WALTER’s volatile negotiations with Joe Coffey: NXT UK highlights, Dec. 5, 2019

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 5 Des 2019
  • Imperium’s WALTER negotiates with Gallus’ Joe Coffey, The Hunt battle The Outliers, Toni Storm takes on Killer Kelly, Jordan Devlin engages A-Kid, and Joseph Conners, Travis Banks and Ligero battle in a Triple Threat Match.
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  • OlahragaOlahraga

Komentar • 195

  • Mohannad Opp
    Mohannad Opp Bulan Yang lalu

    Nxt uk is trash

    • Lexington Deville84
      Lexington Deville84 24 hari yang lalu

      Mohannad Opp Stick to your childish Monday and Friday night fun, you casual.

  • Jaime M Chucari
    Jaime M Chucari Bulan Yang lalu

    wwe listen very carefully, we wwe fans want to see Walter vs Keith lee Nxt world collapse

  • King Sports
    King Sports Bulan Yang lalu

    Alexander Wolfe. Need a uk title then impremium will rule

  • mlg games
    mlg games Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Kay lee ray vs Toni storm

  • Gaston Pantoja
    Gaston Pantoja Bulan Yang lalu


  • FlashMac13
    FlashMac13 Bulan Yang lalu

    Takeover: Cardiff - Imperium vs British Strong Style
    Takeover: Blackpool II - Imperium vs Gallus

  • Usha Suyal
    Usha Suyal Bulan Yang lalu +2

    I think Dragunov should have faced WALTER

  • K aweso
    K aweso Bulan Yang lalu

    This is great

  • Gunhill 3323
    Gunhill 3323 Bulan Yang lalu

    Tom Phillips is the best commentator!

  • VintageWrestling
    VintageWrestling Bulan Yang lalu

    A-Kid was impressive in his match against Jordan Devlin. The springboard DDT and the counter of Devlin Side into a Canadian destroyer given by A-Kid were the highlights of the match. If that match happened in AEW, the entire crowd would have been on their feet.

  • I can't think of a cool name

    Why do wwe not post nxt uk regularly like with NXT? It always rare to see a NXT UK vid

  • Jinku Gekkouga
    Jinku Gekkouga Bulan Yang lalu

    Let's go gallus

  • Robert Gutierrez
    Robert Gutierrez Bulan Yang lalu +3

    Joe Coffey needs to beat WALTER for the uk title.

  • Albzz Mazzken
    Albzz Mazzken Bulan Yang lalu +3

    Toni Storm heel turn I’m calling it

  • Luke cologne
    Luke cologne Bulan Yang lalu

    I hope Imperium wins the Tag team title ans stands tall Walter needs to retain he is a good UK Champion

  • Coffin
    Coffin Bulan Yang lalu

    I’m a simple man. I see WALTER, I click

    REUBEN KUKAR Bulan Yang lalu

    They should keep a mid card title at nxt uk like the north american championship for wolfie

  • S.scoTT
    S.scoTT Bulan Yang lalu +9

    i need a imperium track suit

  • Dylan Parker
    Dylan Parker Bulan Yang lalu +3

    - didn't recognise joseph connors but he was looking back to his best here
    - enjoyed nigel's "simian offence"
    - enjoying coffey's look here - is he going for a "trainspotting" gimmick?

    • new mommy
      new mommy Bulan Yang lalu

      I agree. Joseph Connors paid his dues as a jobber, he really shined. BTW what does trainspotting mean?

  • John Kimball
    John Kimball Bulan Yang lalu +1

    The physical storytelling is miles ahead of anything else going on! People should not be sleeping on this!

  • Evan Meagher
    Evan Meagher Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Like: gallus
    Comment: imperium

  • DxTrixterz
    DxTrixterz Bulan Yang lalu +3

    Remember how Roderick Strong used to deny Undesputed Era and then betrayed Pete Dunne and joined them where nobody expected it? Same thing will happen with Ilja Dragunov. He will join the Imprium where we least expect him.

  • Evan Meagher
    Evan Meagher Bulan Yang lalu

    0:36 never thought piper niven could run so fast

  • george brice
    george brice Bulan Yang lalu

    Do they still have NXT UK to me that been wwe best show my opinion way more better than regular nxt which is a Indy wannabe developmental brand nothing more than a glorified indy spotfest

  • CPA
    CPA Bulan Yang lalu +3

    *NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II* is looking great.

  • βιβη Π.
    βιβη Π. Bulan Yang lalu +18

    WALTER should have been the sole survivor at SS

  • Caine Te Whare
    Caine Te Whare Bulan Yang lalu +5

    This episode was fire.

  • Niño Rafael
    Niño Rafael Bulan Yang lalu

    Kay Lee Ray vs Piper Niven vs Toni Storm for the NXT UK Women's Title at TakeOver!

