I appreciate you putting this video together

    • Michael S Myint
      Michael S Myint 2 bulan yang lalu +1

      Great comment. Felt the same way. enjoyed the video, but there are a few little errors of facts that make this a bit less crediable.

  • p s
    p s 2 bulan yang lalu +6

    Curry was drafted #7

  • Shift
    Shift 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    I didnt know the warriors were a basketball team before curry.

  • Ivan Martinez
    Ivan Martinez Bulan Yang lalu

    (I'm the best player in the world) Steph,hold my 🍺..

  • Blazer8463
    Blazer8463 2 bulan yang lalu

    Wait 51 games was a 6th seed I haven’t been into basketball for a while but like that’s impressive

  • M Neugent
    M Neugent Bulan Yang lalu +1

    And his coach actually shot a higher percentage from three pt land than he did.

    • Osi Osi
      Osi Osi Bulan Yang lalu

      If curry did play with MJ he would have 90% from threes lol

  • Tuan Do
    Tuan Do Bulan Yang lalu

    Was ready to stop watching at 0:58 when I head 'concensus greatest player' 😂... and he then went to show how great he was with the sentence: 'I feel confident, 'cause I'm the best player in the world'...

  • DopePiece
    DopePiece Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Baby face assasin 😂

  • Dylan currie
    Dylan currie 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    He may be small but he can play ball

  • Maj U
    Maj U Bulan Yang lalu

    Man 2017 was wild probably what ruined Kyrie Irving’s mental state

  • RELLIK37
    RELLIK37 2 bulan yang lalu

    This video *my opinion* makes me feel curry is more comparable to Micheal jordan then LeBron in basketball sense.

  • Bakaat777
    Bakaat777 Bulan Yang lalu

    LOL... I used to play ball after high school and college, at an Air Force gym and would shoot, and make, lonnng jumpers and set shots like Curry, some from just inside half court. I never thought it disrespectful, but I did have the bruthas D'ing me up and saying, "aw ight... THIS one is personal." I was just having fun, but being a 5'10" white boy, I guess it DID rub some the wrong way. I could dunk too, so that was another bone of contention. I did the same thing when I moved to Mississippi to work for Nissan, even going as far as shooting from behind the backboard and goal, like Larry Bird did against Houston. It's funny watching the guys shake their heads as if they've never seen someone "like me". All day long, there'd be guys I had played with, walking down the "A" aisle and pointing at me and telling their friends about "the white dude" who could ball. Basketball is a great uniting force. Peace.

  • Lei Treselle
    Lei Treselle Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Curry right now is the greatest,on NBA

  • SkittleWrld
    SkittleWrld Bulan Yang lalu +1

    He’s 6”3 not 6”0

  • Stephen Curry the goat Fan
    Stephen Curry the goat Fan 2 bulan yang lalu +4

    Stephen Curry the best