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  • @CashNasty @nick briz @Cam Wilder @D'Vontay Friga are competing for $10,000 and the title of #1 basketball creator. Watch them compete in the one of the MOST INTENSE King of the Court games of ALL TIME!
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  • HoH
    HoH  6 bulan yang lalu +122

    Season 2 was filmed about a month ago! Stay tuned for more episodes every Wednesday!

    • Swerg
      Swerg 6 bulan yang lalu +1

      This triggered me because Cash is on the rockets in mycareer and still ended up guessing John Wall

    • Yulds
      Yulds 6 bulan yang lalu +1


  • Trae Soulja Gaming
    Trae Soulja Gaming 6 bulan yang lalu +42

    It feels better watching these after Cash's reaction to Nick's apology ngl

    BERTRAND850 6 bulan yang lalu +9

    Demar is a SG more than a SF..

  • Rodney Butler
    Rodney Butler 6 bulan yang lalu +261

    They made sure to say this was filmed a month ago 🤣🤣

    • LuckySparrow tk
      LuckySparrow tk 6 bulan yang lalu

      @Tony Gaming No Cash and Nick wont hangout anymore

    • Tony Gaming
      Tony Gaming 6 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Cam the spaceman they are coo but cash doesn’t see himself hanging out with nick anymore

    • G G
      G G 6 bulan yang lalu +1

      Ain’t Nick and Friga still beefing a month ago, or am I tripping

  • Dahir Webby
    Dahir Webby 6 bulan yang lalu +266

    Who’s here after cash’s reaction to nicks apology

    • Chris 🦧
      Chris 🦧 6 bulan yang lalu +1

      well no shit we here after, this vid dropped like just now

    • Domss
      Domss 6 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Kevin Hollins Jr looks like you’re the odd one out

  • ElPodcastDeTreko
    ElPodcastDeTreko 6 bulan yang lalu +181

    bro this makes what happened even sadder. its killing me bro they had a good thing going on

    • Kiddepressed
      Kiddepressed 6 bulan yang lalu

      @Josiah Brady bro fam I only said my comment and getting @ for what, they still on “good terms” idc if they friends or not 😭

    • Josiah Brady
      Josiah Brady 6 bulan yang lalu

      @Kiddepressed y'all read everything at face value... smh

  • Loser_Sheens
    Loser_Sheens 6 bulan yang lalu +101

    Not going to lie this episode was pretty lit

  • Andy Cuhh
    Andy Cuhh 6 bulan yang lalu +10

    Cam: We do 2 out of 3
    Cash: hell nah
    Cam: okay okay 🤣🤣🤣

  • Major Waves
    Major Waves 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    Seeing nick laugh, smile and have fun... let me knw this is a clone....but Nick and Cash im here for it....

  • Braxton Miller
    Braxton Miller 6 bulan yang lalu +66

    Nick stoned asf, mans couldn’t wait til after the vid Bru

  • Dead Variable
    Dead Variable 6 bulan yang lalu +2

    I feel for nick in that first game, but cash is a finessa🤣🤣

  • Jan Patrick Jornales
    Jan Patrick Jornales 6 bulan yang lalu +29

    Cash finessed nick on the first game if he knew DeMar was a forward he would've put the pic down after asking is he a guard

    • Jeff green
      Jeff green 6 bulan yang lalu +1

      That cuz nick doesnt watch ball hes a casual

  • Dz Toyz N Kickz
    Dz Toyz N Kickz 6 bulan yang lalu +30

    Nick got played… Derozan is a SG,SF. Thats how he is labeled for Fantasy

    • Dz Toyz N Kickz
      Dz Toyz N Kickz 6 bulan yang lalu +1

      Can you guys read? Fantasy Basketball has him listed as a SG, SF. Therefore he is also listed as a SG

    • LaMar Pace Jr
      LaMar Pace Jr 6 bulan yang lalu +3

      He’s a forward

    • Sauce Mamba 24
      Sauce Mamba 24 6 bulan yang lalu +3

      No he is primarily a small forward in real life, he’s been playing the 3 since he left Toronto

    • A.listic
      A.listic 6 bulan yang lalu +1

      It’s that he played power forward last season cuz the Spurs had nobody, but primarily he’s a SG and Nick should have gotten the win for that.

