WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? - Official Trailer [HD] - In Select Theaters June 8

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  • Watch the official trailer for Morgan Neville's new movie, Won't You Be My Neighbor? #MrRogersMovie
    From Academy Award® -winning filmmaker Morgan Neville (20 Feet from Stardom), Won’t You Be My Neighbor? takes an intimate look at America’s favorite neighbor: Mister Fred Rogers. A portrait of a man whom we all think we know, this emotional and moving film takes us beyond the zip-up cardigans and the land of make-believe, and into the heart of a creative genius who inspired generations of children with compassion and limitless imagination.
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  • Alana Maughmer
    Alana Maughmer 8 jam yang lalu

    Aww I remember watching Mr. Rogers at a very young age 😍 he was full of wisdom and gave away so much of it, all while entertaining so many.

    I'M PICKLE RICK ! 8 jam yang lalu

    Damn Mr. Rogers why'd you have to leave us

  • rifft
    rifft 8 jam yang lalu

    Imma cry

  • vaaniel
    vaaniel 8 jam yang lalu

    Oh man. This gave me all the nostalgia feels. Late 80s was the best.

  • Oscar Garza III
    Oscar Garza III 8 jam yang lalu

    Honestly no disrespect to this man, but I'm surprised there hasn't been sexual harassment claims against him.

    • William M.
      William M. 8 jam yang lalu

      What would be the point? He's dead so the people that make harassment claims would now have nothing to gain. That is the whole point. They wo't do something unless they can gain something for it.

  • Joseph Hyde
    Joseph Hyde 8 jam yang lalu

    I will definitely be watching this film. Loved watching Mr. Rodgers as a child

  • Paakkman1
    Paakkman1 8 jam yang lalu

    Is it okay that I shed a tear when I heard his voice?

  • Thrift Shop Hustler
    Thrift Shop Hustler 8 jam yang lalu

    Too bad we don’t have many of these types of spirits on TV any more...

  • Andres Munoz-Gmail
    Andres Munoz-Gmail 8 jam yang lalu +1

    Me needs to see this and recover a bit of faith in mankind. Live forever mr Rodgers ✌🏼

  • Diana Fernandez
    Diana Fernandez 8 jam yang lalu

    "The greatest thing that we can do is to help somebody know that they're loved and capable of loving"
    Wow, how powerful.

    NDH JUAREZ 8 jam yang lalu


  • Joseph Vera
    Joseph Vera 8 jam yang lalu

    Mandella Effect

  • Kevin Lam
    Kevin Lam 8 jam yang lalu +1

    Hello neighbour

  • Dadge42
    Dadge42 8 jam yang lalu +1

    Mr. Roger's documentary is being used as a platform for social justice. Don't watch this dirty bait and switch.

  • Star Child
    Star Child 8 jam yang lalu

    I have a number of fond memories of Mr. Rogers at the tail end of his career.

  • HyperlordXP
    HyperlordXP 8 jam yang lalu

    My fucking childhood was this nigga my he rest in peace.

  • cesar godinez
    cesar godinez 8 jam yang lalu

    With kids tho.. a way to interact with them huh..

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller 8 jam yang lalu +1

    I’m so glad they’re making this now I still wish mr Rogers was still around since kids these days would need to watch him. We need people like Mr Rogers to teach kids.

  • Howard Hassell
    Howard Hassell 8 jam yang lalu +1

    That man is responsible for raising/ help develop a lot of people, he's a legend

  • atrium
    atrium 8 jam yang lalu +1

    I'm crying and it's just the trailer

  • Albert E
    Albert E 8 jam yang lalu

    My childhood

  • Luis Wiley
    Luis Wiley 8 jam yang lalu +1

    This seriously almost made me tear up 😭really loved the show and who he was as a person.

  • Goth Prince
    Goth Prince 8 jam yang lalu +1

    This man helped me through so much

  • Alison
    Alison 8 jam yang lalu

    This brought tears to my eyes. I remember watching him all the time as a child.

  • Lisa Jackson
    Lisa Jackson 8 jam yang lalu

    This was my favorite show. Ill will never forget Mr. Rogers.

  • Bordendanny
    Bordendanny 8 jam yang lalu


  • Tommy Munoz
    Tommy Munoz 8 jam yang lalu +1

    Lamb Chops, Sesame Street and Mr Rodgers. Miss my childhood.