  • i'm connor sinclair
    i'm connor sinclair Bulan Yang lalu

    Senor bitchman Walter

  • Nikita Crazy
    Nikita Crazy Bulan Yang lalu +3


  • Goku Black
    Goku Black Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Toni Storm can get it.

  • Karen Mari
    Karen Mari Bulan Yang lalu

    Wow this wwe superstar

  • sanjay poudel
    sanjay poudel Bulan Yang lalu

    NXt uk should get tv time

    • Jelo Gutierrez Cantos
      Jelo Gutierrez Cantos Bulan Yang lalu

      sanjay poudel - If in the UK, it could air on BT Sport. The US broadcasts can air on FS1 or USA.

  • Manu
    Manu Bulan Yang lalu

    Dragunov vs Walter is coming

  • pseudochef07
    pseudochef07 Bulan Yang lalu +2

    How about bring back the European Championship?! So we have a midcard for NXT UK?! You have a NA Champion in Roderick Strong. It could potentially make Imperium just as formidable as the UE across the pond. Gives legitimacy to WALTER as the top champion, too. Something to recover from the early exit that HE DID NOT DESERVE at Survivor Series.
    ...this is all IF!!! Imperium stands tall and stronger, with the staying power like the UE.

    • pseudochef07
      pseudochef07 Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Boris Brosowski makes sense....since WALTER is heavily involved at WXW as the head trainer over there. And doesn’t WXW already have a working relationship with WWE, like it has with EVOLVE?

    • Boris Brosowski
      Boris Brosowski Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Basically the next step is to incorporate WXW into WWE, that would fit exactly to what you have said.

  • Gaming HD
    Gaming HD Bulan Yang lalu +18

    NXT UK Blackpool 2 looking strong
    Walter vs. Joe Coffey
    Kay Lee Ray vs. Toni Storm vs Piper Niven
    Gallus vs. Imperruim vs. Grizzled Young Vets vs. Andrews & Webster
    Trent Seven vs. Noam Darr
    Tyler Bate vs. Eddie Dennis
    Ija Dragunov vs. Alexander Wolfe
    Stacked card:
    Hopefully soon NXT UK can introduce a mid card Championship in 2020 within the NXT UK Light Heavyweight Championship or NXT UK Pure Championship either of the too would work well and have a good old Tournament with the likes of Cesaro . Kassious Ohno . Travis Banks. Joseph Conners etc..

  • Devrajsingh Balyasra
    Devrajsingh Balyasra Bulan Yang lalu

    Dan matha and moss ohh

  • Devrajsingh Balyasra
    Devrajsingh Balyasra Bulan Yang lalu

    Other than imperium most nxt uk wrestlers are smaller than women wrestler of uk .Even 205 wrestlers are bigger and much better than uk wrestlers

    • Lau XI
      Lau XI Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Says the 5'4" midget himself.

    • EOD Ace
      EOD Ace Bulan Yang lalu

      *other than imperium and Gallus

  • BossAman Barrage
    BossAman Barrage Bulan Yang lalu +32

    I can't wait for WALTER VS Joe Coffey. Heel vs heel main event. It's gonna be epic

    • Usha Suyal
      Usha Suyal Bulan Yang lalu

      @thelinedrive he was booed,cant u see

    • thelinedrive
      thelinedrive Bulan Yang lalu +1

      BossAman Barrage A heel wouldn’t care about offering someone up without their consent. Coffey is a face.

    • BossAman Barrage
      BossAman Barrage Bulan Yang lalu +2

      @Cade Guydon No he is clearly not. Watch the video again.

    • Cade Guydon
      Cade Guydon Bulan Yang lalu +2

      BossAman Barrage Coffey is face

  • Manuel Gutierrez Wunderlich
    Manuel Gutierrez Wunderlich Bulan Yang lalu

    push the Outliers

  • Sambhav Muhun
    Sambhav Muhun Bulan Yang lalu +8

    Nxt uk is so underrated

  • H.R. T
    H.R. T Bulan Yang lalu

    i'm still cringe what happen to SS back then.. IDC WALTER got eliminate first but for that NXT UK looks like a joke :/

    • H.R. T
      H.R. T Bulan Yang lalu

      @EOD Ace i'm just worried about the title who he's held.... Who making not like prestigious

    • EOD Ace
      EOD Ace Bulan Yang lalu

      Relax samoa joe got eliminated as soon as the match started last year survivor series matches aren't a big deal.

  • Unidentified Being
    Unidentified Being Bulan Yang lalu

    Honestly, is anybody actually looking forward to Walter vs Joey Coffey? Walter is great, but wtf is WWE’s obsession with Coffey? He has as much charisma as a pair of sandals.