  • Saad Amin
    Saad Amin 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    Shoutout to cash for being a real one

  • Armando Jr Oropeza
    Armando Jr Oropeza 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    Damn cash and nick need to make videos again together 😞

  • Adrian Salinas
    Adrian Salinas 6 bulan yang lalu

    Great to see Cash and Nick being cool again, I’m happy they worked things out. Respect for both of them.

    • Kwis Bwown
      Kwis Bwown Bulan Yang lalu

      @Jeremiah they loved up now bruh

    • Jeremiah
      Jeremiah 3 bulan yang lalu

      This was before they started beefing

  • krazzier
    krazzier 6 bulan yang lalu

    Bro cash finessed how nick gonna know that i dont think dude keeps up with the nba like that in the first game😂

  • Jace Giffel
    Jace Giffel 6 bulan yang lalu

    cash always finessing😭

  • Jacion Bryant
    Jacion Bryant 6 bulan yang lalu +2

    Cash nasty the goat 🐐

  • Simba2NY
    Simba2NY 6 bulan yang lalu +4

    So nobody was going to tell Cash to drop Wall because he still plays for the damn HOUSTON ROCKETS 😂 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Suvan
    Suvan 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    3:08 cash didn’t put demar down anyways, so that’s a finesse tbh

  • Brendan
    Brendan 6 bulan yang lalu +2

    ngl i’ve never seen nick smile until this video

  • Bryan James
    Bryan James 6 bulan yang lalu +5

    I’m so hype for the 3point contest

  • Roman Lyric
    Roman Lyric 6 bulan yang lalu +6

    i dont understand how cash couldn't guess against cam, they both had the same board and cam would flip up the player everytime

    • Messi14
      Messi14 6 bulan yang lalu

      tbf that wouldve been a shit way to win

  • Sock Ears Stocks
    Sock Ears Stocks 6 bulan yang lalu +3

    DeRozan is for sure a shooting guard 😬😂 I never heard about him being a power forward 🤷🏼‍♂️🤣 he just plays with Caruso, Ball, and Lavigne

    • Cameron King
      Cameron King 6 bulan yang lalu +1

      he hasn't played sg since he was in toronto, he played pf last year and he's a sf this year u casual

  • Brandon R
    Brandon R 6 bulan yang lalu +3

    Yall saved these videos just for this time 😆

  • SS Soldier
    SS Soldier 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    I wish I can make 10k off of playing guess who ..

  • Evil Twin..
    Evil Twin.. 6 bulan yang lalu

    Cam 🤔 knocks down Kyrie But he has been to the finals The reason why Cleveland won the championship 😂💀🤦🏾‍♂️

  • OdsWrld
    OdsWrld 6 bulan yang lalu +59

    We all know Derozan as a Shooting Guard🙄

    • Michael Pagano
      Michael Pagano 6 bulan yang lalu

      @Its03R3N ok. But realistically. He is a shooting guard.

    • Its03R3N
      Its03R3N 6 bulan yang lalu

      @Dc played PF last year and it’s playin SF & PF this year so they where right

    • Crave
      Crave 6 bulan yang lalu

      @J True but I'm specifically talking about where and how DeRozan plays. He plays as a guard not pf. That's my point lol. He has never played or guarded the 4 position unless on a switch. In fact, in SA last year he played a lot as a pg

    • J
      J 6 bulan yang lalu

      @Crave their position doesn’t have anything to do with their play style

    • Crave
      Crave 6 bulan yang lalu

      @J the difference is Jokic plays both pg and center. A better example would be LeBron who is listed as a forward but plays mostly pg. But DeRozan NEVER plays as a pf. He's always played as a guard. Idk what game you watched where DeRozan played as a pf.