    ZEVIX 8 jam yang lalu

    Can y’all sub I have 999 subs plz be my 1000th

  • Dante Bertin
    Dante Bertin 8 jam yang lalu +1

    This was the greatest fucking TV show ever

  • Brenna Farrell
    Brenna Farrell 8 jam yang lalu

    Always our neighbor ❤️

  • Ammini Thompson
    Ammini Thompson 8 jam yang lalu +1


  • Blair B
    Blair B 8 jam yang lalu

    I truly loved Mr. Rogers when I was a young child. I remember how happy I always felt watching him. He is missed by so many of us. Mr. Rogers, thank you for being our neighbor.

  • DMGaming
    DMGaming 8 jam yang lalu +1

    Who could dislike this?!

  • Bob Joe
    Bob Joe 8 jam yang lalu

    How are they going to bring Mr. Rogers back for this?

  • boogerie
    boogerie 8 jam yang lalu


  • Rebecca Zavala
    Rebecca Zavala 8 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else tearing up??...

  • Rezzy
    Rezzy 8 jam yang lalu

    i remember my teacher in school told us mr rogers is gay as fuck lol im dead it was our favorite teacher cause he had no chill

  • Lemons19902010
    Lemons19902010 8 jam yang lalu +1

    God bless this man! I truly believed that he embodied a lot of Christ's teachings and ideals.

  • Olivia Stilley
    Olivia Stilley 8 jam yang lalu +1

    Literally crying bc he was the first adult to treat me as an equal. What a beautiful human being.

  • Lucky 21
    Lucky 21 8 jam yang lalu

    The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen his existence during my childhood is exactly why I became so caring and compassionate towards other a great man

  • Max Power
    Max Power 8 jam yang lalu

    #1 trending!

  • Auti Oli
    Auti Oli 8 jam yang lalu

    Legend. Watched him all the time as a kid. Need more shows like this for modern kids but we ruined them already with ADD

  • Lit
    Lit 8 jam yang lalu


  • Ash Marie
    Ash Marie 8 jam yang lalu +1

    I'm C R Y I N G .... 😢😭😢😢😢😭

  • Salvador G2
    Salvador G2 8 jam yang lalu

    One of the only shows that was worth watching!

  • ThatGuyGlenn
    ThatGuyGlenn 8 jam yang lalu

    I miss him

  • Colin Kirts
    Colin Kirts 8 jam yang lalu

    What's the song in this trailer?

  • Robert Scannell
    Robert Scannell 8 jam yang lalu +1

    Love this man. We need a hundred more just like him today. God bless you mr rogers.

  • Jose Luis Davila
    Jose Luis Davila 8 jam yang lalu

    I never watch the show but i know he is a good man

  • oliviah
    oliviah 8 jam yang lalu +1


  • Clayton Catlin
    Clayton Catlin 8 jam yang lalu

    The REAL MVP.

  • Amber Does Stuff
    Amber Does Stuff 8 jam yang lalu

    What? No. Why would I be crying? *sniffle*

    ZOVA DESTROYER 8 jam yang lalu


  • SergeTheBlerge
    SergeTheBlerge 8 jam yang lalu

    Mr. Rogers LIVES!!!

  • Ed Jackson
    Ed Jackson 8 jam yang lalu

    I thought this was an exposed movie

  • Sofia Banuelos
    Sofia Banuelos 8 jam yang lalu +1

    I barely remember any details of his show, but i remember feelings when i watched his show. He walked in and i felt welcome, happy, and calm and when he left i couldn't wait to see him again.

  • Mihret Jesus
    Mihret Jesus 8 jam yang lalu

    I never knew he died... RIP Fred Rogers you were a inspiration to all of us.

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  • AverageCanadian
    AverageCanadian 8 jam yang lalu

    I thought this was going to be a horror film trailer.

  • Tiffany Placencia
    Tiffany Placencia 8 jam yang lalu

    I am not that old, but I remember watching this show when I was little. I believe he was a lot older then, but I still enjoyed it.

  • Donna g
    Donna g 8 jam yang lalu


  • kellogg gaming
    kellogg gaming 8 jam yang lalu

    People said he was evil I simply don't agree

  • xTurtlesxl
    xTurtlesxl 8 jam yang lalu

    I’m only here from #1 trending in the US

  • Clayton Robert-Stephen Nelson

    Master Yoda

  • Clayton Robert-Stephen Nelson

    Viva LA freedom of speech

  • Gerald Escalante
    Gerald Escalante 8 jam yang lalu +1

    The America I miss.

