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D&D Story: Making more FRIENDS

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 27 Sep 2022
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    Tensions is always rising in this goddamn campaign to the point where I’d get anxious to play. But that is the GOOOOOD SHIT MY DUDES. Hope you guys enjoyed this and I’m excited to make the next one :3 But first imma take a small break

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  • @DingoDoodles

    Riftborne KICKSTARTER:

  • @kennyholmes5196

    Elowen's personality bears a striking resemblance to Old Gothi's, if Old Gothi were more coherent.

  • @preyasmanthedemopan2854

    Gothi quietly geeking out about the giant toad is the most precious thing ever!!!

  • @ShaneRichard2029

    "it has a flower-!"

  • @omnitrickster6335

    Gothi: We need a plan of attack

  • @Nickle_King

    “Maybe you should trust me or whatever.”

  • @matthiasarran270

    I really want to commend your roleplaying with Sips. He is a perfect example of a character slowly, and naturally, turning towards a more evil path. I'm really excited to see where his path ends up

  • @user-qr2nb1ct6b

    "It's got a flower." "It's got a name!"

  • @Rixec2
    @Rixec2  +443

    Sips just keeps making me more and more concerned for him. It feels as though he is losing himself all while trying to prove he is himself and in control. I'm worried for our favorite monkey. And dang, that ending; gonna be real intriguing to see all the context next time.

  • @casiealsept1906

    Foreclaimer lady: "You need to kill me please"

  • @user-ne3qz9pi8q

    "Wow pulling out the old shit for you guys hu?" Has to be my favorite introduction to a new character ever.

  • @monsterhiddenfromthesun210

    As SOON as I saw that bag come out as if she won a bet, I knew.... I knew I was gonna love Elowen.

  • @mangadude1

    Me: Huh, she looks like an sweet old lady version of old gothi, wonder what she sounds like, maybe she'll be-

  • @gio6138

    If bath tub sounds like prisoner, how many misunderstandings have taken place in Foreclaimer history? Imagine a town crier yelling about an escaped bath tub 😂

  • @bookishnewt8468

    "We want you do defeat a dragon"

  • @thehonoredcur5632

    I bet that Walky Foreclaimers have a tyranical ruler that kept them on the path that made Xanu hate them. I would not be surprised if the one who took Gothi's face was or is related to the tyrant in charge.

  • @rodlimadiniz

    Sips saying "Oh, please... I AM the plan!" got me laughing out loud.

  • @kittydoesthings3319

    I absolutely love how the later episodes of the Fool's Gold story still manage to keep a somewhat goofy nature like it was at the start but still add in a serious tone. I aspire to DM like this someday, this is incredible.

  • @jackied8601

    I love Elowen. The fact that she bet on them being from the portal is great.