  • Brian
    Brian 6 bulan yang lalu

    Yessss! Briz is back!

  • ET Tv
    ET Tv 6 bulan yang lalu +7

    Two outta three? “Hell nah” “ok”😂😂😂😂

    • Arisbe Zamora
      Arisbe Zamora 6 bulan yang lalu

      Lmao why was he so serious haha

    • Backourt Ent
      Backourt Ent 6 bulan yang lalu +2

      Can look like he got scared 😂

  • peyton byers
    peyton byers 6 bulan yang lalu +11

    “My players in the east”
    “So your players in the west 🧐”

  • Treehugger Games
    Treehugger Games 6 bulan yang lalu

    Bruh for some guys who play a lot of basketball they didn’t know very many questions right away… surprising to me

  • fearrow
    fearrow 6 bulan yang lalu

    Thank u hoh for posting this

    BIG CHINA 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    🔥🔥🔥 content

  • Crave
    Crave 6 bulan yang lalu +9

    DeRozan is definitely a guard lol

    • Crave
      Crave 6 bulan yang lalu

      @kir by gaming And I'm a Spurs fan lol. He played as a guard for SA. You guys should actually watch games. DeRozan has NEVER played as a pf. His position and style hasn't changed from Toronto till now. Nba lists him as a guard/sf but he plays as a guard is my point.

    • kir by gaming
      kir by gaming 6 bulan yang lalu

      @Crave wtf you talking he is a small forward pf since spurs. the raptors days doesn't matter, its today that what they talking about

    • Crave
      Crave 6 bulan yang lalu

      @Dai Haishan He might be listed as a pf but he has always played as a guard. That's my point. Just like LeBron mostly plays as a pg even though he's listed as a forward officially.

    • Dai Haishan
      Dai Haishan 6 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Crave yes, I know he plays like a guard, but I am just saying technically he plays sf/pf

    • Crave
      Crave 6 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Dai Haishan you clearly don't watch him lol. He plays as a guard. He even shares pg duties with Lonzo and Lavine

  • John Mendez
    John Mendez 6 bulan yang lalu +2

    Cash finessed nick bad

  • Zorah Madara
    Zorah Madara 6 bulan yang lalu

    Is he a shooting guard? John Wall 😐😂

  • Speedking_A1
    Speedking_A1 6 bulan yang lalu +2

    Didn't know they filmed this damn much.....like how did Nick even feel comfortable doing that too him.....

    • Kwis Bwown
      Kwis Bwown Bulan Yang lalu

      they all loved up they love each other bruh

  • Patindo
    Patindo 6 bulan yang lalu

    Damn nick was a bit salty 🧂

  • ava1233
    ava1233 Bulan Yang lalu

    Demar never played power forward 😂

  • Cobra Kai Mal
    Cobra Kai Mal 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    kind SAD watching this knowing friga and nick were beefing while filming..cash and nick too man smh

  • D
    D 6 bulan yang lalu

    Derozan wasn’t a guard😂

  • Nicholas klemann
    Nicholas klemann 6 bulan yang lalu

    they gotta make a video together

  • Derqz
    Derqz 6 bulan yang lalu +1


  • seth franco
    seth franco 6 bulan yang lalu

    Cam asked cash if his guy was a big man power foward or center and he said yes💀 derozan physically couldn’t play power foward lol

    • ghost
      ghost 6 bulan yang lalu

      he played power forward tho

  • George License
    George License 6 bulan yang lalu

    Nicks not wrong 😂

  • A
    A 6 bulan yang lalu

    Nick seems sober here

  • B Milliance
    B Milliance Bulan Yang lalu

    Cam asked if frigas player was in the finals before and didn’t knock down harden and Westbrook like wtf bro cmon they were in the finals when they were on the thunder back in 2011-2012 season.