  • Mrcat2017
    Mrcat2017 8 jam yang lalu

    Can u sub me

  • Creative_Cow_Gaming
    Creative_Cow_Gaming 8 jam yang lalu

    Hmu on snap chat talks


  • Hi, I love Joshua Hong
    Hi, I love Joshua Hong 8 jam yang lalu

    I remember how sad I was when I heard he passed away, definitely one of my favorite memories as a kid was to wake up and watch this show, I’m forever grateful for Mr.Rogers ❤️

    • boxlet
      boxlet 8 jam yang lalu

      Hi, I love Joshua Hong He died about the same time I was born.

  • the hat club Esplin
    the hat club Esplin 8 jam yang lalu

    The shape of my childhood
    God bless his soul

  • TheBagBalm
    TheBagBalm 8 jam yang lalu +1

    I can't believe the media made his death so quiet. I didnt know he died about a decade ago.

  • Akeem Hill
    Akeem Hill 8 jam yang lalu

    Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood 👌😊

  • Joel Delgado
    Joel Delgado 8 jam yang lalu

    millennials be like: this was my show.. foh thats for us early 90s OG kids.

  • Nyc subway Kidd
    Nyc subway Kidd 8 jam yang lalu

    Are you ducking kidding me? #1 on trending?

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 9 jam yang lalu

    This is what is wrong with the world. We don't have shows like this no more. This brought tears to my eyes. Good times

  • Kate K
    Kate K 9 jam yang lalu

    My childhood 😭

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez 9 jam yang lalu

    This made me cry. I am one of the millions that grew up watching Mr. Rogers on PBS, and I even learned English through seeing the show.

  • Fluffy Koala
    Fluffy Koala 9 jam yang lalu

    Yes I will be your neighbor 😭

  • am i a cool guy
    am i a cool guy 9 jam yang lalu +1

    Im not crying you are !

  • brwneyesaz
    brwneyesaz 9 jam yang lalu

    Mr. Rogers a good man. Also, a deserving man of honor too.

  • Swift Hit
    Swift Hit 9 jam yang lalu

    Mr.Rogers the 2nd real angel born in this world👍

  • Sunny Baig
    Sunny Baig 9 jam yang lalu

    Got chills from this

  • mrintrusive
    mrintrusive 9 jam yang lalu

    what is the second song playing
    in the trailer?

  • Sunny Baig
    Sunny Baig 9 jam yang lalu

    I miss Mr.Rogers

  • Hannah Sullivan
    Hannah Sullivan 9 jam yang lalu


  • Emma Deschamps
    Emma Deschamps 9 jam yang lalu

    In this time of hatred and divide, it’s comforting to see a man who took controversial concepts and met them with love and acceptance.

  • james mahaney
    james mahaney 9 jam yang lalu

    I cried

  • LotWizzard
    LotWizzard 9 jam yang lalu

    what? no scandal? this cant possibly be

  • Asla Dross
    Asla Dross 9 jam yang lalu +14

    The Catholic church should declare him a saint, and we should build a monument for him near the White House :D

  • Atomic News
    Atomic News 9 jam yang lalu

    Woah, that's one hell of a flashback.

  • theacp127
    theacp127 9 jam yang lalu

    This is the kind of things that kids should be exposed to, but now they watch manipulative shows made for profit and IDclips nonsense full of stupidity and irresponsibility.

  • CinnamonSushi
    CinnamonSushi 9 jam yang lalu

    Mr.Rogers was a true hero and a good man. People can learn a lot about kindness and love from Mr.Rogers even to this day, I know I did.

  • LeaveMusicToMe
    LeaveMusicToMe 9 jam yang lalu

    I never really got to watch Mr Rodgers because he was sort of pass my time, but now that I’m a little older it pains me that I never got to watch the show as much as I could’ve as a child because TV now isn’t like his show at all. His voice is so calming and the whole show just has a warm comforting feel.

  • Andrew Di Re
    Andrew Di Re 9 jam yang lalu

    low-key thought this would be a horror film 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • joelnert
    joelnert 9 jam yang lalu +5

    One of the greatest men who ever lived. He had a wonderful shaping influence on me.

  • Tim Barry
    Tim Barry 9 jam yang lalu

    He is a hero

  • RudolphTitler
    RudolphTitler 9 jam yang lalu

    Imagine Bob Ross and Mr. Rodgers chillin on the holiest cloud up in heaven. Makes me happy just to think about it.

  • Marc A Outar
    Marc A Outar 9 jam yang lalu

    Prince Tuesday will be happy

  • Hizz Nim
    Hizz Nim 9 jam yang lalu

    BEAUTIFUL! You see people get naked and get high at parties in movies these days, and then there is this. Thank you for helping restore faith in humanity.