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NBA Greatest OF All Time "The G.O.A.T" Top 10

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  • Top Ten NBA Greatest Of All Time
    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Lebron James
    3. Bill Russell
    4. Kobe Bryant
    5. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    6. Magic Johnson
    7. Wilt Chamberlain
    8. Tim Duncan
    9. Larry Bird
    10. Shaquille O'neal

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  • cedric porter

    Damn this is good ass all time list I think about 90% people probably agree with your top 10 of your list but in different order but I consider a honorable mention of Hakeem Olaujwon to join this list but whom you knocked off to put him in this list maybe Bill Russell but you can't denied his accomplishment, I would have Kareem at 3rd and Magic and Larry 4th and 5th remember a lot of people forgotten that Magic and Larry was really great franchise changer players and help the NBA game in 1980s and to this present date to the media and worldwide to the massive their impact to the game was crucial because of them the NBA final ratings when Magic and Bird or the Lakers and the Celtics played in the early or mid 1980s was though the roof.

  • Peter Francis Eregil

    A true goat comes a very powerful art of moves in different ways into basket. That is what mj was...in my opinion..

  • TheSuppSG

    Shaq did not want to get dunked on. But wants to dunk on everybody. VERY UNFAIR. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯



  • Joseph Normand

    An incredible list I agree with almost everything the only thing is Jordan comes right next to Kobe I mean they were essentially the same player and achieved essentially the same goals and we're both amazing I believe Kobe was a little bit better defender and I believe he was a better shooter so all the athletic ability that Jordan had over him I still consider them equal in a way

  • Futbalverse

    Basketball genius: Jordan, Bird, Magic, and Olajuwan.😊

  • tellyanno1

    Yes yes yes πŸ™ŒπŸΎ incredible athletes but its real easy, from all this and that a G.o.a.t is a person who really done it all, from on the court, successfully to off the court successfully, and Now you’ll know who’s the G.O.A.T frfr. πŸ˜‰

  • Despot6184

    Love this list. Way better then others I've seen.

  • Julian Ramirez

    I couldn't have said it any better..Great video great top 10...πŸ‘

  • dereksupernaut

    including ABA, Olajuwon is 4th and Dr J is 6th; the two underrated elite players... elite talent: Olajuwon would be top 10 in Steals as a center and Dr J appears to be perfect as his jumper is better then advertised... had Ralph Sampson stayed an All-Star Olajuwon not Magic dominates West Conference in late 80s, and had some combination from the '77 76ers of Collins/McGinnis/Dawkins/Free had provided more help (all were top talent) Dr J could have won 3-peat at end of 1970s... fax!!!

  • Clay Howard

    Larry bird and Len bias would been 3 more rings for Bird.

  • MovieGuy666

    Wilt at 7 is ridiculous... one of the greatest scorers when he wanted to be. Wilt was the greatest rebounder, shot blocker and could pass. Wilt was the strongest most dominant guy to ever play the game with the most stamina ever.

  • Michael Sloane

    1. Michael Jordan: Jordan had the best ever ten way combination of regular season individual success, regular season team success, postseason individual success, postseason team success, athletic talent, fundamental basketball skill, clutchness, competitiveness, work ethic, and killer instinct.

  • Vaguliks
    Vaguliks  +21

    Bird had a 17-11 record against Jordan during his career. He beat Magic a lot of times , with left handed. Bird is so underrated , he actually should be in 3th place

  • CEAJR7

    The order of your Top 10 is little CRAZY!! Kobe over Kareem and Wilt (RIP)?!? I dont believe Kobe (RIP) would agree with you... But the ten names on the list are legit. ;-)

  • Devon Williamson

    Magic needs to be in higher posting than that my opinion respect to your top ten

  • ν•œλ²  ꡭ제결혼 전문업체 두물머리

    ν˜„λŒ€ 농ꡬ 처럼 빅맨이 3점 쏘고 μ†Œκ·Ήμ μΈκ²ƒ 보단 샀크 처럼 λ°•λ ₯μžˆλŠ” 농ꡬ가 진리지.

  • George Armour

    Wilt the one and only goat

  • Orlando Bernardo

    To make it short!..there is no such GOAT!.. why?.. coz they had and have their own or came from diff.eras!!.. imagine this, if MJ, Kobe, LBJ, Magic, Bird, Penny Hardaway (whom we all knew is a great one too like Tmac!...) plays on the same era, would you think MJ or one of them will the same history?. Records, etc.?????

  • Stephen Salazar

    Definitely have the players right,and order is not at all blasphemous, but could be argued for a few names to move up,so obviouslyothers go down...only debate for inclusion is Hakeem for shaq....especially having jordan 1,your in essence giving alot of credit to 90s and if that's the case,the only other player in 90s with multi chips is