  • Tobybuscus_Jr
    Tobybuscus_Jr 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    Embiid was in the finals???? It was the 76ers the raptors

  • Patrick Green
    Patrick Green 6 bulan yang lalu

    Of course Nick briz gotta cry about sum em💯🤣🤣

  • Jeremiah
    Jeremiah 3 bulan yang lalu

    If cash was smart he woulda realized nick had to pick his up to see if he was smiling so he woulda known he wasn’t smiling and that he was in the east

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    Is Joel embiid lightskin? Cash: “oh hell nah” lmaooo

  • qeeM
    qeeM 6 bulan yang lalu

    had to add the "season 2 was filmed in august" disclaimer there lmao

  • Creat Me
    Creat Me 6 bulan yang lalu +5

    Glad cash forgave nick 🔥

    • Creat Me
      Creat Me 6 bulan yang lalu

      @Braxton Miller look before u talk

    • Kiddepressed
      Kiddepressed 6 bulan yang lalu

      @Braxton Miller no he meant cash forgave Nick, like yesterday bro. Check cash recent post 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Braxton Miller
      Braxton Miller 6 bulan yang lalu

      This was before lol, idk if you think this was after but

  • Derqz
    Derqz 6 bulan yang lalu


  • Arap Tv
    Arap Tv 6 bulan yang lalu

    These are somewhat easier to watch now

  • Roba Tesfa
    Roba Tesfa 6 bulan yang lalu +7

    They're milking with the thumbnails 👀😂

  • J3r3m1aH88
    J3r3m1aH88 6 bulan yang lalu

    This fool say Demar was a power forward? He's always been a shooting guard.

  • Matthew Lara
    Matthew Lara 6 bulan yang lalu

    aint no way demar derozan is a power forward

  • Adam Schaudenecker
    Adam Schaudenecker 5 bulan yang lalu +1

    Bruh Demar Derozan is a small forward

    ONLYEYESO 6 bulan yang lalu

    We not gone talk about how can destroyed dvontay

  • Buckzz Duran
    Buckzz Duran 6 bulan yang lalu

    So draymond didn’t make it to the finals??

  • Ricardo Trimarco
    Ricardo Trimarco 6 bulan yang lalu +2

    Nick high asl

  • Ryan Hillier
    Ryan Hillier 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    Demar isn't a power forward lmfao

  • Devante Nichols
    Devante Nichols 6 bulan yang lalu

    That man nick briz pockets lookin thin since this was filmed a month ago

  • Tristan Naylor
    Tristan Naylor 6 bulan yang lalu

    i feel like cam played it the best

    • Crave
      Crave 6 bulan yang lalu

      It's obvious he's the only one that really watches nba ball

  • Sir Oliver Jone
    Sir Oliver Jone 6 bulan yang lalu

    lol whole thing about this is game is no fact checking until the end. crazy

  • Dr. Lockdown
    Dr. Lockdown 6 bulan yang lalu

    Kd russ and harden have all been to the finals cam dude

  • Rom C
    Rom C 6 bulan yang lalu

    these dudes calling DEMAR DEROZAN a power forward lmaoo gtfoh

  • B Milliance
    B Milliance Bulan Yang lalu

    Friga asked if nicks guy was smiling and he said no but friga still knocked down Blake griffin first like wtf bro really?????

  • A.listic
    A.listic 6 bulan yang lalu

    DeMar is a guard….

  • GS7
    GS7 6 bulan yang lalu

    DeRozan is a small forward bruh.

  • Evil Twin..
    Evil Twin.. 6 bulan yang lalu

    All this hooping on IDclips and playing nba2k you think they wouldn’t have look at they phones 🤦🏾‍♂️ when it comes too the nba east & west players lmao 🤣 💀

  • Tindy Gratzfeld
    Tindy Gratzfeld 3 bulan yang lalu

    Demar is a guard wtf he’s a guard forward not his fault his questioning is dumb

  • yeh
    yeh 6 bulan yang lalu

    those yezzys on nick look fire

  • SweetTea
    SweetTea 6 bulan yang lalu

    Nick shoulda won, if cash didnt think derozan was a guard he shouldve marked him out but didnt

