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Gates of the Arctic - America's Most Remote National Park | Free Documentary Nature

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  • Gates of the Arctic - America's Most Remote National Park | Wildlife Documentary
    Watch 'Majestic Bears of Alaska & British Columbia' here: idclips.com/video/aj76L7k8H5U/video.html
    Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve is an American national park that protects portions of the Brooks Range in northern Alaska. The park is the northernmost national park in the United States, situated entirely north of the Arctic Circle. The park is the second largest in the US, slightly larger in area than Belgium. Gates of the Arctic was initially designated as a national monument on December 1, 1978, before being redesignated as a national park and preserve upon passage of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act in 1980.
    A large part of the park has additional protection as the Gates of the Arctic Wilderness that adjoins the Noatak Wilderness. They form the largest contiguous wilderness in the United States together.
    Fauna include brown bears, black bears, muskoxen, moose, Dall sheep, timber wolves, wolverines, coyotes, lynxes, marmots, porcupines, river otters, red and Arctic fox species, beavers, snowshoe hares, muskrats, bald eagles, golden eagles, peregrine falcons, ospreys, great horned and northern hawk-owls. More than half a million caribou, including the Central Arctic, Western Arctic, Teshekpuk, and Porcupine herds, migrate through the central Brooks Range twice yearly, traveling north in summer, and south in winter. Caribou are important as a food source to native peoples. The park is the northernmost range limit for the Dall sheep. About 132 brown bears reside in the park and preserve, based on a density of about one bear per 100 square miles.
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  • Free Documentary - Nature

    Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve is an American national park that protects portions of the Brooks Range in northern Alaska. The park is the northernmost national park in the United States, situated entirely north of the Arctic Circle.

  • Frank Creamer

    I have spent a lot of time here. The best part of my life. I am 80 years old now and dream often about this place.

  • Abby A
    Abby A  +15

    I've kayaked and camped north of the Arctic Circle...watching this was such a treat. Nature is truly magnificent and touches the soul.

  • SGxBISHNU HORAA fanclub

    Thank You Free Documentary Team for the amazing videos all year around.. Wish you all a very happy year year.. Your videos make me love nature more and more❣️💜💜💜

  • Edwin Lipton

    This has too be the most excellent piece of documentary video footage and narration I have ever seen. Many Thanks!

  • Navaneetha Krishnan

    great team work.stunning camera captures.thanks for the feast for the eyes and the mind.

  • Eternal Summer Rising - Traveling Techies

    Gates of the Arctic was the ultimate North American wilderness. ... Along with Kobuk Valley National Park and Noatak National Preserve, Gates of the Arctic protects much of the habitat of the western arctic caribou. Grizzlies, wolves, wolverines, and foxes also roam over the severe land in search of food.

  • Maria Amal Bahdad

    Great documentary, scenery and narration. My favourite lines were about Juliet in her balcony and the one that got away 😭😂😂😂

  • Soothing Radio

    As a travel blogger, I always look to travel news for guidance, wanderlust, and inspiration. For years, I’ve been collecting details about travel while traveling the world, and always enjoy reflecting on them in my day-to-day life. Everyone has a different lens through which they view the world, which is why it’s important to heed the advice and insight of others.

  • Teressa Cooks

    Nothing really new to learn here, but the narrator makes it incredibly insresting! What a difference it makes when someone recounts something so well you don't even need pictures. The fact that there were visuals makes that much more enjoyable!😃 Thank you very much sir!

  • Rationalist 202

    Stunning voice and commentary is one of the things I most liked in this video. Even people with poor English can understand clearly what he says! Good job.

  • Spurthi Kiran

    This page is the best mahnn 💫

  • TOPIX from the TROPIX

    So, I was flying my drone at a Thai temple complex on top of a mountain. Two Thai guys came pedaling up to the staircase that services the temple and jumped off their bikes and ran up the approximately 400 stairs. Then they did it again. I chatted with them and they told me they were training to go to Alaska and ride bikes to Denali. I asked them if they knew a grizzly bear can run 55 KPH, the look on their faces was priceless! We have lions, tigers, bears, elephants, and cobras in Thailand but the idea a grizzly could run down a bicycle seemed to touch them.

  • Phil L
    Phil L  +4

    I love how SCIENCE is quoted as an entity that agrees with itself.

  • Jim Wilkes

    Great video. I love wildlife and nature as much as any other human on earth, but one thing I get really tired of is these so-called wildlife zoologists crabbing about global warming and the ever thawing ice and how polar bears are starving because if the lack of ice which makes their hunting very difficult, which I totally agree. But the truth is every one of these ice-cutting ships that have attempted to make it to the artic circle has been stuck in ice for months, even though the US government sends ice breaker after ice breaker to rescue them. It's all the greatest lie there is, and all to promote their trade to gain more US Grants to fund their so-called research.

  • Darren parsons

    Awesome information about nature at is own....

  • Summy Kumar Maurya

    Thank you for this amazing documentary 😍

  • LordBaider

    Momma Bear adopting, Hunting food for children and even giving a whole fish to a useless male?

  • Jai K
    Jai K  +1

    Great voice ; camera etc. everything is good ; thanks for this nature treat...

  • Amy Cuaresma

    My home sweet home.