Normani - Motivation (Official Video)

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  • Saquinho Sad
    Saquinho Sad Hari Yang lalu


  • marvelous _ manuela
    marvelous _ manuela Hari Yang lalu


  • Nick Goldsmit
    Nick Goldsmit Hari Yang lalu

    Crazy In Love video's references.

  • Carla Lima
    Carla Lima Hari Yang lalu

    legacy of beyonce

  • Leo's Finest
    Leo's Finest Hari Yang lalu

    Yo she is like ciara and Beyoncé combined which makes her a threat

  • jess_a_yo
    jess_a_yo Hari Yang lalu

    I'll just remain here until I get a notification from AdrianExpression talking about some NOR 👏🏾 MA 👏🏾 NIIIIIIIIIIIII....Nor-MANI! BITCH! (pull out something random like...a lamp shade or some shit)

  • peaceminusone
    peaceminusone Hari Yang lalu

    You can clearly see that she’s aspiring to become like Beyoncé witch isn’t bad but I would prefer to see something different from her and something new

  • Andy Roid
    Andy Roid Hari Yang lalu

    Living for the mid 2000s vibe 😭❤️😍☺️

  • Maxi Juve01
    Maxi Juve01 Hari Yang lalu +1


  • Il Wu
    Il Wu Hari Yang lalu +2

    Director: So how many beautiful choccolate girls do u want?
    Normani: YEESS🙌🏾

    JDOGFTW Hari Yang lalu


  • Alan Skarsgård
    Alan Skarsgård Hari Yang lalu +1

    Me hace acordar el vestuario de crazy in the love 😍

  • eduardo augusto
    eduardo augusto Hari Yang lalu


  • Toria Charles
    Toria Charles Hari Yang lalu

    I love this song and video so much! The choreography! The outfits! Literally in love!

  • Sorry Bae
    Sorry Bae Hari Yang lalu +1

    Voa alto mulher! Te amo 🎶💙

  • David Anthony
    David Anthony Hari Yang lalu

    Beyoncé Lawyers??
    Too Similar...

  • Moonlightsheesh V
    Moonlightsheesh V Hari Yang lalu

    normani is ny new obsession

  • Ana Beatriz
    Ana Beatriz Hari Yang lalu

    Speechless 👏👏💜💜

  • Íkaro Pinheiro
    Íkaro Pinheiro Hari Yang lalu

    mdsssss perfeitooooo

  • Nonkululeko Nzilana
    Nonkululeko Nzilana Hari Yang lalu

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love this song.

  • Ami K Kamara
    Ami K Kamara Hari Yang lalu +1

    Omg bringing back so many memories 😢

  • Gwen Taylor
    Gwen Taylor Hari Yang lalu

    Booty...Booty...Booty rocking everywhere😌

  • Clarence Nkomo
    Clarence Nkomo Hari Yang lalu

    SHE IS HERE!!!!! PERIOD!!!

  • Douglas Porto
    Douglas Porto Hari Yang lalu

    PQP Belíssima!!!!!

  • Steven Daniel
    Steven Daniel Hari Yang lalu

    Giving me early 2000 vibes, I'm living.

  • uNa PeRsOnA :v
    uNa PeRsOnA :v Hari Yang lalu


  • Lari cunha
    Lari cunha Hari Yang lalu

    Meu deus

  • Alex Siqueira
    Alex Siqueira Hari Yang lalu


  • Kääh Silva
    Kääh Silva Hari Yang lalu


  • jia jia
    jia jia Hari Yang lalu

    love the video, wasnt the biggest fan of the song though :(((((

  • jewlz Gand
    jewlz Gand Hari Yang lalu

    im legit crying.. the beg .. made me think of Babs. I love this.. excellent NORMANI

  • David Williams
    David Williams Hari Yang lalu

    Y’all comparisons to beyonce is super lazy lol this video seemed like an entire homage to Ciara and Chris Brown from the mid 2000s (NOT 90s)

  • Ei Bo
    Ei Bo Hari Yang lalu

    I’m dancing in front of the mirror right now 🕺💃🏾

  • TeeTopKPop
    TeeTopKPop Hari Yang lalu


  • Juan Lucas
    Juan Lucas Hari Yang lalu

    That’s my girllll😍

  • Vitoria Alves
    Vitoria Alves Hari Yang lalu

    perfect as anything this woman does

  • T'era Lenae
    T'era Lenae Hari Yang lalu


  • isa_is_just _bored
    isa_is_just _bored Hari Yang lalu

    k but can we just take a moment to sink in that jade from Little Mix listened to this song also I really love this song normani 😁

  • biscwii
    biscwii Hari Yang lalu


  • samara santiago
    samara santiago Hari Yang lalu


  • Bruno Rocha
    Bruno Rocha Hari Yang lalu

    🤩 SUCESSO, amei!