  • whatthefoxhappening
    whatthefoxhappening Bulan Yang lalu +1

    NXT UK need a midcard title. Maybe a European title. One title is not enough. Draganov Vs Wolfe could be the first match for it.

  • Cyntia Arias
    Cyntia Arias Bulan Yang lalu


  • manny smith
    manny smith Bulan Yang lalu +6

    Is nxt UK still on Wednesday's or they moved it to Thursday's:/ ??

  • thelinedrive
    thelinedrive Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I know they are trying but I just can’t get into Piper Niven as a performer. They are trying to position her like a uber Babyface Rhea and it just doesn’t work for me. She is the least interesting performer on the NXT UK roster IMO.

  • DJMoney Money
    DJMoney Money Bulan Yang lalu +3

    Toni Storm heel turn coming

  • Eagle D. Kōzui
    Eagle D. Kōzui Bulan Yang lalu +12

    I'm calling it now. Ilja Dragunov will become the next WWE United Kingdom Champion. Because...he's *INVINCIBLE.*

    • Lau XI
      Lau XI Bulan Yang lalu

      Joe Coffey deserves the title more.

    • bradley henry
      bradley henry Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Lets hope

  • deltavagen
    deltavagen Bulan Yang lalu

    Toni is so thicc

  • Tamzid Mohsin Khan
    Tamzid Mohsin Khan Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Walter is great in NXT UK

  • Fine- I''ll do it myself
    Fine- I''ll do it myself Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Walter & Imperium should move to Raw/Sd Or Nxt... They'll be great there

    • TEE
      TEE Bulan Yang lalu

      Are you stupid

    • Dick Grayson
      Dick Grayson Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Fine- I''ll do it myself so they can become jobbers ?
      No thanks

  • Alston Antony - Honest Digital Marketing Videos

    Walter is such a powerful character. I still pissed about what happened during Survivor Series.

    • Franco Bisenti Markowsky
      Franco Bisenti Markowsky Bulan Yang lalu

      @Eric Sueing Vince is very good for business
      ERA PG

    • Caine Te Whare
      Caine Te Whare Bulan Yang lalu

      @TEE No, they're not lol. You just personally don't like them. That means nothing. They still draw better ratings than NXT or any other promotion for that matter.

    • TEE
      TEE Bulan Yang lalu

      @Caine Te Whare yes they are Vince has made them trash

    • Eagle D. Kōzui
      Eagle D. Kōzui Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Eric Sueing They made IMPERIUM look weak when they appeared on Raw during the November invasion. No respect.

    • Caine Te Whare
      Caine Te Whare Bulan Yang lalu

      @Alston Antony - Honest Digital Marketing Videos RAW and SD aren't on a downfall.

  • Muscleman8562
    Muscleman8562 Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Need me in WWE?

  • Will Shaw
    Will Shaw Bulan Yang lalu +3

    I was there on hull for all the tapings before takeiver and it was absolutely brilliant

  • FaZe Slayer
    FaZe Slayer Bulan Yang lalu +32

    Imperium is like the uk version of undisputed era

  • Nathan Hansen
    Nathan Hansen Bulan Yang lalu

    Is Ilja a face or heel?

  • Nathan Hansen
    Nathan Hansen Bulan Yang lalu +6

    Someone explain Ilja to me? I’m so confused

    • Käpt'n Hansen President Jamaica Rumverschnitt
      Käpt'n Hansen President Jamaica Rumverschnitt Bulan Yang lalu

      You should watch his sensational return to WXW. It should be the first result when you search for Ilja Dragunov on IDclips. The pop was mental.

    • Nathan Hansen
      Nathan Hansen Bulan Yang lalu

      Boris Brosowski thank you

    • Boris Brosowski
      Boris Brosowski Bulan Yang lalu +7

      In the WXW (which is Germany's equivalent to the WWE), Alexander Wolfe trained Ilja Dragunov. Back then Wolfe and Walter and Barthel formed RINGKAMPF, the original Version of IMPERIUM, Dragunov did not join which upset Wolfe. Basically the whole IMPERIUM angle is a repetition of the RINGKAMPF angle back then, so now Dragunov does not want to join IMPERIUM although Wolfe begged him to, so he is treated as traitor. Dragunov was born in Russia but raised in Germany and besides Wolfe, Walter and Bathel one of the biggest stars to emerge from WXW. They all still fight at WXW although they are with WWE.

    • Starlight_ Sarah
      Starlight_ Sarah Bulan Yang lalu

      Nathan Hansen what do you want to know? :)

  • HT82 Smash
    HT82 Smash Bulan Yang lalu

    Toni Storm heel turn?

    • DJMoney Money
      DJMoney Money Bulan Yang lalu +1

      HT82 Smash I agree she is showing signs of turning heel

  • Mojo
    Mojo Bulan Yang lalu +5

    the outliers rocks‼️