Diabetes, Pain and Cancer: Get Your Health Back in 10 Days

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  • A presentation by Terry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH
    Harvard-Trained nutritionist and physician, Dr. Terry Shintani presents information on the connections between diabetes, chronic pain and cancer and steps to control these conditions, as well as on how the new epidemics are diabetes and cancer, and why they are related to each other and to chronic pain.
    Some of the topics covered:
    * What may be causing diabetes and cancer epidemics
    * What diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s have in common
    * How to control pain with less medication
    * 5 "health foods" that are not healthy for you
    * How to control weight by eating more food
    * How to control blood sugar by eating more carbs
    * How to control cholesterol and blood pressure with less meds
    * 5 traditional Hawaiian principles to keep you healthy for 120 years

    Terry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH, received his master’s degree in nutrition at Harvard University and medical and law degrees at the University of Hawaii. Board certified in Preventive Medicine. He serves as Professor and Associate Chair of the Dept. of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the John A. Burns School of Medicine, Chair of the International Holistic Therapy Association, Chair of the Advisory Board of the Gandhi International Institute of Peace, and Member of the Council of Elders of Native Hawaiian Healers.
    He is best known for his promotion of health in the Hawaiian community and for his whole person health programs, one of which won the highest national award from the U.S. Secretary of Health. He has written 15 books including the Eat More, Weigh Less Diet, the Hawaii Diet, and the Peace Diet.
    He has been featured in Newsweek, on CBS This Morning, ABC National Radio, CNN News and Dateline NBC, and, in 1995, the Encyclopedia Britannica. For his contributions to humanity, he has been designated a “Living Treasure of Hawaii”, and “Knighted” by the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the oldest Christian healing order in the world.

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    You can heal kidney disease by drinking distilled waters and our own perfect medicine.
    Martha Christie and John Armstrong have written on this healing modality.

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    Thumbs up within the first 5 minutes!!

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    super,fukuoka,a microbiologist turned farmer, also healed his father's farms soil by feeding it's bacteria