  • Live Edits
    Live Edits 5 bulan yang lalu

    Demar is a forward

  • Dany Sheply
    Dany Sheply 6 bulan yang lalu

    DeMar derozan is a forward

  • IsThatNxs
    IsThatNxs 6 bulan yang lalu +6

    Cash is looking thick af, I might fail nnn

    • SDMNFC
      SDMNFC 6 bulan yang lalu +1


  • Braneon Risueno
    Braneon Risueno 6 bulan yang lalu

    Derozan has never played PF In his life

  • isaiah santa cruz
    isaiah santa cruz 6 bulan yang lalu

    HELL NAH !
    ok .. 😂😂

  • Gary Kogan
    Gary Kogan 6 bulan yang lalu

    Bruh where the hell are ya getting this information that derozen plays center😭😭😭Fam plays SF and SG

  • Nick Newport
    Nick Newport 6 bulan yang lalu

    Obviously filmed before the drama

  • Mike Bham
    Mike Bham 6 bulan yang lalu

    Nick I’m ganna stop the Hattin on you bro you just who you are. You poser wanna be fighter that sets people up. D’vontay and cash should of faded you out.

  • Micah Harris
    Micah Harris 6 bulan yang lalu

    the dude that is in the red shirt didnt know demar derozan was in 2 slam dunk contest bro , are you dum i knew that , i watched him as a raptor dunk on fools like crazy

  • Jacion Bryant
    Jacion Bryant 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    Demar play small forward now /power forward sg to

  • 210Vam
    210Vam 6 bulan yang lalu

    Damar derozen is not a power forward smh 🤦🏼‍♂️ he definitely is a guard has been most of his career nick should have won

    • 210Vam
      210Vam 6 bulan yang lalu

      @El Zoeja as of right now so the entire 10+ years of him playing at guard doesn’t matter ok lmao 🤣

    • El Zoeja
      El Zoeja 6 bulan yang lalu

      As of right now on the Spurs and bulls he’s a pf

  • RJ B
    RJ B 6 bulan yang lalu

    Man let me play this game

  • VibeWithDave
    VibeWithDave 6 bulan yang lalu +6

    ohhhh this the vid cash was talking about

  • Benny Marlowe
    Benny Marlowe 6 bulan yang lalu

    This didnt age well

  • SixOne Gaming
    SixOne Gaming 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    Had no idea Derozan is a PF now.. tf

    • Crave
      Crave 6 bulan yang lalu +1

      He's not. They bugging. Everybody who watches the games know he plays as a 2 guard. He's still taking the same midrange shots he's been taking his whole career lol

  • Lucid Chaos
    Lucid Chaos 6 bulan yang lalu

    Derozan is a guard

  • GS7
    GS7 6 bulan yang lalu

    Let’s get it

  • Slim
    Slim 6 bulan yang lalu

    Can't really blame Nick about the first game, fuck I thought he was a SG/SF too

  • AD
    AD 6 bulan yang lalu

    Bills was deff paid

  • Kyle_nike24
    Kyle_nike24 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    These seems so weird the old huh?

  • Evin Grindle
    Evin Grindle 6 bulan yang lalu

    I don't get why Nick was so upset about the DeRozan thing. He honestly hasn't played guard since at least 2019, but lowkey since 2017

    • Evin Grindle
      Evin Grindle 6 bulan yang lalu

      @Crave he played SF for the Spurs in 2019 and 2020, and PF for them in 2021 and while mainly SF for the Bulls this year, he’s played some PF. If anything he’s been a SF for the past few years. But I honestly wouldn’t classify him as a guard since 2017

    • Crave
      Crave 6 bulan yang lalu

      Wrong! DeRozan has always played the 2 guard position.

  • 4k 120hz
    4k 120hz 6 bulan yang lalu

    demar was never ever a power forward lol. not even in high school

  • NBAdatabase
    NBAdatabase 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    Giannis isn’t lightskin lol