  • Dicky Y P
    Dicky Y P Hari Yang lalu +1

    Camila > all of fifth harmony

  • Marina Sapequinha
    Marina Sapequinha Hari Yang lalu +1

    E assim nasce a nova suprema do pop. Que mulheeeeer! Fiquei cansada só de ver ela dançar kkkk

  • Cheyenne Strang
    Cheyenne Strang Hari Yang lalu

    We coming for awards!!!!!!!😭😫

  • One Love Ari
    One Love Ari Hari Yang lalu

    Ooof 😍😍🥵🤧

  • Andressa Rodrigues
    Andressa Rodrigues Hari Yang lalu

    My queen 👑❤️

  • Itsme BG
    Itsme BG Hari Yang lalu +1

    I feel a HIT SONG coming 🔥

  • caine x
    caine x Hari Yang lalu

    The choreography is on point ❤️

  • Dilan
    Dilan Hari Yang lalu

    Incredible!🔥 You did a damn good job girl👌

  • Ciel brillant
    Ciel brillant Hari Yang lalu

    Verygood MV song and I see GTAV I Love it😍😍😍😍😍

  • Gashugi Cedron
    Gashugi Cedron Hari Yang lalu

    0:38 Beyonce

  • Felipe Farias
    Felipe Farias Hari Yang lalu


  • Layza
    Layza Hari Yang lalu

    Slaaayyy Normani 😍😍😍😍❤

  • Jaime Cope
    Jaime Cope Hari Yang lalu

    the best part is that she’s this amazing live too

  • Lauryn
    Lauryn Hari Yang lalu


  • Barnabas Kathindi
    Barnabas Kathindi Hari Yang lalu

    Sis got voice, Sis got moves, Sis got face, Sis is bod.......Sis is blessed.

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams Hari Yang lalu

    *That basketball choreo was lit. Great song and choreo♥️🏀*

  • Ire Williams
    Ire Williams Hari Yang lalu

    We need a collab from manni n Kelly roland!

  • LaLa xo
    LaLa xo Hari Yang lalu

    These dance moves is insane. Is it me or she is paying omag to crazy in love-beyonce I'm real-jlo ciara goodies and Mary j Blige?

  • Jaime Cope
    Jaime Cope Hari Yang lalu

    she’s so fine??? i’m dying

  • Jaisa Tamara
    Jaisa Tamara Hari Yang lalu +1


  • flowerchild16
    flowerchild16 Hari Yang lalu

    She did this one for the mf culture

  • Que Legal
    Que Legal Hari Yang lalu

    Cadê os BRS ? porra música foda, clipe foda.artista foda, ameiiiii 💓💓💓💓

  • Sharkyyy X
    Sharkyyy X Hari Yang lalu

    1.2k mad ass camilizers and swifties now that someone actually has talent has entered the game foreal now. They know their favs are generic wannabe pop stars, THIS is a pop star, not some half assed bitches like Taylor and Camilla lmaoo

  • Sebastian Rivera
    Sebastian Rivera Hari Yang lalu +1

    Omggg, qué arteeeee

  • TheOtherFWord
    TheOtherFWord Hari Yang lalu

    Queen Normani invented Toronto.

  • karla T
    karla T Hari Yang lalu

    Normani has an amazing voice.

  • Matheus Arantes
    Matheus Arantes Hari Yang lalu

    Só aguardando um Feat com a IZA

  • Bob Don
    Bob Don Hari Yang lalu +1

    100M views here we come🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • David Williams
    David Williams Hari Yang lalu

    Lemme say this before I read the comments. This video gives me HUGE Ciara, Chris Brown and Beyonce vibes 🥰

  • Bob Don
    Bob Don Hari Yang lalu +1

    We have to get this song charted

  • Ashlee Christopher
    Ashlee Christopher Hari Yang lalu

    She never fails🅿️

  • Nojoy Noheart
    Nojoy Noheart Hari Yang lalu

    I think i might stan 🤰🏽

  • theskyyisgold
    theskyyisgold Hari Yang lalu

    The way Normani was so underrated and unappreciated in Fifth Harmony but now she’s outshining everyone on her own

  • TheOtherFWord
    TheOtherFWord Hari Yang lalu